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  1. Hopefully it will have the succes of Monster-in-law (her last rom-com ?) or even better Maid in Manhattan, i’ve read on a couple of boards how they’re missing seeing her in a romantic comedies so that’s great for the movie she has her public in that genre.

  2. Footnote: Here is a nice graph with all the box office figures

    1. Great chart… here is too hoping the TBUP will be BIG.

  3. But you’re talking about her recent track records ? The last 2 movies she made were independant movies so they barely costed more than $15M so they were released in just 500/600 theaters like every independant films i wouldn’t expect them to broke any Box-iffice record.

    For her Rom-coms The 3/4 she did brought more than $150M each at the ww Box-office and 3 of them were #1 when they came out the one who only did Ok in America (But was huge outside the US) is Shall we dance? and she had a supporting role in that one didn’t she ?

    So it’s funny i’m sure if The back-up plan is a succes which we all hope it will be some of you will say that it’s because of Alex only and if it Flops you’re going to blame Jlo.

    And Aniston is a good exemple before that Dog movie who did great last year and the Vince Vaugh movie (and thank to him) she had 3/4 Flops in a raw so that doesn’t mean much.

  4. Hi All,

    Yes I think we should all agree to disagree here. Of couse we all have our personal likes and dislikes and it would be a very strange world in deed if we all were attracted to the same things. JLo is a very talented woman, which she has shown over her long career, however for me I love her as a singer./dancer She has a great singing voice and dances fantastically but HEY, that’s just me and I am sure I am allowed to chose what I Iike just as everyone else is allowed their choices. Yes I can appreaciate her as a singer /dancer and Yes she is not my idea of a great actress however I do appreciate that there are those who like her acting. I apologise if I have offended any of her fans as this was not what I intended. I hope Alex and JLo work well together, have great onscreen chemistry and that the movie is a huge success that will be another stepping stone for Alex’s career. As many others have stated, actors all have to start somewhere.

    My initial concerns were her most recent track records with her movies and that it would definitely be a positive to have Alex contribute to the movie’s pre release hype. I did not write the tabloid reviews that are comparing JLo with Jennifer Anniston I merely stated that they are out there and that people will be chosing who they prefer to watch. Sometimes it helps to add to the choice by giving the public more to chose from ie. hype about the leading man. I could go on to quote the box office performance of JLo’s movies since Gigli and the reviews that were received but that is public knowledge for anyone to view online.

    As others have stated this is only a movie teaser and who knows what the final poster will look like but if JLo is allowed as much say in the movie as published then I am sure she will have some say in the final movie poster. It would be nice to think that Alex would appear on the poster in some small way, but if not, all his fans know who he is and that he will be in the movie.

    I wish the entire cast success and hope the movie is a hit.

    Will be looking forward to the release date.

  5. And hey, if you really really don’t like Jlo, just wait till the DVD comes out and do what several enterprizing Hugh Jackman fans did to the movie Australia-edit her out. The “Nichole Kidman free” Australia is kind of weird, but I can understand the motivation. Its pretty simple to do with the right tools. Putting your fingers in your ears and humming during annoying scenes also works. Just don’t hum too loud in the theatre.

  6. Oh and other exemple of rom-coms with Only the lead actress face and name on the poster ! with the same kind of male costar (in therme of fame) as Alex.

    and those aren’t teaser poster

    My best friends wedding (Julia Roberts)


    27 Dresses (Katherine Heighl)


    13 before 30 (Jennifer Garner)



    so people need to chill out Jennifer isn’t part of the Marketing team anyway.

    1. Thank Nadioz! Great examples you have there. Also the co-stars of the first two.. Dermot Mulroney and James Marsedn are also big stars themselves and yet the lead actress got top billing… hmmm….. 😉

  7. Wow many angry people over here, tobviously i agree with Elza, Tiffanny etc.. Alex seem like he really likes Jennifer, people from the set on Twitter and other places said how great and nice she is and i that poster isn’t a big deal it’s not even gonna be used for the promo it’s an online thing.

  8. The most important thing for us all to do is to go see the movie promptly on the opening day-I plan to see it several times. As a matter of fact, if it opens mid week, I’ll go see it several times again on the weekend 🙂 Watch early, watch often!

    1. You bet Jean! I will be there opening day and will watch a few times I am sure. Also invite friends and get big groups to go!

  9. Thank you Tiffany for being the “sane” one with your positive comments. iI too, am sick of all th negativity and blame on JLO and her handlers. Alex has not yet earned the right fior tiop billing and I am sure he’d be the first to say so, In all the interviews I’ve seen with JLO and Alex, they are relaxed and at ease with each other. No one is fighting to control the interview, each gives their comments and plays off the other. It is great to see such comfortable rapport between them. You negative people take your snide comments and slurs somewhere else. If you can’t say something nice – say nothing at all.

    1. Hey SonjaMMK,

      Long time! Nice to see you. 🙂

  10. the negativity is only here i visit many Alex/Moonlight board and site and they’re all very positive about the project and Jennifer because even if some of them had misconceptions about her, that changed after seeing her with Alex and the good words from people from the set

    But you guys want to stay close minded and keep what you think she’ is in you head that’s you prerogative i know i’ll enjoy the movie more than you keeping everything positive and not have what the tabloids write dictate what i think about someone i’ve never met

    that’s all

    1. Elza thanks for verbalizing that. I too am getting VERY annoyed by all the negativity being brought here. It seems to be a select few who can find something to complain about in everything. As my son would day “Save the drama for your mama!”


  12. Well thanks Natalie I didn;t look close enough, the black stuff I thought was just decoration, so okay it’s little swimmers, as Dyann called them in her story. No ALex, come on, he is lead male character. Glad I know ALex is in it, cause if I saw that advert I might think it was a one person, Jlio playing all the parts.
    I know Alex is fairly new to Movies in USA, but let’s face it. he’s made a few, perhpaps not always top billing, but they could acknowledge that he is in it, even if his name was smaller and less prominent than JLo, cause there must always be a first movie for everyone. Give the guy a break. I will go see it only for Alex

    1. I am in agreement with you. I will only go see this movie simply because Alex is in it. I am not a fan of JLO’s and I am not real happy to see him with her but if this helps his career and propels him further up I am all for it. God forbid it doesnt hurt him.

  13. I’m not worried about Alex. Poster or no poster – the fact remains that Alex is the leading man in the movie and he will get paid for it. I think if they put Sci-Fi’s sexiest man on the poster……the attention would go toward Alex – not Jennifer! I mean come on, ALEX IS THE SEXIEST, SWEETEST ACTOR IN THE WORLD!

  14. I was massively disappointed when I read that Alex was going to do this movie only because of Jennifer Lopez. We all know she doesn’t have a good track record and I hope she doesn’t bring Alex down to her level – he deserves better and this poster is just another example. I could rant and rave for a few more pages but I totally agree with all the other participants who left negative comments.

    1. Where did you read that Alex would only do this movie for J-Lo?

    2. I wonder if not liking JLo is in fact the deeper reason some people are so upset about the poster. If it were Julia Roberts or Angelina Jolie would we be having this discussion? I wonder.

      1. yeah probably

  15. I get the feeling that Alex would be content to do his acting thing and then be left alone. He seems to be an intensely private person. He doesn’t seem to actively pursue the spotlight. He’ll stump if CBS or movie producers tell him to. Alex will do it if he has to.

  16. The public reaction to JLo has been complex for quite a while, not just in this community. Here is a typical article (from 2007), and I don’t think Roger Friedman wants to hump Alex (although you never know-he may have the lower back tat as his screensaver!)
    Her clothing line (sweetface) just folded this year. The economy is really strongly impacting the whole entertainment field.
    Marketing movies, and managing careers is a difficult business-the promotion, the timing of the release…its a very cold, calculating biz.

    1. I think JLo was pushing too hard. Movies, perfume, clothing, music albums… we got overloaded with JLo everywhere. I think that is a big part of why she took a couple years off and had kids and stayed home with her family. Now after 2 years she is trying to come back to the spotlight.

      But who is the bigger star is not even debateable…. the Aussie guy who came from a failed Tv series or the pop star/actress with dozens of movies under her belt who is married to someone equally as famous… no contest folks. Who has paparazzi following their every move? Not Alex.

      I hope all that changes very soon.

  17. And one more thing to Aussie , the Aniston movie will be released months after The back-up plan so it won’t be a problem and even if it did the Aniston movie is an independant film it won’t get a wide release.

  18. Some of you are so delusional it’s actually sad that you don’t realise what a big opportunity this is for him, how can he be the star of his own movie when he he only had 2 tiny roles in American movies who didn’t evn do well, Jlo is the star of the movie and you have to accept it i’m a Fan of Alex not Jlo but come on ?
    Jlo is still a big movie star she just took time of for her kids and yeah she’s a big star all around the world and Alex has good fanbase and the combination of the 2 of them should do wonder for the success of the movie.

    Don’t make this a competition ! if you have some complain of the publicity, blame CBS and not Jlo Jennifer and Alex seem to get along really well but maybe that’s what you guys don’t like, Jealousy much ?

  19. Well I thought the poster was so hideous that I had to tweet CBS Films. I wrote two tweets:

    @CBSFilms The poster for The Back-Up[ Plan is ugly. Sperm going for an egg on top of a heart does not convey warm and fuzzy romance.

    @CBSFilms BTW, the teaser poster also omits my favorite actor Alex O’Loughlin. There r many fans on the CBS Three Rivers site who love Alex

    I don’t know if this will get seen by anyone at CBS Films, but I feel better for tweeting on Twitter.

  20. (cut to imagined OR scene from Three Rivers)”We have to get this transplant done NOW! Can’t you see the heart is being eaten by mutant sperm!”
    Ewwwww….sorry for that image.

    1. Haaaaaa, haaaaaa mutant sperm…cracks me up. Nurse, get the cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Andy Yablonski stat!!! We’ll need a new heart, teaser heart that is.

  21. Well, where do I start? Yes we all know that this is JLO’s movie and it is suppose to try and ressurect her career, but what the??????? Jennifer Anniston is releasing a movie at the same time about the same topic and JLO should wake up, pull her diva head in, and realise that without Alex her movie is DEAD before it even gets to the box office.

    Alex’s manager should be ashamed to allow this to happen to him. Everyone knows that JLO can be poison to an actor’s career in the first instance, but if there is anyone who can pull this movie off it’s Alex O’Loughlin.

    JLO hasn’t done anything for so long that she is living on her past efforts and the power’s to be should wake up to themselves and realise that she definitely needs help to carrry this movie off successfully. Haven’t they learnt from the past, ie cancelling Moonlight, and then realising that Alex’s popularity was far more than they had ever contemplated. He is an untapped talent and someone needs to “WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES'”

    It is such a same that Alex wasn’t given the opportunity to star in his own movie to prove to everyone that he is a fantastic actor with a hugh amount of charisma and sex appeal. I believe that he would be definitely suited to an action movie with a romantic interest on the side. But then again, Alex can do humour, romance, drama, action, you name it !!!!!!!

    Alex deserves equal billing with JLO as he is the one thing that may save this movie when it is forced to come up against Jennifer Anniston’s movie.

    Somebody please OPEN YOUR EYES and market this movie properly so it doesn’t die before it is ever released.

    Alex (Arod) forever

  22. Don’t worry, people will be so creeped out by the frightening heart eating sperm they will instinctively recoil from the teaser poster…the studio will have to come up with something different. Either that, or market this as a horror movie.

  23. I think it’s a DUMB poster and would not make me interested in seeing it in the least!
    As for no one knowing who Alex is so why put his name on it—give me a break!
    When PHANTOM OF THE OPERA came out no one in this country (encluding me) had a clue who GERARD BUTLER was, but they put HIS name on the poster (even the early posters) and he’s now an international star.
    Someone needs to be fighting for ALEX. If his agent/promoter doesn’t do it, what hope does the man have!
    Teaser or no teaser–his name should be on it! He’s the male lead for Heavens sake!

    1. It is very likely that is was part of JLo’s contract to get top billing for any and all posters. Movie stars fight over that stuff all the time and and the bigger star wins out.

      Perhaps Gerard Butler’s name was on the teaser poster cause his co-star was equally unknown! He did not appear in that movie with someone of JLo’s stature so the comparison is weak.

      Perhaps Alex and his managers don’t want to make him the DIVA by demanding stuff that is unrealistic. When he becomes the star I have no doubt he will get top billing… but he needs to pay his dues like every other actor in the industry.

  24. It is a teaser, not the actual movie poster. I am sure a second one is coming soon.

    And Alex’s name is not on it cause most people in this country wouldn’t have a clue who he is! Hopefully this movie will start to change that.

  25. The Diva(s) strike again!!!!!!

    I am so ticked, so hot right now, that, if I were a canine I would be frothing at the mouth in rabid-like fashion… The nerve, the unmitigated Gaul of Paramount /aka CBS & JLo’s associates, including herself , to totally not include Alex’s name on that Back-Up Poster…I will be repetitive & say, CBS, IMO, as well as the opinion of any intelligent person posting here, is not helping Alex’s career; they are messing with it to ruination… For some reason one of those big wigs over at that network (& we all know who mostly that will be) will cancel Three Rivers before it gets good footing, mark my words, it is their pattern…If it weren’t Alex’s name would be on that poster instead of just JLo’s…And it is the fault of the agent that is based at Paramount who probably was assigned to Alex by NT, not of Alex’s own choosing…If this agent were any good, he would have made certain that this degrade did not happen to the Co-Star, Alex, (meaning both should have top billing) of Back-Up Plan was not slighted like this…

    And to state truthfully why Alex’s other TV series, Moonlight, was cancelled, had nothing to do with the ratings at all… Les Monvees (NY Head of CBS) & Joel Silver had argumentative words of how Moonlight should continue… Now may I remind you all that Moonlight was Joel’s baby, not anyone connected with CBS’s… So the Major Pouters, NT & LM, pulled Moonlight for good..how utterly childish of this dumb, irrational network…

  26. Its kind of creepy looking….

  27. Oh and that’s just a teaser poster to start the promo then the actors will do the photoshoot used for the posters.

  28. Love it ! really funny.

  29. I agree – not warm and fuzzy. Maybe the CBS advertising department needs to rethink this one! More suited to The Baster (yucky title, yes?) And for heaven’s sake, put Alex’s name on the next one!

  30. ya not exactly something that says “come watch me im a romantic love story!” i hate the poster too. 🙁

  31. Okay, I’ll be the first one to say it, I hate this poster. Sperm going after a heart with an egg on top is not warm and fuzzy love story. Eeeeeeewwwwww! Where is Alex? Where is JLo?

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