Hawaii Five-0 1.19 Ne Me’e Laua Na Paio Recap

This episode began with a caped man flying off of a high rise and landing on a poolside cabana, dead. Before the 5-0 team goes on the case Steve meets Jenna Kaye at the office, a CIA agent who has the recording of Steve’s father that was previously stolen. She asks Steve to turn over all files and evidence relating to his investigation but tells him that what she is doing with that info is above his pay grade. Steve is NOT happy.

On the scene of the caped crusader death they find out the dead man was most likely attending a nearby comic book convention and that it is a homicide. The victim was bound previously and thrown through a window. Kono and Chin Ho find that the man was thrown through the window of the suite directly above his own. Steve and Danno go looking for Psycho Kitty, who was mentioned in a note on the victim. Psycho Kitty tells them she and the victim met after getting to know each other online but that their meet was ruined by her ex husband who threatened to kill the kid (Alex). Steve finds the ex but he denies killing the comic geek and he has an alibi.

Kono and Chin Ho determine that Alex was drunk and tried to enter the wrong room. The room was tossed like a pro was looking for something and the kid was in the wrong place at the right time. Chin Ho runs the serial number on a gold watch found in the room and he tracks it down to a guy named Richard Davis. Mrs. Davis tell him that the watch was stolen 3 days prior. Kono and Danno use credit card info to track their suspects. They lure the man they think was the intended victim to a strip club he likes to frequent.

Meanwhile Steve meets a man to get a file on agent Kaye. The file says she is an analyst on leave and the subject of her investigation is Wo Fat. Steve tracks her down and bursts into her room. He gets her to admit she that she has gone rogue on her mission to bring down Wo Fat and that she has no authority to be there. Her threats to McGarrett earlier were posturing. Kaye decides to share her intel with him. She tells Steve that Victor Hess works for Wo Fat and that most likely he was brought in to kill Steve’s Dad. The fact that Steve had Victor’s brother was a coincidence only. Kaye is interested in tracking and killing Wo Fat because it was her intelligence that lead a CIA team that included her fiancee into a trap by Wo Fat that got them all killed. She was removed from the case for conflict of interest and when she found Wo Fat was in Hawaii she took a leave and decided to go after him. Steve hands over the information he has and agrees to work with her.

The 5-0 team finds their guy, Johnny D, at the strip club. He runs credit card scams and he burglarizes homes. The 5-0 team suspects that someone he stole from hired a thug to kill him and got the caped crusader on accident. Steve finds a memory card in a snow globe that was lifted from a home. On the memory card is video of a man and woman getting frisky. Chino Ho recognizes the woman (Lindsey) as a local who went missing and later turned up dead. Whoever hired someone to kill Johnny D was actually trying to get the video back since it would possibly link them to her murder.

They show a video still to Lindsay’s parents and they identify the man as Richard Davis, Lindsey’s boss. After finding out that Lindsey was killed by a baseball bat from the fifties they get a search warrant for the Davis home and find the bat. Richard claims to have loved Lindsay and his call records show he was trying to call her after her supposed death. It was Richard’s wife who called in a thug to get the snow globe to hide evidence that would link HER to the death of Lindsay. Sadly, Alex the comic fan, was killed when the hired thug thought he was Johnny D, and tried to get the globe back.

At the episode’s end Steve is set to meet Kaye at a restaurant. Wo Fat sits down at the table next to Steve and they speak. He tells Steve not to dig too deep into his family’s past because he may not like what he finds. Then he pays for Steve’s dinner with Kaye and leaves… kind of a funny guy that Wo Fat.

Great episode IMO. I give it 4 out of 4 snowglobes.

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  1. like always… thanks tiffany for re-cap…

  2. As usual, another great episode. I was thinking back to the episode with Victor Hess when Chin Ho had the bomb around his neck. Kono said Chin was hiding those blueprints to protect someone. I think that person is going to be Steve’s father. Also, Mary was not only following clues about their mother’s murder but also another case their father was working on when he was killed. I think all of this will somehow come together.

  3. I loved the line “Say hello to my little friend” when McGarrett and Wo Fat were in the restaurant. I don’t usually criticize the story lines but this one seemed to have too much going on. But lots of nice close-ups of Alex–I’ll never complain about that! :love:

  4. I was on Kailua beach when they were taping parts of this episode!!!!!!!!! I thought the new character’s name was Jenna Kaye not Jessica! Oh well, my name is Jen Kaye so I thought it was kinda cool they introduced her in this episode.

    1. It is is Jenna. Imdb had it wrong.

      1. Hi Tiffany,
        I’ve been reading a lot of negative comments on-line on other sites about Alex; such as he dumped Amber, he has become a “player”, he does’nt care about his fans anymore, etc.etc. What is the latest you have heard?

  5. hi thanks great show on monday but all the shows are great

  6. Thanks tiffany for recap of show. The Show was great.

  7. Thanks Tiffany .Was A good show…now cant wait til the next one. :love: :heart:

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