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I have added a new feature to AOLO… a forum. The blog is awesome but it is usually just me talking… blah, blah, blah. Some of the posts here are getting anywhere from 200-500 comments so it is time to give you a place to create your own posts and chit chat with other Alex fans about anything of your choosing. You can share pictures, fan art, fan fiction, private message each other… whatever you want. You need to create a user account and then you get started posting. Enjoy!

PS: If you notice anything amiss or have any issues just email me… I haven’t used phpbb3 in a long time and it is what I used to create the forum.

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  1. Just thought I should take a second and say hi to everyone today. Looking forward to your forum and what everyone here has to say.

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  3. Excuse me guys and girls, would a person be so kind and help me out? I arrived here another day due to bing but now cannot find again the post I have been reading that day . And before someone asks, no I’m not blond merely not that excellent with pcs hehe.

  4. Where oh where was Alex at the Grammies last night??? They made a big deal about having JLo and mentioning her new movie–but where was her HOT co-star?? CBS really screwed up on this one–not giving Alex a national spotlight. And I let them know as much! If they can’t show him off then let him go and let someone else utilize his God-given talents.

  5. CBS is doing the world a fabulous service by highlighting the need for organ donation! Let’s get behind the interest and momentum! Let’s honor the creators, actors, and production staff of Alex O’Loughlin’s new show, Three Rivers, by bringing a little attention to the subject!

    Come join the coalition!

    The Fans of Three Rivers Organ Donor Campaign is a coalition of fans dedicated to spreading the word about organ donation, and assisting those who are interested to register as organ donors.

    No one individual or group takes credit for this campaign. Rather, it is a combined effort that is equally acknowledged, with every web site, fan site, or individual acknowledged in alphabetical order. This is about doing something good for our communities, countries, and the world, while honoring Three Rivers.

    NO money will be donated through this site.

    Won’t you join us? Thank you!


  6. Tiffany, tried to register on your forum but the code does not work. It keeps asking me to retype and when i submit, it brings up a new one again and again!

  7. Thank you so much Tiffany for all your hard work. It’s so great to know I have a very reliable place to go for any news about Alex. And I’m always craving more. He is my sweet addiction!!

  8. thank u tiffany u are the best .i always need my alex fix love u alex xxxxxx

  9. Thank you so much for all you do. I always need my Alex fix. Also, really look forward to your e-mails. Keep up the good work.

  10. oh my god tiffany…..i was just on a website that claimed alex was or still is in a relationship with sophia myles….is that true?!?!

    1. I have never heard that Sydney.

  11. Thanks Tiffany will chekc it out.

  12. Tiffany,

    You do such good work. How do you get the pictures of Alex? Do you live in L.A. and is actually there taking the pictures? That would be great. Up close and personal.

    Have a good night.

    1. I wish! I would be his very own paparazzi crew! I get the pictures from friends who send them to me and various pr sites.

      1. Hey Tiffany.
        Just curious. What pr sites did you use?

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