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  2. Vuu! Alex. Great.
    Be careful and I think we fell in love with:)

  3. OK girls…bikes are fun!! I love riding!! You just have to be careful as with anything. Where I live in the US there are a lot of wide open spaces and I bet Alex has found those. His tats look good and are his business not ours. I have one and it is very meaningful to me.
    So Alex be care and have fun riding and living!
    God bless and watch over you!!

  4. Yep, Jeannie, old ML fans fought like the dickens to get a 2nd season for all around the world who loved this series…We are again crusading for Moonlight to be made into a movie to complete all of our questions left hanging after the series was canceled… We Moonlight enthusiast can be found at various Internet sites like MySpace, DiscoverGerry, but our “freezer” is stored here on AOLO on the Permalink noted in the right side column called “We Still Believe in Vampires & Moonlight”…

    You figured it out right, we were lost without Moonlight glowing in our path weekly…

    And as for your last comment about Alex’s manager putting a padlock on that beast, I had this very lurid thought…sorry…but thanks for the smile…

  5. I just popped over to adoring Alex site and read about Alex’s piercing and tatts
    His big one of right upper arm is from HR Giger print and called illamanatius. I copies it but can’t add it here.
    Also I didn;t notice beofre or know not only did he have ears pierce , but also left nose and eyebrow. He was a wild one with all pierving and tatts.
    ANyone know how I can put a picture on here?

  6. Thanks to all those who commented, Alex’s picture seems to have been added to the article of Most Memorable Vampires of All-Time. Alex’s picture even comes first over Brad Pitt. Gerard Butler is second. At least Extra recognized it’s mistake.


  7. Like Trisha, I’m one of the new Alex fans that only started watching Moonlight on SciFi — and got hooked.

    After reading all the archives, and other blogs, I realize that Trisha and I and all the “new” fans, are the lucky ones. When we became fans Alex was all over the TV ….Criminal Minds, Three Rivers pilot, big spreads in TV guide.

    He was everywhere.

    I cannot imagine how all the “old” fans felt when the show was cancelled. Alex and the cast just disappeared. No news, no nothing. A real slap in the gut.. Almost a year of silence.

    And for the life of me, I cannot fathom why it was cancelled. All I can think of is that someone connected with the show REALLY PISSED OFF some CBS bigwig. It obviously was not a commercial decision.

    Anyhow, we new fans are here, and vocal. If we don’t get the attention of Silver/etc. and show them that we want a Moonlight Movie — it won’t be for lack of trying.

  8. Thank you for this great website. I’m a new fan of Alex’s as I started watching Moonlight when it began showing on the SciFi channel. By the end of the first episode I was hooked and immediately ran out to buy the complete series. I’ve been able to catch up relatively quickly with all of his movies / tv shows. I’ve enjoyed seeing his acting diversity and believe that he will do great things with his acting career! In all of the articles and video I’ve seen, he seems like a very likeable person and extremely genuine. Any yes he is easy on the eyes so that is always a plus!! 🙂
    I love the above picture showing of his tattoos…I can’t see them enough and hate when they have to cover them up due to a acting role. I hope at some point Alex will tell us the stories behind the tattoos as I’d like to know what made him pick the ones that he has. I’m right there with everyone else and hope that Alex is safe on his motorcycle…glad to see that he is wearing a helmet.
    Thanks again for the continued updates and all the wonderful pics of our Alex. 🙂

  9. I also get nervous seeing him on a bike even though my hubby has one. Remember Mark Frankel is all I can say:


  10. If I were his manager, I’d put a padlock on that beast!

  11. A tramp stamp is any tattoo at the small of the back. Usually tribal.

    Waaaaay sexy!!

  12. alright, Natalie,

    You lost me…what is a tramp stamp?????

  13. Don’t mess with the tramp stamp please, it’s my favorite.

  14. Re : Forearm tats.

    If you go to the TV Guide site and pull up the spread they did on him ” Alex O’Loughlin Resurrected”, and look at the shot where the lady in black is spritzing his hair, you can see the left arm tat as clear as a bell. For some reason, that’s the one that they covered up on his yummy main shot.

    Then look at him on his bike.

    I have a number of friends that have had thier tats removed, and they say his arm looks like thiers did on the second treatment. Just a little mottled blistering. They said the procedure is painful, but short lived and bearable. The new lasers are much better than the old blunderbusses.

  15. Hi again Sandra,

    In your last sentence, truer words were never spoken… My Dad had a predominent Tatto on his leg & do know my Mom made him cover the naked lady up or get rid of it; he put a hula skirt on her & a lei around her neck as removing such an extensive body art very painful… Some male friends had such &, they also would not want to go through the removal due to the pain & scaring…

    Now I had noticed Alex’s tats on his forearms at an earlier time of his career & they are about the same in shading from then until now… If these forearm tats are older than the rest, or if they were done by an unprofessional means, the dyes would not be as penetating and would definitely fade out in time…

    I, myself, do not have any tats, though I know a lady with one beautiful tat up her leg (yes, she has been into motorcycles as is her hubby)…My late significant other had a couple self made one on his forearm & they did fade as time went on… However, my late husband had none at all…I am not particular fond of tats, but what is one to do when they fall in love with someone with one or some…you take someone as they are, not who you want them to be…

  16. I would say he has definately either done some lasering on those tats or he is wearing makeup on them. The lasering sounds more likely.

    Look at the second to last picture on this page:


    We don’t see anything remotely similar to what he used to have on his lower arms in this recent bike picture. He could have had them lasered in all the down time he had between Moonlight and now.

  17. No Tish not upper arm tatts the lower arm band ones, they were the ones he was tlaking about.
    Don’t forget he had six lower back, small chest one, two large shoulde/’upper arm, two lower arm band ones.

  18. Can’t remember Tish. I go all over the net for Alex stuff. ‘phone interviews. he says he doesn;’t like his nose too beaky. Mums’s cooking he misses most pea soup and a sunday roast.
    So, yes no idea. But his two arm band tatts have certainly got lighter. Movies like Feed and The Invisible he’s got even more comsmetic tatts. I always wondered about his predominate one ear pierced thingy, the other ear not so noticeable if there. In the Invisible her wears an earring in that left ear.
    In the above photo on bike, there maybe a shadow of his lower armband tatts, but the shoulder/upper arm ones, I know were much bigger but clearly very much there, His other two not on show covered by a singlet. May be wrong about it, you don;t always read the truth on the net.

  19. when was this picture taken, does anyone know?

    1. Within the past few days would be my guess.

    2. Picture was taken June 18th, posted at 6:18 pm. Alex O’s First Ride


  20. If Alex were undergoing laser treatment to remove his upper arm tattoos he would not be wearing tank tops to expose his lazered skin to the sun…it would be very sensitive to the sun, because laser is a form of a burning…

  21. Sandra Fegan, where did you read that about his Tats?
    For one thing, the sun shining on his body in this pix could be giving his tats that faded look… And removing a Tats is very painful, more so after, while it is healing…just as painful as when he got them, I would imagine…Removal of Tats can also leave scaring & leave the area lighter than other parts of the area it is being removed from…

  22. I read somewhere that he was thinking of having is two arem abds taken off.. And sure enough it looks like he’s doing it, or having it done. There is just a ghosting of one of the one arm that will leave him with 4 tatts left. U’m not keen on tatts, but they certainly look good on Alex

  23. he looks so hott on his motorcycle…wow…i love them!!! <3

  24. WOW. Great pic Tiffany. Really shows off his muscles.I too am afraid of motorcycles and will be praying for him. I agree that riding a cycle in Australia is probably safer. All of us are concerned about him. Be safe Alex.

  25. WOW!! **JAW DROPS*

    SUPER HOTT!! 😀

  26. God Bless Alex and keep him safe I pray. Perhaps riding a motorbike in Australia is different from riding one here. I imagine wide open spaces in Australia where one could roam about free. Alex has lived in LA. for about 4 years, so I guess he’s been out and about for a long time now. I am worried for him as you all are. Bless you all for caring about Alex and expressing your concern. As moms and as sisters, your caring side shows and it is heart-warming to those who read it.

  27. Motor cycles scare me…but I understand from the males in my life…..that its an awesome rush to let those things rippppp ….. trottle wide open . A mans man. Yes Alex….you certainly are.

  28. katie,

    We’re working on just that, hope you are, too…

    1. Sure am. contacted cbs. did all the stuff. messages. Not sure if it will
      happen though–would love to see the whole cast as well

  29. Jeanne,

    Many women will not agree with your way of upbringin a son, I certainly don’t & I raised 4 sons….

    As for Alex being brash, bold, stupid, & wondering, I do feel that he was raised in entirely different culture than affects teens here in the US… I also feel that he has a deep repsect & love for his mother & would never do anything, even in his youth, to make her a nervous wreck…

    People die on motorcycles, even motorbikes, which I believe are not as heavy or large as a full motorcycle… I have lost 3 friends, all excellent operators of motorcycles, in accidents while driving those fool things; one was decapitated…I am praying for Alex…

    As far as Alex getting those tatoos, yes, perhaps peer pressure, but as the result of a wild drinking spree, IMO, is defaming him… I feel Alex would not appreciate your comment either… And, I am aware that some cultures of various foreign countries wear body art; if not of a native culture than closely honoring such associates & duplicate these friends body ornamentation…Alex grew up in Sydney, NSW, AU & Canberra, ACT, AU, and there may have been some influence to his decision to obtain bady art from the pure native cultures of the areas

  30. He is so good looking. I really cant wait for his new movies. the only down
    side is JLO. I guess i could manage to ignore her in the movie.
    Really need a Moonlight movie. Loved moonlight–still watch the reruns
    I know most of the lines of each episode lateley. Will watch 3 Rivers as long
    as ALex is in it. all the best—Katie

  31. To Tish S

    I’m sorry if you took my comment about a wild drunken spree as a negative comment. I’m a firm belieiver in the young “getting it out of thier systems”, and that to NOT do some pretty crazy things as a teen(when you’re still able to heal), you’ll wonder what you missed when your older. And we know where that can lead.

    Alex strikes me as someone who as a kid was a real handful. All boy. All bold and brash and stupid and wondering where he fit in the scheme of things.

    To me this is a good thing. A very “been there, done that” mentality that enables one to move forward with no regrets about what you missed. And a sensiblilty of what to avoid.

    All the creative, centered people I know went thru a truely wild and crazy time as yunin’s.

    So I wasn’t insulting the man. I was celebrating his crazy time.

  32. OMG, long time since I have seen a pix of Alex’s flexed muscles…noted the cloaked ripples when Mick was exercising on an episode of Moonlight… But best shot of those magnificent arms was in Oyster Farmer when he was walking the coastline in his gray jersey shorts…

    No, Jeanne, I doublt Alex ever was the type to go on wild drunken sprees…and not everyone has been there…

    Alex probably has had these tatoos for a very long time…perhaps they decision to get them ccame from some buddies, most times this is the cause…peer pressure…. As tatoos become older, they do fade, depending upon their visibility to the elements, like the sun… Ones kept hidden under clothes most of the time do not fade as much…

    Since all fans are well aware of Alex’s 6 tatoos, and so would be his agents, his producers, etc, they are accepted… I could only see Alex having them removed before he went into acting or became famous, but not now…They now are famously associated with him…

  33. Wow!!! He doesn’t look so frail or gaunt there. Look at those thigh muscles, sigh. Hope he is careful on the bike. As a friend of someone with a brain injury from a motorcycle, it isn’t always the motorcyclists fault. Be careful, Alex!!!!!

  34. Hot Hot Hot!!!

    Hope he doesn’t kill himself.

    I’m assuming that he showed up at this shop from home — sans makeup — so does anyone else notice that both his forearm tattoos are looking a bit faded?? I noticed from all the other pix of him that they ALWAYS cover his left arm tat, and now it’ looks like it’s getting lazered off.

    My interest is always peaked by something being hidden – and I’m DYING to know the history of that sneaky little tattoo. I imagine some wildly exiting, sorid, teenage, drunken stupid thing that just happened to end up with a brand (and don’t look at me like that guys, we’ve ALL been there before)!

    Think we’ll ever know the stories behine the tats??

  35. · Edit


    I am soooo glad he is wearing a helmet. Never been a fan of bikes but he really looks good on it. Just by reading about it , it sounds like a dangerous bike. Hope he is careful on it.
    Be careful Alex.


    1. When I saw this, my first thought was OMG – doesn’t he know what happened to Keenau Reeves!!!? (A couple of motorcycle accidents resulted in those facial scars, and a really bad one is why we almost never see him without a shirt – major abdominal scar from having to have emergency spleen removal – according to the story on the Biography channel). But, as a rock climber I suppose Alex has learned something about not taking chances.

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