Alex: Out And About (Hiatus Happenings)

As Alex’s hiatus draws to a close with the beginning of shooting this Wednesday, it is time to look at some of the Alex sightings during his break.  The scene stayed  quiet for the first five weeks of the hiatus as there were no fan sightings or even posting of him at Egan’s gym or charity events which he usually shows up at. Although this was unusual for a typical hiatus in the past, a few fan pics started to pop up throughout the rest of the 13 weeks he has off.

Here are some below:


May 2016

Alex O'loughlin and Enson Inoue at Hilton Hawaiian Village
Alex stopped by to see his friend Enson Inoue on May 13th which was the first sighting of Alex during the hiatus. (credit Enson Inoue FB)


Alex O'loughlin and fan Erik Apaka
Alex O’Loughlin stopped by a watch store in Honolulu May 18th and took this photo with fan Eric Apaka (credit Eric Apaka FB)


Alex O'Loughlin and Robert-Arakaki-at Honolulu airport
Excited fan ran into Alex at the Honolulu national airport on his way out of town on May 29 (credit Robert Arakaki IG)


June 2016

Alex was visiting many areas in Europe throughout the month of June

Alex O'loughlin and fan Roberto Araza
Roberto Araza ran into Alex out and about and seems to be in Italy based on all clues posted by fan Roberto Araza on FB on June 2 (Roberto has privatized his FB page since)


Alex O'loughlin and Ivana Canovic- June 6
He found himself attending an Opera performance on June 6th (credit Ivana Canovic FB)-


Alex O'loughlin and fan Vicky Pizarro
Fan Vicky Pizarro ran into Alex while out with his son (credit Vicky Pizarro Twitter)


Alex O'loughlin and fan in Paris
A very excited fan ran into Alex while he was walking in Paris with a friend on June 25th. The fan walked with them for about 15 minutes. (credit @fadedhugo Twitter)


July 2016

Alex O'loughlin with fan at the Diamond Head Health Bar
Back home Alex was seen at the Diamond Head Health Bar on July 2nd- maybe he is juicing up for the season which starts July 6th. (credit Brandon Medeiros IG)


Now that he is back in Hawaii and ready to start shooting more pics and out and about encounters are sure to appear. Stay tuned and let us know if you see Alex Out and About so we can share it. better yet you can share it yourself with our specialized site submission area. Check it out and post your pics!



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