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  1. For those of you who have posted comments on the “New Dark Shadows”, you can go to the site ScreenCrave “dot” com, and the info may be on their front page regarding the movie, the filming of which has now been pushed back to Jan. 2011. If it isn’t on their front page, so to their search window and just type Dark Shadows. Beneath the “Ads by Google” box, are your results. Results #1, 3, 5 & 7 all refer to the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp movie. Anything else that you find online regarding a new D.S. series is old news, pertaining to a 2004 series remake that was planned, but never got made. There is no new D.S. TV series. However, I for one, can definitely handle Johnny Depp as Barnabas!

  2. New Dark Shadows Movie – Please click on this link, those of you who are interested in Dark Shadows:

  3. Saw the movie. Loved it!!!! Alex was terrific. I’m taking my grand daughter to see it tomorrow. Tnen I’m taking my yoga class to see it this weekend. Then I can’t wait to buy it as soon as it comes out on DVD. I’m a hugh fan!!!

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      Heaven Loves her Sweden.Alex O’Loughlin is my legal husband and I adore the Moonlight man with a passion.the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE that I feel For my SOULMATE exceeds all others. Come Get it and me Soon In Wiggins Mississippi.

      1. Sorry Tammy, but you are NOT Alex’s wife. In fact, he is not even married to anyone right now. I suppose you are welcome to your little fantasies, but keep them to yourself because NOBODY CARES!!! Especially since you are a liar.

  4. Saw the movie. Loved it!!!! Alex was terrific. I’m taking my grand daughter to see it tomorrow. Tnen I’m taking my yoga class to see it this weekend. Then I can’t wait to buy it as soon as it comes out on DVD. I’m a hugh fan!!!

  5. Well guys the wait is over. I’m on my way to seeThe Back Up Plan. Have my camera and Cel.

    Tiffany E-Mail you a copy later, also it will be on my facebook.

    Remember guys everyone take a pix of you and Alex (poster Alex)
    Everyone have a good day.

  6. I just want to know is Alex coming to the UK to promote The Back Up Plan. We would make him sooooooooooooooooo welcome!!

  7. hi thanks for leting me see the photos of alex he looked so good as always

  8. Alex was awesome on the Rachael Ray show. He was totally HOT! We has die hard fans have to go see the Back Up Plan and support him big time.

  9. I hardly think he’ll be taking on any more vampire roles. If he ever did he would surely rteprise his role as Mick in a ML movie or mini-series rather than Barnabus Collins. Sorry, but that’s just not going to happen and, sadly, with Alex’s soon-to-be very busy schedule when H50 gets picked up there will be no time for anything but that for a while. But whatever Alex does, I’ll be watching!

  10. Hi Guys – PROGRAM NOTE * * * * Alex is scheduled to be on “Rachael Ray” on Wednesday,
    April 21 – check local listing for your time – looks like he’s going to be on there for a few segments and some audinece participation.

  11. i saw a commercial for Back up Plan they did not mention Alex’s name once. Just jennifer Lopez/ He is also staring in this Moview. Whats up with this. I think someone should inform whoever is pushing advertisement on this movies should be informed their are two stars in this movie not one.

  12. If Alex was picked for the role in the new Dark Shadows, what network would it be on?? This role would be perfect for him–and Beth from Moonlight also should be in it.

    1. @Sharon H. – There is going to be a new Dark Shadows series? Haven’t heard anything about that. I knew there was going to be a movie made by Tim Burton with Johnny Depp in the role of Barnabas Collins. Filming is set to begin sometime this fall.

  13. He’s so cute, so handsome… I love Alex!!! He looks GREAT and I love his green shoes!!!

  14. I love the green shoes!!

  15. Glad to see Alex is finally getting the recognition he deserves. The clips from the film look hilarious and I hope this becomes a great break-out role for him and that those who didn’t know him from Moonlight will see what they’ve been missing.

    As for his lookign thin-Botulism is so very serious adn it might take a while to fully recover from it. I keep wondering if soemtimes the camera lenses used distort somewhat but nonetheless, I hope for his continues good health and success!

  16. I was watching several adds for Back up Plan and not once do they mention Alex’s name just Jennifer Lopez/What gives. Im not going to see the picture because of her but because of ALex. They need to give him credit since he is playing the male lead

    1. I totally agree with you. Alex is what makes the movie not Jennifer Lopez. I too will be watching the movie only because of Alex.

  17. Thanks for the awesome pics, Tiffany! Alex looks happy, and charming as always!! Such a beautiful man!! Wish I could have been there!! 🙂

  18. For those of you who do not know, Alex was in Mexico after Moonlight was cancelled and he ate some bad meat and got botulism. He was really, really sick and could have died. He lost 30 lbs. when this happened, that is why he looks so thin. I agree, his cheeks are looking a little hollow, he could stand to put some of the weight back on … but still looks awesome. I love a man who wears a long coat.

    1. HIs bout with botulism was almost three years ago. He should have gotten back to form by now. And remember… the camera adds 15lbs, so he’s even thinner in person.

      As I said — more burgers!!!!

  19. A friend of mine back home in California told me that they are having Alex in mind to do the Barnabas role in the remake of Dark Shadows. If that is true…boy they couldn’t pick a better role for Alex to do.

    1. @Olivia – There is going to be a new Dark Shadows series? Haven’t heard anything about that. I knew there was going to be a movie made by Tim Burton with Johnny Depp in the role of Barnabas Collins. Filming is set to begin sometime this fall.

  20. He looks happy, but frail and gaunt.

    Looks more like a little kid.

    Someone gotta force-feed him some burgers!!!!

  21. I see that Alex will also be on Rachel Ray. When will that interview be aired?

  22. It doesnt matter what he wears. He is so attractive and Im finding my self watching Moonlight again. He was heavier then and yes he does look like he lost some weight., but its that face and smile that is breath taking to us gals. I expect to see the Movie and taping every show he is in as I did prior years. Hope Hawaii Five O makes it. He deserves it. What an actor and he can portray anything he puts his mind too. Still would like to see him as a vampire again. Maybe they can find another vampire character somewhere and make him the lead. He does it well.

  23. Linda, I agree on his fashion sense, He has a mind of his own and he’s not afraid to use/show it. He is an awesome person!

  24. Alex looks fabulous and I love that he has his own quirky style. The green shoes look fine with the jeans, overall a nice mix of dressy and casual. I remember a pair of casual lace-up shoes he wore that had flowers on them. They were cute. Alex also wears scarves well. You rock it Alex!!!

  25. Thanks for the gorgeous pics of Alex. He looks great but still a little thin. Just makes you worry about him. Not sure how I feel about the green shoes. They probably are fun though and you have to have some fun in life. Take care Alex!

  26. Thanks again Tiffany – loving waking up to pics of Alex!!!!! He is looking very hot – so excited about seeing him on the big screen 28th. A friend has gotten me advanced screening tickets in Perth – we were going to have to wait until May 27th! Maybe Alex would like to come to Perth and do some promo work:)

  27. Green Shoes???? I’ve heard of the old song “Green Sleeves:” ??? Leave it to Alex to dress a little wierd now and then. One thing I can have no fun with is anyone who is “Normal”…boring However they don’t go with that GORGEOUS Navy uniform he had on.in Hawaii Five 0 photo…….like him at his best :CLASSY No one does it better. Suzanne Alex’s Forever Fan

  28. Alex looks very handsome and debonair, but those green shoes look soo wrong to me. Nothing wrong with the shoes, but they just don’t go with the outfit, sorry. Love Alex though, and love the rest of the outfit.

  29. Lucky Debbie! I wish I could of been there. He looks great, thanks Tiffany. Also love the green boots. Not long now for the movie. Will watch hin on Jimmy Kimbel show. Alex is just so cute. Can’ get enough of him. Love ya Alex. You roc.

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    OMG, I’m on overload. Soooo much of Alex this week I can hardly breathe. It’s so great to see him this way. Thanks Tiffany again for great stuff. I love the green boots too. He is SOMETHING ELSE.

  31. I was there yesterday morning to see Alex! He was so sweet! He took pictures with his fans and signed his autograph. His smile is mesmirizing!!

  32. He still looks good in those long coats! He seems to take all the hoopla around him-like getting delinted before an appearance-in stride. Nice guy!

  33. I will have to agree with everyone with regards to his weight. Alex is smaller. His interviews are very entertaining. Very pleased this movie is giving him a lot of exposure. One week to go, can’t wait to see it. Take care everyone.

  34. Alex….Alex. What’s with those green shoes? You still look HOT in them!! Can’t wait to see you on the Jimmy Kimbel show on Monday and of course Friday in the Back Up Plan.

  35. WOW, What I wouldn’t give to be that guy with the lint stick, lovely lovely Alex and what about that coat, so stylish I’m babbling now I think I will go any lie down in a very dark room wishing Alex was here too. Love you Loads Alex XXX

  36. He’s just so cute. And I love watching his interviews, just a really good guy. Can’t wait to see the movie.

  37. He lost a lot of weight when he was working out for the movie and apparently he’s still doing the workouts. He still looks healthy and he looks very happy so it’s all good to me.

    Love the green shoes/boots(?). He still has a lot of that ‘bad boy rebel’ left in him and he’s not afraid to be different. Gotta love the self-confidence.

  38. I agree he has lost a little weight, but he is still breathtaking and gorgeous as ever!! Love the shoes!!

  39. Handsome as ever, but looks like he has lost weight.

  40. They look like some kind of boot. I think our Alex favors boots. They look good on him. Of course what doesn;t look good on him? These are great pictures of him. Thanks Tiffany!!

  41. I love the green shoes. shows he has a lot of FUN inside.. SMOKIN babe!! xoxo

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