A Goodbye to the Fans – It Was Fun!

Hi all! Tiffany here..signing off. It was a blast to start this site so many years ago and to find other folks who loved Alex as much as I did. I started the site as a die hard Moonlight fan. I followed along as his career took other paths and alas I lost my steam once he became involved with H5O. I love the actor, not so much a fan of the character. I stopped watching some time ago. I think the time has come to let this site go and the domain expires on 11/27. I will not be renewing.

It makes me very sad to go through the archives and the HUGE photo library but the time has come to say goodbye. Thank you to all to the wonderful ladies who came here for years to chat all things Alex. It was fun to participate and then in later years, watch.

We will always have Moonlight


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    1. No interest in Alex in his current role, no time to update the database and programming, no desire to pay for domain, monthly hosting, and for security measures to keep it from getting hacked (as it has been a handful of times).

      1. Other that you dont like Alex on H50. Other fans like it and we discuss about him still but I guess it is expensive to pay a domain here and maybe it is getting expensive these days.

      2. Very curious to know why you dont like Alex in his current role? Moonlight years are over and he has to move on to other projects. Just saying.

      3. I find the character and show dry and boring. it’s just not my style of show as I said when he took the role. I knew it would never be something I would enjoy.

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