More Unpublished Photoshoot Photos of Alex O’Loughlin

Since we have not done one of these posts lately, we thought with the down time between episodes and the reality that the season filming is coming to a close soon, everyone might need a little pick-me up. Therefore, how about a couple more unpublished photoshoot photos of Alex? Since we figure you will answer that with a Yes, here they are below. They are even in color this time so that is an extra bonus. As usual, we will have the larger size HQ version in our gallery and our facebook page when we can but no longer than 24 hours.

Alex has done some amazing photoshoots and there is no doubt he looks HOT in all of them. The two photos below are no exception. Over the years he has been captured in so many ways as each photographer that shoots him has brought their own ideas and eye to the mix. Alex has even been known to weigh in as he did on the most recent CBS Watch one. We are thankful to them all and here are just a couple of them.


This one is from Carlotta Moye in 2010. It has only been released prior in black and white and although Alex looks good even in black and white, larger and in color is always best. Hope you agree.

Alex O'Loughlin Carlotta Moye photoshoot-



This next one is from GQ in 2011. It was taken by Dusan Reljin. We can not think of any words that will do it justice, so if you can let us know 🙂 


We have others and we will continue to release over time. We truly do not want to cause anyone to have heart failure based on overload. 

As always, we appreciate your faithful following and because of that we give you these types of gifts on occasion. Hope you enjoy them.





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    Il est sexy beau .

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    J’adore cette série et ces films il est beau gosse ‘jaimerait un Homme Comme lui ,mai ces dons nos rêve ‘super équipe je les aimes suis une fane Alex.

  3. Alex in a white t-shirt with those sexy ass tattoos he’s so yummy

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