Alex O’Loughlin to be on Craig Ferguson’s Show

Doctor, Doctor!! THREE RIVERS

From Talk Show News via Three Rivers Blogspot

As previously reported, Craig Ferguson will begin broadcasting in high definition beginning on Monday the 31st. CBS has just announced the guest lineup for his first few HD shows, so here’s who you can expect to see when Ferguson debuts the fresh “Late Late Show” look, which will include revamped opening credits and a new theme song.

Mo 9/7: Juliette Lewis, Alex O’Loughlin

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  2. Yes, looking forward to seeing Alex on Craig Ferguson. I saw the last time he was on and they had great rapport with each other..I’d watch anything that had Alex on it..Hee!!

  3. In reference to Alex being on C. Ferguson, will he be on Sept. 7th? signed hopeful

  4. c. ferguson is a legend.. has got high sense of humour (well, he’s scottish after all)))) the show with alex will be awesome I guess…

  5. I saw Alex on the Craig Ferguson show when he was on Moonlight. They got along really well and had a good time.

  6. what channel is it on i try to watch interviews with alex but i never now thanks for the word
    go alex you look so good

  7. I believe his show is after Letterman on your local CBS channel. Going to definitely have to tape this one.


  9. I saw a previous interview with Craig Ferguson with Alex. They have similar sense of humour, and I feel this time Alex will be more than ready for the guy.
    Also saw him interview Sophia. It was round the time Moonlight was on I think.

  10. what channel and time will it be on, never saw the show before?.

  11. I will need a towel to wipe up the drool after seing Alex on Craig Ferguson. I think the two of them are special indeed.

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