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  1. oohhh looks good this one, i just hope they get to rescue steve in time…… that was a surprise about the baddie! cant wait for this one.

  2. Ladies! Check out the new People magazine! Alex is in it! Shirtless and very well in shape!!

    1. What’s the date on the magazine cover, Lisa? Sometimes your magazines have different articles from ours here in Canada even though they are the same magazine. Go figure.

      1. Muffie,
        Sorry I didn’t catch the date on it. It’s the Sexiest Man Alive issue with Bradley Cooper on it. I work at the post office and today they came out. But I’m sure they are probably out in stores now or maybe even online!

      2. Thanks Lisa. Boy did they great that “Sexiest Man Alive” wrong too. My apologies to all the Bradley Cooper fans but I can’t believe he was chosen over Alex! LOL

      3. I agree whit you Muffie…….they choose wrong 🙁 ….wellllll………..maybe next time 🙂

    2. I tried finding the People Magazine on-line and came up with nothing. If anyone finds the link that works, would you please post it here? Thanks

  3. Hi Tiffany, I can’t wait for this episode! About Steve, do you think him and Lori are interested in each other or him and Kono? I love both of them! What’s your opinion?

    1. Not sure. They have hinted that there may be something there. I am open to it if there is.

  4. it’s very Difficult 2 watch ur favruot Famous His blood was shed xD xD xD

    I hope that I meet the person who hurt him to know how it would stifle :heart: :heart: :heart:

    😀 😀

  5. YEE-HAWW!!! Alex and Jimmy Buffett together!! Doesn’t get any better :woot:

  6. This episode looks awesome. I just can’t wait until Monday. I wonder what’s going to happen with Jenna. I volunteer to take care of Steve if/when he gets hurt. Thanks Tiffany.

  7. Thanks Tiffany for the video. I also think this episode will be one of the best this season. Lots of action. It’s sad that Jenna turned out to be one of the bad characters involved with Wo Fat,but that is how it goes sometimes. Looking forward to this coming Monday’s Hawaii five-O episode,looks great! :love:

  8. I agree. If this promo is any indication as to what the rest of the show is like, it’s going to be one hell of a ride. In the top photo, the man on the left of Steve – isn’t he the D.A. boyfriend from Moonlight? He looks so familiar. Any thoughts people?

    It’s so nice to see the return of the old H5-0, the one we all fell in love with in season 1. It’s going to be a l-o-n-g weekend until Monday comes. ;-(

    1. No it isn’t Jordan Belfi. He was already on H50 in season one and I think he died.

      1. Yes, he did die in season one but you know TV – sometimes the dead come back to life. Maybe once the show airs I’ll be able to place where I’ve seen him before. Thanks, Tiffany.

    2. I don’t know, but I think the guy that Muffie is referring to looks half Asian to me. So, no, not the DA from from Moonlight; and, yes, tjat guy was in season 1. But I hear ya; in Law & Order, they were always bringing actors back as different characters.

      It does look exciting. I still think they were holding her fiance hostage (or at least telling her that). Jenna looks reluctant to turn on Steve. I wonder if she makes it out alive. Looks like the actress put on a few pounds. If so, it looks good on her. Sometimes you CAN be too thin!

      1. Ooops, you mean the guy in the photo, not the video, right? Duh! My only excuse is that I had a medical procedure today and am still feeling the effects of the sedative. Time to call it a day!

      2. Shirley: That’s okay, we all have those days. Hope you’re back to normal tomorrow.

    3. I thought I read somewhere that the guy on the left is the SEAL that Steve saved skydiving in an earlier episode. Would make sense that he’d want to help save Steve…

  9. The producer/director which ever he was said a couple of weeks ago, that this eppie was one of the best, and that Wo Fat was back in it. It certainly looks good. Jenna shows herself for her real character, but she still seems reluctant, but had to shoot Steve. The team once again rallying to come to the aid of their boss, with Jo spear heading the search.

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