Hawaii Five O Season 6 : The Metamorphosis of Steve

Now that Season six has come and gone and season seven is about to start shooting, it has been mentioned online many times throughout the season, what has happened to Steve? Is it true that he does not seem to be the same Super Seal we all love previously in a lot of the episodes this past year? and if true – why not? What has happened to Steve McGarrett?

Lets start at the beginning of the season. Steve attends Kono’s wedding with his newly reappearing girlfriend Catherine whom he has not seen for over a year. He seems ecstatic but cautious and rightfully so. As he gets ready to propose in episode 3, he starts to get the gut feeling Catherine is not staying and about to break his heart again. He learns quickly that he should always listen to his gut as Catherine does in fact leave in what seems to be the final break for the couple.

In episodes 4-6, Steve is heartbroken but seems to be progressively accepting this fate. he also hints that he is willing to move on as Grover ribs him about getting back on the horse. His personality also seems as if it is shifting slightly to a little lighter and he does not seem to be carrying the world on his shoulders all the time.

This lightness continues into episode seven, where he has his first date with Lynn. It starts out pretty good. He seems to be enjoying his playfulness of dating again. However,  the date turns bad quickly when they are hunted down on the island by a wanted escaped criminal.

It is not until episode 11 where things seems to be going down hill a little. During this episode Steve and Danny attend a couple retreat and during it Steve meets a  girl on the flight over.  He returns from a meet-up with her pretty late one night and it is obvious he is drunk and he also has lipstick on his face. This is the first time in 6 seasons it is even implied that Steve gets drunk so why now?

From episodes 11 and on, he partakes in Zen like meditation, sees more of his new girl Lynn which creates more playful scenes, seems more irritated by Danny (more than usual), and is just not as bad ass as he has been in the previous seasons. Is the old Steve gone for good?

Just when we think that could be. the last few episodes seem to have him back to the bad ass and down right McGarrett action. As the season ended with his near death experience, it can be expected to see even more of a metamorphosis of Steve next season. At least then there will be a reason for the change. No one knows for sure what the reason was this past one although there has been much speculation. What do you think?


Steve McGarrett changes season 6



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