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So what is Alex up to as his freshies clamor to save Moonlight? According to Buddy TV he took a much needed break. He and girlfriend Holly Valance left for a 2 week vacation In Mexico just after the cancellation of Moonlight was announced. His agent also feels he has many opportunities outside of Moonlight:

His agent Nathan Morris of June Cann Management remains confident that O’Loughlin won’t be out of work for long.

“He has got a whole raft of things to read through – a role like this has definitely opened plenty of doors,” Morris told news.com.au. “The key is to strike while the iron is hot.”

And of course Alex and his agent know that he has amassed a legion of dedicated fans that will follow him anywhere. 😉

On October we will see him in Whiteout where he’ll be playing a brazen pilot who gets in trouble with the marshal played by Kate Beckinsale.

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  1. Hello Again,

    Please head on over to Moonlightline and drool… a woman who is calling herself racerlvr actually met Alex and had the oppotunity to get some scoop as well as sit with him for 20 minutes…. OH, WHAT WE ALL WOULD GIVE FOR THAT OR TO HAVE BEEN A FLY ON THE WALL OF THE ROOM THEY WERE IN!!!!! This thread is under Save Moonlight and under the sub-thread to do with TNT’s interest in Moonlight…

    There is a ongoing poll over at the site as well under Save Moonlight which is a request of DirecTV as a result of all of our letters & e-mails since they showed an interest in helping Sci-Fi foot the bill to pay for new episode productions…each episode costs about 2 million to be brought to TV… So please tell everyone you know to go over and vote…

    While you are over there, Please check out a sub-thread I just posted under Save Moonlight called “Moonlight Investment Group”… This is a concept I had introduced here a while back on “Fighting for Moonlight” along with my other moonlight sister, Nancy Reynolds… I had also mentioned this a couple of times over at MLL, recently adding same as part of a comment I made on the DirecTV poll in reference to this concept that could bring us more control over network execs madness to cancel great shows, especially our moonlight… I hope you will feel free to check out my sub-thread post on this subject and to tell other ML friends about it also… It is all in the numbers if we can support this effort once Moonlight has a new home network… Then our goal is to control more of a say in its future by investing, then having a high percentage of votes as a large group of the shareholders of the parent corporation of whatever network allows Moonlight new residence…

  2. Very good point Susan H; check out some news I received from Lesser of moonlightline.com this AM when I spoke personally to her on the phone. She is the lady who has contact with the inside source in all of this… Go to The Fight For Moonlight here at this site
    Pat S

  3. I too found Holly Valance comments offensive. Does she think that just because we want to save Moonlight that we care very little for human suffering. She isn’t the only one concerned about the people affected by these disasters. I read an interiew where Alex said that he works such long hours on Moonlight that sometimes he goes as long as a week before he sees Holly. Maybe she doesn’t like the idea that we are fighting for a show that leaves so little time for her.

  4. Christie, thank you so much for that mail info, but I must make a correction on the U.S. address:
    It is 4000 Warner Blvd, not 400

    How in the world did you find the one in England??? You should be a PI like Mick St.John

    There could be a great possibility that witht the cancellation still standing that Sophia is doing other filming here in the States, but
    She may also head home to England to have a nice deserved visit with her family there, so the address for England is super to have..

    Thanks Christie…..

  5. Hi everyone here is conatct information for Sophia Myles

    All of Sophia’s fanmail and autograph requests can be sent to:

    Sophia Myles
    Warner Bro. Studios
    400 Warner Blvd
    Burbank, CA 91522


    Sophia Myles
    Hamilton Hodell
    5th Floor
    66-68 Margaret Street
    London W1W 8SR

    ***Please send a self-addressed stamped envelope for Autograph Requests.***

    I thought you all might like to send her a letter along with all the Alex letter’s we have all sent I will try to find an address for Jason Dohring also.

  6. I don’t think she has a “real” job, Nancy, haven’t seen her in anything prior to her stint as Lola on that one episode involving her as a vampire who duped Josef into a business venture, but turned into the murdering of vamps using silver & the by-product is made into a hypnotic drug.

    Other than reading that she had been on an Aussie soap called Neighbors, and reading she had a musical CD… nothing about her rings a bell… She is too made-up and has, unfortunately, a forgettable face that can disappear into a crowd.

    Now, take Sophia Myles, she is a classic beauty and, even though she has been in the acting field(mostly in England) for 12 years, she still has an innocence about her…

  7. Ah, yes. What a tragic existential pose. Guess she missed the fact that people who commit themselves to helping others need some entertainment and comic relief to de-compress. Why else does she think she has a job?

  8. I am pretty disturbed as to what I read on the http://www.imdb.com site at Alex’s message boards in reference to a comment Holly Vance made on her own MySpace page 14 hours prior to Alex message to his family & friends at his MySpace page.
    If any of you feel like doing so, perhaps a read of all the comments left regarding what HV said might make one realize that they might not be the happy couple we think they are, especially from one comment made by someone who apparently has the inside scoop about HV (& it isn’t pretty)

    I don’t like this at all; gut feeling tells me he is in for a rough time ahead with this relationship, 2 years or not into it. I felt this before I ever read that blog of HV on imdb of Alex’s boards. I would hate to see him hurt more than he has actually been already.

  9. · Edit

    As soon as tickets to Whiteout become available, this fan of Alex/Mick will be at the theatre, with other fans of Moonlight.

    We will watch it one day and return again for a second viewing to show our admirationo of this most refined gentleman/actor.

  10. Dear Mr. O’loughlin:
    I haven’t really been a fan of vampires, so what drew me to “Moonlight” was the intriguing premise of a benevolent vampire who helps humans. I intend to buy the season when it comes out on DVD.
    Thank you for creating the character of Mick St. John, I can identify with Mick to a certain extent because I was born with a physical disability. So, like Mick, I have the following – a unique perspective on life, an existence I did not ask for, and that I am trying to make the best of.
    I am sorry CBS cancelled “Moonlight” because I would have loved to follow Mick & Co. on their adventures for five years. But now, I wish you the best for your future.


    Miss Faanchi Liu

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