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  1. Have watched Criminal Minds for a couple of seasons, surprised when Alex showed up but he did a great job. Have several other movies and things of his, and can’t wait for the next moveeeee from this guy. Hot!!!!!

  2. I will watch it again. I think Alex’s acting was brilliant. Shows everyone how versatile he is. He can play any character and do a great job. Thanks for keeping all of us up-to-date Tiffany.

  3. Alexfan4evr, he is in The Holiday for about 15 seconds in the very opening scene, kissing someone on screen. He has no lines. You can view his whole part on YouTube rather than spend money on the movie.

  4. Does anyone know how to get the Mary Bryant that was done in Australia? Not the movie but the series that was done. I want to get the movie too but the series would be longer ……….would’nt it?


    1. Alexfan4evr , the movie and the series are the same thing. It was a mini series, like the american Lonesome Dove series, with the series being spread out over 2-3 nights and then put in movie form on DVD.

      1. Thanks Tiffany,

        That helps out. I always thought otherwise on this. I am about to buy all his movies and cannot wait till tonight even though I saw it already.
        Is he in the movie The Holiday? It comes up as one of his but I saw the movie and do not remember him.


  5. Yes, I’ve got August Rush, and yes Alex ia a bit of a lad in it, and only a very small part. The deleted scene of him is good.

    But it is such a lovely movie, worth a watch, even if you don;t want to hold your breath in between the scenes Alex is in

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    Have been waiting impatiently for this rerun…I thought Alex did a marvelous job pulling off thischaracter proving his talent and versatility. And thanks for all the updates..How come Back Up Plan will take sooooo long.? Thank goodness Three Rivers is in Oct. Just watched the Movie August Rush again and tho Alex has only a small role it was sure great to see his fabulous face.

  7. Recorded it last time, but if it is on I will watch it again. I think Criminal Minds are all repeats on aussie tv as present

  8. Alex on TV!!! of course I will be watching, he did a fabulous job as Vincent on Criminal Minds, I can’t wait to see him in the big screen on September 11 when “finally” Whiteout will be released, following with his new show Three Rivers and The Back-Up Plan on January 22, 20q10! You go Alex!

  9. Love that episode & will watch again.

  10. Heyyyyyyyyyyyy

    If it has Alex in it it is in my TV!!!!!!! Good guy or bad guy he is it and will always be. Hate to see him die though but this tells me maybe they want to see how it does again. i could be wrong.

    But………………once an Alex fan always an Alex fan. 2cute2be4forgotten

    You go Alex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IHappy for you Alex


  11. Didn’t like Ciminal Minds the first time, regardless of Alex participation, don’t want/plan on seeing it again. I am really looking forward to the release of The Back Up Plan. I don’t like the reality of medical shows so I avoid them but plan on viewing Three Rivers … only because Alex O’Loughlin is in it. Still hoping beyond hope for another session of Moonlight in some form. Thanks for the continuous updates. Anticipating for an undate stating MOONLIGHT IS BACK…

    1. Ur loss! Criminal minds is awesome and so was Alex!

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