Is This The Woman for Alex??

amber clayton actressRob Owen is reporting is reporting that newcomer Amber Clayton has been tapped to play a doctor on CBS’s Pittsburgh-set medical drama “Three Rivers.

Clayton will play Lisa, a doc who helps facilitate cases brought in through the ER. She may also be a potential love interest for Dr. Andy Yablonski, played by series star Alex O’Loughlin. The role is billed as recurring and could become a series regular.

“Three Rivers” premieres on CBS on Oct. 4.

My question is… will Moonlight die hards take offense to this gal looking so much like Alex’s last on-screen love interest, Sophia Myles?? Or is it all just coincidence?

Amber on Imdb

amber clayton and alex o'loughlin

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  1. Well, the show and role did not work, but the love did! Our Al loves them YOUNG and pretty. Amber sure fills that bill!


  2. I wonder if they choose Amber because she’s an Aussie. Automatically, Alex and Amber would have something in common. They could tell jokes and converse about all things Aussie. Reason would be that CBS knew this and decided she was the best fit for Alex. Of all the actresses out there – many more are American Actresses. CBS could have chosen an American actress but did not. I look forward for a bit of hot and steamy scenes between them about mid to the end of the season – I think they would want to make the “romance” last. Unlike Cheers Sam and Diane, once they “did” it, the show lost audience because it was already a “done deal.”

  3. I think she’s pretty and she looks like Alex’s type but the question here is what is Dr. Andy’s type? I do hope that they give him a love interest and one that is not full of angst. I’m ready for love scenes! I just hope she’s a beauty like Sophia whoever she turns out to be.

  4. Hi Moonlight Lovers, IsAmber taking the place of J. Ormond in Three Rivers? Did you see the The Parade this sunday, about our Alex and Moonlight? You can go to Parade and vote on their poll section for what aTV shows you want back after they were canceled.. Please go and vote for our Moonlight please, please. Thanks signed hopeful

  5. She looks lovely however I have to agree with some of the previous comments that she looks a little young. It may not be a recent photo though and I suppose you can’t really tell until you see them together on screen.

    We really would be too critical to judge just from one photo I think.

    Best of luck to all the cast.

  6. She looks gorgeous, they make a beautiful couple.

  7. · Edit

    Don’t really care who they sign up as long as Alex is in the show, I’m THERE. I think he can play opposiste anyone and create enormous chemistry. Look at his body of work so far and each and every actress he played opposite against …it alway worked. Go Alex. I’m still reeling from watching his repeat performance last nite on Criminal Minds. How about his chemistry with a little boy… touching , so poingnant.Really unforgettable.

  8. Hi Moonlight Lovers, I think she is very pretty and as for being a good love interest she needs to be given a chance. The acting is what makes a good scene , like the way Alex kept looking a Beth when he was asked to help with the case where the two detectives where killed , the episode Fever. There were so many looks that he gave her in the shows, too many to count. Alex can give her those looks if he is suppose to. Can’t wait til Oct. 4th. signed Hopeful

  9. She is lovely but to me Sophia is BEAUTIFUL.

  10. I agree with Meg that she looks like Kate Bosworth..

    She looks like a pretty girl..and yes she does look young a bit..but it’s all good..we’ll see how it goes.

  11. She looks like Kate Bosworth

  12. forgot to thank you Tiffany for welcoming me back to the fold so Thanks!! good to be back

  13. she looks to be okay, but a little young looking, don’t you think – looks to be about 24 or so? we ionly have to wait to see if there is chemistry – of course, we all think we would be the better ones to act opposite him!!

  14. From my previous comment, good for Alex, here is a link to a picture of Morena Baccarin for anyone who doesn’t know her.

    1. ElleMC, don’t know her but checked out the link and saw she will be in a new series of “V”!!! Holy heck!!! I loved “V”!!! Can’t wait to have it back on screen…

      1. Hi Tiffany,
        I missed the “V” series the first time around, but if it’s on a channel I get, will check it out in this new updated version, especially since Morena Baccarin will be in it. While fighting to keep MOONLIGHT on and completing polls on best shows cancelled before their time, I kept seeing the series Firefly being mentioned. So checked it out and loved it. Nathan Fillion was also in it (now in the show Castle). They later came out with a movie based on the series called Serenity. Sound familiar for what the MOONLIGHT fans Want!?! Anyhow, I’m anxious to see Alex O. in a weekly series again and am still hopeful that eventually we will get a MOONLIGHT movie!

  15. I don’t think she looks like anyone Alex has worked with before. She’s very cute, but the jury is out still on whether she would make a good love interest. She looks a bit young for Alex. Wait and see. I could picture Alex more with someone like Morena Baccarin (played Inara in Firefly series). I think she would make a GREAT match up with Alex! Gorgeous, sexy, age-appropriate and can do comedy or drama. Plus she could relate to being in a popular series that was cancelled way before its time. Maybe I’m looking for a REAL-LIFE love interest for Alex, LOL!!! Anyhow, I’d really like to see her or someone like her in the 3R’s series and with Alex!

  16. Whether she will make a good love interest for him is kinda hard to tell at this point. She may be cute but until I see what type of chemistry she has with him will tell the tale. I have been routing for “Mick and Beth” for so long it may take me a minute to get on board with another love interest unless the chemistry is a knockout from the first scene of them together. But from my perspective all i would need to do is simply “look” at him and I would be his!! LOL!!

  17. i do think she is cute but not for Alex!

  18. I have to agree that she looks more like Holly Valance than Sophia Myles. It really is too early to judge, we really need to wait until the show airs in October. As they say, don’t judge a book by its cover

  19. I agree that she looks more like Alex’s ex, Holly Valance, than like Sophia. And I do think they would make a good looking couple.

  20. It will be a “wait & see” before I can form an opinion…..but I do believe she is very close to a Sophia Myles look alike.
    CBS knows what they are doing.
    I wish it could be Sophia but wishful thinking…just wishful thinking.

  21. She doesn’t even come close to being as beautiful as Sophia.

  22. I don’t think she looks like Sophia but more like his real life ex-girlfriend.

  23. No, they should keep looking.

  24. She’s cute ..I don’t think she looks like Sophia except for hair color. Yep..all good!

  25. LOL. I think she is adorable… I thought for sure some would say this was a cheap shot from CBS. 😉

  26. No offense should be taken – we can definitely separate the two. As Connie said, it’s all good.

  27. I think there’s enough difference for us not to mind. I doubt her personality will be the same. Alex can create chemistry with anyone so it’s all good!

  28. Maybe CBS isn’t as dumb as we all think? She is cute.. think they will make a cute couple..

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