The Buzz About Three Rivers…

…is looking very good.

I just saw some encouraging words today at Nikki Finke’s Deadline Hollywood Daily.

According to this report, the President of CBS, Les Moonves, has screened all the fall pilots. He apparently wants a medical drama and no wonder with other medical shows getting cancelled or tanking in ratings. The competition against Three Rivers (Miami Trauma) is looking kind of soft.

MIAMI TRAUMA (Warner Bros/CBS-Paramount) is Jerry Bruckheimer’s medical show, and I’m told Les wants a medical show. But this may not be the one because sources say it was a “soft screening” and is in competition with Three Rivers.

THREE RIVERS (CBS-Paramount/Deuce Three) is looking likely to be the medical drama Les wants (and wants more than rival Miami Trauma). CBS liked what they saw And the network loves star Alex O’Loughlin. Not only might he bring his small but rabid Moonlight fanbase, but he recently starred in a Criminal Minds sweeps episode. And I hear CBS Films just put him in the feature film Plan B opposite Jennifer Lopez. Insiders are betting this show with a 24 splitscreen feel will go.

The early news is GOOD news!

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  1. I am a Moonlight Fan watch it all the time.
    But I am an ALEX fan. Bought all his other movies Mary Bryant. Oyster Farmer, Black Jack, also August Rush which he is not a main character in.
    SO of course I will watch 3R’s.
    Want to see Alex in as much as I can.,
    Of course I mourn Moonlight. would love it to come back, but that anin’t going to happen, so will watch anything the A man is in/

  2. Alex is great in everything I’ve seen him in. I am also a die hard Moonlight fan. I’m just looking forward to seeing Alex in any project he does. He puts his 110% in his characters, and I sure hope he gets the recognition he deserves. 🙂

  3. I agree with Jamie that the show Three River will be a split screen and show the reaction of the recipient and the team of doctors performing the surgery, as did “they” not say it was from three perspectives?

  4. I agree with what Tish S wrote. I too hope they put 3R’s in a good spot. AFAS the “moonlight fans” go I wonder just how many there are left that don’t want to see Alex grow away from that and won’t support him. It seems to me that most of us that loved Moonlight also support Alex in anything he does. I loved Moonlight too and was upset it was canceled but that’s life and Alex has shown us the way to move on. I think Alex can carry any show he’s in and I wish him all the best in whatever he decides to do. I will be faithfully watching 3R’s when it finally shows.

  5. Jamie thanks! I am not really a fan of 24 so I have mixed feelings about that editing style but it will be different at least and that could bode well for the show. 😉

  6. I think the description of ’24 split screen feel’ refers to the show ’24’ and how they split the screen so you can see different points of view.

  7. The reason for the “hovering shadow” is only there because we have not had the chance to see Alex’s new character, “Andy Yablonski” and maybe because people are still try to hang on to a character and show that no longer exists as we know it. The only way that “Three Rivers” and Alex will succeed is if EVERYONE supports this venture 110%. My concern is for those “Moonlight” fans who seem to already have their minds made up about the success of “Three Rivers” because IT IS NOT MOONLIGHT/MICK ST. JOHN. That mindset could be the downfall before things ever get off the ground because people are not willing to accept this change and may not watch “Three Rivers” as some type of retaliation against Alex for his decisions because whether we want to believe this or not, there are people out there who are more fans of “Moonlight” rather than Alex and the comments from previous postings show that. LET’S REMEMBER THAT THIS IS ABOUT ALEX AND HIS SUCCESS so he needs ALL of our support to make it happen. All we have to do now is wait for the official words from CBS then the party can begin!

  8. I do hope that CBS is wise enough not to put Three Rivers opposite long running and favored medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy, if CBS wants ratings to skyrocket… Even with Alex’s wonderful acting talent, it may not be enough to counteract the die-hard Grey’s fans… just as any show opposite Moonlight would not have done well with “Moonlight’s rabid fanbase”…makes Moonlight fans like they need to go to a vet for a rabies shot… But it was mentioned as such by Ms Finke’s in her article…

    Like it or not, no reporter in Hollywood is forgetting why Alex made it so large and illuminating; Moonlight & his realistically alive representation of Mick St John…So if Alex is moving on, it may not mean his press is as well and he, unfortunately, will always be thought of as Mick St John… Three Rivers’s character, Andy Yablonski, we hope is strong enough to dispell the hovering shadow of Mick St John that was left in the wake of Moonlight …

    Know this is all Alex, but since I was speaking about Grey’s; wasn’t that some surprise that the big wedding was for Alex Karev & Izzy Stevens…By the end of this episode I was both smiling and crying… loved Karev’s wedding vows; awesome….

  9. 24 split screen feel? No idea. It went over my head. I assume it is some sort of industry jargon.

  10. Sounds good indeed – – I like the mention of Alex’s “rabid Moonlight fans” and the fact that they recognized how important we are. Also, what does it mean – 24 split screen feel? Is that some type of high definition or something like that? Anyway, sounds like all we are waiting for now is the official word. Great job, Tiffany, keep us posted!

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