Alex O’Loughlin on The Early Show and Today Show

early show

Wow! He looked mighty fine in this interview! A dressy shirt, tie, and vest look fantastic on this man. But what was he wearing on his feet? Is it my monitor or are they green? Anywho… check it out!

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  1. ok well try this.. today on the today show they had J-lo, and well besides showing a clip of the movie… try this one .. for today(April 19, 2010) & today “only” in downtown manhatten.. and u happen to go and get into one of the taxii cabs that happens to have that of “”the back-up plan” on it and too.. that of well the one that Jennifer went to get into just happen to have on the back passager door that of a decal of Alex’s face on it…(& its in the video of her interview) well anyways.. she said that they were going to pick up the tab and well the ride would be “FREE!”. no joke.. that ‘s what was said…
    O’ and well to find the video.. its, then go down the pg to red long box w/ words ” More from TODAY” and click on “video” and look for photo of Jennifer w/ words under it “J-Lo returns to the big screen” and click on it.
    just thought I’d post and well.. all i can say is anyone in that part of New York City.. and they happen to well hail a cab and its one of thoses… that is going to be worth the trip.

  2. Somebody knows about Moonlight film or serie? I always think Mick and Beth!!!

    1. Sorry dear, but it’s time to move on.

  3. as to say that this moring the only one of knew about was the today show one. to which well.. of as to which compared to this one of The Early Show.. that for sure Alex certainly seemed much more at easy and easy going, than he did as to the Today Show.. Plus as to the clip .. it was same one and yet The Early Show had just a bit more of the clip.

    as to the Today one… outside the window behind Alex were that of many ladies holding signs and waving to him.

    thanks tiffany for posting interview of the Early Show.

  4. I just can’t stop myself from adding my 2 cents to he praise for Alex….and to think those guys with him on the interview were going to outshine him!!! He is CLASS and you can tell that from the first few minutes you hear him talk. PLEASE GAIN WEIGHT, GROW YOUR GORGEOUS HAIR LONGER AND DONT’ EVER FOLLOW ANY HOLLYWOOD B.S. ABOUT WHAT IS COOL!!!! You Forever Fan Suzanne

  5. He is indeed perfection.Looks Charm Intelligence and wit and did I mention TALENT.”THE THINKING WOMANS CRUMPET !!!!!!!!!!!

  6. These videos of Alex have endeared me to him even more — especially in the 2nd video with the panel of guys. I knew I loved this great guy who just happens to be so handsome and sexy to boot. If I was younger in my 30’s, available, and he was attracted to me (fat chance but a gal can dream), I would think I died and went to heaven. He’s just so got it together and I hope his movie and the new tv series are the biggest ever hits.

  7. Great appearances for Alex today. He was adorable – so cute and funny. He is really going to get noticed with these interviews and TBUP. Don’t forget to watch the second NBC appearance tomorrow. Love you Alex!!!

  8. Alex looks so great, as always. I just loved his answers, he is always so bright, charming, funny, and considerate of other people. I can hardly wait to see The Back Up Plan & Hawaii Five O. Finally the world will see, how great an actor he is. Women are going to love him, as we his fans have, for a long time! Alex, we wish you the best! You are the greatest!

  9. I love Alex and he is just adorable and such a great guy. He knows what he wants in a role and goes after it. With The Back Up Plan coming out next week and Hawaii Five-O filming this is going to be a great year for Alex. Thanks Tiffany for posting. All of Alex’s including myself am wishing him success in his career because this man has the looks and talent. Your fans love you Alex.

  10. There-are-no-words…………………………………………………………….he is simply PERFECTION!

  11. PS. I want to see Alex being interviewed by Maria Menunous from Access Hollywood. She is adorable and I think they would hit it off!! Nice girl for Alex

  12. THanx Tiffany!! He is gonna be BIG, women are gonna ADORE him. I hope he duznt change his personaltiy. Such HOT, sexy, intellectual boyish charm. “sit here and crumble under the presure?” so CUTE.. I have not seen this in Hollywood, not like this!! Love Alex!

  13. I notice such a change in Alex’s looks lately. He is defintely thinner but I also think he is just maturing . He is still gorgeous but different from Moonlight days. I love him anyway he looks. I think he is so funny and charming and I loved the appearance on ther guy panel. Kathy Lee and Hoda seemed to like him a lot also. Can’t wait to see the reaction to the movie. He is going to have a huge fan base after that premieres. I am happy for him. I wish him a lot of success and happiness.

  14. Oh yeah! I’ll board the rocket ship with Alex!! When do we leave…?!? 🙂

  15. Again thanx Tiffany for posting, yes Alex’s shoes do look green. Alex such a tease about H5O spoilers I guess.
    I wouldn’t mind sharing his boys toys with him especially the rocket don’t you just Love this man !!!!
    Love the man panel it’s very funny,Well done to Alex with his answers, Love you loads Alex keep up the good work XXX

  16. thanks for both videos i got up early this moring to see alex it looked so good
    i watched this one to
    and loved it thanks

  17. Best comment came from Kathy Lee Gifford from that 2nd video: “We just wanted to look at ya, we didn’t care what you said!!” I love love loved that video! Alex was quick-thinking, funny, and honest (he actually admitted he didn’t like the institution of marriage). Thanks Tiffany!

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