Hawaii Five-0 Episode 201 Recap – Ha’i’ole

Woot! The second season of Hawaii Five-0 begins and it was GOOD! At the end of last season things were pretty tense after the 5-0 team was disbanded and McGarrett went to jail for killing the Governor.

In the start of this new episode we see how the team is getting on in the aftermath. Chin Ho attends the Governor’s funeral and spots Wo Fat. Kono is looking forlorn and Danny greets a mysterious visitor to the island. He brings the mystery guest to see McGarrett in jail, who is using all available free time to bulk up it would seem. Although perhaps it isn’t working out quite like he hoped because Victor Hess gets the drop on him and manages to shank him in the abdomen. As guards run to the rescue Victor whispers something in Steve’s ear. All in all a VERY tense way to start the new season with Steve laying on the ground after just having been stabbed!

Chin Ho meets with Danny and Lieutenant Commander Joe White. He is the man who trained McGarrett and they are teaming up to figure out how to clear his name. The case is looking kind of hopeless but they are not deterred. When they get word about what happened to Steve they interrogate Victor who claims to have minimized Steve’s injury so that he could escape and kill Wo Fat before Wo Fat can clean up loose ends and kill Victor. McGarrett does in fact take advantage of the situation and he makes his escape. He beats up a paramedic and then later a police officer… which seemed kind of uncharacteristic of him but I am guessing the man was desperate. He ends up going to the home of his department’s nerdy coroner. He gets patched up by this unlikely ally while Joe finds a lead among the photos of the elder McGarrett’s lock box.

Danny and Chino Ho find Steve and they team up to find Wo Fat. Together they pursue the lead that Joe found. It turns out the service medal in the lock box belonged to a friend of Steve’s dad. When Steve goes to meet this friend he tells Steve that his Dad had hidden evidence of the Governor’s treachery somewhere on the island of Molokai. The team figures out that a key in the lock box goes to an airport locker on that island. In the locker they find evidence that Steve’s dad put a camera in the Governor’s office and the team knows that if the camera is still there there then they will be able to prove Steve did not kill the Governor. Danny and Chin Ho go to the office and find the camera hidden in a clock. It has the evidence they need and they found it just in time because Mcgarrett was discovered by local police and is about to be arrested again. They manage to clear him of charges and the new governor reinstates the 5-0 team, although not without telling them he will be much less lenient than the former Governor. He will not reinstate Kono before the IA investigation completes though.  And unfortunately the video that cleared Steve of murder charges did not show enough to convict Wo Fat of the same crime. It is also unfortunate that the video feed shows some shots of Steve’s Dad looking chummy with Wo Fat which makes him nervous to uncover any more of the details surrounding this case, lest he find out his Dad was not the good guy he thought he was.

They get a tip off from Kono about Wo Fat’s whereabouts and they spring into action. He is about to do one last deal and then disappear. Steve and Danny jump from a speed boat onto Wo Fat’s yacht but he is not there. The team does manage to get the dirty bomb materials Wo Fat sold and his cash on the boat. They decide to let one of his surviving accomplices go and hopefully use him as bait to draw out Wo Fat. Meanwhile Wo Fat dresses as a prison guard and kills Victor Hess, which made me very sad cause I though though Victor was wicked interesting as a bad guy. Then he gets into a car with Agent Kaye…. who apparently has been working with him??!? WTH?!

So how was the premiere? Did it work for you?

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  1. I’ve seen all the episodes from the start….
    Don’t you think that Alex looks tired ? (in season 2)
    He lost some weight too.
    I’m concerned
    Hope he’s ok

    1. I’ve noticed the weight loss too and was thinking he needs to take a few weeks off of exercising or eat more or something! I just watched this epy last night again! I love my dvr!!

  2. i was crying as soon as hesse appeared :'( i knew something bad was going to happen, but in the end it was hesse stabbing him that got him out of jail and eventually cleared… im so excited for the next series to be aired in the uk as ive missed my weekly fix of alex 😀 it started off that he was the only reason i started watching hawaii 5.0 but now im so into the entire show 🙂

  3. Maravillosas :heart: fotografias ! tnx Tiffany

  4. i’m sorry, but i wasn’t to impressed with alex’s “look at me, i’m a tough guy” moments. i think max and danno carried this :sleep:

  5. I just loved every minute of 1st show of new season. Alex is so great, his acting keeps getting better. I think he has a hit on this show and that it will keep getting better. He makes the unbelievable believable and I just love him. Received Season 1 DVD’s yesterday and already watched half of the first DVD. Can’t get enough of Alex. You rock Alex!!!!!!!

  6. I like the presence of Steve’s old mentor. Mr. O’Quinn looks as if he is fit enough to be a SEAL who trained Steve and I think he adds a bit of stability and guidance to the younger crew. I could punch Rachel for doing that to Danny. And as for Steve being able to be out and about with an abdominal wound, the training the SEALS undergo and have to under go every six months to keep certified demands they be just that tough. They are the elite of the elite and my love and gratitude to them all for what they do to protect and serve this country. I think Steve does a good job of representing them. And don’t count Jenna out. Whatever is going on, she is a crafty, cunning gal with a huge vendetta agains Wo Fat. I think she and Steve are cut from the same cloth of determination, tenacity and vengence. I will be there each Monday night.

  7. I loved it!!!!! I have already watched it several times. Alex looked so good. Can’t wait to get my copy of H50 on DVD. Will be buying it soon, hopefully this week. Can’t wait until next week,

  8. I thought the season opener was terrific!
    It does not matter to me what is opposite Five O on CBS. Hawaii Five O comes first, Castle on demand. Not interested in anything else at that time, especially when I have to get up for work at 4:30 a.m. The ending was unexpected, but I know she will be caught. I am glad that Danny’s time with Rachel is over. Never cared for anyone cheating on another.

    That said, keep up the good work Tiffany!

  9. thanks for the report, tiff. it hasnt reached the uk yet but your report was not at all a spoiler, it just made me more ecxited to see sason two, i cant wait!!!! :woot:

  10. Tiffany, terrific recap! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time! Sensational start to Season 2! Alex was even more gorgeous!! I agree! The ending was a shocker! Already counting the minutes till next Monday’s eppy! Thanks Tiffany! :love: :heart:

  11. Loved every minute of this season opener. Was on the edge of my seat throughout the whole program….and the shocker at the end…WoFat and Jenna!…blew me away. I slo mo’d the scene over and over and I thought you could almost see someone in the back seat..????? maybe she was a hostage??? well, guess we’ll have to wait a week to see.
    Like the chemistry with Terry O’Quinn a lot. Glad he’s going to be there for more episodes. And of course Alex was way beyond all espectations…his acting gets better all the time and he looks more gorgeous than ever. You rock Alex!

  12. I couldn’t believe the ending! When Steve finds out, he’s gonna be pissed! Wouldn’t want to be on his bad, ;-( side

  13. There were plenty of “OH NOs!!” for me in this first episode! I thought I was going to faint when Steve got stabbed!! I found it hard to believe that Victor Hess would do Steve any “favors.” But it was good to see the SEAL return to his awesome self :love:

  14. :woot: Awesome show! Bad thing was it was only an hour long! The show totally made me feel like I was part of it! Was not expecting the ending part! Alexs’ eyelashes were so long too! Can’t wait for next Monday! And Danny!? I felt so bad for the character! Another slap in his face 🙁 very interesting season 2 so far!! 🙂

  15. Of course Alex gave 110% and would expect nothing less from him. I almost jumped out of my chair when he got stab in the belly and wanted to rip that man’s head off for hurting him…lol I can see a 3rd season for sure. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

  16. I thought the show was awesome 😀 And Alex was breath taking as always :love: :heart:
    He gets better looking everytime you see him :love: And his acting is awesome!!,,The whole whole cast did a great job :heart: I hope that show last forever!!..It is the best show on television 😀 ..And of course gorgeous Alex is the best actor ever :love: :heart: ..I never trusted that Jenna Kaye 👿

  17. The original Hawaii Five 0 pretty much kept the same actors and it survived for a very long time. I also worry about adding so many new people. I 🙂 f something isn’t broken, leave it alone. I liked the Season 2 opener and hope Alex’s series has a very long life.

  18. I thought the first episode of Season2 was terrific. Alex acting was awesome and the other actors were very good too. I am looking forward to the next episode of Hawaii Five-O next Monday. :love:

  19. I missed first 5 minutes-but, caught up quickly! I think it was amazing that Steve could jump out of a speeding boat after being “shivved” in the abdomen. But that’s our hero :love:
    The story did put to rest questions. I hope Kono does alright next wk. That bitch of a so-called CIA analyst needs to be caught ! Someone must figure that out. ‘”book her Danno!”

  20. I don’t know what some on you were watching but I thought it was a great opener for the second season. It brought some closure to some of the problems at the end of season one,and the new people are great. There can never be enough Alex for me but he can’t run the show by himself., so we need other actors. The ending of the show was a shocker and well played to continue the suspense. I loved it. I don’t care what EW and TV guide write, I just care about the show. They will hold their own against any show out this year. If they could stand up against Castle,they can handle anything.

  21. I have to say that after much anticipation about season 2 starting, I was a little disappointed with the episode. The beginning was excellent but I think Steve getting cleared of the murder charge came too quickly. I would have like to seem it drawn out a bit. A lot of our questions were answered but it just seemed a bit too planned. I agree about Steve jumping into the boat just after he was stabbed??? After all Steve isn’t super-human (even if he does look like a god). :whistle: The twist at the end was good though – sure didn’t see that one coming.
    I just hope the writers do Alex justice. This is a great show with a fantastic cast. The scripts can either make or break it. Don’t forget you can always tweet PLenkov and voice your concerns regarding the show. We need to show THE LOVE :heart: :heart: to make sure H5.0 stays on the air.

  22. hi thanks i just love last night show now we now more about steves dad i think he was trying to find out more about who killedhis mom and now he nows wo fat will go down i cant wait to next week o hawaii five-o came out today i got my coply i just want to let every one now

  23. Wow that was amazing! Who would have thought Alex could get even better than he was last season? Can’t wait until next week. In the meantime, Jenna? ;-(

  24. Considering it is one after everything happened, not six months, I don’t think it needs much background. It answered some questions. Don’t worry about the show on NBC, The Playboy Club, that won’t hurt H50. It was up against Castle last season and did pretty good. I don’t care about EW or TV Guide, since I don’t read either magazine.

    I loved the episode. Thought all the action was great, though I do agree, Steve jumping on the boat after being stabbed was a bit far fetched, but hey he is Steve after all. Not much we can do about it.

  25. I really enjoyed the season opener for the secon season! It was worth the wait. Thank you, Tiffany for the recap. My best for Alex and the H5O team!

  26. Loved it…Alex is just awesome!

  27. they should give her job back the witch is a traiter 👿 :love: :kiss: :angel:

  28. Thanks for the recap, it was truly awesome,

  29. Kind of. Lots going on but not enough Steve (my fear all along with adding all of these characters this year). As I stated elsewhere, I think the long story arc will be that WoFat and Steve’s dad were working together–WoFat is undercover. That’s why Jenna led them to key, etc. Not exactly what I would have written, but, if they can get this to all work together, at least by series end, then it should be an interesting ride.

    I did enjoy the cororner guy last night–some funny lines.

    Steve jumping onto boat and smashing his just ‘shived’ abdomen–please! It’s stuff like this that just makes me cringe. Writing was better last night and then they add that–let’s at least be realistic. Yes, I know it’s a TV show, but come on! Alex deserves better than this.

    Maybe if writing improved, H50 wouldn’t get slammed every week in TV Guide and EW. Did anyone see the bullseye from last week in EW? With Joe White and Chin Ho Kelly? “Lost indeed.” Made me so mad!

  30. It worked for me/.Yes, it answered a lot of questions, but also made some on the way. Hopefully enough to keep people watching. “Cause I hear that not only is it against Castle, but another programme, can’t remember the name, So all keep watching. I am waiting to see when it will aire in Australia, heard a rumour we may not have long to wait to see it this time around. If It is true what I read, it will show Sunday 25th. Last season we had to wait months before it was on out TV.

  31. Wasn’t impressed with the 2nd season opener. It lack a lot of story and gave no background after 6months absence. Will just have to hope it gets better.

    1. Hi Heather. For people who haven’t missed any episodes in S1, I don’t really think any “background” was needed. Sorry if you missed any. The DVD is now
      available. :love: :heart: :love:

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