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  1. This is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, so I feel better now…… Got my Alex groove on……

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    What a lovely interview. I never cease to be amazed when watching Alex do these personable interviews. He’s just so candid and charismatic. And it’s good to find out some interesting info on the film…most of the moview trailers gave us little to go on and hardly any Alex at all! Thanks again, Tiffany for your tireless efforts to keep us in the loop.

  3. What a wonderful way to wake up on a sunday morning and get to watch an interview with such a gorgeous talented man. Thank you Tiffany for all the updates we dont get to hear much about what Alex is doing back here home so its greatly appreciated

  4. thanks T for this video its a great interview cann’t wait to see film i’m counting down the days13 day to go

  5. Thanks Tiffany for this interview I love Alex’s voice. signed hopeful

  6. great interview with alex he looks so good i cant wait to see the movie

  7. As LlzKS says above, thanks so much for putting this up. You continue to amaze me with the frequency, quality and great timing in providing us with *the* most up-to-date Alex goodies! This was short, but sweet … and makes the waiting time for the film itself go by more quickly. I can never hear / see enough of Alex in whatever project he’s working on … and I can always count on great new videos, articles and photos right here every day!! Thanks again.

  8. I was just thinking when I watched the trailers and teasers, that it would be nice to hear from Alex about what it was like to make this movie. I just wish it was longer. I could listen to him talk for hours. 🙂 I bet he is full of stories. Thanks for putting this up!

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