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  1. Alex, please lose the beard, grow your hair out a bit and maybe keep a mustache! I think you are adorable, but this scruffy look is not for you!

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    Esse Alex fica lindo até enrolado em jornal, o mais facinante nele é seu carisma, pra mim ele é um verdadeiro camaleão! ele também, faz seu trabalho de uma forma que pareceser real!
    Mas acho que ele está muito magro prefiro ele cabeludo e mais cheio de curvas, não sei mas algo em seus olhos mostram um pouco de tristeza, ele tem olhos que falam, isso é muito raro nas pessoas!

  3. Alex looks kinda skinny scruffy looking, but I still love him!!!

  4. I totally miss” Micks beautiful long hair “. Especially when he wore the black baseball cap and sunglasses. OOH LA LA!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I agree Mary, just cuz we’re old doesn’t mean we don’t know whats hot and whats not.
    We’re just old not dead.

    The man make my Heart flutter. When he smiles I melt. He has a great smile.

    He needs to to eat more, Thin is cool for chicks, but dudes need some meat on thier bones.


  6. I agree. He looks too thin. Hope he gets some rest and puts a little bit back on. Does anyone else miss his gorgeous “Mick” hair. Was my favorite role for him but love him in anything. Take care of yourself Alex.

    1. Loved his “Mick” look, but he looks cute with shorter hair also. I agree with everyone’s comments – he is WAY too thin but still “OUR ALEX”!!! Love ya!

  7. Alex looks kinda skinny scruffy looking, but I still love him!!!

  8. Such Talent!! Beautiful man for certain. !!! oh my my ,This 57 yr old woman ,has a crush on Alex,

    1. And….here’s a 62 year old woman who also has a crush – we may be “older”, but hey, we are HUMAN 😉

  9. I must agree with so many here, Alex has lost far too much weight for his bone structure… I like the Mick look myself and he definitely looked healthier than…

    I hope he decides to take a bit of a holiday to home in AU so hi Mom can make him eat right like some of his favorites…Ham and Pea soup (which I think is translated as our Split Pea Soup) roasts as well as other Mom goodies… He definitely needs a rest or collapse…

  10. Hi! I’m Alex’s biggest fan from Brazil. I don´t know if my english is good enough, but all that I want to tell you is that I JUST LOVE HIM! He´s so cute… Thank you guys for the noticies about our Alex! Lot of Kisses from Brazil!

  11. Ya’ll see Alex this morning on the Today show? 2 days in a row. They asked him if he was Married he said no too busy. They asked what kind of girl he was looking for.
    He said funny, good personally,between the ages of 18 and 60.

    OMG he looked so good in the suit.


  12. Love the glasses, they look very nice. Alex you need 10 pounds on ya, I can afford to give you some. Take care.

  13. Poor baby.. He needs some TLC.. 5-10 lbs could make u look healthy again.. Too thin but always gorjuss!!

  14. Nice review for Alex!!!
    Chek it here:
    Thank you Tiffanny… Alex is delicious… those glasses, dear GOD!!!!

  15. I guess I was not the only person who noticed he lost a lot of weight and definetely I love him more as Mike not that I woud react any diferent if I met him in person 🙂 I am on my 50 and have a 27 year old but I behave like a15 year old when I see him on TV I think he is so handsome and down to earth person, I hope he doesn’t loose it with fame

  16. I have to say that I like him a lot with this look too, but I also love him as Mick 😉 I agree with you when you say that he lost a little too much weight, as Mick he was just perfect.
    Probably he’s the lots of working he’s doing right now.
    Anyhow, I do adore him no matter what look he has ^_^

  17. Does anyone besides myself not like what they have done with his mouth? The man still is all that but why did they have to change his teeth. He doesn’t look naturall. I hope “they” who ever they may be do not make any more changes.

    1. I DON’T like what he has done to his mouth. And he’s too thin, He does not look good right now.

      1. I agree with you here….He needs to gain 15 pounds, get rid of beard, grow hair out a bit and wear lighter rimmed eyeglasses! He is hiding his looks it seems.

  18. I love Alex, too. But, he has lost so much weight. I really loved the way he looked when he played Mick St. John. Then he had his teeth done and they look strange to me too. I loved him much better when he was more myself. I jus hope he is happy and healthy and that he is taking care of himself.I perfer him to look more solid and healthy looking and I hope he not buying into the whole hollywood thing/type.

  19. I thought he looked a lot thinner too…still gorgeous, but thinner.

    Alex — please eat or you’ll force all of us to start sending you goodies! Just let us know your preferences! ; ) take care love!

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    I so agree that Alex looks too thin…Saw him this morning on CBS Early Show, signing autographs and being interviewed. He Looked better there …was very well dresssed and not so scruffy looking. Maybe he was in “disguise” so as not to be recognized on his way to the Show. I think this is a look he likes for himself personally. But inhis films he of course is dressed and made up to look more like his character. No matter. I love the guy to pieces in whatever he wears. And whatever role he is playing. Good luck Alex… I wish you success and fame in TBUP. And H50 too!!!

  21. Love Alex, but don’t like this look at all. I still think he looked his best as Mick St John, but as long as he’s happy and healthy, that’s all that matters. I too think he seems to have lost too much weight lately, I prefer the more solid healthy look.

    1. I totally agree, he looked his best as Mick, and I think he has lost too much weight!!!! I like a man with some meat on his bones!!!!!! lol, anyway, I don’t think he can really look bad, but he looks unhealthy here…

  22. the first thing i noticed when i saw alex on the early show was how thin he looks. i still love him though! i’d still faint if he were in front of me lol.

  23. Hate the beard (on him or anyother man).

  24. MMMM Nice glasses love the low neck line showing some chest hair MMMM and he does look good in a hat, can’t get enough of this lovely guy!! Love you Loads Alex XXX

  25. alex looked so good i wish i could have been there because i live in staten island not that fare from where he was but i have such a bad cold and i thought it might have rained so i watched on tv this moring and he looked so handsome

  26. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN I’m lovin’ the beard!! I LOVE the scruffy look!!!

  27. Also, Alex looks like he’s lost a LOT of weight. I hope those Hollywood idiots aren’t working him to death. can’;t chase the bad guys when you look skinny and frail……but I love him anyway. Alex…..TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! EAT! REST!

    1. I agree – Alex has lost a LOT of weight – almost too much. He looked so “hunky” in Moonlight, but………….he is beautiful anyway. I think my inner vampire needs to be fed 🙂

      1. I miss his Mick look, it was my favorite, and definitely the hunkiest!

  28. I love Alex no matter what but don’t like the dark,sruffy look and even though he loves hats..I Think his long curly hair is MUCH better took at… as always Love, SUZANNE YOUR FOREVER FAN

  29. Wow – Hubba hubba!!! I like how he always seems to look like he doesn’t mind someone taking his picture. Since he is an actor. that’s why I said he “seems to look like ..” Cus you never know, he just might hate it… 🙂

  30. Hey Alex is looking very thin these days hope hes Ok prefer his hair a little longer and slightly mussed! Hes lovely tho!!!

  31. What’s up with the beard? A new role in the works?

  32. He looks a little different form the two interviews in NY.

  33. So! Alex is getting neatly dressed the last time. In that interview he was looking good also.

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