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  1. I’m surprised–day after Season Two premier and no new post. What did everyone think about it?

    Here’s my take on the whole Wo Fat story–for what it’s worth (I guess we’ll find out at series end if I was anywhere in the ballpark with this): Wo Fat is actually undercover (so Jenna is not a bad guy after all). He had to keep up appearances (being undercover and all), so that’s why he was apparently selling illegals, etc. But remember, Jenna found out about the connection to Molokai and the key to the locker. She also had all of those photos up on the wall so Locke (OK, I still don’t know what to call him except for his Lost name!) would see them and clue them in to what that medal was, etc. I think that Steve’s dad was working undercover with Wo Fat to expose the govenor and others in a huge illegal operation. I think Wo Fat and Steve’s dad were friends. Call me crazy, but I think, if they can pull it off and tie up all loose ends, it would be an amazing story line. That is, if they know what the whole story line is–like they did on Lost. Perhaps this is just being made up as they go along. Time will tell.

    Anyway, I thought Alex was amazing last night and am curious to see how the rest of the season pans out.

  2. Who is the girl Alex smooches on teh video the one that looks like they are on a disco? Is that a HNN reporter or who is it? What a lucky lady to get a kiss by Alex

  3. Vi el programa en vivo hace unos dias, y estubo genial 😀 Alex cada dia es mas hermoso ! :love: muchas gracias por las fotografias Tiffany ^_^

  4. Hi Guys, I heard that Grace Parks was going to leave the show . I don’t know if it was this
    season or the next hopefully we have one. Is it true and why? signed hopeful

  5. Here’s the link to the photos on Hawaii News Now. Who is the guy next to Alex while they’re watching the Hawaiian show? And who are the two kids with Scott?


  6. Great pictures as always, Tiffany!! Isn’t it 9/19 yet???

  7. So quite amazing seeing Alex so happy. Makes me happy and proud of him. Keep up your positive attitudes. God bless.

  8. Thank you, thank you Tiffany for the pictures and the videos. Alex is so sexy and wonderful. He just makes my heart jump a beat. He is breath taking. Can’t wait for the 2nd season of H5O to begin. I know Alex puts in long hours working and still finds the time to do interviews. He is so wonderful. Love ya Alex, you roc.

  9. Tiffany, thanks so much for the latest photos and update about Alex. Alex is so gracious and down to earth.

  10. Oops, forgot to hit the “notify me of followup comments” so doing so now.

  11. Hi, haven’t had a chance to view anything yet but will tonight. Can’t wait.

    Just read on TV Guide on-line the following:

    Former 24 star Annie Wersching will guest-star in an upcoming episode of Hawaii Five-0, TVGuide.com has learned exclusively.

    Fall Preview: Get scoop on all your favorite returning shows

    Wersching will play Samantha Martel, the sister of a murder victim whose death Five-0 is investigating. Described as agitated, frantic and defensive, Wersching’s character eventually becomes a suspect when McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) & Co. discover that her brother had recently fired her from his high-end restaurant. Is revenge a dish best served cold … and bloody?

    Besides her role as FBI Special Agent Renee Walker on the final two seasons of 24, Wersching is known for her work as Amelia Joffe on ABC’s General Hospital. She has also recently appeared on such series as CSI, NCIS, No Ordinary Family and Rizzoli & Isles.

    Annie Wersching heads to NCIS

    Hawaii Five-0 returns Monday, Sept. 19 at 10/9c on CBS. Wersching’s episode is slated to air Oct. 24.

  12. OMG Alex is wonderful, so grateful, articulate and appreciative of his success. Not many stars like him are there? You go Alex best of luck!!

  13. The second picture, the girl on black dress seems Bosworth, Is she?

  14. Great videos and pics! Thanks so much, Tiffany! :love: :heart:

  15. As a fellow Aussie, it’s so lovely to see he hasn’t lost his accent, his self-deprecating sense of humour or his ability to be humble. Such a gorgeous man, inside and out, I’m so very proud and happy for him

  16. I love how he sidestepped the “HeartThrob” question and that he took a nap the day of – rest well sweet man! I know your schedule is rough and we appreciate all your hard work,

  17. Aloha Tiffany, It’s great seeing Alex and the cast of Five-0 schmoozing with the press along Waikiki beach. It must be a stunning sight to behold each day. Counting down the days.

  18. hi all
    ALOHA Alex looks and sounds wonderful. so great to see Waikiki beach again, sure wish I had been there this week instead of back in May.
    thank you for the awesome pics and video..

    arlie :heart: 8)

  19. Thanks Tiffany,Alex looks so hot! Gorgeous photos and great interview,thanks for sharing. :love: :heart:

  20. OMG! Just beautiful! I felt like I was there watching the interview! Thanks so much for posting! :love:

  21. Thank you, Tiffany. The photos are gorgeous. Alex is simply breath-taking !! :love: :heart: :love:

  22. Does anyone know who Alex’s date was last night for SOTB?

    1. Yeah I was thinking the same. Tiffany, any idea? I see that same girl that we always see and wonder about in the 2nd pic. Who is she really? Hear Amber is in New York so its not her. :angel:

      1. the girl (the brunette) who accompanied Alex in the evening is his assistant Diana (she is often with him at these events).

    2. Just saw a slideshow of pictures taken at SOTB on the “HawaiiNewsNow” website and it looks like Alex’s “date”? was a guy. Scott was with his lady; Daniel was with his wife and at least one child; and Grace was with her husband. Go to the website and see what you think.


  24. ThankYou Tiffany for these pictures they make my heart skip a beat. Keep up the good work. I still would like a movie based on the Moonlight shows ,there was something special about his role that was so passionate that I long to see that again..

  25. Thanks for the yummy pix of Alex O-can hardly wait for 9/19 :heart: . Just luv that Ozzi accent!

  26. hi thanks i cant wait to it comes backgreat video

  27. Oh, my gosh Tiffany!! You outdid yourself this time. Fantastic photos and the videos are terrific too. Alex was his usual :heart: “class act” :heart: last night. No wonder he’s adored :love: by millions around the world. Some of those ladies were on the beach at 3am to “claim their spots”. That’s dedication. Thank you for the out-standing job you do in bringing us these alerts.

    1. so ? this ? Better ? good ? professionals

  28. Thanks. Wondering if Alex’s fans from Oz did get to meet up with him?

  29. Thanks Tifanny all the pictures are great.But I love the 3rd one down :heart: Those eyes :whistle: :love: Again thanks for all the pictures you put on here you are the best!

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