Hawaii Five-0 209 Ike Maka Recap

The episode begins with a high speed police chase. The police are chasing a muscle car through city streets and then into a shipping yard. They lose the car there and eventually find it inside a shipping container with dozens of other stolen cars. In one of those cars they find a dead body… a man with a heavily bandaged face and a gun shot through the chest.

News of the case comes to Steve while he is hashing things out with Danny, his new roomie. Danny apparently doesn’t like all the rules and regulations and Steve doesn’t like being awakened in the night by infomercials. Their differences are temporarily forgotten while they work this new case. At the scene, Max tells them the victim has had fingerprints sanded off, leaving them to believe that perhaps the killer did not want the man to be identified and that they will find his face a mess as well. Their only lead thus far is the presence of all the stolen cars and the popular idea is that the car thieves killed the man.

Back at the lab Steve and Danny have a hard time getting information from Max who apparently is mad at Steve/Danny and is giving them the cold shoulder. He is chatty with Lori though and tells her that the man had just had plastic surgery, which would mean the victim was trying to change his identity. He plans to run the implants found in the man’s face against a medical database to see if they can track the surgeon. They do track him and the good doctor tells them he changed the mans’s entire face and that he was paid in cash. The victim insisted on complete privacy and did not even give a real name or address.

Chin Ho and Kono follow the stolen cars lead and through their informant they are able to narrow in on the ring stealing the cars. They place an order for a muscle car and Lori goes undercover in skin tight hot pants and drives that hot car to some sort of car show so she can lure their thief into stealing it. The thief takes the bait and asks Lori if she would like to go for a ride with him. Then an accomplice fakes a carjacking when they stop at a light. Lori is tossed out of the car and the thieves think they have gotten away when the car doors lock and the engine is cut off remotely. The 5-0 team makes an arrest. In interrogation the thief admits to stealing the car in question but he claims that he found it on the roadside, keys still in it. He grabbed it and put it in a shipping container. He had no idea there was a body in the trunk. He gives the 5-0 team a duffle bag he found in the car when he nabbed it. Inside the bag is a hotel key card.

When Steve and Danny go to investigate the hotel room they find the man’s girlfriend. She claims his name was Adam and that he worked on a cable ship. He called her to tell her that he was in trouble (something from his past) and they needed to make an escape. The plan was to meet her at the hotel and run but he never made an appearance. This leads Steve and Danny to the ship where he worked and when Lori tells them she found out the victim was actually named Jimmy and he was on the run from the Boston Irish Mob, they have an idea who to look for. Jimmy’s roommate was from Boston and when 5-0 comes on board he takes a hostage and tries to run but Steve puts a kibosh on that idea. The man owed a debt to the mob and when he recognized Jimmy he phoned the mob to inform them where he was, paying off his debt.

Lori and Chin Ho track the likely hitmen, the O’Toole brothers, on an incoming flight and they are discovered at the girlfriend’s hotel room. One is shot dead and the other is wounded. The girlfriend tells 5-0 that the hitmen were interrogating her about Jimmy’s whereabouts so they obviously did not kill him. Back to square one. The living hitman tells them that they were in Hawaii to “chat” with Jimmy and that they lost him inside a parking structure the previous day.

Chin Ho goes over video footage from the parking garage and finds that a man used his private key card to leave the structure 2 times in one day… most likely using his card to leave with his own car and then doubling back to remove the victim’s car. It is the plastic surgeon. Steve and Danny go to his office and pull him out of surgery. He operated solo on Jimmy per the victim’s wishes and the man ended up dying on the table. In fear the doctor decided to shoot him through the chest and plant the body in the trunk of his own car so that it would look like his past caught up with him. Case closed.

Steve and Danny are at headquarters discussing Danny’s new residence when Lori walks by dressed up as Sandy from Grease. The boys fall all over themselves to get out to her and find she is ready for movie night at Max’s house. He invited the boys to but they thought his email was spam and ignored it, hence the cold shoulder. Max walks by them, dressed as Danny Zuko, and takes Lori by the arm. They walk off together leaving Steve and Danny to stare dumbfounded. Priceless!

Best parts: The last one obviously and I also liked when Steve got the surgeon’s attention by using his gun to tap on the glass. I also noticed more vampire love. Yeah, I am a total vampire groupie. If you recall we have already seen three vampires on the show… Steve of course (Mick St. John), Lorena from True Blood, and Pearl from Vampire Diaries. In this eppy the surviving Irish hitman was once Markus from Underworld Evolution. AND although not a vampire, another True Blood alum was in this episode as the cable crew leader, also known as Andy from True Blood. This show certainly nods to sci-fi quite a bit.

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  1. Ladies: If you go to CBS’s web site, there’s a Hawaii Five-O quiz. It’s pretty easy–I got 10 out of 10, but it’s fun.

    Merry Christmas to all if I don’t post again. Be safe, healthy & happy.

    I’m sure our wish for Alex in 2012 is that he is happy, healthy and successful in whatever endeavors in which he decides to be involved.

  2. Tina, would love to here your updates. It’s always great to hear what’s coming. I personally would love to hear an update that a new team of writers have been bought in and that Lauren German has been fired. But hey, that’s just me.

    Just saw tonights episode, repeat from season 1. It wasn’t my favorite, but it sure was nice watching without the Lori Weston character.

    1. Now I read somehwere that there are fans who say that Shelburne may be Mary Ann sicne she will also make a comeback to the show. But i cant picture Wo fat being terrified by Mary Ann.

      I wonder if Joe is Shelburn or the secret is that he is Steve dad. anjd that be so shocking for Steve, poor him! and he will need a serious therapy dealing with that. But Steve White leading H50? MMM the name does not sound right, I like more the Mcgarret last name. Imagine Steve when answering his cell phone and they let him know about a case, he will answer just plain and simple “White” lol!!!! Nooo , it does not sound well.

      ! But then again Wo fat asked Joe in one previous episode why he was asking about dead people, by this it means it lead us to believe Joe may not be Shelburne, the stronger theory about who Shelburne is Steve dad or mom, both are supposedly dead, but Steve moms body was never found, so it may be that Shelburne is really her beause John Mcgarrett was buried and there was a funeral, well.., that is what we all saw in the show but there could be surprises.

      This is really a nail bitting suspense

      I hope this suspense about Shelburne ID is really worth it when the episode air next year and I hope the writers really went overbackwards in writing a good episode for this particular case.

  3. Ok Im going to write here the updates of what I read about H50 upcoming episodes that way we can comment about it and continue to interact among ourselves.

    1.Episode 2.14 will bring back Rachel, Gracie and Sang Min. Episode 2.14 has the flashback scene(s) with 16-year-old Steve and his dad so I guess William Sadler will be included in teh episode line up.
    In this episode McGarrett is rocked to his core when Chin Ho tells him some shocking news about Joe White. Meanwhile, Danny plays mid-wife for his ex-wife when she goes into early labor. i thing this episode will air in mid January.
    2.The Champ box contains a clue to Shelburne’s identity;
    3. Steve ‘s mom name is Doris
    4. H50 will be getting 24 episodes this season instead of the 22 originally stated I m glad they added 2 more I hope that means someone is paying attention to the fans I assume.
    5. Terry O’Quinn signed on for nine episodes and eight of them have already aired. So if he is not doing more than nine, his last episode will most likely be the important one we’re all looking forward to: 2.14. But that was the original plan since the beginning but it seems, Terry will be on episode 2.13 and 2.14 which brings the total to 10 episodes, so hopefully that means he’ll be back for even more!
    6. The next new episode will be 2.13 “Ka Ho’oponopono (The Fix)” and it is currently scheduled to air on January 2;
    7. This is just a bonus: The cast and crew’s Christmas gift this year from the production is a beach chair with logo and built-in table. Haha I wonder to whom they send those gifts. Too bad I could not receive one, LOL LOL!!!

    For me Shelburne is the mother, but it could be that he/she is completely new and is known only as Shelburne (not even her or his real name we know) or it could mean that if they add the guest stars and there’s no “Shelburne” listed, we’d speculate that he/she IS a familiar face.

    This mystery and suspense is really killing us all arhhhhh!!

    What I am start to wonder is if by finding who Shelbrune is will the story line of Wo fat and Steve dad will come to an end?? What do u girls think?

  4. I have some updates I read on what is coming up for H50 in the next year some episodes plot and characters info. If anyone(who is anxious to know, lol!!!) wants to know just let me know and send me a message over here.

    1. Tina: Of course we want updates? Need you ask?! Dish, girl! Thanks

      1. Have any of you really taken a closer look as the name Shelburne? Look:

        Shel= She will, burne= burn And who we all know died in a car explosion? Steve mom and explosion involves fire and fire means something burning. So It is clear that Shelburne is Steve mom who we all think she died but I maybe she did not. and if its not her, for me it is definitely a woman,. But I do wonder why Steve dad mention his wife name on the video and Wo fat asked for it. What does John Mcgarrett have to do with his wife death? Is it that John Mcgarrett has something to do with it and really he is n ot the good man Steve thought he is? Why wo fat will be so afraid of her? mmm Poor Steve he will have a lot to handle and he be so crushed as to anything he will find out, either Joe, his mom or his dad

  5. Speaking about the wedding episode itself. I think it was too short buit I guess the wedding was not importnat it was the case itself, Perhaps it was short because the relationship of Chin Ho and Malia needed a closure of some sort. I noticed there was a scene deleted from the episode, a scene that was aired on the CBS promo but it was never aired on the show. The part where Joe and Danny were sitting on a beach chairs contemplating some Christmas decorations on the palms it got deleted from the show last Monday-

    The scene of Lori and danny even if it was a bit funny it was total unnecessary a bit cheezy for my taste, knowing this is a cop show. THere was not a lot of action on this episode, I need more action on H50

    I believe that Shelburne is Steve mom not Steve dad. Because it was Steve dad who asked Wo fat about Shelburne in the video in the episode where Kensy Blie was on, so is not likely Steve dad asked the whereabouts of himself. It may be the mother or another person we dont kknow or never knew about but has a part of that storyline. or maybe Shelbur is Joe and he is Steve dad but he is just leading him on to believe it is another person?

    Maybe Steve mom knows somthing about what his dad was investigating and he told her before she got killed, in the car explosion so now what she knows is very valuable for Wo fat. Could be interesting to continue this story. But I wonder after we know who Shelburne is on episode 2.14. The Wo/fat/Steve/Joe,/John Mcgarret story will end theri cycle after it started in the 1st season and half of this 2nd season? Anybody knows if Peter has mentioned anything about it?

    And for those who expected Lori will be out after the 12 episode, I believe she signed for more because she will be in some upcoming episodes. I bet she will be at least for the remaining of the season and the end of the 2nd season.

  6. Maria, ML Statts, you are absoloutely correct, I would think after two failed series, Alex would be in with Peter begging him to put things back the way it was. If H50 runs out of steam and doesn’t get renewed after season 3, Alex may find his next job hard to come by. Actually, I would think that all four original members would be demanding things be put back, but of course, we would never no that.
    I cannot believe how they took this great re-booted crime show and turned it into the let’s try to make Laura German a star show. It’s been awful, but the ratings have remained solid, so who know’s what will happen.

  7. Niecie, I beg to differ with you that the writers are paying any attention to the fans if the other night’s episode is any indication. The hand cuff scene was really ridiculous.

    You wrote:
    “Personally, I think what really tipped the scales before the cementary incident was the Korea rescue scene when Lori jumped out of the chopper – totally unbelievabe since the team was in a hostile country without permission, What makes a fiction story believable is the real elements that are placed within the story. Seals don’t jump out of planes and hug one another,”

    On that, I agree COMPLETELY with you. We are expected to suspend disbelief to accept the premise of a HFO force in the first place. A show which deals with the future or some sci fi concept can get away with a great deal but that episode was an insult to our military let alone the audience. As if anyone could fly into the air space of one of the biggest rogue nations on the planet and not be detected or shot down is inconceivable. To do so in a Vietnam era helicopter is really asking too much to be credible. And not only would nobody dash out of the vehicle to hug anyone, to fly off with legs dangling out is absurd. Two of my military friends were filled with disgust over that.

    And to think that the older gentleman would only lose his position in the Navy is another inaccuracy. He and Steve both would have faced court-martial procedures for potentially causing an international incident with a country which would love nothing more than to get into it with the USA. Never mind that the civilians would have been prosecuted, too. This is shoddy writing and that is being kind.

    All I have to say about the character of Lori is that I would hate to see how very untalented the other actresses were for her to have won the part. While Lauren German is attractive like a runway model, she cannot act her way convincingly out of a wet paper bag.

    I think what I dislike the most is how the character of Steve has been reduced to some chump who has to rely on Lori to tell him that photograph the other night was photoshopped. As if he as a SEAL and a Navy Commander is not bright enough to have figured that out without her help. I feel horrible for Alex over all of this.

    This show went from an action-packed police drama which was also beautifully character-driven to a joke. The writers must have set some record for taking a going concern and making it appear as if it were a show long past its experation date jumping the shark. Shame on them.

    Alex and the others better update their resumes. Very sad.:(

    1. Agree M L Staats this show now is a joke, from action pack police drama to a fun show with just hints of action.. I think Alex and the rest of the cast start looking for anotehr job and each one on their own looking for other projects. It sounds harsh and I feel bad for them, but the writing this season has really sucked (sorry for the word) and the addition of Lori has not help in anything. ç and if this continues to go like this CBS may not renew the show for a 3rd season. Now Steve looks like a wimp, he relies on other people to tell him what to do and he is relying too much on Lori, common cant he do somthign without asking for her help?. He is the head of a police task force therefore he can do things without consulting the rest of the team. I really miss the bromance that is ok on the show.

      Danny and Steve now interact so little.. Bad writing this season or bad writers who ran out of good ideas. Maybe they can start watching other cop shows and learn from them, not to do the same but take just ideas of them and create good episodes. Im sure that is the problem.

      Why Peter Lenkow cant create now good episodes as the ones he produced for CSI where he pull it off excellent episodes. Maybe he will have to hire CSI writers to write ideas for H50

      Everything just mixed up lately: Mondays episode whicfh for some was not good, then the Pearl Harbor incident, to make matters worse for the show. I dont know what has happened this season what went wrong with the stories, the characters, etc? We are in the 2.13 episode and fans still dont like Lori, why keep her?

      I mean if the writers woudl have given a better story we as fans will like to have her on the show, but so far that has not happened. Im just frustrated as many fans of H50 that many things arent fixed yet and this season is not like the first season and this can lead to cancellation by CBS or by ordering less episodes the next season, anything can happen u know. Im just sad that may will happen if the problem wont get fix soon. We all may write to CBS and toPeter Lenkow and tell us our concerns. so he can listen to the show fans. I mean a show, any show is in the air because fans are the ones who make a show stay there and good ratings equals good money for teh network and if a network is not getting good ratings that translates in less money and that is not good for the networks knowing that for a network money is more important than other things.

      Please Peter fix the show make it like the first seasson I know u can!!!

      1. Maria I don’t take issue with anyone asking questions, so no you haven’t offended me. First off I worked for CBS at one time, and yes I still have personal close friends who work there all over the country. Secondly, I am a television producer myself. And third I have said from the 2nd show, the series has been off, the rhythm is not there, the Lori character was not necessary, and Lauren German cannot act in this ROLE; so I am with the majority who feel the show has been off. But as a TV producer myself if the problem is going to be solved, the emotions have to be taken out of it and the process of what makes something work must be adhered to, and when problems arise, and the public is screaming, it is political suicide not to address their concerns. As they say karma is a !@#$%, the cemetery saga speaks to that. CBS is in a PR nightmare because of whatever happened.

        The other reason I said the show will be OK, is that I watch the ratings, and H50’s chief competitor is Castle, and on a weekly basis they are trading the #1 and #2 spots

        And like I said above, the last two shows were closer to S1 then any of the shows this season with the exception of the Premiere, that is why I said the Brass at CBS is listening. Changes are being made, not overnight, but they are being made. Really look at last week’s show. Now compare it to let’s say show #2, 3 or 4 of this season. What do you see?

        Everyone is so mad, one person said “there they go again starting the show with Lori.” Last week’s show did not start with Lori it started with the kids in the bunker. The next scene was Steve and Joe. The last scene was the wedding which did not have Lori in the wedding party. That scene was vintage S1, but people are complaining about it. Yes I agree it wasn’t long enough, but it was magic S1 to me, and the editor of that segment was awesome. They say if you give a speech to 10 people, half will hear one thing and the other half another.

        Maria I hope that answered your questions and gave you an insight to my thought process.

    2. M L I agree with what you said.

      You guys Peter is really in the hot seat now. People are pissed about that cemetery incident and they are not backing down, and they are going over his head. Remember you guys he may be the main EP of H50 but David Stapf is the President of CBS Entertainment which oversees H50, and really does have the last say.

      I really will be interesting to see how things play out. But the series will be back next year, I have never doubted that. I think that egos just have to be checked on the production end.

    3. M L: Hi, I haven’t been commenting because I’ve been busy and I didn’t want to seem so negative. But I have just got to now. I totally agree with you on all points, especially your last 2 paragraphs. I actually fell asleep watching this last episode, and I had it recorded. I could have stopped it. That’s how bad it was. And the wedding? They hyped it and it was like 3 seconds. I was really looking forward to it, too. The only good episode this season was the Korean one, but, as you noted, there was so many errors as to authenticity, even that one could have been written better.

      I think the only reason it has lasted this long is Alex and the location. I miss the carguments, I miss Grace and Rachael. I miss Steve’s personal life, other than the whole father/Wo Fat thing.

      Hopefully, Alex will land on his feet, possibly in films where he can show his range of talent. Of course, we won’t be getting our weekly fix of Alex but I say quality over quantity. I feel badly for the cast, crew and the state of Hawaii as all will suffer when H50 gets cancelled. And it is sad as it was so unnecessary.

      Shame on the producers and CBS.

      1. You are right Shirley. Shame on the producers and CBS. I will feel sorry for Alex, Scott, Daniel and Grace Park if they will be without jobs if this Tv series contineu toe way it is and mostly I feel terribly sad for Alex beacuse noone of his previous CBS shows had lasted, he may feel so miserable I really will feel for him if this may happen with H50. I guess we will have to sign another petition to CBS and Peter Lenkow and ask him to put the show where it was and dont fix things that were never broken. We first sign a petition with Lauren German and get rid of the Lori character (that I know it wont happen this season, since she signed for more episodes) now we have to do it for the plot and story lines of the current season I guess is not so late to do it. He has to listen to the show fans and make changes. I mean how come he cant produce and write good episodes the way he produced and even wrote some great episodes for CSI NY and CSI NY also belong to CBS.

        I just wonder if Peter really read his fans requests or he completely ignores us. Someone has to slap this guy and make him understand that this season is not as good as the 1st one. There just has been some nice things and bits on each episode but as a whole, it had really dissapointed.

        Im afraid taht if this contineu we wont see a 3rd season.

    4. You guys act like the show has been cancelled. It has not and as I said, if you looked at the last two shows, they have put Kono back front and center doing her thing and cut Lori’s screen time dramatically. Trust they are listening, especially the CBS brass. After all it was David Stapf and company that gave Alex the lead in H50, not Lenkov. Alex didn’t even audition for it. Plus it seems they are gearing up for the sweeps in the Spring by bringing back all the people everyone wants to see.

      And the show does hold its own in the ratings against its chief competitor Castle and beats it on a regular basis. It will be back next year, I fervently believe that.

      To me certain people (not the actors) just got caught of with the ego of having a winning show and thought they could get away with anything which the cemetery issue has proven it can’t. That incident has become a PR nightmare for not just H50 but CBS. And from some of my friends who work at CBS, the Brass are none to pleased.

      Trust H50 has been a money cow for CBS, they are going to get it straightened out. Plus David Stapf really believes in Alex.

      1. Niece. Do u have clsoe friend who work really for CBS? And what they have told u about it I mean about the show in particular and about the Pearl Harbor incident? Are u sure they are going to get it straightened out? But how come Im not the only one who sees taht teh plots have been a bit off this season I mean when a lot of people sees the same thing from the same angle is because something is wrong and teh adding of Lori character was unnecessary? What do your friends at CBS have to say about it? I mean im jsut curious to know. Im not offending u in anyway, just concerned about the future of the show that is all.

  8. Totally agree with recent comments about the show. Things seem so off this season with all the addiitonal characters. I was watching this past episode with a friend and she asked why isn’t the lead actress shown in the opening credits and it dawned on me, that is exactly what Lori’s character appears to be. Was she hired with the intention of her becoming the new female lead? We’ve been so focused on her getting more screen time than Kono, I think she’s has more time than Danny. For anyone who thought she was leaving after episode 12, that clearly is not going to happen. And as happy as I was to hear about Catherine’s return, I have a frightening feeling its not going to be the reunion that we were hoping for. If you’ve been paying close attention to the googly eyes between Lori and Steve, I think we’re are going to find out that this has been a relationship on the down-low, which won’t go over to well with fans. Boy, I hope I’m wrong. It made no sense to not offer Michelle Borth a recurring role since her show was no longer on-air, except to make room for Lori. It will be interesting to see how the producers and writiers try to re-route this show with so much dislike for the Lori character. They are ripping her to shreds on the CBS site.
    I still look forward to the show, but I find a rarely go back for second look the way I did last season. Why they tried to fix a well-oiled machine that was not broken is beyond me.
    I also believe the producers are well aware that H50 is currently in a good place in the ratings because the other networks have such crappy shows that even if H50 lost a million viewers it would still out rank its competion.

    1. I sure agree why they fix somethign that was not broken in the first place. and yes I know Lauren german will be for more episodes since I heard she be in episode 2.15 or 2.16 that means she will be here for more if not until the end of the season. So why Catherine will be back? I mean Catherine was always tehre beause Steve call her, she never popped up by herlself , she showed up everytime beause Steve call her so i guess this time Steve called her for somerthng he needs that only a person with military current experience can do? I want to see more scenes of Steve using his Navy seal experience. Writers take note plizzz

      But at any moment we have heard or read that Grace Park is leaving so Lauren German can become w female lead actress. The thing is that Lori performance is poor , the writers gave her a poor character and she just do that she is told but then she is given more screen time thhan Kono.
      And what about the governor? He has had so so little time almost nothing on the shwo that I dotn know why he even is on the show, He was supposed to keep and eye on the team thru Lori, and make sure they follow his new rules after Gov Jamieson death and nothing of that has happened so it is obvious the writers change that story thru the course of the series.

  9. I think it would be best for everyone associated with the show to listen to the fans. I also think the inter-relationship among the original four was what sold the show. This year totally new sub characters (and too many of them). Its OK to have these other characters come in and out of episodes as long as they stay in the background. Bring back Grace and Rachel they are what makes Danny tick. This year too many new people all the time. It is starting to resemble a soap opera cast with no ongoing story. Where is the banter between Steve and Danno. And all they did with Kono and Lori is split what should be all Kono. No need for Lori. And the writing …all I can say is Write more episodes like the one where Steve went with Jenna to save her boyfriend. That was a great, great episode…the kind of which will keep 50 on TV for years. Just my opinion. PS whats with Joe White and Shellbourne. Can it be that Joe is really Steven’s father?????

    1. Hey agatha i totally agree with u in all what u say but I guess the writers or Peter L, is not listening to the fans. Also I dont know if u have noticed that the writers are focusing on having a lot of funny moments rather than a cop drama action show. I mean I will like to see more car chases that goes for a long time, gun shots, hostages situations, kidnapping stuff hawaiian style of course, I mean that is what a cop show must be, instead they are focusing more on Lori performance and her sexy image which we all know that her character fails and is not what wwe all expected. Also cheezy opening scenes (like the wedding episode scene between Lori and Danny) and sometimes even lame stories I have to say unfortunately.

      I dont mind of the Joe and Steve story beause it keeps us guessing but that is the kI nd of story H50 needs, more serious storylines and continuous they should be. I mean the funny moments and comedy parts are ok if they throw that once in a while, the bromance is Ok, something that I miss a lot. But not make this series a soap opera. I need a story line where Steve can use his Navy Seal background and experience in helping a case, that should be interesting. Some personal story lines are ok also, like Danny personal life, Kono and even Lori, since so far we dont even know where she comes from, or who really is she taht should be also a good story a case where Lori personal life crashes with her work so she must be kicked out of the show, hahah!!!

      I heard Mary, Rachel, Grace, Catherine and San Ming will return

      Something is wrong this season and I really dotn know who put the blame on: Peter Lenkov or the writers with bad stories

      1. You guys the brass are listening. If you’ve noticed the last two shows have really gone back to last year’s formula. There was less screen time for Lori and Kono was back in the mix with her screen time and was prevalent with the boys, even Chin Ho and Danny had more face time. And Lori wasn’t making goo goo eyes at Steve. That’s why I think they did that silly scene with she and Danny and the handcuffs. Although there was great chemistry in the scene from everybody, it was totally unnecessary.

        Oh trust that they’re about to fix this show, because at the moment they have a PR nightmare on their hands due to whatever happened with the crew at the Cemetary when a Veterans Group was there, and CBS Brass is involved not just the H50 production team.

        Personally, I think what really tipped the scales before the cementary incident was the Korea rescue scene when Lori jumped out of the chopper – totally unbelievabe since the team was in a hostile country without permission, What makes a fiction story believable is the real elements that are placed within the story. Seals don’t jump out of planes and hug one another,

        I saw an article where Lauren herself admitted she was scared of guns, messed up several stunts, and was doing everything wrong when she started, that she had to go to gun school, etc, (not that the others didn’t go to extra training), so my question becomes then why was she cast? Surely, she was not the best actress that audtioned for the show (supposedly there were 6 of them), because we have literally had to watch her get her footing in a role that another actress could have knocked out of the park immediately? Remember Daniela Ruah (Kensi, NCIS LA) was only on screen with Alex for less than 5 min and there was all kinds of chemestry there.

        And as I thought Joe is not bad, he’s just keeping secrets and promises he made to Steve’s dad. And Steve as we all do when we get grown is asking questions that were hidden from him when he was a teenager and away in the Navy.

  10. As an avid Hawaii Five-0 Fan, I want nothing more than to see the show renewed for another season (hopefully, for many more). One way we can show our support is to send POSITIVE feedback to CBS. If you feel as I do, there is a way to go about this…..
    you can fill out the CBS Feedback Form at: cbs.com/info/user_services

    Take the time to show the love. :heart: It will only take you a few minutes and it could make a big difference.

    1. Muffie we are just worried the show could be cancell if ratings dont go so smooth on the series, due to so many particular things we already have discussed here before. Like the additon of Lori, many believe she is not adding anything, she is bland, she has no skills,, she has no attitude, she is always on the screen and we see less of Kono and so many fans want her out of the show. Fans simply dont like her, after 9 episodes. I have read in otehr sites that even say that each episode is The Lori Show, she is everywhere ont he screen on the field, and less Kono and also she seems to know about everything and anything, like she is an expert on all.

      Also another reason is that this season many stories dont have continuity and fans are noticing that.

      Second fans does not like a love romance between Lori and Steve, they have nothing in common and it could be conflict of interests, Fans dont like tyhe subtle innuendos of Lor and Steve whenthey smile at each other. IU guess the biggest complain is the addition of Lori, they say why fix somethign that it was not broken. Fans are just worried H50 wotn go t a 3rd season fans want this season to be like the 1st one, the connection of all characters so we get frustrated and we take it out on first and foremost Peter Lenkow the producer and second the writers for giving a bad written story to Lauren German

  11. Whew!!! I haven’t commented in awhile, but feel I must. First and foremost WE ALL must be respectful of one another. We do not all have to agree with each other. We all have experiences and resources that give us the knowledge which we possess., not to mention our environments play a part in our thinking as well. For me as a television producer myself, some things that I may say come from a place of knowing things I cannot share with the public.

    The bottom line on all these sites is everyone wants to see H5-0 succeed, plain and simple. The fact is the ratings are not what they were last year, although they are often times higher than their chief rival; they are on average lower than last year, and what keeps pushing them over the edge is those who are taping it; nor is H5-0 garnering the award nominations it did last year. So people are scared. And the adage of if “it ain’t broke why are you tinkering with it?” really does apply here. For me I am so confused as to the addition of another mainline character when the production staff had their fingers crossed all last year as to whether H5-0 would be renewed or not.

    Just my two cents…

    1. Niecie: A two cents well spent. 😉

      1. I heartily agree!

  12. Have any of you had noticed something that happens when Scott Caan holds a gun in the show?
    It’s funny, because it seems that Danno is not comfortable firing/holding a gun, odd since he is a cop… maybe its Scott Caan thats not comfortable and it shows in his performance. When Danno hold a gun his face totally changes, liek he does not want to hold that gun even for acting. But I guess Scott will have to overcome that to make his character more believable and also because he is an ACTOR!!, you can clearly see how uncomfortable he looks. I watched an inverview and Scott says that he does not like guns at all and when he holds one he simply is not cozy carrying one. Maybe because the guns used on H50 are 99% real I heard.

  13. I want to know for sure what is going on with our TV show, the one we came to love in teh first season where did it become of it? I mean so far there has been some funny mometns between Steve and Danny, but they are not as much as in the first season, there has been good episodes also but not the entire episode just like pieces of it. So who is to blame for what is going on with this season?

    1. Peter Lenkov and his team of writers.
    2. The addiiton of Lauren German and her lack of credibility for her character
    3. Grace Park character diminished becaues of Lori’s character
    4. Removing importnat key characters such as Mary(steve sister), Gracie (who only has been in just 1 episode and just like 3 minutes she was on)
    5. A possible relationship between Steve and Lori???

    I read somewhere that Governor Denning (the new one) will finally re surface in the next episode. I wonder what he will say to the team or I wonder what he will say to Lori on the tasks he assigned her to do.

    Ohh my I jsut seen Alex in soem pictures on the internet of him for the GQ Men of the year awards 2011 (he did not win the award though it went to anotehr fellow aussie, but Alex did won another kind of award for the magazine) in Australia, that took place today. He look so mighty fine, handsome and so so gorgeous!! :love: :heart: :kiss: I am going to eat that guy!!!!!! LOL!!!!

  14. Hi all by the way I’m new on the site and I hate to be negative I don’t want to be but I just didn’t love the episode last night just liked it thought it was going to be more than what it was. I personally don’t like the Lori character I feel she is moving Kono over and to me she just upsets the balance of the group. I’m really just not loving this season other than the first episode something is missing.
    I would love to give Peter L my opinion in a nice way about how I feel as a fan does anyone know how I can get in touch with him would appreciate it.?:)

  15. OK, Maria and Carrie, I liked the show tonight, not love, just liked, all the way to the last 3 minutes. I could have stuck my finger down my throat, how sickening was that? I know I’ve said it before, but something is going on with how little we see of G. park this season. If she is not slowly being phased out, she should be royaly pissed at the reduction of her character. I guess we won’t know until the end of the season. There has been so much emphasis put on the lori character, that you just don’t see the team unity anymore. There is no ease of flow with the characters as they were last season. I can’t put my finger on it. I think you might be right Maria. This show might barely get through season 3. It’s not that I’ll stop watching, but I miss seeing an episode, and saying, that was great, I can’t wait to watch it again on Demand. I haven’t taken a second look since the first episode of season 2.

  16. OH YEAH!!! that’s what I’m talking about. Great show, best all year. But here we go with this Lori B, could not stand how she ran to alex. iI think that isgoing to be the beginning of what none of wanted. Hope they kill her off too. Man I’m upset.

    1. I know Carrie. I am liking Lori much less now. I foresaw this days before Kono at camp base and Lori to the rescue. Lori should have been on the base while Kono to the rescue. THey are giving Lori character too much power the writers so Kono has less power. II agree Lori and Steve looks at the end??? Common!! 🙁 xD :ninja: and the bad part it seems that Steve enjoyed giving her that look. Peter is shoving Lori down our throats and with this episode (2.10) he is telling us that he may develop something between those two. Jenna had more connection and chemistry in 30 minutes than Lori in the entire episode. Good episode of course I like it, but the Lori part I did not like it. I foreseen this also, Lauren German will renew the contract and wont leave the show after her 13 contracted episode because after tonites episode I guess she will stay for more, specially if the writers will start to give her lines regarding her future as the love interest of Mcgarrett. Which again I believe it be a total conflitct of interests. What will the new governow will say about this? Maybe that is the reason the new governor appointed her to the team so she can fall in love with Steve and take out some important information out of him, once is all tamed by her hehehe!! LOL LOL!!!! LOL!!!

  17. shelly, marie thanks for the kind words. i was only giving my views of the writers this season, never said i didn’t love the show, alex and the original cast. :angel:

  18. Carrie, listen, it has been my perception of people that when many share a similar thought, they tend to keep it to themselves, so don’t let yourself feel bothered by someone’s thought that is negative or indifferent to yours. More fans probably thought as you did, but just didn’t express it. If you go to cbs hawaii five0, you will see the fans are truly disectictiing the show this season. There are non stop negative comments, mosts of them revolve around the lori character. I think as a fan we keep watching in hopes that somehow the show will return to the format that made us all fanatics. I think you were spot-on with your comments.

    1. I agree shelly . The discomfort this season is particularly as I read on the internet and other sources are to be blamed on 2 things: The addition of Lauren German and her character Lori and also the way the writers are leading with some stories that for some fans are nto very entertaining this season and we are jsut worried that if those 2 things contineu to be the way they are now, H50 wotn even have a 3rd season.

      You know the network executives could pull the plug in just minutes, just checked what happened to the show Cougar Town (a comedy) after the 3rd season I just read, the network cut the show from 22 episodes to only 15, so what does that tell u? Also anotehr comedy Community had been cancelled after teh 2nd season I believe. I mean is just a matter of $ business thta networks executives that they dont care if fans love the show but if for them is not worth the money they invested, simply with one call or one letter they can easily remove a show from their line up and take all fans and people by surprise. that is why we are worried abotu H50 we dont want that to happen so in order that not to happen, stories must be good and entertaining and also the characters have to be believable even for the networks. So the addition of Lori is something that is not becoming believable and the stories that have been written so far , for some fans dont like it. Is like the petition of getting rid of Lori, has not given any results, Peter L. knows about it, but still does not do anything about it in fact I heard that Peteris thinking of cancelling his Twitter account due to this particular problem. He does not wnat to hear any more things about this kind of petition so I guess Peter does not care what fans think, he believes he is giving a good story and so does the writers and he believes Lori is a good addition.

      1. Good for Peter. Bullies shouldn’t be given in to and I think many H50 fans have veered in that direction.

  19. wow all this smack about each having thier own thoughts you all jumped on the band wagon, gee, grow up, get off my back, and quite thinking your always right!! No one said the episoid was not entertaining. Will not explain myself to you kids.

    1. Carrie, calm down. I did not say I was right nor am I always right. I was having a conversation with you and I agreed with you on what you said regarding Danny and Steve tripping all over themselves to get to Lori.

      Unfortunately, I am not a kid anymore, sadly and I do not expect you to explain yourself. It was a conversation and I was not on your back and would never think of doing that.

      1. M L thanks. Now lets all remember why we are here!

  20. ok…hard to belive sceens in mondays episod. Why would Steve sleep in pj bottoms? Why would he need to put on a shirt to talk to Danny? Why was his cell phone down stairs on the coffee table? Why would Lorie get dressed at the office for the party? Why wasn’t Kono invited? Why would Danny & Steve trip over themselfs to get to Lorie? Why would Danny be sleeping on the couch for two weeks, what happened to Mary’s room?I enjoyed Max last year, here & there but this year his quirkness trys to make H5-o a comedy, and I’m sorry, but Alex is not a good comedy actor! :bandit:

    1. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and the fact that we have different views isn’t a bad thing. Having said that, Carrie, why would you pull this episode to pieces like you did? It was meant to be entertaining and it was. Who cares why Steve was wearing pj bottoms? Maybe he prefers them. And as far as him putting a shirt on to go talk to Danny, it could be that because of all the flack he’s been getting about being just “a body” they decided to down play his abs and put the emphasis on his acting!

      And I disagree, my right, Alex is great at comedy especially when playing off of Danny. They are hilarious – could it be that you are one of those gals that want him to stand around half naked all day flexing his muscles?

      I don’t know why Danny had to sleep on the couch either because in a house that size there has to be more than one bedroom – like you said, we know that Mary had her own room. Come to think about it, we assume she had a room – if you remember the episode where she was kidnapped showed she had her own place. We never actually saw her in a bedroom at Steve’s. Just a thought.

      1. Actually, when Catherine was over that one time and Steve got a call from the Govenor and had to go in on his day off, Mary was there and said she could hear all of the action coming from Steve’s bedroom. Said the walls were thin. OK, but I guess they didn’t actually say that Mary had a bedroom–guess she could have been sleeping on the sofa, but I’m guessing, Steve, the gentleman, would have given up his bedroom to his sister. And the house only has 1 bedroom? I know Hawaii houses can be small, but this one looks pretty big in the aerial shots, so…… Or there is a second bedroom but no TV and Danny can’t stand the sound of the waves.

        Oh who the heck knows? It’s a TV Show and it made for funny dialog between Steve and Danny. Actually I think Alex is great with comedy–just from H50 and Back-Up Plan. I wish he’d do more.

    2. Carrie, why is it so unbelievable that Steve would sleep with PJ bottoms? What should he have been sleeping in? And I know my husband would put on a shirt before talking to someone. Some people are that way so why is that so hard to believe?

      And I have to agree with Muffie on the room thing. We never knew if Mary had her own room or not.

      I have dressed for a party at the office if I had a limited amount of time to get somewhere. And we don’t know if Konor or Chin Ho were invited or not.

      Alex and Scott have done some great comedic acting in their carguments.

      The thing I will agree with you on is why did Danny and Steve trip over themselves to get to Lori when she was dressed up in Grease Garb. LOL

      1. Wasn’t that Steve’s dads house? So I assume that Steve, his sister and his father all had bedrooms at one point. And they show the back of the house often enough to know it isn’t a one bedroom house. And why WAS Steve’s phone on the coffee table. When he was in bed with his former girlfriend, it was in bed with them. The writers need more continuity in their writing and they need to be more intelligent and thoughtful with their stories. There is no buzz around the interest about H50. I am afraid it’s going to be cancelled. Get rid of Lori and get back to the business of Steve and Danny together. EW said this show was in trouble and I think they are right. I can’t believe the producers at CBS want it to fail. I have been nothing but frustrated since week one.

      2. Leigha you said it so right on…the continuity in this show is horrible at times. I just love when fans understand that, simply because every production staff has a paid person to see to it that the continuity flows appropriately.

        Personally I don’t see H50 getting canceled. One it means to much to the people of Hawaii and the state has given them a lot of concessions. There are a lot of writers and TV people who just don’t like H50, but David Stapf the president of CBS TV Productions is a total fan of Alex. So it will make it through, but they know they’re going to have to do something. And trust they are reading the comments. That’s what these boards are for. Any producer who doesn’t take head to what the fans say – which ultimately affect the ratings – isn’t doing their job very well.

    3. Steve put a shrt on to see Danny because ,maybe at midnite it gets a bit cold in Hawaii? And if u could see the way he put his shirt on it was like automatic Or maybe he did it for respect? becaue he was a house guest, who knows? So he manage to pull his chivarly on test.

      His cell phone ont he coffee table and not in his room was fo rme beaue it was part of the scene when he was arguing with Danny. THey both had to be informed at the same time of a crime that was committed earlier so Steve had to be in the same room with Danny. Also maybe Danny and Steve were chit chatting earlier in teh nite hours in the living room and Steve j ust left his phone there (somethign it was never shown in teh air, we are just assuming). And also if the phone would have not been there, the line where Steve inmmediately told Danny Put your pants on…. it would had never happened and maybe that was a line coming from the script that has to be filmed.

      As to why Danny did not sleep in any of room of the house. we will never know that. Becaue there were not scenes preceding that so we know the reason why, we had to assume what may had happened.

  21. I don’t care what Lauren German looks like or doesn’t look like what I don’t like is that the producers have upset the balance of a show that worked. Plus, she just isn’t a good actress. When she’s on the screen, she is taking time away from the other characters who are actors and do their jobs well.

  22. I want to make sure since I am the one to comment that Lauren German would make a killer runway model that I have no idea if she was one or has any experience in that field. I think she has the perfect look, body type and face. That’s all I meant.

    As for her acting skills, I do know she has been in at least one film, Dark Country. There is a link to the video on YouTube.

  23. Tiffany, thank you for this latest update about Alex and the H50 team.

  24. I think why folks aren’t liking the Lori character is that the actress is, quite frankly, not good. She just gives a very bland, blah performance. If she did used to be a runway model, she probably doesn’t have a whole lot of acting training, like the rest of the cast. She obviously was hired just because of her looks, although I think there are a bunch of actresses who are good looking and talented that they could have brought on instead. Or how about someone who is just plain talented?

    Plus I understand why folks are upset that she isn’t doing what the govenor sent her to do–it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense since she’s just looking the other way. There would have been conflict and interest if she would do what she was hired to do–at the very least, arguments with Steve and the gang even if she didn’t ‘tattle’ on them. Maybe that would have given this actress the opportunity to act!

    I don’t understand the defense of this character/actress, probably as much as some don’t understand the dislike by some of us.

    1. I agree with u Shirley but at least if her character was given a task in teh beginning at least she it would have been nice to follow what the governor told her to do, even if it is hafl of the task ,so we can see more of that and we see what would happen if she tattle with the team. I guess the plot wil be more interesting if that happened sicne the beginning and like u say it woudl ahve given her the opportunity to act.

      Did Lauren German was a model before? She has not acted in so many Tv series right or movies? Maybe Peter L, watned to give the opportunity to a lets say new actress of a lifetme opportuniyt by given her this role in a successful TV series so she of course took the opportunity and she was given her script and her character. But I do believe another actress could have been hired. If peter L and the writers want to maintan Loris character either they change her tasks and duties on teh show or lets say why dont they change the actress? Maybe a change of actress could work. Who knows!

    2. Hi Shirley: I’m wondering if some of the problems here lie with the writers. Maybe if they had introduced Lori casually and told us more about her background we might have been more receptive to her. Instead she was crammed down our throats. I don’t know if the gal just can’t act – like you, I find her bland – or if the scripts have let her down. I suppose time will tell.
      BTW have you been receiving my emails – I’m having some problems getting use to hotmail? I apologize if they haven’t come through. Let me know OK

      1. Hi Muffie: have been getting emails. Having some medical issues so not able to respond or even read/post on this site as I’d like to.

        To all: Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  25. I like many viewers of the show am not a Lori fan, but I really believe that is because she was introduced all wrong. I’m showing my old age here, but many years ago Cheryl Ladd was introduced to Charlies Angels after Farah Fawcett and Cheryl’s character played Farah’s sister. If she was loved by her sister, then the fans could lover her as well. Maybe if Lori had been introduced as an old friend of Kono’s and slowly transitioned she would have been easier to accept, but there is no turning back time now. Once a viewer is turned off, it’s hard to get them to change. Also every angel that came after Chery Ladd failed at the job. Introduction of a character is key and forcefeeding a character doesn’t make you like her more.
    They need to look at what made the show work in the first season and stick with it, I’m not quite sure if they know what direction the show is going.
    Does anyone know why Michelle Borth was not offered a recurring role? I thought I read that Combat Hospital was canceled. I guess Peter L. isn’t into brunettes who weigh more than 100 lbs.

  26. I have been reading some comments on different sites over the internet about last monday episode (2.09) THe comments I read were after fans watched the episode and I came to the conclusion about this:

    Some fans that used to dislike Lori, did like her on this particular episode becaue of the interaction with Max. Some say she did a great job being undercover and also she was funny when she dressed as Sandy fronm Grease and leaving with Max to the party.

    Im coming to the conclusion that Peter L and the writers knowing about the dislike many fans had over Lauren German character Lori that want her out of the show, they had to pull something off , something unexpected so fans will start to like Lori and I guess this is where Lori dressed sexy, the interatcion with funny Max and the Sandy scene at the end , did what they wanted to obtain, people start to like Lori and they succedeed..

    I assume that was Peter idea for last Monday episode. Because in all the reviews I have read of fans so far, they all say Lori character was funny and ok and H5-0 was again like the first season.

    Im starting to think that Kono is seen by Steve, Danny like a little sister who they have to take care of and protect her due to the relative relationship with Chin Ho and they are all a family while Lori is not lets say a family because she is a newbie who arrived to H50 to a group what was already formed and created., she is the outsider the stranger who has to blend in first and be likeable to all first so her duties are more to attract and draw the attention fo Steve, Danny and Chin Ho..

    Kono is seen like that so maybe is why Lori is the one out in the field while Kono stays inthe office,. Lori has to proof that she is a member of H50 while the rest of the team already know how Kono is that is why perhaps she gets secondary duties this season. Although I still love to see Kono out in the field fighting hard with the bad guys, so she can proof she is not the little sister they may think she is, and she can be more than that , just like Lori. and next week episode if u could see in the promo. Lori is the one shooting bazookas from the chooper, and receiving Steve on the ground before getting him on the chooper as they are leaving, while Kono is not in that particular scene and I dont see her in any chooper, well in the promos u cant see Kono in any chooper shooting.

    What do you think?

  27. “Isnt our lovely guy Alex the most adorable guy with his feet very well on the ground even if he lives iin teh Hollywood business. This what he once said in several interview.

    Famous Alex quotes:

    – “But it has taken me a long time to get used to the way LA is you know because there’s heaps of surgery, heaps of sex and there’s so much on show. Whereas Australia’s different, we don’t subscribe to that bullshit. I found it quite confronting, but I’m at the point where you just plug in for it.”

    2. ““I would rather set fire to myself than join social networks. I’m so unmanageable when it comes to that stuff. If I have Facebook, Twitter, anything like that, I don’t know what would happen”

    3. “Now I’m interested in a woman’s brain. Women are so much more intrinsically sophisticated than men. I look for a woman who’s smart, funny and doesn’t necessarily think I’m funny but understands my sense of humor enough to roll her eyes and deal with it.”

    4. “I don’t get it. I get up in the morning and my hair is all hanging in my face and poking up on one side, I need to shave and I look older than I am. When I stagger into the kitchen to get my breakfast, I don’t think, ‘Oh, look at that handsome guy. Look at that talented special creature.’”

    5.“I’m just me. I am who I am. I get up and look in the mirror and I see the same guy I see every day.”

    6.“Fame, for all intents and purposes, is not something that I aspire to

    :heart: :love: 😀

  28. Loved the “Housegument” between Steve and Danny. We need more of this. Loved the Steve/Danny/Max storyline tonight. Max is such a breath of fresh air.

    Next week’s episode looks fantastic. I can’t wait to see what they do with Jenna–is she a traitor? Did she have to do what she did because they have her fiance? Does she die trying to save Steve or does she make it out ok? So many questions surfaced while watching the trailer.

    Just viewed the video of the gang (minus Grace but with Masi) helping to plant trees at the elementary school. Anyone catch Alex’s reaction when Daniel said, “I want my palm tree to grow huge coconuts.” It was priceless. He must be a riot on set; I don’t know how they get anything done. So unlike his character. Shows what a great actor he is.

  29. I’ve finally figured out why I don’t like the Lori character — she makes no sense. She was brought in to keep Steve and the team on the “right” track, no going all cowboy etc. She was supposed to be the brake. She has done none of that.

    She was supposed to bring some conflict when Steves idea of “get it done”, clashed with the new chiefs idea of police procedure. I don’t see her reporting to the chief at all.

    It’s like they brought her in for a legitimate purpose, then just settled on the bony blonde with a gun angle.

    It’s like the old writers adage – “don’t show a gun on the table unless you’re going to use it”. I keep waiting for her to do what she’s supposed to do, and nothing!

    Does this make sense to anyone else?

    1. So you would like her if she tattled on Steve??? No, that doesn’t make sense to me. The “bony” comment tells me you are wrapped up in her appearance, not her character.

      1. No, I’d wouldn’t “like” it if she tattled, but that was her purpose. That’s why she was assigned to the team, and it’s like the writers forgot why she was there! She was supposed to be conflict – and she’s milktoast.

        I just mention the bony part because she looks that way. To me it seems like every show has it’s “bony blond”. It’s a character unto itself. I feel that the WRITERS are seeing her that way, and not using her as they should.

        If I comment that Steve looks hot, will I be accused of only being into his looks??

      2. Well, you said you don’t like her because she isn’t doing her job so the implication was that you would like her if she did. In reality it appears there is nothing she could do to make you like her.

      3. Ok. I think most fans dont like Lori for several reasons, I mean we all thoguht she was brought to keep and eye and track on Steve and his ways of doings things unethically, I mean that was the stroy the writers made us to believe so we are sticking that why she has not done anything of that. So far she has done anything of that, she has not brief the governor and she has not followed what the governor told her to do. So is odd that if that was her main task on the team and on the show why the writers changed her story line and now her work on the team is like the hot blondie that draws attenton fromthe guys . Not only that but also she does ntio add like some chemistry she is there jsut to report and she is not like credible and people is not liking that she is taking duties that Kono can do them well. Kono a main character has been sided to desk tasks most of the time while the blondie takes all the action.

        There are many reasons people dont want her on the show. But I guess her character was badly written and incorporated to the show and also the writers changed her main duty, which was to keep and eye on Steve and the team that much that not even the new governor has made another appearance so far.

        Lauren German just signed for 12 episodes , that is what I heard so we will have to wait and see what happens after the 12 episode, if she will renew her contract and she stays more or she wont renew and leave the show.

        Also another thing fans dont like about Lori is that the writers are making subtle innuendos that she can be Steve love interest after Peter L said she wotn be. so what is up with that and why the writers are changing the story of that then?
        That is why I wonder why she has not appear in the opening sequence at the beginning of the show and she is jsut also starrring. If she is also starring it means something dont u think?

      4. It makes no sense to me. Kono is just as bony if not more so, but she is believable because she is what… brunette? I think that an agent with several years experience under her belt being given these tasks is far more believable than a rookie cop just out of the academy doing all that and being sniper for goodness sake. That was just silly IMO.

        Yes, Lori was given a task by the Governor but maybe she hasn’t had a reason to go tattle. Maybe she agrees with the way Steve handles things. Maybe she is surprised to find she LIKES all these people on 5-0 and finds them effective. Perhaps that was just a way to get her on the team and now the writers are going a different direction. What is wrong with that? And as far as her being the token blond (which is so insulting to women BTW) maybe the boys don’t/can’t look at Kono that way since she is like a little sister and they enjoy playing off an attractive female on their team… something they don’t have a lot of time for personally. I still have yet to hear any solid reasons for all the hate just some words thrown in that are supposed to stir bitterness and jealousy like blond, bony, and Barbie. I hope we don’t have any bony blond fans here reading. :whistle:

      5. To Tiffany,

        I think you’re reading more into my comment than I intended. I don’t “hate” the Lori charactor, and I really don’t think I’ve tried to “stir up bitterness and jealousy”. Hate is a strong word, I think indifference would be a better choice.
        I just don’t see her point, and why she was introduced to do somthing, and is now a basically an aimless character. I don’t think it has anything to do with the actress, but the fault lies with the writers.

        Lori keeps getting the bony, blonde, Barbie comments because that’s what the writers are giving her! In the first hour of the first show we KNEW who the four main characters were. We KNEW who the gov was. We KNEW who all the characters were. If the fans on this board had to write a 2 page discription of each character, they’d have a hard time keeping it down to only two pages. Their characters are that full. I don’t think I could do four sentences on the Lori character. She’s a blank – and I think that’s why she gets unfavorable comments.

        This is the only board I read, so perhaps I stepped on a sore point – dunno. But please don’t see “hate” in my comments. I’ve just been trying to figure out why I want to fast-forward thru the Lori scenes, and I wanted to share my observations.

      6. Jeanne I am kind of indifferent to Kono. I don’t dislike her by any means but she is not a character that I believe furthers the story in any way and so I have enjoyed seeing less of her. And yet you don’t see me writing reviews where I say that “brunette bag of bones” did this or that. That is dislike, not indifference. I do not see that Lori has done anything worthy of dislike and yet before her first eppy even aired there were fans here that were crying foul because if they wanted to see any blond play against Steve it needed to be Sophia. 😮

        The way I see it, we don’t know much about her yet but that could and should change as the show progresses. If you think about it we wouldn’t know half as much as we do about Kono if her cousin’s backstory had not been explored in a few episodes. Lori was been getting comfy and making nice with the team, hopefully setting up for something more. I like the character enough to want to know more.

        M L Staats my comment about Kono being a rookie is just because technically she is. She JUST came out of the academy a few months ago and we have seen no evidence that she has gone through any extra sniper training and it is a separate training/academy. Regular cadets don’t join the force and then immediately be used as the sniper in a mob/hostage situation. It just doesn’t work that way. It makes much more sense to me that Lori, who has years experience in Homeland Security, would have more responsibility on a task force than a fresh cadet. So Lori’s constant involvement actually makes sense if you think about it logically. Problem is I think something is rubbing people the wrong way about the character and they don’t want to “see” that.

    2. Jeanne, as everyone here knows, I have gone on record before here with my sentiments which are very much similar to yours regarding the character of Lori so I wont’ say more than that on the topic.

      However, I do want to say something about Tiffany’s point regarding Kono being a rookie cop and a sniper. I come from a military family and learned very early that snipers are born and not trained. People can learn to be a competent marksman but the personality and aim of a sniper is in a person. Technique is taught but it is not impossible that Kono could be one of those who was born with the ability to hit a fly off a fence at a great distance.

      I doubt she would be on the HFO team were she not one of the absolute best rookies that came out of the academy. She wouldn’t have been picked just because she was Chin Ho’s cousin. Steve has used her as a sniper before and for that matter, few rookie cops have the Roundhouse Kick that girl has, either. She has a tough personality as all the female surfers have to have to get wave time with the guys. I can and do accept Kono’s exceptional skills and she has proven over and over that she is equally as tough as the guys on the team. Kono is not a little sister, a rookie cop nor a skirt.

      And yes, Tiffany, you are right, Grace Parks is a sexy little bag of bones and I say that as a compliment. ALL women are lovely, thin, curvy, all of us. My dislike for the character of Lori has nothing to do with her build. I think at one time the actress must have been a killer runway model. I will say again that I don’t think of her as a well-written character and if she were telling on the team to the governor, I wouldn’t like it, but it would be what she was put there for and therefore her character would be doing what she was supposed to be doing.

  30. As much as I loved this episode, can’t wait for next Monday with Jimmy Buffett!! :woot: Can’t wait to see what antics Steve and Danny will get into with him!

  31. The episode was very good. Alex looked hot as usual,loved the beginning with him with his shirt off *lol* I am happy to hear Hawaii Five-O got good ratings this week. :love:

  32. I find it a bit ‘soon’ for Max to be having another costume party since we just celebrated Halloween … but them Max tends to live vicariously…my issue is not with costumes, or even the guys chasing after…. but, what concerns me is that both of our lovely ladies are extremely thin! The camera is supposed to put ten pounds on anyone… both of these girls not only show very little curves, (even muscles…) but they are “boney”! I find this both
    disturbing and unattractive. The last time I checked, men actually responed more to a lady with a few soft curves…!!!

  33. Oh my GOD I just saw anotehr promo for next week episode, That is going to be a very explosve intense episode. It looks like a lot of action. Im already anxious. In my opinion this episode should have been divided in 2 episodes, there is too much going on to cover all in one episode. But of course is going to be only 1 episode.

    I cant believe how much the H-5O team and other people love and care for their team leader, our beloved Steve, they will do anything to rescue him alive and well :love: :love: :heart: . In this new promo I do see Kono in North Korea as well but she wotn be firing the bazookas as Lori will do. I hope she will be also in some intense action scene. Some SEAL group will be helping also to rescue Steve, I guess they cant leave a Navy Seal member behind under these circumstances becaues even if Steve is a Leiutenant or a cop now, he stil is a Navy Seal.

    And if u can check what Joe says at the end of the promo: “We come back…..etc etc” it means how much they all love Steve. Those lines Joe say I love it,, so so sweet.

    And I believe Jenna will be killed in hands of Wo fat or someone who works for him , maybe Jenna will sacrifice herself so Steve can be rescued.

    Wow I cant wait for this episode for sure. Im counting the days…. Sorry I am very excited about this episode I got carried away

  34. I do believe the only reason Castle beats H50 is because they follow Dancing with the Stars. If you look at last year H50 did better than Castle when Dancing is not on.

    I liked the eposide very much, I really just can’t stand that Lori character and Kono taking a back seat to her I like jus tthe 4 of them. I do like Max he cracks me up.

    Next weeks looks great can’t wait looks explosive.

    How many episodes is Lauren German supposed to be in?

    1. I read from other people over the internet that she signd for 12 episodes but with a possibility of contract renewal.
      So we have to wait until the 12 episode to see what will happen with Lauren German character. On the internet there is a petition to keep her character I think Loris fans know about the petition to get rid of her so they made a petition to keep her on.

      I wonder if that is the reason why in the show credits she is “also starring” but she is not in the main opening sequence like Grace Park is, Maybe because since she originally signed for 12 she knew she cant be in the opening sequence like Grace Park is because of a chance of not coming back. The odd thing is that the writers made her as part of the team, and you could see that when the new governor appointed her to be a new team member, So we all believe she be permanent.

      Does that mean she wotn be then a permanent character? I just say that for the the credit name game on the show. I miss my Book em danno, WHEN AND WHEN THIS WILL RESURFACE AGAIN.

  35. Great recap. Only thing significant missed was that Kono was used as a sniper and shot the one gunman. I think Lori was used well and that she looked great as Sandy from Grease. I didn’t think it was cheesy but kind of cute. The kind of thing that made me smile.

    1. I guess Kono had to have an important part on the episode, since we all know that someone always steals her duties so maybe she was the only with skills who can do that job of killing the guy from across the window. The Lori part was kind of funny sure, but I did not liek Steve and Danny running like pursuing fresh meat once they saw a hot chick passing by, like little boys. They look funny though but they look a bit desesperate. Just wonder why Kono cant have those kind of scenes as well.

  36. Ohh I cant wait for next week episode it looks AMAZING. Steve returning to his roots in North Korea but I bet someone close will be dead on that episode. I love how all the team will be joining forces with the Navy Seals to rescue Steve. Well I hope Kono will be on North Korea too because in the promo, she is not there the only there is Barbie blondie Lori rescuing Steve.

    Still think it’s going to be a sad one, because Jenna will either be exposed as a traitor/deceiver or Wo Fat was deceiving her with false hope about her fiance, to set a trap for Steve……….What ever the case, I want to place a bet that she will die, helping Steve to escape!

    😮 😮 🙁

  37. Question to all What did u think of Lori’s performance on this episode and also she dressed as Olivia Newton John at the end? Did u think it was lame, cheesy or it was ok?

  38. hi thanks the show was great i tape it ever monday so i can watch it any time the show is getting better evertime i watch it and alex is great there was somthigon alex rocks showing them with kids and the cast was helpilng planting little plants i juat wanted to share with all of every one

  39. Also, can Danno and Steve live together a bit longer? I’d love to see more of their odd couple antics

    1. Exactly i mean i guess the writers just wanted us to believe they will live more time togehter even a bit in this episode but they get rid of that idea at the end of the same episode when Danny found a new place to live. I would have loved to see that as well more time togehter and see how they can deal with it, Steve with his Seal rules and restricitons and Danny oppose to all of that, because that could have developed in more arguements (houseguements, haha!!)

  40. Hello to the first shot of Alex topless in bed :love:

    The team as a whole seemed to gel a lot better this week. Their interactions felt more natural.

    Other vampire connection – the actress who played the victims girlfriend was also in True Blood as a politician who was banging Bill – until he realized she was his great-great-great-great granddaughter 😮

    PS do they really make Spam air fresheners?

    1. Yes! Her name is Portia. I knew she looked familiar! So that is two from the True Blood cast in the same show.

    1. I must be tired. That or my computer has a mind of it’s own. What I was going to say was: BONUS!! Two recaps in one day. And again you’ve done a great job .

      I loved the scene in the car when Max phones Steve and Danny tells him to be nice. Then Steve asked if Danny had done anything to upset Max. The looks they gave each other were priceless. And that car chase – awesome footage – great way to start the show. The promos of next week look exceptional with Steve apparently going back to North Korea where Season 1 began.

      Good News. It looks as if H5-0 is finally gaining ground on Castle. :whistle:

      Thanks for posting Tiffany.

      1. Hey Muffie not to dissapoint you but I also heard H50 gained this week in ratings over Castle, but I also read that that happened because Castle was not aired on Monday. Just what I read.

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