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  1. Comment Comentario muy buena ktal gente de todo el mundo cuando vendra aqui ha españa la serie hawai 50 me gustaria saberlo para poder verlo saludos de canary island 😀

  2. Thanks Tiffany!! Alex is gorgeous as always! :love:

    1. I live in the UK and also can’t wait for the next season, just love it! Do any of you out there know how far behind we are? I think last year, we were about 3/4 weeks behind you with the episodes. There’s not much info here about it so I rely on your website to get any info about it, especially the “drop dead gorgeous” Alex O’Loughlin!

  3. WOW! September 19th can not get here fast enough for me!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alex sure knows how to work the photo shoot! :heart: Thanks for posting!!!!!!!!! 😀

  4. Can’t wait for the new season, looks good. Wo Fat’s got a nerve turning up for the governor’s funeral. Photo shoot, one sexy guy.

  5. OMG, OMG I can hardly wait for the season premiere!!! Gonna be awesome!!

  6. Thank You so much! This video made my day! Can’t wait this awesome season!! :kiss:

  7. Thanks Tiffany

    photoshoot very hot!!!!!:kiss:

  8. Wow…Thx Tiffany.. :heart:

  9. Alex es tan hermoso ! :love: is a bombom ! :heart: le keda muy bien el ambiente playero 👿

  10. That top photo is great !! Alex is beyond gorgeous and I’m so glad he has such a commanding presence (tall) !!! LOL :love: :heart: :love: :heart: I have decided though, that I am going to try to avoid Spoilers this season, if I can. 😆 :whistle:

  11. Great pic and videos! Thanks Tiffany for posting!! :love: :heart:

  12. These treats are so awesome. Alex looks marvelous and the long summer wait is getting so much easier now that we have some solid things to gnaw our teeth on. Mon the 19th is coming faster than I thought. Thanks Tiffany for making life so bearable!!!

  13. Thanks again Tiffany!! The videos were great. Really made my day. Alex is so sexy in the blue suit. Can’t wait for Sept. 19. I have told everyone NO phone calls. It will also be good to see Terry O’Quinn again. Love ya Alex, you roc.

  14. Wow, Tiffany! You out did yourself yet again. The photo shoot was so much fun and the sneak peek was such a tease. Sept 19th can’t come soon enough! :love:

  15. OMG! Thanks Tiffany. Cannot wait for 9/19!!! YUMYUM!!!!! :heart:

  16. As usual, I couldn’t view the videos until I got home from work. The photo shoot is at The Kahala where I stayed 5 years ago. Too bad H50 wasn’t around then!

    And the trailer is superb.

    Thanks again!

  17. Wow, both of these were great! Loved seeing the behind-the-scenes photo shoot and the season 2 promo. Can’t wait for the new season. The only thing I’m “on the fence” about, is the new love interest for Alex (Steve). They (the network) after Moonlight, tend to put him with a too young for him blond with a child-like bad voice. I really liked the Katherine character for him, but she’s doing great on Combat Hospital. I hope they put Alex (Steve McGarrett) with a smart, sophisticated, funny type of love interest.

    1. I agree with you on the new love interest. After listening to her on the red carpet, she seems way to immature for McG. Of course, she may come across differently on screen, BUT I doubt it. I think he needs to be with a brunette or a fiery redhead with a temper to match. Wouldn’t that be fun. 😉 I do think Terry will make a great addition to the team though. =]

    2. I agree with you about the new love interest. After seeing & hearing her on the red carpet, I think she is way tooo immature for McG. Of course, she may come across differently on-screen, but I doubt it. I think he needs to be with a brunette or a fiery redhead with a temper to match. Wouldn’t that be fun. 😉

  18. all i can say is thanks tiffany.For posting the pics and videos ..waiting anxiously for monday.To see all the team back :love: :heart:

  19. hi thanks so much just got done as allways you do great work

  20. Wow! What a season! Thanks, Tiffany. Alex rocks!

  21. Wow,thanks Tiffany for these two hot videos. Love the photo shoot,Alex looks great. Second video of preview of what’s to come in first episode is awesome. Can’t wait for this coming Monday Season2,first episode. :love: :heart:

  22. Thank you, Tiffany, as always. Tasty, tasty and even tastier!

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