The Fight for Moonlight

CBS has decided to cancel Moonlight. Is it over for us freshies?

Several groups have come together to fight for the return of Moonlight…either on CBS or on another network, like the CW. Here is a tidbit about that from Hollywood Daily.

EXCLUSIVE: I’ve just been told by an insider that “there is a chance, only a chance” that Media Rights Capital which will be programming Sunday’s two hours on the CW “may elect to take Moonlight as one of those two hours”. This is developing to be quite a behind-the-scenes drama because the order came from Warner Bros TV this afternoon to start tearing the Moonlight sets down. But now WBTV will wait until Friday. Before it was cancelled, it had more than twice the number of viewers on CBS than Gossip Girl despite all the hype. So Moonlight could wind up the most watched CW show. Stay tuned.

Also Moonlight Detective has posted numbers and email addresses to get in contact with the powers that be and make our voice be heard.


President and CEO, Les Moonves:
President, CBS, Nina Tassler:
Senior Executive VP of Programming, CBS Network, Kelly Kahl:
President, CBS Paramount Network TV, David Stapf
President, CBS Paramount Network TV Entertainment Group, Nancy Tellem,
Executive Chairman and Founder, Sumner Redstone
Audience Services

Moonlight Page – click Feedback at the bottom to leave your note of support.

MEDIA RIGHTS CAPITOL (the company rumored to be interested in Moonlight for the CW Sundays)

Attn: Keith Samples President of Television
1800 Century Park East
Los Angeles, CA 90067

More numbers and addresses can be found on my Fated to Pretend review.

Also send a message that these networks will understand…money. Start buying episodes of Moonlight via Amazon and iTunes.

Don’t give up…bring back Moonlight!

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  1. Hello, HOW CAN WE HELP TO BRING BACK MOONLIGHT? IS THERE REALLY A CHANCE OF BRINGING THIS awesomely awesome season back? I watched it faithfully every time it was on, even now if it shows on a station I watch it.. I own the dvds and have watched it at least 3 times, then if its on tv i stop and watch it…. IT IS SUCH A WONDERFUL, awesome TWILIGHT/CSI Law and Order series.. I love the series, and seriously hope a station will snatch the series up, and keep it going Mick St. John is awesome.. and so is Beth, bring them back.. BRING THEM BACK!

  2. I would think what with Twilight, True Blood and The Vampire Diaries someone somewhere would be giving Moonlight a second look for a series. I don’t want a movie–not good enough. I was irate about the Dark Shadows remake in the 90’s only lasting one season and I don’t want to give up on Moonlight. Vampire Solidarity, Rah Rah Rah!

    My biggest concern is that since it’s been a year, even with all our petitioning they might not be taking us seriously. Any thoughts?

  3. kathy,

    There is nothing Moonlight fans want more than to have had a second and more seasons…It left us all devastated when it occurred & this was shortly after the show won “Best New Drama” at the 2007 People’s Choice Awards show…

    I do not know where you are located, but you are not too far away to voice your online opinion at every site that still exists for Moonlight, and for Alex O’Loughlin… Also get your friends to do the same as well as to snailmail regular written letters via the local Post Office to Nina Tassler, President of CBS Entertainment in Studio City, CA, or to

    Joel Silver, Executive Producer of Moonlight, c/o Silver Pictures, at Warner Brothers Studios, 4000 Warner Bros Blvd,Burbank, CA, 91522

    this was his baby and hopefully he still holds rights to it…But explain that Moonlight will not be a success without Alex, Sophia Myles, Jason Dohring, Shannyn Sossaman of the TV series cast on CBS…

    What we all should request is to get Moonlight in movie form in a series of sequels to continue the stoeylines of the TV show which stopped on Episode 16/Sonata… We all want to know what happens after that memorable kiss of Beth & Mick after her closes her apartment door and declares his undying love for her…

    If Moonlight went into movie sequels than this would be fimed in intervals that would not interfere with any other film projects the Moonlight cast, including Alex, were daily involved with…

    Speaking of which,,,Alex will guest star on Criminal Minds on CBS on APRIL 29th, 2009 , 9PM EDT, as a serial killer in an episode called “Big Wheel”

    And, as I write, Alex is filming a pilot for a future TV show, hopefully, if it gets past the scruntiny of TPTB (The Powers That Be) at CBS where Alex is contracted to until mid-year, 2009…Whether he signs another holding contract with CBS may depend on his decisions to stay with the network if they give him more opportunities to be in his fan public’s view…also if the contract reads favorably with Alex’s agents for them to recommend he sign or not…and if he should get a weekly TV show…

    Anyway, the pilot Alex is fiming is a medical drama based on transplant surgery in a medical facility in Pittsburgh, PA and will be titled, at this point, “THREE RIVERS”… Alex will be the head surgeon of this medical group by the name of Andy Yablonski, MD who is described as being separated from his wife and living in a motel nearby his medical facility… Now we only hope that TPTB allow the show to air and become a weekly show that we can again see the talented Alex,,,I am hoping that Sophia Myles will be asked to guest star in the new project so we can again see the undeniable romantic chemistry between these two actors…

    I do hope that this has been good news for you kathy…I hope that you, along with all Moonlight/Alex fans you know, and who post here and every other site connected with Alex/Moonlight, that is till actively online, including some Moonlight fans over at Spectral, will not give up fighting until we can, at least, get a set of Moonlight movies, in movie theaters, filmed for all… This si definitely the time to go for it with the Twilight phenomenon so active….

    Vampire Solidarity, Rah Rah…vampire shows are still in & will always be, Nina, so know you failed your public on cancelling Moonlight… One of the best remembered vampire shows, to this day, is “Dark Shadows”(was on CBS at 3PM daily), & that memory has lived for over 40 years, so what makes Nina and CBS think we will ever forget or give up on Moonlight…

  4. i watch the first season and want more i serched him on line and found out that the show was counciled and i was left defestated as i want to see him more he is so handsome and love his acting i wish to protest agaist the show counciling.

  5. Hey all who post on AOLO, would like to hear your opinion here as well…

    What do you think of a private ad or article directed at Joel Silver asking him to put ML on DVD in new episodes or several episodic movies per year, every year???

    I can probably help with some of the financing of the ad, but we need to find out more…Are we still a Moonlight Family and die-hard Alex fans here??? Do we agree we are not getting enough of viewing Alex, movies will be so far and in between???

    And if any of you all choose to write to Joel Silver, approach with honey please by sending him belated B’day card with encouraging words…his b’day was July 14th…

  6. Donna, I just sent you a note from Yahoo as I got the message on the other saying a problem…

    I am with you about Silver who is to contact not anywhere else now… What about an ad in Variety as i said, which cannot be ignored???

    I think it should go on either front or second page so it is noticed quickly…

  7. hi Liz & Pat,
    I haven’t seen any ads here yet. I am going to write to silver. what can it hurt? i just think there are other networks and i know it’s costly but other shows have been p/u. i think silver has the power and know’s the people. Unfortunately, I do believe there is bitterness from CBS that has poisoned other networks looking at ML. But once CBS see the drop in ratings during the fall in ML time slot maybe there will be hope.
    Pat, i’m using the other email. Is that ok?

  8. Hi My Moonlight Family,

    I just left another one at MLL about 20 minutes ago… Leeser wrote one yesterday saying it can affect her contacts… I feel if those contacts had any true atand in the ML offices we wouldn’t have been kept waiting for a confirmation to the Hollywood Reporter article…

    Just who is fooling who here???

    Yes, I like the idea of an add, but it must be one directed to Joel, no one else, no one else matters anymore…it’s his baby and we must play in his playpen, which may not always be friendly, show biz cut throats is what I am referring to…

    If writing to Silver is too much and annoying, then we need to write one heck of an article/ad and put it in bold lettering in the sacred publication of show biz: Variety… We need to implore Joel to bring ML into episodic DVDS or several movies per year, every year…

    This will not be considered an annoyance & let’s face will Silver want egg on his face to ignore such an ad or article personally directed at him???

    I’m feeling a bit better, still swollen under chin some and in the gums, but not so bitey in pain to eat some soft foods…

    I’m not sorry for taking this stance about MLL, but, as a grown mature woman, I am totally digusted with this adoration of someone who has yet to move us anywhere but where we were when ML was cancelled…

    I am too old to answer to those likes. I honestly think another way, as I stated here, can open eyes and doors and will not perceive us any longer as a cult or “the world’s nuttiest fans”… we are not teenagers but are being treated as same by show biz personnel I feel…Now it is time to show we can stand strong with no cartoonic ad but one in plain bold print directed at the man, Silver, himself…

  9. I am with you, Donna. I am worried about our show. I heard that the networks don’t want to pick it up because it is so costly. Maybe if they can cut some of the costs they will have a better chance of getting picked up. I just worry about the cast. I love them all (Alex, Sophia, Jason & Shannon) and if one of them is missing, it won’t be the same. I can live without the new ADA because I don’t know him as well. They all need to work just as we do to pay the bills, etc. I hope some miracle comes along. We need one.

    Do any of you know if the ads are out in NYC yet? I thought they were coming out soon. I plan to take a ride and have a look. It should be fun.

    Take care,

  10. Yes, saw that. I was disappointed ML wasn’t on any of the choices. There is a CSI that is very good and it is the original one Las Vegas. The lead actor William Peterson is leaving and I thought that would be a good role for Alex. And yes, it is CBS. They wanted ML to be more like a CSI? But this show is the good one, I don’t watch the other 2. Sometimes it is better oof to leave good shows alone than making a spin off.I thought of Alex as soon as I heard.
    I honestly think we will not get our beloved ML back. T feel the other networks have been poisoned by CBS about taking on ML.With all the work the fans did we should have been picked up by now. Friday Night Lights did not have the fans like ML but it is coming back, October Road ABC is bringing it back for a few shows to rap it up and the show was cancelled.
    Pat, BTW you did a good job on your reply to MLL.

  11. PS, Everyone,

    Guess who is nominated for an emmy???Not sure of his name, but it’s the actor who plays Dexter, the series about a serial killer who is also a PI… You tell me why the Parents TV Council has not gone after that show as I feel such a subject and its violence should be reprimanded as being influential on our youth… How could the this council abhore Moonlight and not stop other violent shows, like Dexter, Cold Case, and all CSIs??? Smell fishy to you???? Smell like a N.T. fish?

  12. Hey Everyone,

    Trying to get back into the swing of things after extensive oral surgery on Tuesday… Still feel like the horse kicked me full force in the mouth… I am also thinking of auditioning for any current reprised movie projects of the Godfather, playing Brando’s role, if that tells you a bit about the swelling I have in my lower jaw…

    And this AM, I decided my e-mails needed checking after 2 days, so I did just that… I read an article from Yahoo News announcing the nominees for the emmy awards and am greatly disappointed… Voting on People’s Choice Awards Buzz Polls gave reason to feel our Moonlight had a great shot at vying for an emmy or 2… The polls stated ML up for a drama emmy, Alex in the running for the best lead actor in a drama series, Sophia for the feminie version, Jason for best supporting actor… Then I read this crappola and ML, in any vain, is not even mentioned…

    I am still of the belief that CBS and Nina Tassler is standing in ML’s way for a future… I feel strongly that these actions against Moonlight by this source need to cease and decist or that so-called network, acting more like little brats, needs to atone for the wrong they have caused to Moonlight & answer for their defamation of Moonlight and its cast…

  13. Oops, the old finger forgot the p…that is not laying OF, it is PLAYING OF…

  14. Hi Donna,

    I found the same with Elizabeth as well, so just email me at
    & we can connect that way…I’ll then send you my other info…the former address is my ISP which I use very little, but it will allow an unknown address by, whereas the other puts it immediately in spam, which I may never catch…

    And to all here on all threads of AOLO:

    The boards at MLL are trying to say that CBS wouldn’t be so stupid to react against ML, but after reading what has been happening I totally disagree… Besides look at who is heading Entertainment, Ms Airhead of the Decade…I’m sorry I just can’t be nice or polite, mainly I cannot pussyfoot around this issue any longer… By interfering further after cancelling ML, they have defamed, not only the show, but its producers,writers, directors, &, most importantly, Moonlight’s vast number of fans worldwide… I feel they should be made to face the consequences of acting more like infants than grwon adult business personel…

    As far as Joel making a statement, I think he should, but that may be why Alex put his message on his MySpace page… Perhaps the both of them, Joel & Alex, felt we would want to hear from Alex more than Silver… Or, perhaps, too, Alex’s good upbringing taught him to respond to people when they need questions answered; I hope he never let’s that side of himself slide as his career booms large here in America from here on out…

    Another note on Joel Silver; today, July 14th, is his 56th birthday… I did not know until this AM, myself, after reading a ArcaMax subscription I get daily called History & Quotes… Odd, isn’t it, Joel Silver, who was born in NJ, was born on France’s holiday of the beginning of the French Revolution, Bastille Day, since our ML had some many connections in its storyline to France’s past history…Coraline presumably being the only daughter of one of the Louies…

    Quite honestly, I would advise us all to treat Joel with respect, he is a very busy entrepeneur, who has so many pots on the fire,that he may not have thought to make a statement, though he really should have out of courtesy to all ML fans… I think, however, it would be polite and nice for us to show Mr Silver that we were all raised like Alex, to be respectful… All of us here & ML fans worldwide should send Joel a belated birthday card via snailmail… and it would not hurt matters to bug Joel’s ear about ML a bit more, like set the show in episodic form onto DVDs and bypass network nonsense…He has done so, himself, with some movies instead of displaying them in movie houses, so he knows DVD sales are becoming the in-thing, epecially with the cost of going to the theater these days, not to mention that such costs usually are for only one viewing of a production whereas on DVD we can enjoy many time over…
    And as I suggested a few times, having Silver Pictures, Joel’s production company, make several movies per year, every year, to unfold the ongoing stories that must be told in our Moonlight saga… of course, no ML movie or DVD set of new episodes would sell in the multiples without Alex, Sophia, Jason, & Shannyn + all the rest of the TV cast, Joel can be certain of that…

    We can all send belated b’day cards to Joel at:

    Mr.Joel Silver,
    Executive Producer
    Silver Pictures
    c/o Warner Brothers Studios
    4000 Warner Blvd
    Burbank, CA, 91522

    And PLEASE DO NOT FORGET to begin sending B’day Greetings to Alex now:

    His birthday, like you would ever forget Donna, is August 24th; you can write to Alex at:

    Mr. Alex OLoughlin
    c/o Andrew Freeman,
    Personal Manager
    20 Ironsides
    Marina Del Rey, CA, 90292

    Oh, and if you care to acknowledge Alex a little more, remember he likes hats… so possibly sending him a one size fits all caps with a catchy saying may tickle his fancy as well….

    Hope to hear from you, Donna… I may be down and out for a couple of days after tomorrow when I am undergoing some oral surgery under anesthesia… did same 2 months ago & was down for 3 days, soooo please be patient for my reply to your e-mails, Donna… I may not feel up to sitting at the computer…this is also why I saved watching Mary Bryant until now, plus I am going to wear out my Oyster Farmer from laying it so often…

    Always your Moonlight Sister, Pat/Tish

    And to Tiffany, I do hope all is well with you,since you have not responded to my request to send my e-mail address along to Donna, Karen & Elizabeth…

  15. Hey, Pat Tiff hasn’t sent anything to me.
    I totally agree about there is so much more why CBS and the other networks haven’t picked up ML. I said it from the begining. TNT, USA, Scifi, CBS swayed everyone in a different direction. There is so much we don’t knowon what happened and we may never will. I just want to know when Silver is going to make the announcement.

  16. it’s .net not .com,

    May have to contact them as page came up of a May 9th posting saying they were out of stock of Fleur-de-Lis necklaces, but someone may have slided on updating webpage, so need to write to them instead…

  17. oops, I stand corrected for the Fleur-de-Lis Pendant… you can look in,scratch the other, Elizabeth as I forgot the word “the”

  18. Hi Elizabeth

    Welcome back & glad you had fun… You are welcome about the jewelry…Also found out that has a feminie version of the one Mick wore in silver… in case you want to check that out…

    My downfall has always been earrings, which for the men who have been in my life (widowed twice, divorced once) the fav was a godsend so they never had to deal with sizing for gifts…

    As for DirecTV, I am still under the suspicion that they had run a scam on us all with the poll they wanted us to take… To me it was their way of soliciting new subscribers by allowing same to think that they, DirecTV , was actually going to help Moonlight filming financially…

    And as far as Hewitt representing Red Cross you can be certain that CBS is definitely behind this and much more in our Moonlight not getting picked up by a network… If you go over to pcavote, this week’s Buzz Poll had a poll question referring to CBS demanding that PCA comply, which they did, to take Moonlight’s name off of the Winner’s Gallery roster for the show’s win as the Best New Drama… I know my suspicions about CBS are now true with what you just told me here about Alex not being the spokeperson for Red Cross… Of course, CBS will deny this, but the current proof shows them up to dirty filthy liers… And Nina Tassler is definitely tied to this turn of events…the woman needs to be fired or put in a rubber room that cannot be escaped… And, of course, CBS will say that we lost the fight, Moonlight is no more & laid to rest… The fact is that CBS has sabbotaged every effort afforded by us, Moonlight fans… I would even say so in the New York Times, I am so certain that my opinion is the truth… CBS’s other excuse, most certainly would be, for the change of orator at RC is that they have let the actors out of their contract; that is bull since it is not CBS that controls the RC, nor contracts fully the actors, however, ML actors may still be under obligation, in some way, to Warner Brothers or Silver Pictures…

    I honestly will miss Alex as Mick, the man is perfection to the role as no one else could ever be… Alex, I am sure, would bring us back Mick in Moonlight again if we, as devoted fans, could show up CBS to be the culprit thwarting our efforts to bring ML back…

    I just wrote an email which I sent to Sci-Fi Channel confronting them to tell the truth behind all of this; the DirecTV supposed negotiations, CBS preventing them from bringing ML to their network, the whole nine yard… I demanded an answer to my inquiry personally from the programing execs of the Sci-Fi Channel and would not accept some formal reply thanking me for writing… I, for one, am tired of being polite to these “sharks” & it is time to let them know we are definitely wise to them…

    An all out effort by ML fans worldwide to get to the actual truth behind all that has hampered Moonlight from getting a new home due to CBS’s interference must to be amde to come to light asap… What CBS is doing is a form of defamation…

    Also Elizabeth I sent Tiffany an e-mail note giving her my permission to send you both of my e-mail addresses… has she? If she hasn’t look under a note here addressed to Donna from me, since I asked Tiffany to do the same with Donna, also… Hope to hear from you soon…

    Always a Moonlight Sister, Pat

  19. Hi Everyone! I just got back from four incredible days trail riding my horse over the mountains in Northwestern Connecticut where I live. The weather was perfect!

    To Pat – Thank you for researching the jewelry Mick wore on the show. I am a jewelry nut and have collected a lot of it since I was 25.

    To All – I am a little upset. I was watching TV over the weekend and I saw a commercial for the American Red Cross asking for blood donations. It was by Jennifer Love Hewitt. I thought Alex was their spokesman? What was that all about? Number two upsetting thing – Direct TV sent me a notice that my email was unread by them. I feel very bad about that.

    I’m sorry that Alex wrote about lying Mick, Beth, Josef, etc to rest. That must have been hard for him. I wish he didn’t have to let it go. Think of how amazing that show was. All of us are trying to save characters that have become our “friends” all because of the incredible actors that brought them to life! I have never been a “groupie” in my life (and I have a son the same age as Alex) but look at me! I’m fighting along side all of you to save our show! I think that says a lot for the actors.

    My best to all, Elizabeth

  20. Oh, forgot, Mick’s ring, after taking a closer look at it, thanks to my new Moonlight screensaver, I see the design more clearly… And when sceaching for the Fleur-de-Lis, I found a pendant that could be the reason behind the detail of the ring’s top design… It is called an Earth Orb, which is a cross inside a circle… It sounds like it may have some significance to Mick’s ring…

  21. Just one more quick note to Elizabeth,

    I have tried searching the Internet for the Fleur de Lis pendant that may look like Alex’s for you… I found one similar but not as detailed and it is in silver not gold… Also it does not come with the neck chain…

    I found it at a site called, but I will still keep looking, there are really a great many sites that sell Fleur-de-Lis jewelry, which seems a very popular item…

    The Fleur-de-Lis was also a symbol of French Royalty (could be Papa Louie found out his only daughter, Coraline, was fooling around for money & made certain men knew she was of his house, too)… It symbolizes purity, perfection, light, & life… It is also worn proudly by the 6th son of a family in France…This symbol, which comes from the shape of the Iris flower, is also a form of a cross, too…

    So, Elizabeth, the one I found so far is under the following link:

    I’ll keep looking when I have time, Elizabeth, as you can read above in my message to Donna as to why the next few days will be somewhat hectic say up until Wednesday or Thursday, depending how I feel after oral surgery…

    Hope you are having or had fun,Moonlight Sister, Pat

  22. Look up on this page to the a right side column that is headed with RECENTLY WRITTEN & it is the first headline under that called, “Alex Asks For Your Support”

    And I will take the chance to let you know one of my e-mail addresses here:… When I hear from you I will let you know my other one, which I use the most…

    It is beginning to storm, so I need to get offline, but I just wanted to peek to see who wrote at this thread…

    Have my handyman coming in tomorrow to do some corral rebuilding at the pipe fencing as a thick steel pole post came uprooted in our last storm & I can’t trust that it won’t topple completely which invites the horses to wander…so I may not be online much then

    Tuesday I am undergoing oral surgery by anesthesia method since I am allergic to other meds used, so I know I will not feel up to computer time then & a couple of days after, but I am not backsliding on anyone, just need to take care of other matters first…

    I may be on Sunday, but in case not, have a great weekend

    Your Moonlight Older Sister, Pat

  23. Hey, Pat
    I can’t seem to find the new thread. I didn’t get anything from Tiffany

  24. Donna,

    Nothing is in stone as far as that relationship; I, myself, if I were his blood family would steer him in another direction… The man is extremely sensitive & I’d hate to see him hurt, which I feel is the long outlook of that scenario, sorry to say…just a gut instinct & a vibe, but many times so right on with me…

    Holly has been too influenced by glitz & has taken to the phoney attributes if you get my meaning… Beauty is only skin depp, it is what is in the heart, soul, thoughts, that are the real make up of a real person, of a genuine friend…

    Don’t ever cut yourself short, Donna…

    Yes, I am not doing the MLL thing either & have already bought a card for him as well… Will probably send it off next week… I bought a funny one too, but not sure if it would be correct to send to someone I don’t personally know…

    Later, I need to get offline for awhile as I have to tend to other matters,

    Always, Pat

  25. yes, I already have my card for him. I am not doing the MLL card since I can do this on my own. It’s from me and no one else. If I met Alex I think I would be calm. he is a normal person like us. he is humble and of course good looking. We are 2 years apart in age and if I could steal him from Holly I would.LOL I don’t think that would happen. She is beautiful and I could never compete. Nice to dream though.I feel that I know his persona.

  26. Hi Donna,

    When you make that date with the one & only, Alex, let me know, I’ll get there, too, & buy you both a drink…However I would have to know in advance since I believe you live back east & I’d need to get plane tickets… Hell, with that news and being able to see him in person, I’d flap my arms to fly myself I’d be so elated at seeing him & meeting you both…

    I don’t think it is wise to put personal e-mail addresses on a public board… I just e-mailed Tiffany permission to give both you & Elizabeth my 2 e-mail addresses, One is my ISP address & the other is the one I contact AOLO from… You & Elizabeth, Karen & I have kept the most contact on this board… Haven’t heard a word from Karen is awhile since her youngest had a short hospital stay; hope all is well with her…

    I am in constant contact with Nancy Reynolds and Christie White from here… I have also acquired other ML Sisters from other sites as weel… One thing this ML grief has given all of us is an extended family…

    Yes, I understand fully about MLL, It is very tragic they way things are being handled there… I even got a PM questioning the authanticity of Alex’s message after I sent MLL leader news via e-mail… Pathetic… God bless our Tiffany, she didn’t question, she reported for us all… That is great leadership & someone that chooses to allow us our voice but stands in the sidelines to hear but seldom speaks & never so on the messages at the threads…Thank you, Tiffany…

    I truly believe, at least I want to believe, that ML may have a future through some other venue like episodic DVDs or several DVD movies per year to allow the storyline to continue to unfold… As Nancy said, this would allow our stars the time in between such DVDs to follow their careers at different fronts

    Well, Donna, I am sure Tiffany will get that message to you asap & I will be looking forward to your e-mails…

    BTW, don’t forget to send Alex a B’day card soon as it takes time for him to get to them & read them all, which, after speaking with a delightful rep at Alex’s personal manager’s, I can actually visualize Alex doing…

    Signing off for now ML Sister, Pat

  27. Hi Pat,

    Yes, I would like to continue speaking with you and if you like to send your email I defintely would like that. I do read all the different web sites but sometimes all the people at MLL keep saying the same them over , over again. I want nothing more to have ML back and I wish it comes true. But I think false hope was given from other sites, I really don’t know what or who to believe any more. I’m not giving up because I don’t.

    Besides I am going to celebrate my birthday having a drink to Alex since we share the same day. I wish I could speak to him in person. That is my birthday wish. One Virgo to another!lol

  28. Hi Elizabeth,

    Know you are out camping right now with the horses, but I wanted to tell you that I finally got a close look at Mick’s Fleur-de-Lei pendant… I received this link from a friend, our own Christie White, for a free Moonlight Screensaver, & downloaded it the other day… There were some great memorable pix of our beloved characters & there was a clear shot of Mick’s pendant in one… It is not just a single Fleur-de-Lei, but is actually 4 of them all connecting from the bottom points… I am sure, since you had mentioned wanting one, that it would have to be custom made from gold to have the quality as the original which hangs for a pure gold rope chain about 20 inches in length… I am sure Mick’s was designed just for the show as was his ring, the latter which was something Alex had a hand in creating… Poor guy, they didn’t let him keep it…

    BTW, we seem to be being led to a new thread here called “Alex Asks for Your Support”, so if this thread I am writing to you on gets put in the archives, as was “Fated to Pretend, which I dug up to contact some ML family there, we will talk chat on the new thread now or the Vampire Love one, or even What’s Alex Up To? since I feel that will be open awhile as Alex’s career zooms to the peak of fame…

    Let me know how the camping trip went… hope you had fun & hope the horses did well… Luckily where you live there is probably more grass for them to graze on, not like this AZ desert..

    Chat with you later, Pat

    Oh, that screensaver link is:

    and it is a free item

    Also have a new address for Sophia and she has an unofficial webside that is really neat called
    “Absolutely Sophia”

    The other mailing address for Sophia must be her personal manager, and the one, like Alex’s, that connected to two stars was “Creative International”

    Her recently found address is:

    Sophia Myles
    c/o Christian Hodell
    Fifth Floor
    66-68 Margaret Street
    United Kingdom

    I just want to note here for all, I know we all love and adore Alex, always will & follow him as he builds his career to its pinnacle, but I just want to says that we also love Sophia & should undoutedly be given her just recognition & told thank you for bringing us her portrayal of Beth so realistically & wonderfully…

  29. Okay Everyone,

    Tiffany just put up another thread to read… I have added a comment to same with some info you may be interested in; So head on over to this site’s new thread….

  30. Yup, not in bed yet…

    Remember Alex was in another TV series??? He was not the lead, ML was his first TV lead…

    Anyway, the 6th Season of “The Shield” with Alex comes out on DVD on August 26th, 2008 is what I just read over at MoonlightArmy… So we may not get Moonlight in DVD, at least for now, but we can see Alex in action in the other show to fill the void…

    Did Alex only star in that series for one season or more??? Would appreciate if someone could tell me…

  31. Shoot, forgot the most important info about Alex’s mail:

    This agent does not open Alex’s mail; they send this mail directly to Alex so he can read all he gets personally… How nice to see the young man is undaunted by his new fame and prefers to connect in his own way with his fans…

    Brings to mind the video YouTube clip of Alex and the cast with Joel at the Paley Center… Alex was handled a present that definitely looked like a replica of the stars that grace the sidewalks around Hollywood and Vine and a sealed card… He looked both over and did not open the card and teased “I’ll open this in private” then winked mischieviously to the party that gave them to him… It just was so cute, but shows he is a very private person who may not want the public to see if he gets emotional by what is written to him…

    Well, nighty-night Folks

  32. Okay Everyone,

    Quickly before I shut down for the night:

    Andrew Freeman still remains Alex’s personal manager so you can safely send Birthday Cards to Alex by the 1st week in August via that office:

    Mr. Alex O’Loughlin
    c/o Andrew Freeman,
    Personal Manager
    20 Ironsides
    Marina DelRey, CA, 90292

    And Alex’s Birthday is August 24th…

  33. Folks and Tiffany, our post mistress of this site,

    We must all keep in mind, even with the extremely sad turn of events that had befallen Moonlight that this is a site belonging to news on Alex O’Loughlin…

    It is a site we cherish to bring us any and every tidbit of news about this wonderful young man, who is to some, reminder of another son, to others, an actor who captivates them for other reasons…
    Quite uniquely, Alex is a rare human who has, seemingly, not allowed Hollywood to steal his genuine sweetness and kindness… We hope it never does for we love you just as you are Alex…

    I know right now we are all hoping that before the final blade of the gulliotine falls upon our favorite vampires, that a reprieve will be issued… Let us hope that comes, perhaps not for the Fall, but for Spring new episodes on a worthy network that would appreciate the rare wonderful quality of this show, Moonlight…

    And to TPTB, we, in the majority, are not part of a cult, we simply love the show, the characters and feel it is worth our time to have attempted saving Moonlight.. We probably all still do, so if any TPTBs are reading this, think again before you let the final blade fall to definitely kill our favorite vampires of all time…

    Yes, this site is devoted primarily to Alex O’Loughlin and I hope it will continue to be online for a long time since Alex definitely has a makings of a long career ahead of him…

    And folks, Be Ready, Don’t Forget… August 24th is Alex’s birthday… So to make this wonderful young man feel loved, especially after this sadness of losing his show due to nonsense all around, which was also his first TV lead, I THINK IT WOULD BE A MORAL BOOST TO HIM FOR US TO ALL SEND HIM BIRTHDAY CARDS!!!!

    We can send them addressed to Alex O’Loughlin in care of his agents… preferably his personal manager, Andrew Freeman, who I am sure would get thes salutations to Alex asap…Addresses for Alex contacts can be found in this thread or in “Fated to Pretend” thread at this site… If I ascertain another address that would work better, I will post it here in plenty of time for you to mai his b’day cards… But snailmailing Alex’s cards must be done no later than the first week in August just in case said cards must be transfered elsewhere by agent to personally reach Alex…

    This an attempt to soothe the wounds that Moonlight’s cancellation has had to have left on this young man,Alex, not some cultist fan manuver … We do want this man to realize how much we really do appreciate him and that his abilities as an actor are definitely recognized by us all

  34. Hi Everybody,

    There is an article in the Hollywood Reporter saying Moonlight took its Final Stake… And you know I am not one to sit by without following up something like this… Actually, had a good old cry first, then followed up…

    Over at moonlightline they are insisting on living in another world about the demise of Moonlight… Then when I called Silver Pictures on Wednesday I was informed by 2 people, not one, because I needed someone else to say this to me instead of the receptionist, who was amle, not female… I was told point blank “Moonlight is cancelled; Moonlight is dead”…

    I presented this over at moonlightline and I am the bad guy for calling to get the scoop… bullpuckies… But I feel Joel Silver should at least offer us the courtesy of a personal message via one of those TV gossip news flashes, like Extra, Access Hollywood or one of those… I have read that he never acknowledged the fans, who attempted a less rousing campaign for Veronica Mars, when it was cancelled… This is RUDE!!! And it ticks me off to no end…

    I am not the only person who called Silver Pictures from the MLL message boards… Another called attempting to ascertain info pertaining to the proposed meeting between Silver Pictures and DirecTV supposedly negotiating about Moonlight.. This other person was informed last evening by someone at Silver Pictures, “They had the meeting and it went nowhere.” And still moonlightline is claiming that this meeting is set to be held; who is kidding who there???

    Ladies and Gents, you annot imagine how this turn of events is so upsetting to me… I hope all of this is incorrect, but it doesn’t seem so…
    I wonder if all along we were just being strung along to hope when no one but the fans were working diligently to resurrect Moonlight… I wonder if we all were just condsidered another “Cult” and tptb thought if we placate them for a short while they will grow tired of the game soon and go away… I don’t know about any of you, but I am too old to be even considered to be part of a cult… I honestly believe that most of this, unfortunately, was handled in a cultish fashion, instead of being more mature, put our cards down on the table and make our demands… In business, 90% of the time nice does not always get you what you want, you need make yourself heard loud and clear, no beating around the bush, you have to be tough or you’re never going to make it…

    I refuse to live in fairyland, I would rather hurt for awhile from the sting than to be strung along indefinitely… I wish I could say it was better news, or that better news was coming, but seriously, I doubt it… And all of you know me well enough now to know I am not a quitter, so for me to post this, it is very difficult… I’m not really quitting, but neither am I following a cultish pattern that has happened so wrongly in this fight…

    I have said it before, I like this site… I like the people who frequent here… We are friends, we have become like family through Moonlight… I have never heard anyone here be anything other than polite, understanding, friendly and compassionate to one another.. I do hope that this site will remain so we can continue to connect… Afterall, we are not losing Alex… I hope you read that Alex, if you do check out the blogs…

    Hopefully I can speak for all of us who get these messages sent to them, even though they may not always post, and for the regulars who frequent the threads…

    To all the cast members of Moonlight: You are loved by us all and we want you all to know you did a fantastic job on the show… We regret that CBS took away our Friday visits with you, but we will be watching for you whenever you want to come into our living rooms again, or in the cinemas, through all the future characters you have yet to play… “Break a leg!!!”

    Alex O’Loughlin, you have added a breath of fresh air to Hollywood… Most of it with its rudeness and arrogance stinks… Please do not change and please know we all care about you and wish you a wonderful life and a highly successful career … We will be there to follow… God Speed, Alex…

  35. OOPS, over at Moonlightline I am Spiritedangel(also now acknowledged as a Willing Freshie instead of a Mortal)

    Hey, Alex hope you read that!!!!!! I’m a universal donor. O Positive…

  36. Hi Everyone.

    Thank you first to you, Elizabeth, for answering my post… Our fight is not over yet, let’s just say we are discussing negotiations…

    There is more, too, I have offered a new thread over there & I do hope everyone will take another few moments to head there to read about my idea… it would be a worthwhile proposition for us all to invest into… I just posted a thread under Save Moonlight entitled Moonlight Investment Group… so please read and comment… did alot of research into this, as Nancy Reynolds & I mentioned earlier in this thread here…

    This can, in the long run be profitable for us all, and after we get Moonlight back, which I have a strong feeling that we will so do & for us not to giveup hope… afterall they scoffed at Star Trek way back and look what happened there(I’m an old Trekkie) TPTB like to make us cringe for awhile, but we can prove stronger to all of them than that if we show we are still united… then in the future with my idea in the works we will show TPTB that we mean business and not just some fly by fan cult that dispurses too easily… WE ARE NOT!!!! WE ARE ALL MOONLIGHT SISTERS AND BROTHERS IN THIS

    Where once we were all strangers, WE ARE NOW FAMILY!!! THE MOONLIGHT FAMILY

  37. Hi Pat, It’s very easy to do. I went to the moonlight line web site and cast my vote.

    I received an email from TNT saying that they got my email. It said they were compiling the info. I guess that means that all of us that send them a “please save our show” note will be compiled and sent to the appropriate people. I am still on the quest with you and all the others. I won’t give up hope!

  38. Hi Everyone,

    I just realized for some reason I had lost my mark on this site to be in the know or post comments, so I am adjusting that right now… Hope I haven’t missed too much..

    Today I am leaving a reminder that there is a poll ongoing over at message forums that was requested by DirecTV, who may assist in funding the costs to present us with new episodes of Moonlight oon a new network… It was originally being aimed to help Sci-Fi Channel pay for Moonlight’s episode’s costs; it cost about 2 Million per episode to get it to us, the viewers…

    So, I hope that you will pay Moonlightline a short visit to first register at that site and then vote… Every little thing we can do can only show our desire to have Moonlight rising again for us and Alex’s visiting us, via TV, every week… So if you are still with us, get over there and PLEASE Vote!!!!!

  39. Hi Elizabeth,

    Sorry so long to return a note, but have had my mind on other things lately… Yesterday was 19 years that I lost my son, I still get an empty filling that overwhelms me on that day as well as his birthday…so, this makes everything else in the world a little less important…

    Am also thinking of parting with my mustang, Holly… She is 9 and as we all know horses have a good long life expectancy, especially if well cared for… Mine & all my animals probably come first over all of my needs… Before I get too decreped to care for her spirited self, I am looking for a permanent home for her… I may have found someone worth my time and promising for Holly’s life… The woman adores her animals as I do mine, she took in 2 castaways & bought 1, now she may add Holly to her little band of “orphans”… It is not that I want to let go of Holly, but with my back and age I think I need to realize I may leave Holly someday anyway… She may live another 20 or 30 years…

    I looked into a no-kill, no-adopt out, no-sell sanctuary and they seem like they are more into their “welfare of the horse” for nothing more than the PROFIT, not for the better of the animal as they were telling me I would have to pay them 23K to let my horses live out the remainder of their lives there… My Katie is soon to be 21 & my SunDance is almost 19.. Would not mind at all but they are under grants plus are a 501c3 funded organization… But eventually, I feel some instance will shed light on where I will let my other babies live out their lives, just like it seems to be doinf with Holly, hopefully…

    And if any horse-lover out there is reading this, I intend to make a stipulation when I let this woman tend to my Holly that I get visitation and if this woman feels Holly is not working in right I will take Holly back home… I AM NOT ABANDONING HER….

    Okay, sorry everyone, I know this is not supposed to be about my horses or my woes, so I will sign off for today…

    AND, I know Alex sometimes reads these blogs, so I apologize for taking up space here to talk about my furry kids…

  40. Thanks, Nancy. I received an email from Lees with this information and I definitely voted. I don’t have Direct TV but will sign on if they pick up our show. I also have friends that can use their Direct TV in their camper when they are traveling. That would be great for us. I sent an email to TNT yesterday because I’m afraid to miss anyone that might pick up our show.

  41. Web address for Moonlight line here:

  42. Hi Tribe!

    Big news from Moonlight Line! I’m posting here:

    I just got off the phone with Lees and she asked me to post this message.

    Lees has received a call from DIRECTV, and they are showing interest in what we are doing. They are very interested in numbers at this point and based on their request, for information, Lees will be posting a poll and more information to the boards, later tonight, when she gets home.

    This is Positive News Guys!!!! We are definitely being heard!!!!!

    Everyone here who isn’t already signed in with Moonlight Line please go there and register and VOTE in the DTV poll! Very important!

  43. Hi Everyone,
    I am sorry I have not been on here lately been working alot. But I have been keeping in touch with Pat and I get all the new posts made on this site via email so I have been keeping up with everything and sending emails plus letters in this til we win. Anyway I do not buy the TV Guide anymore since Moonlight was canceled but my Mothers boyfriend however subscribed to it a while ago well he never wants it so instead of cancelling the subscription he gives his copy to my mom so I can go through it for Moonlight information this was in the June 23-29th issue listed in the IN BOX

    Show-ing Disinterest

    Donna Van Horn expressed my sentiments exactly (YOU TELL US 6/2). I am not going to invest my time in any more new shows with the way the big networks disregard fan favorites like Men in Trees and Moonlight. I’ll soon be cancelling my cable. —Lynn Dudenhoefer, Chippewa Falls, Wis

    I thought this was and awesome letter mailed to the tv guide I felt it was okay to post in here for you all to read because it is listed in a public magazine so I am sure the lady who wrote it would not mind you all reading her thoughts.

    This is also in the same issue and is listed under Breaking News top 10

    Number 8 Actors’ Strike Update

    The screen actors guild may go on strike soon, but even if it does, some TV stars will stay on the job. That’s because the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists–which reps all TV performers who appear live or on videotape–hastold its members to pass a three-year agreement reached with the studios on May 28. Shows covered in the dealinclude Reaper, Rules of Engagement and ‘Til Death, all shot on digital video. Meanwhile SAG, which covers shows shot on film like Lost and CSI, is unhappy because AFTRA’s deal doesn’t address higher DVD rates or product integration in TV showsand movies–issues it’s pushing in their talks. SAG has asked its members who are also in AFTRA to reject the contract when they vote in the coming weeks.

    What do you all think? I thought you might be interested in reading these to items they were the only thing of interest I found in this issue I will keep updating all new stuff from the upcoming issues my mom’s boyfriend gives me.


  44. Hi Pat,
    I have two horses – a quarterhorse thoroughbred appendix gelding (my horse) and my husband has a Paso mare. They live with us in our back yard. We try to ride as much as we can before we get too old (which is any day now!). I think I remember you saying that you live in Tucson. My nephew lives there. The next time I visit him I will let you know. It won’t be anytime soon.


  45. Hi Guys!

    Wanted to give you this info about what some Jericho fans are doing to help get their show back on.

    They have a new television ad:

    “Check out this link:

    If I got this right, it cost them 6000 dollars, and according to one article it:

    “began airing Thursday in a 10-day run on Time Warner cable in the Los Angeles area that is expected to be included in such shows as “Ghost Hunters” on SciFi Channel, “Deadliest Catch” on Discovery Channel, and other programs on the History Channel. It’s narrated by Brad Beyer, the actor who played Stanley Richmond in the series.”

    It seems to have already generated a fair amount of press, too!”

    This is a notice from Moonlight Line. Go watch the ad –it’s great.

    I would be wonderful if the Moonlight fans could do something similar.

  46. Hi Everyone on this thread and all the other threads here at Alex O’Loughlin Online:

    I just would like to Thank All of you who have been so involved with this fight to get back our Moonlight… But I would like to especially thank everyone here for being so wonderfully friendly in our own little group here as we continue workig together for this “fight”… We are an exceptional group of Alex fans who remain friendly and polite with each other as this long fight for Moonlight continues… I guess what I am getting at is the fact that I have tripped on over to such other blogs and found the message writers many times being cut throat with each other and rather into a clique… So, many thanks to all my new friends here for remaining perfect ladies and gents as we work together so devotedly to bring back our Moonlight…


    Your Friend & Sister in Moonlight, Pat

  47. Hi Elizabeth,
    Yes, welcome back…so how many horses do you have??? I, myself, have 3, 2 mares & 1 gelding..all live here on the property with me, only I no longer ride since my auto/semi accident in 2003… Horses are God’s most magnificent creature as far as I am concerned, no one gives them credit for being as highly intelligent as they really are…

    Thanks for relaying the info from your friend about Joel Silver and ML… Joel has been around for many years and I think, with our determination, his determination, we will get Moonlight back, hopefully soon..

    Yet, as Nancy and I have posted here before, we will need the edge over what comes of ML once we get it a home, so the thought is still Stock Blockwith hopes we can get more people interested to become investors in the network’s corporation of where our show will call home… We are still looking into these matters and we can’t begin any action on this level until we ascertain what network will pick Moonlight up..

  48. Dear Elizabeth,

    Thank you for your good wishes, and welcome back home. You have a wise friend, and I believe he’s right. My own belief is, we’ll hear after it has been decided whether or not there will be an actor’s strike. Which may be as soon as June 30, or as far away as July 31. Can’t see it taking much longer than that.

  49. Hi Pat, Thanks. I was actually on vacation with my horses – always in search of new trails to ride. It was great fun and I’m not injured!

    I would also like to thank Nancy for the great article. I hope you find your dream. So many people don’t. Alex is one of a kind. I hope our show returns. As I watch the repeats, I find that I’m longing for the end of the story that I hope will happen. I talked to someone in LA yesterday – another struggling actor – and he also told me to keep the faith. He said that Joel Silver is well respected and something may happen in the next month or so. I hope so.


  50. Hi Tribe!

    It’s been kinda tough and slow going lately with the Moonlight fight, and no word yet as to our success. I thought it might be appropriate to share with you some inspirational remarks made by Alex about what it’s like to be an actor in Hollywood:

    The first year I was here I was auditioning all the time and got no work,” O’Loughlin says.

    “I had no money and a piece of s— car and in the end I had to hock things like my stereo to get by. I was just doing anything to scrape by, working on a building site for $15 an hour.

    “There were times I was thinking, ‘What am I doing, this is crazy’. I was scared because I had no money and no ticket home.

    “That is the time when everyone else packs up and leaves. But I remembered everything my grandfather taught me about the work ethic before he died. He was brought up out in the bush and his advice was ‘put your head down and keep working, son, and you’ll get what’s coming to you’. You just push through.

    He goes on to say that he thinks he’s only a “mediocre actor,” (can you imagine! The man is humble — incorrect — but humble.) but that his determination is what helped him overcome. You can see the entire article at this address:,21985,22873887-5006022,00.html

    I thought it might be a good example of what a fight in Hollywood is like! Alex is absolutely right. Though in his case he has talent to burn, there are plenty of very talented actors who are right now pursuing other professions because they just couldn’t take the constant rejection. They didn’t have what it takes to “push through.” (I know. I’m one of them.) Let’s not give up! Let’s push through!

  51. Hi Elizabeth,

    I hope you had a lovely time away and glad you are back with us safe and sound….

    Have not heard nary a word about the rally/picnic in Central Park yet… Do realize, too, Leeser, I believe, of MLL was due to attend and she probably has not made the flight back yet to her home in Long Beach, CA, so as soon as we hear we will post it here…

    I hope all the rallies, across the country, that were planned for ML this weekend…

    Elizabeth, please do send letters and e-mails to Dateline, 20/20, Oprah, Ellen De Generes, even Nightline requesting a program be taped about the unwarranted cancellations of favorite shows including our Moonlight… Aslo comment about the fact that some shows will be subjected to losing the majority of their cast members, which, as with NCIS, has to be Nina Tassler’s doing in her “effort” to direct programs to attract women audiences… My opinion, is that “her effort” will bring the curtain down on CBS eventually…already their stocks are sliding down in worth and add to that their ratings are plunging, especially on Friday nights…. Ah, my heart bleeds, ICE WATER!!!

    Please tell everyone you know, Elizabeth, to jpin in this fight… we are not going down yet, even if there is an actors strike….

  52. Does anyone know how the “picnic” in Central Park went? I am just back from vacation and wondered. Thank you, Pat, for all the great pep talks. TNT is definitely next on my list to contact!

  53. Hi Nancy,

    I echo that sentiment as well, after all of this how much more can happen, BUT DO NOT GIVE UP SUPPORTING “MOONLIGHT” AND TRYING UNITEDLY TO FIND IT A NEW HOME…

    The writer’s strike was bad enough, so much so that many persons in the industry lost personal items like their homes, etc since they, just like you or I folks, were struck hard by unemployment… Hopefully, by whatever force protects us, another strike will not be allowed to drag out for any length of time… It could be the finish of show business if this type of thing continues, the way all of this is piling up…

    But Chin Up, keep writing to networks, keep buzzing in the head honchos ears like a pesky mosquito… Hey, there is a good name: the Moonlight Mosquitos…

  54. Hi everyone!

    Just wanted to let you know that a friend of mine in Hollywood had some news for me about the Actor’s strike. She says that as of now the Producers are still refusing to really negotiate for the SAG contract. The actors have agreed to keep working without a new contract after the June 30 deadline (but for how long, no one knows). To use her words, “If they do strike everything will shut down and that will be very bad indeed.”

    Once again, this could be important at this point for Moonlight, simply because, who wants to buy a new show that can’t be produced. So again, TPTB may be waiting to see how things work out for a strike before making a final committment. Those poor actors (writers, producers, production crew)! What more can possibly happen to the little show that could?

    But don’t give up! I’m focusing on the strike settling, the show being picked up and all being well in Moonlight land again!


  55. Hi Jasmine or Jazz who posted here on June 8th @ 12;33AM,

    **(And also direct this today, June 12th, 2008, to anyone living within the tri-state area(NY, NJ, PA)and even Connecticut if you’d like to spend a nice weekend in NYC of this event, Tiffany, PLEASE)**

    Sorry,Jazz, for not getting back to you sooner with this info, but, even though it may be too late for that Alex O’Loughlin Online Petition to bring Moonlight back to be signed by all of us here, I do have the location specs for the rally in NYC:

    I hope that you are still planning on attending, Jazz:

    Central Park @
    Heckscher Playground:
    Picnic area- cp01
    Near Columbus Circle
    West 59th Street & 8th Avenue

    This rally will take place on June 14th, 2008, Saturday,
    from 10AM to 4PM…

    Hope you, Jazz, your friends and anyone, who loves and wants Moonlight back, who may be reading this message will attend this rally in support of helping Moonlight to rise again…

    Glad that you shared that piece of history that the date is Bastille Day in France… It shares that honor with another anniversary, as well… Here in the US, June 14th is also Flag Day…

    If anyone from this message board who lives within a feasible distance from the NYC Moonlight Rally deciding to attend Please tell all there that those who could not get there are there in heart and spirit with one goal in mind: finding Moonlight a new network & bringing the Moonlight back on the air again… Tell them this Jersey transplant, Pat from the Alex O’Loughlin Online Site, sends her regards and support from AZ ….

    If you, Jazz, or anyone who attends, makes it to the rally I do hope that you will take pictures that you can upload onto this site or to our overseer, Tiffany, so she can post them on a new thread…

    Hope everyone going enjoys the day and helps our voices here to be heard along with MLL..

  56. To Everyone on every thread on this site:

    Word is out that TNT is again taking a deep interest in our Moonlight; this comes from a young lady over at moonlightline who had the good fortune to meet the sexy, yer sweet, Alex, not long ago..

    So start e-mailing TNT at…eptID=5477

    and let them hear from us all, I did this afternoon… or you can send snailmails to TNT

    Phillip Kent,
    1010 Techwood Dr.NW
    Atlanta, GA, 30318

    You may also write a similar letter to the same address but to the attention of:
    Jim McCaffrey.
    Executive Vice President
    of Operations and Stratergy

    It also has been noted that Moonlight’s campaign may need more Public News Media Coverage in respect to TV news shows or talk shows so please send letters and e-mils to
    Dateline, 20/20, Ellen De Generes, Oprah, and even, Nightline…For those addresses sheck above on Nancy Reynolds messages here…

    At this point every avenue should be traveled and no stone left unturned…

  57. Hi guys!

    Kinda bad news, I’m afraid, about the Kimberly-Clark contribution to the Red Cross in the name of “Save Moonlight.” Apparently this news is incorrect and the KC rep denies the contribution. No one knows exactly how this communication was messed up. But that doesn’t mean we’re not being heard! Keep up the good work!

  58. PS I work in New Milford, CT and that is where Kimberly Clark is located! Wow! I will have to mention this to the next KC person I see!

  59. Hi Nancy,
    Your letter is great! I could never have put all those thoughts into words as you did. Thank you. I am away right now but when I get home I will continue writing to each of those stations that might pick up our show. Great job!

  60. Just a quick note to let you know that on MLL one person got a letter back from DTV telling her they take the Moonlight mail very seriously and are looking into sponsoring the show. Another girl received a letter from the Red Cross saying that Kimberly-Clark (Kleenex, Huggies, etc) had donated a “seizable amount” to the Red Cross in the name of Moonlight!

    You see? It IS working! Keep up the good work everyone!

  61. emails and addresses for the above letter:

    [color=#FF0000]email and other addresses:
    [u] [/u](Dateline)
    [u] [/u](20/20)
    [u] [/u](Ellen Degeneres Show)
    [u] [/u](Oprah Show)[/color]

    [color=#40BF00]NBC News
    30 Rockefeller Plaza
    New York, N.Y. 10112

    If you can find a snail mail address for ABC News or 20/20, you’re better detectives than I. Did find another address for ABC News: [u][/u]

    The Ellen DeGeneres Show
    PO Box 7788
    Burbank, CA 91523
    Attn: Fan Mail

    Oprah Mailing Address:
    Harpo Productions
    P. O. Box 909715
    Chicago, IL 60607[/color]

  62. Dear Pat,

    You know I’m 1000% behind the stock block. It’s the only way to get real power. Still waiting to see which network it will be.

    The Tribe as a whole seems to feel that Dateline is the way to go, so I centered my letter on Dateline, but also have sent to 20/20, Oprah and Ellen. The point is, whoever we choose to target as a group needs to get MASSIVE mailings. So if the tribe wants Dateline, then I’m behind that too.

    Slowly but surely the campaign IS working. Every body keep up the good work!

  63. Great letter Nancy, and as I commented over at MLL, where your letter is also posted under “Saving Moonlight” and in the thread “A televised Moonlight Special, etc”, I commend you on hitting all the correct points..

    I,also, left something for us again to ponder in my message at MLL, that being the subject of the “Stock Block”… I would prefer people think about this before they enter in with eyes not wide open and to do their own research before they join all Moonlighters in this effort… so it is best to give them the time to investigate this and, perhaps, someone may have some more beneficial input in this direction… I certainly do not want us caught unaware and unprepared in our abilities to protect Moonlight when it does come back to us after all of this work(done with deep pleasure for Alex, Sophia, Jason, Shannyn, Joel, et al)…
    At this point, I feel more confident if I think about being positive that we will win our WAR; I think confidence and selling ones self first before selling the product is always the way to win…

  64. We started a discussion yesterday about bringing more television primetime attention to the plight of Moonlight and other unjustly cancelled shows, and we bandied about ideas for Oprah, Ellen, Dateline and 20/20. My thought is, the strongest option is Dateline. Because of that I sent Dateline the following email and followed with snail mail. But a campaign like this won’t work unless we have hundreds (thousands?) of other requests. Some members have asked for examples of what do say. This is my thought, but with the creativity on this Board I know many others will have excellent examples as well. Please, Tribe, let’s get behind this one and see if we can get some more industry buzz going for Moonlight!

    Dear Dateline:

    Have you noticed that you’ve won the ratings war every Friday for the past three weeks? Before, you couldn’t get out of second place. Want to know why? Pull up a chair and let’s have a talk!

    Your stiffest competition this year has been a CBS show called Moonlight, which aired at 9pm on Friday night. It is a show about a man turned into a vampire against his will, who works as a private investigator to help humans with his special skills, and finds the love of a human woman along the way. Moonlight had a fan following estimated to be somewhere between 10 and 13 million, but by Neilson reports, more like 8.5 million.

    For reasons passing understanding, CBS canceled Moonlight three weeks ago, and even pulled the Moonlight re-runs. (Hence your well deserved ratings boost.) And that’s when the trouble began!

    The fans of Moonlight have always been a devoted group. They followed the show with ardent interest, enthralled by the attractive, engaging actors and the marvelous and compelling stories. But they did more. They organized blood drives in support of Moonlight and donated hundreds of units of blood to the Red Cross. (So much so that the Red Cross made Alex OLoughlin, the show’s lead actor, their spokesperson.) They organized food drives which netted thousands of pounds of goods to food banks. And they organized charity drives which netted thousands of dollars in donations to needy causes. When the cancellation came, the Moonlight fans took immediate exception to the decision and also took immediate action.

    The internet is a wonderful tool for communication, and Moonlight fans joined together with one voice in an attempt to save their show. Because of their efforts, negotiations are currently underway between Silver Productions/Warner Bros. and the SciFi network, to bring the show back.

    In the course of their campaign to save Moonlight, the fans discovered something else. They discovered their own creativity and imagination in getting the message out. They discovered organizational abilities they never knew they had as they organized conventions, rallies, blood drives and other forms of support. And they discovered something else: they were not the only fans disenfranchised by the network system and the Neilson ratings. Fans of other quality shows such as Friday Night Lights, Jericho, and October Road, which had also been summarily dismissed from the prime time lineup, were also protesting.

    The protests boil down to this: why are quality shows, that have acceptable ratings (if not glorious ones), not allowed the time and support to develop a following? Why are viewers bombarded with moronic “reality” shows like “The Bachelor” and game shows like “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader” when quality dramas exist to fill their slots? Why aren’t the network programmers listening to the fans? And why are the Neilson ratings so inaccurate and antiquated? Moonlight fans and many others are asking these questions. The networks aren’t telling us. We thought perhaps a Dateline investigation might. After all, you have our viewer ship on Friday nights now. Why not take advantage of a subject near and dear to your new admirers?

    We look forward to seeing the show!


    Nancy Reynolds
    Just one of many friends of Moonlight

  65. Dear Pat,

    No, no! LOL! Not your post, MINE. I meant I shouldn’t have included 60 Minutes. I just realized what network it was on. Going to read your post now.

  66. Yes, I realized that Nancy, so when I made some changes to the message and switched it to a different locale on moonlightline again after mistakenly assigning to fanfic, I did not include that program from Clueless Beasts of Senility..

    I have it located on the blog Thread for Saving Moonlight…Hope Tam 477 something doesn’t go changing it again.. She sent me a message at the site telling me she changed it but never said to where..
    I wrote back telling her I did realize after the fact that I posted it in the worng place and I put it on “Saving Moonlight, as that we what we were trying to do here, wasn’t it??

    Later Moonlight Sister

  67. Correction. NOT 60 MINUTES. It belongs to The Network That Shall Not Be Named!

  68. Well then we should encourage all fans at every possible
    Moonlight site, including here to write snail mails to just those shows for assistance..

    And I think Dateline would be the ideal show to begin with since it is on Fridays opposite CBS’s “fill-in” show for Moonlight.. Also, noteworthy here, when CBS cancelled the Moonlight re-run it was Dateline who, in fact, picked up the highest ratings for the night..

    I have some thing to do around here so I’ll write to you later off our post..

    I just sent Tiffany the permission to post what I posted on

  69. Hi Pat!

    Don’t want to be in any way discouraging, but I think it unlikely that Oprah or anyone else would do a prime time special about the show. Not unless Moonlight fans did something so overwhelming news-worthy that they would have to cover it (like donating thousands of pints of blood or something, and how likely is that?). But I do think an episode of her own show is quite do-able.

    And now that I think about it…perhaps someone like 60 Minutes, Dateline or 20/20 talking about not just Moonlight fans but fans of other shows as well protesting their cancelations and contesting Neilson ratings? It could work.

  70. Hi Nancy,
    Yep, I just read your personal e-mail.. I have posted on moonlightline, but in the wrong thread so I am going to correct that now about us all approaching Ms Oprah for her help..

    Tiffany, here at AlexO, sent me a personal e-mails asking if she could post the letter here that I wrote to Alex and sent certified mail with return receipt,, so let’s hope he gets it.. But I told Tiffany yes to posting the letter here..

    I tried attaching the thread I wrote on Moonlight;ine for her, also, but it wouldn’t attach so i am going to type it out in my own Documents and send to her to post here as well, withthe idea we are ahtching that I enhanced upon… I know it would have been fine with you, too.. So let me go print out the thread page and retype to send to Tiffany for here and My Moonlight Sisterhood..

  71. Hi Tribe!

    Did anyone see this? I saw it when I was checking out how to email the Oprah Show:

    OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network

    OWN to Premiere in 2009 with Distribution in 70 Million U.S. Homes Will Be Simulcast in HD and Includes the Power of

    Chicago, IL and Silver Spring, MD — Tuesday, January 15, 2008 — In an unprecedented deal, Oprah Winfrey and Discovery Communications announced plans today to create OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network. The new multi-platform media venture will be designed to entertain, inform and inspire people to live their best lives. OWN will debut in 2009 in more than 70 million homes, on what is currently the Discovery Health Channel. The venture will also include the award-winning digital platform,

    “Fifteen years ago, I wrote in my journal that one day I would create a television network, as I always felt my show was just the beginning of what the future could hold,” said Oprah Winfrey, who will serve as chairman of OWN. “For me, the launch of The Oprah Winfrey Network is the evolution of the work I’ve been doing on television all these years and a natural extension of my show.”

    “There is no stronger voice than Oprah Winfrey in engaging, motivating and connecting people to live healthier lives. Oprah has inspired me personally, and through this new venture, Oprah’s talent and drive will have a dedicated multimedia platform to empower, engage and connect with people on-air and on-line,” said David Zaslav, President and CEO of Discovery Communications. “At Discovery, our goals are to improve the quality of the networks while expanding the reach and success of our web presence. This venture does both, and having Oprah as Chairman and creative leader makes OWN a very unique property in a crowded media landscape.”

    OWN’s mission is to create multiple platforms for women, men and their families with a purpose and a passion: to celebrate life, to inspire and entertain, empowering viewers around the world to live their best lives, and by doing so, lift the lives of those around them in ever-widening circles.

    In addition to providing her talent, and personal commitment, Winfrey will have full editorial control over the joint venture and will be responsible for OWN’s programming, branding and creative vision.

    Winfrey will serve as Chairman of The Oprah Winfrey Network, LLC and the venture will be 50/50 owned by Discovery and Harpo. This is a cashless transaction and The Oprah Winfrey Network, LLC will be an independent company. [/color]

    It can’t hurt to have a woman that powerful on our side.

    Someone at MLL thought a show with the cast discussing Moonlight might somehow jeopardized their careers, but I’m thinking, no. The idea of having a Moonlight themed show doesn’t have to jeopardize the cast. They just need to concentrate on discussing the making of the show, the Mick/Beck story, maybe the fan support. Neutral topics. The whole “everyone in Hollywood is best of friends,” bit. There would be no controversy, it would just be honoring the fan’s request to see a discussion of the show by the actors.

    If this leaves you with the idea that I’m a huge fan of Oprah’s, I’m not. I don’t like or dislike her, I just recognize her power and reach. And while she may not personally care for vampire stories, (if that rumor is true) she does care about a huge block of viewers want to see. Just an idea.

  72. Hello Everyone:

    Huge fan of Moonlight & live in NYC.Would love to see the show come back as you all do. Maybe I can help. However I do stress that the e-mail I left here is my work e-mail and I cannot get thousands of e-mails from people locking up my in-box or potentailly causing me to lose my job. My home computer is broken and I know this is time sensitive so took the chance by using my work e-mail. Please be considerate of that fact. Please rally together and have ONE person e-mail me with the info. If you create an excel spread sheet with everyone’s name and send it to me I will be more than happy to go to the rally and submit it. Plus I will get people on this end to sign it too even if they never watched the show. I am in the fashion industry and have thousands of connections who will do anything for me. I take my dogs to the park anyway so it is no biggie to do. Does anyone know where in Central Park the rally is being held? The park is a very large place. I take it the rally is June 14th. What time? By the way Bastille Day is July 14th (My parents are both french so this I know is a fact). Willing help in any way I can as long as my request to contain this to ONE contact is respected. Thank you for your understanding in this matter & I look forward to hearing from someone.


  73. Everybody:
    PS: I do not want to take the credit for this, Nancy Reynolds e-mailed Oprah’s show a bit ago and suggested we all do the same, but the show her daily daytime show is on hiatus right now until September..

    My input in this is the idea of a nightime(primetime) Moonlight Special now or very, very soon, that is why I suggested above to send Oprah regular P.O. posted mail to Oprah’s corporate hdqtrs in Chicago beginning immediately: Do not know what her corporation is salled, but it may be similar to her production company which is Harpo, I believe

  74. To Everyone,

    So please Tiffany send this to all who are on or whomever had been participants in any of these threads..

    As we all know early in the campaign to save Moonlight we were asked to e-mail TV talk shows asking them to have members of the Moonlight cast as guests.. I know Alex has done a few interview spots fot Extra, TV Guide, & Craig Fergerson Late Show, as has Sophia Myles has done too at the latter show..
    But that was then and this is now….

    The cancellation of Moonlight needs more notoriety as I am discovering not everyone knows… there are even some people, DUE TO THE LACK OF ADEQUATE PROMOTING OF MOONLIGHT BY CBS, that never knew this show existed… Which goes to show that those neilsen ratings are phoney since CBS has claimed such high ratings for Ghost Whisperer, which is the lead in for Moonlight & Num3ers( ANOTHER HIGH RATED SHOW).. If that were the case than anyone would sit back, who was watching GW, to check out this new show because, heaven knows, there is not much else on on a Friday night on the other networks..

    So this is our Moonlight’s chance to shine again.. get the word out there NOW, and who can help us, besides ourselves??? OPRAH!!!! People it is time to contact one of the, if not the most, powerful woman in the world and the richest, if I am not mistaken…
    Her show may be on hiatus now for the summer, but asking her to broadcast a Moonlight Special with all the cast, some clips of the show, some out takes including bloopers, and other gusts like Joel Silver and his co-porducers & the show’s writers can’t hurt this campaign, now can it… It would promote it further and NATIONALLY on a show that would probably hit the ratings ceiling as being the one show to tie up the time slot of all channels… Geeze, talk about a winner show:
    Oprah, Alex, Sophia, Jason, Shannyn, Joel, Trevor, Ron and clips from the show… now if that doesn’t get Moonlight back on the air we are just whistling Dixie here folks..

    So go google and find out the snail mail address for Oprah’s Corporate offices in Chicago and get those letters, send more than one each, can’t hurt, but get them out to Oprah beginning right now..

  75. Actually that is a good idea Christie, but it would have to be someone fan who lives in or near NYC as time is of the essence as the rally in Central Park will take place in 7 days from now & this is 11:50PM on June 7th that I am writing this..

    Our most logical candidate to take a signed letter with all our names on it to the rally on June 14, I think, is someone we know lives in that area and that is Donna or dsa, which I think maybe the same person, only our Tiffany here at Alex O would know that.. But if Tiffany gets e-mails requesting her to contact Donna or dsa to get in contact with say you, since it was your idea, maybe this can be arranged quickly for us all in way to be there..

  76. Hi everyone I have an idea I do not know if it is a good one but here goes.

    Seeing how we all want to be in New York at central park but cannot be because of work or travel problems what if we find one fan who is going to be there and we could start an email to this choosen fan with our names he or she could then print out a paper kinda like a petition saying:

    We the Moonlight Fans unfortunatly could not attend this rally due to work or travel difficulties would like it to be known that although we are not here at central park in person we are here in spirit and would like ourselves to be reconized as part of this rally to support Moonlight Thank you. (All names listed below have sent an email requesting to be added to this letter and counted as present at the Central Park rally in spirit)

    Christie White

    What do you think we could set a deadline for people to email he or her with there full name to be added to this letter and he or she could then make sure someone in charge at the rally sees this letter and makes note of it. this way we can all be there in one form or another to show our support.

  77. Donna & dsa, pleas excuse my typos in the above message. I do know you probably overlooked those as none of us are perfect and just got the message I was trying to convey

  78. Hi to everyone, and I hope this message is sent to all who are within the areas rallies for Moonlight will be held.. The main one, although all of them, some being hel the same day as the NY one & some being planned for another date, will hold an important significance, is happening in NYC @ Central Park on June 14th.. Correct me if I am wrong here, but isn’t that also Flag Day, here in the US & Bastille Day in France??

    I hope there will be an extremely large turn out for each location these rallies are to being held.. I sure wish I could attend & I wish someone would organize one for here in Tucson, AZ as I know there are Moonlight fans right here.. I don’t know them all personally, but it is funny how this show has brought people together even just to speak briefly about Moonlight as I recently experienced at our local annual Tucson Folk Festival when I heard some women discussing the show as I was checking a merchant’s wares at the same booth as these ladies.. Immediately we all began talking about the show, it was awesome..

    Donna or dsa, if you get this message I am writing, I know you had told us that NY carries a very large fanbase and that they were carring on one heck of the campaign to save Moonlight and to get it back on the air.. I hope that YOU, also, will be attending the rally in NYC & for us not beeing able to attend: Please shout a cheer of vampire solidarity for all of us!!!!
    Rah, Rah, Rah!!!!

  79. Join the bummed club, me too, as I live in AZ.. I can’t attend either since there isn’t ANYONE to take care of my horses & dogs in my absence on such short notice, especially trying to get a flight.. I certainly can’t just leaving the water running constantly into all a water holding tubs for all my animals; yikes it would be a mess, not too mention a huge bill next month; I cannot just toss out a week or 2s worth of hay into the corral or silt open a 50lb bag of dog kibble & say to the furry kids, “See you in a week, so eat slowly, amke it last!”
    Damn thing, too, is most of my family lives back there & I could get a short visit in as well… But I cannot do any of this with such short notice..

    I hate to say it, moonlightline, but perhaps all of you can just get up, hop a plane, & have no responsibilities to tie you to a whole lot, but the majority of us fans have a lot of responsibilites.. so earlier notice in advance is recommended and appreciated by us all… because we really do want to be a part of these events, not just be the people who are really making the difference if Moonlight rises again, yep, the people who, though not looking for any actually, are not acknowledged as the heart of this campaign and are not the glory seekers..

    Sorry, Elizabeth, I am showing my fatigue in the campaign, & this is not being directed at you or anyone who has so faithfully employed the actual efforts to cause execs to take notice which is the bulk of mail the execs are receiving about this show.. You are Elizabeth, as well as all of you here, appreciated for your untiring & relentless contributions to what will once again resurrect the Moonlight.. I thank you each and every one..

    I will post here with any news for you Elizabeth and please do have a wonderful vacation…

  80. Hi Pat,
    I am so bummed! I will not be able to attend the “picnic” in Central Park as we will be away from the 7th to the 15th. I am writing my letters and will be sending out the postcards as soon as I print more of them out. Let me know what happens.

  81. Just checking in as I have not been aboard today:

    Oh, this is for our Tiffany, Nancy Reynolds told me she is having problems getting into our Alex O here… She siad it happened one other time prior & you adjusted something on your computer; can you please do the same again as her comments are a treasure to this message board

    And I’d like to welcome two new ladies here, I see,
    Welcome aboard Aimee Pierce and Mariah, hope we will be seeing a lot of your comments here… every little bit helps to hear someone else’s opinion or if you’ve got some new ideas to get Moonlight back on the air, we’d love to hear about it.. We’d like to know, too, if you come across any other informative news about the show, about Alex, or any of the other stars… Here you can vent, but in a polite manner, of course, so I am happy to see new people joining this board again..

    Mariah & Aimee, I know each of you would like Moonlight on asap, but just wishing doesn’t make it happen, so go through every headline on this site I read all of the message boards, then write to the networks, the show’s producers, the former sponsors of the show and tell THEM you want Moonlight picked up by their network..

    A very wise man told me long ago, “Child you have to do your own legwork”… I have lived by that advise all of my life and it works… it is like “Somebody Upstairs isn’t going to just help you unless you learn to help yourself”
    What I am getting at is: Moonlight is not just going to magically re-appear on your TV sets, we all have to do our parts to make that happen..

  82. oops,I misspelled dimension.

  83. PLEASE bring Moonlight back. Another station, Another demention, Another world, I don’t care! I’ll go there to watch it.

  84. Hi Mariah!

    Did you know you can buy all the episodes for download to your computer of Amazon Unbox. about $2.00 per episode.

  85. I just wish that moonlight would come back on soon.
    why because i just love the episodes of it.

  86. Thank you, Elizabeth… I sure hope this reaches everyone who signed to this site because I do feel a pep talk, perhaps not from moi, but anyone will get us going the longest mile to reach our goal..

    Hope you are still out there, Karen, Donna, dsa, Lucy Beardsly, to recall a few of the lovely people who were first on these boards when I came here…Are you still there JenniferG, you really had the go power? Would love to hear more from you Beth, too… And I know Christie & Nancy are in this 150%, thanks girls.. Stick it out folks, I just have a gut feeling that they will eventually see things our way…Nothing in big business is solved or decided upon quickly because of the monie involved, so please show patience yet perseverance…Do not let our fatigue show, just like an actor, show your best face even when you are hurting.. As the video clip above tells us & is an old actors quote, too:
    “THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!!!!”


  87. Hi Pat,
    Wow! That was great! I never feel the battle is over but an occasional pep always helps keep the balls rolling. I am trying to compose a great letter that I will send out tonight to every email address I can get a hold of. Thanks for getting the scoop for us on some of the inside stuff.

  88. Dear Tish,

    Well said, Olivia DeHavallind! And I’m afraid all too true. I have begun to wonder of late if TPTB are waiting to see whether or not the actors WILL strike before they complete negotiations, perhaps fearing that they cannot make a comeback after another strike. I think it may be important for us to include in our communications with Silver Productions, Warner Bros., SciFi and DTV, that in the event of another strike, we will be loyal to the show and back with it once it starts again, just a we were after the writer’s strike.

  89. I would like to share something else today that I found at IMDb in a bio on Olivia De Havilland… Some of you may not recognize the name right off, but if any of you have ever seen “Gone With the Wind”(the updated edition is on sale still today) you can see a very young actress (back then in 1939)in this movie who played Melanie, this was Ms De Havilland, but she starred in many productions from the 30s until mid-decade of the present.. She is one our finer ladies of show business who is still living today, I beleive.

    Ms DeH was also contracted years ago to Warner Bros and she is quoted as referring to WB as follows:
    “We were like a stock company at Warner’s.. We didn’t know any of the stars from the other studios”
    She, in fact, had sued WB & actually won, which at that time was unheard of and sheer suicide to one’s career.. But WB did not fire her after she won, she was not ostrasized by her fellow community, and she attained the respect of WB to boot…

    A more recent quote by the yet feisty Ms DeHavilland, which is so in tune with what was perpetrated on us and Moonlight by CBS.. It states as follows:

    We are artists folks, so get out there and continue the fight for Moonlight… Let’s see these boards here hopping, let’s see more big business computer system crashes from our multiple e-mails, let’s see the P.O.s around the country overloaded with our snailmail for Moonlight still pouring in…

  90. This is truly upsetting that this message board does not seem to be receiving a vast amount of messages as it once seemed to have had daily… I am hoping it has to do with internet gliches and not getting disheartened about much new news at the frontlines of Moonlight campaign..

    Well folks we did have a major Internet problem beginning on Saturday night & lastinf through the early hours of today.. So if you were trying to surf the web & only was sent a page that read: “Page Cannot Be Found”, it was not your computer’s fault.. There isn’t a need to take your puter to a repair shop, the repair was, and may still be work ensuing, needed for the whole Internet mechanism, some sort of breakdown or meltdown in its internal workings…

    Just thought of something funny with this web meltdown in mind; please do not think I am inferring that a problem of this nature is by any means funny..
    But getting back to what struck me funny:
    Remember DirecTV’s computers crashing when becoming overloaded by our e-mails asking for their support of Moonlight? Well, perhaps it was an honest overload of their systems or maybe not, but actually the beginning of this major meltdown of the Internet.. Yet I thik some forces are working in mysterious ways on our behalf and the meltdown’s start caused this DirecTV computer crash, but it was assumed to be caused by our huge amount of e-mails.. This is a great sign and perhaps Fate will not Pretend this time, but instead be the force behind us getting Moonlight to rise again…

    DON”T GIVE UP THE FIGHT FOLKS, IT IS NOT OVER YET… Sometimes battles take longer than it was hoped for to win or it takes many battles to win a war… WE HAVEN”T LOST THE WAR YET!!!!

    And our nest battle may be just ahead of us with the fact there is a possibility of an upcoming actor’s strike that is due to begin in mid-June.. DON’T TAKE TO FRETTING OR SAYING “OH NO, WHAT”S THE USE?” be POSITIVE & recall we just went thru a writer’s strike and stuck by Moonlight & still will… Also realize that the writer’s strike was extremely costly to the entertainment industry even on a personal level that most people are unaware of… A friend of mine who is familiar with many persons in the field told me it hit everyone so hard that some people, especially people in the structural part of the business like crew members, and other people behind the scenes, were forced to sell their homes, cars,and valubles to support their families.. The entertainment industry was served a harsh blow by the writer’s strike & they surely do not want another strike with such devastating results to grip their communities again.. What is your opinion???



  92. And for everybody:

    I sent an e-mail to my broker late last night & asked him to answer some questions that were posted at this board, as well, I had some of my own…

    He has not replied back as yet, so I called his office and was informed that he is on vacation until Monday. I asked the office manager there to make certain that my broker gets my e-mail post haste when he returns. I, also, emphasized that he e-mail back his answers, so that I can share them with a vast group of persons who are immersed in this endeavor which would bring about our reasons to unite for the long run by purchasing stocks as a united front, not individually(couldn’t buy enough as an individual to make the difference we need as our goal.

    Okay, I’ll be sitting on pins and needles awaiting his answers; and after I pull the needles out, I’ll get his answers to everybody here

  93. Hi Elizabeth,
    I just happened to be online when this came in, so I will reply as best I can…

    Yes, regular postal letters definitly a must, send by the quickest mode possible, if you can afford to do so, I mailed a few express, but sent most as priority mail. I’m a senior lady, so you can understand the fiancial end.

    I would say, the major stars of the show may also be involved in some sort of contact with WB as well… WB certainly would have secured such, I believe. Perhaps Nancy or someone else here can give us more insight into that

    Other options to help this campaign to get Moonlight back AND WE DO NOT MEAN FOR RE-RUNS, WE WANT A 3ND SEASON AND THEN SOME:

    *word of mouth: ask friends, other family members, & your neighbors, you know loved the show & would like to be a part of an all-out-effort to secure bringing the show, to write letters, give them the addresses they need.
    Talk about the show to even strangers in stores & on the street. Ask them to write letters, to, or call networks. Tell them to go online and google in Alex O’Loughlin or Moonlight and many sites will surface and they can get the info for show and whom to write to from there.

    Elizabeth, you yourself visit sites pertaining to this show and leave comments on message boards or blogs where you can about how you feel about losing this show & that you want it back soon… about the best one for recent Moonlight news is Leeser’s

    Vote a for the show, all of its cast members, because all are listed separately there.. Click “strongly agree” at every opinon that you find favorable pertaining to Moonlight/ if unfavorable, as you see it, click “strongly disagree”
    Start your own opinion about the show or cast members at the neilsen site also…. be sure, however, to check that you want updates of opinions sent to your computer, so you can know what other people are saying..

    If anyone else can add to this for Elizabeth please do..

    And, of course, check this site frequently for messages at this board…

    Again, Elizabeth, glad you are here

  94. Thanks for the welcome. I would definitely send letters to all of them – Jason too if you can. Alex seems to really appreciate the fan support. He doesn’t want to lose his identity but he loves the feedback and is totally amazed by it. We want all of them to know we are behind them. I know Alex has a 6 year contract with Warner Bros. but what about the rest of them? Maybe Leeser knows.

    Just for the record, I live in Connecticut and not on the West coast. I will do what I can to help. I am very close to NY. Let me know what I can do to help. I have letters out to everyone!!

  95. Just got this on my e-mail. Don’t know if it will be remotely helpful to anything, just throwing it out there:

    Time Warner Inc.
    Time Warner’s President & CEO Jeff Bewkes to Participate in Sanford Bernstein’s Strategic Decisions Conference
    Date of press release: 28 May 2008 9:49 AM
    Click for full release

  96. Hi guys! Just stopped in the see what was going on on-line. Things are hopping at Moonlight Line. Billboard and print ad ideas. Leeser has ads running in two major newspapers — she’ll have update info on that. Check it out.
    Pat, looking forward to the information you get from the Broker today or tomorrow.
    Well, gotta go to work (I don’t actually do this for a living!) Have a good day, everybody.

  97. Hi Elizabeth welcome to the Moonlight family. Iam thinking of sending a copy of the letter to Alex and Sophia plus Joel. Just you they can see what moonlight is responsable for and see what they all mean to us I think it would make them all feel really good but before I do this I would like to know what your opinions are. Would you send it if you were me? I would include Jason if I had an address but I have not found one for him. If you think I should not send the letter please Please be honest and tell me your honest opinion. I would greatly appreciate it. Again before I go Welcome to the moonlight Family Elizabeth hope to see you here more often.


  98. Oh, before I must get offline and get going to town…
    YES, as Nancy said in her message, there are other networks out there connected with DirecTV, so keep those snail mails heading out to them asking them to make Moonlight their home for future new episodes, EMPHASIZE NEW EPISODES PLEASE.. And do write to Joel Silver, Moonlight’s Exe Producer, again & again, letting him know how much you love the show & want him to get new epeisodes promised to the networks interested in picking up Moonlight.. Of course, he cannot be expected to film new episodes until he has pitched that his product will be delivered once the network says “We Want You To Start Now Filming Again”!!!

    Sure we would all love to watch Season 1 again, but we will not be appeased with just that, WE WANT SEASON 2 AND WILL NOT STOP UNTIL WE GET THAT AND MORE!!!

  99. Nancy, Leeser made no mention to me of it being just re-runs on the Sci-Fi channel, but they may be doing this first, to calm the Moonlighters frenzy, until Silver and the cast can provide them with more new episodes.. Definitely need to ascertain the bottom line of this news from Lesser.. those interested in asking questions pertaining to Moonlight can e-mail her at:
    Please do not overwhelm her with e-mails, but if you have to know immediately then ASK, but as briefly as possible.. This may also alert her to what news is showing up online or in print elsewhere & she can find out the truth for all of us…

  100. Hi Elizabeth,
    Welcome aboard and I am also close to your age group. We, as an older group of audiences, that loved Moonlight should let those, that need to be contacted to bring Moonlight back, hear our voices the these “young whipper snapper execs” that we are a “force to be reckoned with”!!!! So “May the force be with you!”, Elizabeth and I hope that you will check this board for addresses to send your snail mails(Regular Post Office mailings)to and voice your desire to bring the show back and wanting it shown on (the name of the network), etc, etc…

    Though I should not even be on here this AM I had to check out any new messages before I left for town for the rest of the day…Goodness, Nancy @ 6AM & me before going to appointments, sounds like this site has she , I, and our whole “family” here having earned the name “crazed moonlight fans” (Check out message concerning DirecTV).. Don’t fret, it’s a Good Thing…THE SQUEEKY WHEEL GETS HEARD & THE PROBLEM CORRECTED..remember that with each letter you write to get Moonlight back on the air..SO BEGIN THAT PROCESS NOW!!!

  101. Hi Guys!

    I can’t believe I’m back on the computer at 6am with about 5 hrs sleep. I must be insane! But had a great idea!
    I was thinking about how to let the community know that Moonlight is cancelled, and to get people to write in: convenience is everything. I’m going to pre-write (type up) some postcards. That way, when I tell people, “You know Moonlight was cancelled,” and I get the same horrified gasp, I have something to put in front of them. Here, sign this and add your address, I’ll send it off for you! It’s like a petition but more impressive for the recipients and less trouble for the casual fans.
    We could do the reverse when the show is picked up again. Just hand out fliers to people who are interested, telling date, time and station.
    What do you think?
    There’s a post from TV guide saying SciFi is only interested in doing re-runs. What I want to know is, where is he getting his information? Leeser at Moonlight seems to have the inside track on negotiations. I think we should wait and hear from her. And even if it’s true, there are still 3 other networks out there we haven’t targeted in the way we have SciFi. We can still offer THEM a partnership with DTV. Don’t listen to the nay-sayers. If we had we would have shut up when CBS handed us the walking papers. The very LEAST we’ll get is a Moonlight Movie. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

  102. Thank you so much for “getting the show on the road”. I would never have figured out how to be heard otherwise. I think you should extend the age group from 49 to 65. My older friends love it too! I love this show and watch the reruns on my iphone daily. I would be so happy to help save Moonlight! Count me in!

  103. Oh, can’t sign off yet, Nancy, I will get in touch with my broker and see if he can answer those questions, but may not do this until Thursday as chores call me in the AM, then off to town for the rest of the day.

    Again I wish
    sweet Alex dreams to all the ladies
    & lucious Sophia dreams to all you gents
    Pleasant Dreams all, Pat

  104. Christie, absolutely wonderful letter, extremely expressive, actually emphasizes that we are not just some fanatical cult, but extremely devoted humans who believe in helping and standing strongly united.

    Nancy, when I read that letter to DirecTV I was rolling with laughter… the author of that letter has a future in writing definitely

    So all in all it has been a good turn of events so far to read on this site and a little humor to lighten our load…
    thank you from a Crazed Moonlight Fan;
    night folks, Pat

  105. I just had to post this here, I thought it was so hilarious! Some wonderful writer wrote this the DTV after we crashed their computer!

    Dear Direct TV:
    We apologize – maybe we never properly introduced ourselves.
    We are the Moonlight fans…..Moonlight Mafia, Moonlight Army, or just those
    crazy vampire folks – we go by many names. We are sorry that we have frightened
    you. Please come out from under your desks so we can talk – it’s okay we don’t
    bite. We just want our show back – and we’re willing to go to great lengths to
    get it.
    You might want to consult Alex O’Loughlin or Jason Dohring on how to handle us
    — they seem to have a knack for keeping us satiated and quiet.
    There are 8 Million of us we take this very seriously, and we will not be
    silenced except on the word of Joel Silver, and at this point……..we’re not
    even sure we would listen to him.
    Thank you –
    The Crazed Fans of Moonlight

  106. Great letter Christie! Everyone is doing such a wonderful job! How can we not win with dedication like this!

  107. Everyone this is the letter I wrote to Direct Tv

    Hi I am emailing because we the fans are trying so hard to be heard. We are trying so hard to save our favorite show called ‘Moonlight”. This show is by far the best thing to hit Network television in such a long time. The fact that CBS has canceled this show makes me wonder what the person in charge over there is thinking. After all Moonlight has consistently helped CBS win Friday nights. The Nielsen ratings has proven that moonlight has 7.5 to 8 million viewers tuning it to the station that has Moonlight airing. Just think for 1 whole hour the station airing Moonlight has 8 million viewers watching. Just let me add that the number 8 million is rapidly growing. Look at the People’s Choice Awards over 10 million people voted Moonlight the best New Drama of 2008 and Moonlight won the award. Plus they are already nominated for Emmys. I say that a record like that is not bad for a show that due to the writers strike was cheated out of 5 more episodes. Also it has been proven that Moonlight reached the desired 18-49 Demographic it was aiming for.

    Alex O’Loughlin, Sophia Myles,Jason Dohring and Shannyn Sossoman have made their character’s come to life on the screen. I have not seen a better cast in a very, very long time. To tell you the truth I have over 1000 movies in my personal collection and I can not tell you any that have a cast who have worked so well together, nor have I seen a television show with a cast like Moonlight’s they all just play off of one another. Moonlight is so amazing the cast, the writers it is just awesome. Anyone who picks this show for their network would be gaining something so special to a lot of people. Not to mention all the fans who will go to/remain with any advertiser that supports their favorite show. Moonlight makes such an impression on the viewing Audience that we are campaigning so hard to save it. After all this show alone has been responceable for Fans who have rallied together a nation wide blood drive, food drive, and even a diaster relief fund. These are things people may not have even given a second thought to doing, but because of their strong Love for Moonlight they have been getting involved in so many good things to show their support for Moonlight, not only their support for Moonlight but it has help people all around the world open their hearts and help each other out.

    Moonlight is responceable for bringing such a large amount of people around the world, who were complete strangers together in one common goal, to Save Moonlight. In doing so it also has brought these 8-10 million people together in another common goal helping each other out through blood drives, food drives and diaster relief. Well now these 8 -10 million people from all over the world are friends. You know you have a hit on your hands when in the world of today it can bring out such good in people and give a reason for total strangers who probably never would have spoken, together as friends and a family, the Moonlight Family together united as one. Nor would these people have joined together in helping out others as we have now. We the fans are not only strangers who have become friends we are strangers who have become family we are Moonlight United. I am one of those people who never gave a thought to doing anything like this in my life and look at me now. I have a whole new group of friends and I have a show that I love so much Moonlight and not only that but I have a new outlook on the people in this world everything I have seen from the blood drive to the diaster relief fund proves to me that the world still has a heart. Thank you Moonlight for bringing so many strangers together as friends and teaching us all how to open our hearts to reach common goals. Some people may say that you can’t learn anything from television I would say that they are wrong. If you want a family oriented show you’ve got one in Moonlight. Sure there are vampires drinking blood and an occasional body shown on the screen but guess what you see blood, bodies, murder, beatings, and so much more in shows like CSI, Law and Order, Law and Order SVU, Reality shows (people bouncing off of concrete, hit in the face with hard opjects). See if you put every television under a microscope like the PTC does lets face it there would be nothing on television. Every show on has a little something that people do not care to see on television that does not mean you take it off the air, if that were the case we would have no television. After all Television show are fantasy entertainment New shows are fact. So please help the world get backs it entertainment. The worls has enough fact lets have some fantasy. Please anyone who reads this help the Fans bring back Moonlight. WE LOVE AND CHERISH MOONLIGHT AND WE WILL LOVE A CHERISH THE PEOPLE WHO SAVE MOONLIGHT.

    Thank you for your time.

  108. Hi guys!

    Actually, I think we crashed their computers at DirecTv within about an hour and a half. They set up the above special line for us and begged for mercy!

    Makes ya feel good, doesn’t it?

  109. Hi everyone it is Tuesday 5/27/08 at 10:29 pm. I just came from this is the new post that has been added to the site must have been posted in the last hour because I have been checking that site all day for updated info and this was not there read on important:

    We have been noticing the threads & comments suggesting that the fans could subsidize the remaining funds for the production of Moonlight. While that is a wonderful thought in theory, for many reasons it would not be likely to happen. Instead we may have found another option.

    As most are aware, NBC recently sealed a deal with DirecTV to bring Friday Night Lights back to life, NBC’s critically acclaimed but ratings starved Friday night high school melodrama. The deal struck allows for DirecTV to air new episodes of Friday Night Lights beginning in October 2008, most likely on its High-def channel 101. NBC and its affiliates such as Universal HD would air the episodes starting in January 2009.

    We believe that a campaign to solicit DirecTV interest in pursuing a similar arrangement could be beneficial and profitable to the satellite provider, as well as the WB and Silver Pictures. However, our efforts will differ in that it is not the network or studio that is approaching DirecTV, but rather the fans.

    Recently, DirectTV has undertaken an aggressive marketing campaign to heighten public awareness. They are trying to distinguish themselves from their rival on content as well as price and seem to be willing to
    spend the money to do it. Our approach will definitely be different in that NBC approached DirecTV. Since this would be a grassroots fan campaign, it will have a different marketing spin for DirecTV. How many satellite companies can say that they’ve got fans approaching them about saving their show?

    Be polite, thoughtful and encouraging when you contact these people. Stress the numbers: according to Nielsen, this show has 7.5 to 8 million viewers, that the show reached the desired 18-49 demographic, that it consistently helped CBS to win Friday nights and that loyal fans will go to/remain with any advertiser that supports their favorite show.

    DirecTV is already aware of our campaign and created a special email address for us to send in our letters. Let’s pack that inbox full of support for Moonlight! Send your emails to:

    This campaign is IN ADDITION to the postcard campaign targeting the Sci Fi Channel, FX, and USA. Please don’t stop contacting those networks.

    You all read what this said now start emailing. thank you.

  110. On a purely personal Moonlight note, I’m glad to hear that the principles are still all getting together. You know usually when a show is cancelled everyone just scatters and that’s that. They must know, as we do, that something exceptional is happening here.

    I’m eager to hear further news from Leeser, so glad you got to speak with her!

  111. Hi Pat!

    I wondering the same: can we actually purchase shares in NBC/Universal? I can’t find anything listed for them as far as stocks go, so I’m guessing it will have to be GE. I know you actually have a stock broker. Can you ask?

    Also, some other questions:
    * In a company as big as GE, how much stock does the group have to purchase to be heard? For instance, can we write or introduce ourselves in some way to NBC/Universal or even the Hoonchos at Sci Fi or USA, to say we’re the representatives of “Friends of Moonlight” (or whatever we call ourselves) and just want you to know we have a stock block of such-and-such and a burning interest in this show? You know, velvet glove with an iron fist.

    * How do we form the fund and what stock broker does everyone contact to invest?

    All the detail questions. We should all know exactly how it’s gonna work. It’s such a GREAT IDEA, Pat, and again, just like everything else in this campaign, it’s unprecedented!

  112. Hi Nancy,
    I still have errands to run, but, as we all know, stocks are always changing in cost per share. But from the info I wrote about above, it just may be GE is the stock.. thus far, that is unless shares can just be purchased for a specific company within a corporation; not sure about that, need to ask a broker.

    In actuality, Moonlight was not seen on TVs throughout the world, but some countries had to download an episode from their computers is what I have been getting the drift of on some of the message boards for this show. Still, even with that set of circumstances, Moonlight has a worldwide fanbase..

  113. Hi Alex Fans,
    Some news that we may all find a little encouraging to stick with our battle to win the war to renew our Moonlight and see Alex on TV weekly…

    I called the ph# for Leeser of, who BTW is a extremely nice lady, if we were wondering what gender was associated with the name. Anyway, I spoke with her a valuable few minutes but got some great vibes. Nothing is definite yet, but there is contact with DirectTV who televises Sci-Fi Channel which is the network that seems to be topping the interest level in our Moonlight. Seems money flow is needed to bring in the show(what else is new in big business but money, only money)and Sci-Fi will back this need with a specific amount of cash if some details are met, but Lesser will fill in all the details I am certain soooon at in her updates.

    I ran the stock block idea, still budding through Nancy’s & my research, & Lesser thinks this is a wonderful idea. Remember this lady has inside contact with this show’s “family”. I explained to her that its(the stock block) purpose is to have the control to say what happens to our show, Moonlight, in the future.. I asked her to try to get the word out for us once we get all our info collected & the following of this group of fans, plus know how we will set this up & what stock is most important to purchase for a Moonlight united fans control; so far it looks like it might be whomever is the controlling corporation behind the Sci-Fi Channel.

    Now some social news:

    I learned from Lesser that Sophia, Jason, & Shannyn(perhaps Coraline will be i the new shows) were at Joel Silver’s(the exec producer) house for a Memorial Day BBQ yesterday…they are all in awe of the efforts being executed by their vast audience and fans of Moonlight to salvage their and our show…. Apparently the word is that they are quite grateful to us all, also. I like the fact, myself, that Joel is staying so close with his young stars, which gives me hope that they are discussing the show’s future among themselves also… Let’s keep that thought, too, for us to carry out positive action to win back Moonlight..

    I told Lesser that I am such a fan of Alex and she replied: “he’s sex on a stick!” WOW, couldn’t have said it better myself. I laughed, actually I was blushing and thankfully could not be seen) and told her I was old enough for him to be my son, which I am. She said that’s alright, many think of Alex as sexy… in other words, young & old. I emphasized to Lesser that my feelings of Alex is that he comes across as a very loving, genuine person. She told me “HE IS” all of that and one of the sweetest men to know. Yes, ladies and gents, she has met “THE MAN” and she confirms my feelings, as well as expressing to me that Alex gives good hugs too…. I told her I Want One Of Those…

    I expressed to her that I (as, hopefully, we all are)(told her I am among the fans on Alex O’Loughlin Online, so hopefully she will check out our little site here and see what we all have to say), am willing do all I can to help get Moonlight back on the airwaves again. For me, that is going to be an act of Congress to find a sitter for my animals(horses & dogs) if I care to participate in any live events, like one of their conventions or their rallies, in the future, but if there is a Will, there is a Way; & I am a head-strong Sagittarian who carries out to the end(& ladies & gents, it is NOT THE END OF MOONLIGHT YET)..


    Think seriously, to donate to the funds started by Moonlight fans, a Food Drive, Financial help(even if it is to donate $ to bring in the costs to match what Sci-Fi is going to put up front to bring Moonlight to the cabling company where Sci-Fi lives), and giving blood to the Red Cross.

    Lesser said nothing about having an interview with Alex yesterday, so this may not have been totally accurate info coming through the netwaves yesterday, so I apologize… But I was speaking to the woman today & the above news is what I received from the SOURCE herself.. Perhaps we can look for an interview of Alex, hopefully, at another time and since there was no mention of Alex at Joel’s BBQ yesterday, he is porbably still in Mexico

  114. Hi guys!
    I’ve been digging a little deeper into ownership of the networks because Pat and I have some differing info. Some changes. Viacom no longer owns SciFi and USA Network. They were purchased by NBC/Universal which is owned overall by General Electric. GE currently selling for 30.24. (Unless it all changes again in the next 10 minutes!) Both are still shown in US only or (for USA) a little in Canada and S. America.

    Thanks for your patience. It’s hard to follow the thread of these companies, they change ownership so much!

  115. I am hotter than ever to get us a season 2. What a storyline! I hope that Mick and Beth find time to just be together during all of this. I never knew they could cancel a show that won an award. What is wrong with the Sci-Fi channel? This would be great for them! By the way, I am also done with CBS. I will not watch it no matter what they put on.

  116. That’s right Jen! Fans brought back Star Trek and spun it into a megaconglommerate, and don’t think it won’t come back again! Why not the same for Moonlight?

    I don’t have a clue about the thought processes of the CBS execs. Ya know, they’re all so frightened of losing their job (that’s ALL the big network execs) that they just want to stick to the formula they know. In CBS’s case CSI #30,000. We’ll move on to a smaller network willing to be more innovative!

  117. No, not giving up. I have a company to run.

    Last week there were hand written notes mailed to several of the
    sponsors of Moonlight:

    Bristol-Meyer, Energizer, McDonalds, Ace Hardware, Acorn Products, IHOP, and others,
    thanking them for making this show possible.

    Also, some of my male friends agreed to put their weight (and their money) into this, and this means more Snail Mail for CWTV and Sci-Fi.

    Nina said that she cancelled Moonlight for the same reason she cancelled Jericho: The numbers were not there.

    I do not believe she did her research.

    I’ve spoke with a casting agent in Hollywood and she said that the only things that gets attention are: Letters, especially snail mail, post cards, phone calls, the more the better and even then it’s going to be a tough call, but:

    Fans did bring back Star Trek. 🙂

    There is a petition on a group where you can vote for your favorite show/actor – don’t know if it is still an active link, but Alex O’Loughlin and Moonlight were the winners in all 3 categories.

  118. Dear Pat,

    Yes my little computer fingers have been worked to the bone! I can’t BELIEVE I left out the BLOOD DRIVE! I could just kick myself! Have you ever had the feeling you were just forgetting one thing… Oh well. Brain fatigue. And of course the food drive and disaster relief are important too. But the BLOOD DRIVE is such an attention getter. Darn!

    Oops! Mis-wrote again. USA and SciFi are in the NBC building not CBS. Sorry.

    Ah, so CBS is NOT owned by Time Warner? I looked at so many today, I’m confused. I’m sure you’re right. Well, that’s a relief anyway!

    I agree that we need to wait for the announcement tomorrow to see what direction the negotiations are headed in. (I hope they announce early.) Then it’s just spreading the relevant info to all the sites we can find. Does anybody know how to include the site address to Alex OLoughlin Fan Site in a message so that they can travel to this site?

    That’s all I’ve got for now!

  119. So sorry Nancy, I did something & Word Press thought I was sending a duplicate message before I finished the previous one…

    Anyway, Buying into Time Warner is good, especially since Moonlight is affiliated with a production company that is there, Silver Pictures, whose chief exec, Joel Silver, owns the rights to Moonlight. AND THE PRICE PER SHARE IS GREAT… There are several points of view pertaining to a purchase of this stock:

    1) we have the right to direct the course for Moonlight, yet we will never own more than Joel Silver’s shares

    2)However, Silver is working his heart out trying to find Moonlight a new home, too, as he believes in its future & continuing success as much as we do.

    3) owning shares in this corporation may give all of us rights to any items that will eventually come into production because of the show..

    4) And, on the other hand, owning shares in the network which picks Moonlight up will give us a better say in its survival running on the network for a good length of time…

    Nancy, loved the letter you posted earlier that you are going to send out to the other networks. Even if our own group here at this site used it as their format, we could get more letters out there snailmail to everyone that needs some eyeopening to Moonlight’s following and future success.
    In your reasoning power on the letter you should also mention that Moonlight’s fan following is also contributing to helping people with a ongoing Food Drive, a Blood Drive, which again took place, I believe, at the convention and lastly, until Moonlighters think of other good they can be of service with, they are collecting money for the needy too… most of these have led to help in the areas worldwide that have been devastated by natural disasters.

    I’ll catch up with you later; need to go take care of my animals right now and feed me too….

  120. Hi Nancy,
    I got your message from Tiffany and I will be sending soon, so keep a lookout from either address.

    You have been a busy little Sherlock Holmes, haven’t you today? I feel we need to get out info to other networks on this; I sent out a feeler e-mail to one of the lady’s I know who posts comments on several sites and is in contact with the lady overseeing Hopefully we can get a glimmering hope from all the fans to show an interest and then continue from there. Of course, it would be best to see what announcement is due to come out tomorrow, Tuesday, pertaining to what is transpiring in negotiations for Moonlight.

    CBS is part of a conglomerate which is owned by Westinghouse is what I found in my research… I think Westinghouse is White Westinghouse now.. so you see businesses are always changing hands regularly.

    CBS’s corporate headquarters is at 524 W 57th Street in NY, so what have you discovered about USA & Sci-Fi being part of CBS, Those 2 network are located on the 21st Floor of 30 Rockefella Plaza. It has been a very long time since I have been back east, so I do not know who is where any longer in NY, but many studios probably share space since space is in demand in NY. I THINK WE SHOULD CHECK OUT MORE ON VIACOM…

  121. Okay guys, here is what I learned from my research:

    TNT is owned by Turner Broadcasting System which is a division of Time Warner. (Right back to TWX). Time Warner is the only stock available. Current price $15.91
    It has an international audience as well as the U.S.

    CW is owned by CBS and Warner Bros. Divisions of Time Warner again. CW only shows in the U.S.

    SciFi is owned by Viacom. Current price $38.32
    SciFi only shows in the U.S.

    FX is owned by Fox International, a division of News Corp, owned by Rupert Murdock. Current price $19.11. Audience is international.

    USA is owned by Viacom. Audience is U.S., Canada, and S. America.

    So what does all this tell us? Well, not sure how keen I am about the Time Warner properties. Look what they did to us already at CBS. On the other hand, all the divisions are pretty independent, so maybe that paranoia is unjust. The price is reasonable. But it looks to me that if it’s a Time Warner property, TNT is preferrable to CW because TNT is seen internationally.

    Viacom is the owner of both SciFi and USA. It’s pretty pricey (I wonder why it’s so much more than Time Warner or News Corp? Less stock out there in the market place, maybe?) Both are pretty much limited to the U.S.

    Finally, FX is reasonably priced and international.
    It’s owned by Rupert Murdock, and while I may hate his politics, he does have good programming stations. Only drawback I know about: At FOX (I don’t know about FX) The executives may be more meddlesome than the ones at CBS.

    Having analyzed all this, the bottom line is, we have to be grateful to whoever picks up the show, and if protective influence is the goal, we have to buy their stock. The only exception would be if we wanted to concentrate on lobbying one particular network over another before a deal is struck.

    Any comments?

  122. Jennifer Griffith, Hi,

    I so hope that your last input where you stated, “I’m outta here” does not mean that you are leaving this fight with us.

    You have wonderful Ideas Jennifer, but so give credit, also, to other peoples ideas as well. I do hope that you will continue to assist in getting Moonlight back on regular TV.

    My point is that not everyone has access to the Internet… there are some elderly audiences who love the show and want it back on their TV lineup to watch in the comfort of their own living room, so please consider this, too. The majority of persons, my age and older, do not know the first thing about a computer, let alone downloading an entertainment program. Many seniors do not even own a computer… so thoughts that Moonlight will be sent only to a select group of viewers that are computer savvy is rather limited and will not bolster any type of ratings, though I feel, along with many, that the Nielsen ratings are archaic and probably corrupt in their accuracy…

    As far as a stock block is concerned, Jennifer, it is your choice not to buy into any endeavor in this direction, when it comes about, for whatever reason, be it personal or financial, but know it is the stock holders of corporations that have the most pull in the business world…

    Hope that we will not lose you at this site….We all are frustrated by this idiotic decision of CBS to cancel Moonlight.. We are all exhausted from our efforts, writing & calling, to find Moonlight a new home network and from being online for hours to connect, vote, or just comment as we do here; sometimes this is our only venting area to calm us. But corporations like CBS, the PTC, they want us to get tired and give up; we cannot do this, should not do this, and most of all, let these execs think they will win or that we are weakening.

  123. Hi guys! The following letter went out via email to CW, Sci Fi, TNT, USA, and FX:

    The loyal fans of the adventure/romance show Moonlight, late of CBS, are looking for a new home for their favorite drama.

    Because of the writer’s strike Moonlight didn’t even get a full first season. Despite that, this is what they accomplished:
    * Won the People’s Choice Award for best new drama.
    * Won their ratings time period every week despite having the WORST slot on the air (Fridays at 9pm).
    * Has a fan following so devoted they created a convention for the show long before it was cancelled, drawing participants from the U.S. and abroad. (The convention proceeded despite the cancellation.)
    * Has a fan following who quickly raised the money for full page ads in both Variety and The Hollywood Reporter asking another network to pick up the show.
    * Has a fan following who created an unprecedented writing campaign using every resource they could think of.

    Why all the love? The answer is simple. Compelling and exciting episodes. Charming and appealing characters. A rich and exotic premise. Sex appeal. Fun!

    Take advantage of your chance (Whoever)! MILLIONS of devoted Moonlight fans are ready to give you their delicious advertising dollars. Make the deal! Bring Moonlight to the (Whoever) Channel.

    That was the easy part. Now the hard part: I’m getting to work on researching the targeted networks. Looks like USA and Sci Fi are both owned by CBS (at least, they’re located in their building).

  124. Hi Nancy,

    Just to keep in touch as I have to get busy on picking up around the property after the winds we have had for several days now; to ler you know how strong: on the news: a roof was totally torn off a store in a town south of here. I live on the outskirts of Tucson, have been in AZ for 18 years in July. I hail from back east originally, Bayonne, NJ, born in NY many years ago.

    We have something in common, however you are already a published author. I have many poems, about 5 older children’s short stories written, am working on a lengthy novel that is fiction based on fact. I, however, have not attempted to be published yet. Perhaps one day you can give me some pointers, that is if we can write through our personal ISP mails.. Think it not wise to give info on the site, but maybe the person heading this site can get our info to each other..

    Anyway, I think it is wonderful that you are a hospice nurse…Nursing is an extremely difficult profession and one must have the fortitude to carry it out successfully. My mother was an RN for over 40 years & I never felt I could follow in her footsteps in her career. I had the grades but I did not have the stamina to watch people suffer and pass on.. I commend you, Nancy, for following such a path, especially having dealt with family and near family under hospice care;such nurses must be strong for them, deal with what the family is going through emotionally, too.

    Oh My, you have had a varied life of career choices… an actress in NY, too. Was that on-stage such as Broadway or off-Broadway?? Sounds colorful and you already have another novel at your fingertips in your memoirs.

    Now back to Moonlight:
    There is supposed to be some word from Moonlight’s porducers on Tuesday about what is happening definitely… so I am so looking forward to knowing from “the horse’s mouth”, so to speak.

    With more definiton of where Moonlight is headed, we will definitely make it known to the Moonlight audiences and Alex fans that it is of the UPMOST IMPORTANCE that we, as a united group, buy stocks of the network to hold the rights to have the main say… We must emphasize bodly that even though Moonlight found another home network(when this happens & am sure it will) WE, THE FANS MUST BE ON TOP SO ANOTHER SITUATION AS WE HAD BEEN THROUGH(Or are going through now) DOES NOT OCCUR AGAIN BY BEING MULTI-SHARED HOLDERS OF THAT NETWORKS STOCK.

    As for Holly, I hope she is just a passing flame in Alex’s life; He so deserves better…. Sorry, but youth does not excuse being rude or being unfaithful….

  125. Dear Pat,

    I totally agree. We need that stock block. As you know, it’s a voice to be reckoned with. I can help research the 4 major contenders tomorrow, and also help float the idea to other sites.

    Yes, I worked today. I’m a hospice nurse in Las Vegas. Today was my fifth 10 hour day in a row and I’m a little brain dead. Thank God I’m off tomorrow and Tues.

    Nursing is my day job. A million years ago in the 70’s I was an actress in New York for a few years. Now I’m also a writer. Romance fiction, non-fiction, and teleplays.

    I think it’s a very good sign that TNT and Sci-Fi are taking a serious look at the show. You know, the fan out-pouring is really unprecidented. The only thing it compares with is Star Trek, and we know how that turned out! (Don’t think that the Trek Universe won’t be back on the air again in some form. It will just take a little while to cycle back again.) But let’s get a little insurance — not only to keep the show on the air, but to keep idiot execs out of the creative process.

    As a writer looking at the progression of the series, and from what we now know of the history as Alex describes it, I can see the warring voices and changing points of view as each new show runner, writer and producer took over. Frankly, the last 4 shows, though we cherish them, were just a mess. In #15 Beth actually CONDONES Joseph killing off a nuisance paparazzi? How in the name of God is that possible? Totally inconsistent with her character. Discredit him? Yeah. Even have him jailed for stalking or maybe frightened out of his wits, but MURDERED? I can look at these various events and imagine what misery it must have been for the actors, writers and producers who were trying to stay true to the original vision of the show. What a nightmare. A block of stockholders loyal to the shows producers, writers and actors should help protect them from a repeat of that same situation.

    Tomorrow is a new day and will start afresh then.

    Yes, saw the note about Alex and Holly. What can I say? She’s young. She’ll eventually learn better.

  126. Dear Nancy,

    I’m still for the stock block idea, Nancy. I was thinking of going through the stock reports of different network companies anyway, but now we basically know who is interested and who isn’t.
    My idea, since news seems to be getting better for a 2nd season, is to encourage all moonlighters to stay together as a solidarity even when Moonlight gets picked up. Then as a united front all Moonlighters combine forces together buying stocks in the network, or parent company of the network, that Moonlight gets contracted to. What we are after is a solid voice in making sure, by holding a numerous amount of stocks, so that our say counts and this never happens to Moonlight again…

    And yes, I like the idea of TNT also, but Sci-Fi is still coming on as a very strong opposition for gaining Moonlight. This was the last news I got tonight from my contact over at Adoring Alex….

    So, you worked this weekend, I do hope you have tomorrow off so you can rest.

    Check out my comment about Alex’s girlfriend(here look @ Alex & Holly Make an Appearance) and where to look up at other site as to what has me riled….

    I haven’t a clue where you are located, and it is after 10PM here in Tucson, so I will say good-night….

  127. Dear Pat,

    Great news! TNT would be wonderful. Other good prospects are Sci Fi, FX, and USA. The beauty of these networks is that theoretically they will not try to meddle in the show as much as CBS did.

    I wouldn’t worry about Sophia wanting or not wanting to go to New York. She’s under contract to the show – probably for 5 or 6 years – no matter where it’s filmed. I’m surprised they haven’t considered filming in Canada, a lot of the cable networks do.

    Excellent News! Are we waiting a while on the stock block idea, then?

  128. I do hope all are enjoying this Memorial Day weekend; could be why the board is so silent

    Please read the message I left above and here is some new news as of this AM from another Moonlight friend I met at “Adoring Alex” (I’ll type what she sent that she received from the Moonlight Boards this AM), word for word, to me and others:

    Newest news is that several stations are INTERESTED in MOONLIGHT and the latest to express EXTREME INTEREST is TNT… so everyone is still in the game as far as a 2nd season of the series…

    RUMOR has it that Sophia Myles doesn’t want to relocate to New York and, of course, we are all hysterical over that!!! Hopefully it is just a rumor… or she might rethink it!!! I, (as well, as us all), cannot imagine Moonlight without the 2 of them together!

    The CON (the Moonlight Con Convention-1st annual– @ the Westin LAC hotel) is going on for the weekend in LA
    *POSTERS of MICK ST.JOHN were put up for auction to make money for the FOOD BANK there…
    A POSTER FOR $300!!!!!!!
    And THIS is for the SHOW CBS canceled!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!

    Also being discussed is that NEILSEN tracked 8 million viewers….but thousands have signed up on the “they didn’t give me a box, but I watch MOONLIGHT every week” petition… so that number is probably LOW (believe speaking about the NEILSEN RATINGS)to the true scope of viewing….


    So everyone here at Alex O’Loughlin Online that is the current update and I hope you are still out there fighting with us all…. Pat Schau

    Hopefully you can click on the link I just left or type same into google

    One thing I will tell all of the Alex fans is that if Moonlight gets back to production the conventioners were told that there will be no Moonlight without Alex.

  130. · Edit

    Thanks for your comments, Miss Nancy Reynolds.

    I’m outta here.

  131. So, how to gather all this information quickly? Is there such a thing as a stock broker who specializes in entertainment industry stocks? Perhaps that would be the fastest way to get information on the various networks. I freely admit I know nothing about how to choose stock. I need help with this whole aspect. But I do have a fair understanding of the entertainment industry. So I can help with that.

    As to getting the word out once we have the info: Well, thank God for the internet. We just have to start contacting operators of the various fan sites and blogs. I don’t think it will be possible for us to have the complete info we need before the convention winds up. But maybe we could go to one of the web sites streaming info about what’s happening at the convention and they could carry the basic idea to the convention goers. What do you think?

    I’m working Sat and Sun so cannot devote as much attention to this idea as I would like, but will be ready to help quite a bit on Mon and Tues.

  132. · Edit


    Been a long day, I might not be very coherent, it is 11:44 p.m., and I must get to bed.

    Anyway, what I wanted to comment on: Sponsors understand money and customer loyalty, even if CBS quivers every time Parents Television Council gets ‘offended’.

    A note of interest: Dick Wolf, creator of Law and Order – his show was tanking, until someone gave him some sage advice: You have to get the women. He did and look at the results.

  133. Dear Pat,

    Yes, I agree with the idea of researching the networks. We have to know exactly how they’re run, and who owns them. And, it has to be a network that needs the stock boost while at the same time having the financial means to afford to buy Moonlight. And you’re right that time is of the essence.

    I believe all the letter writing campaigns in the world will do little good at this point. As a whole, the industry is dismissing the Moonlight fans. Look at the absent coverage of the major industry TV shows. Why isn’t Entertaiment Tonight, for instance, running a story about the rally at WB, or the Moonlight convention, or the blood drive, or the full page ads in Variety and Hollywood Reporter? The answer is, we’re getting uncomfortably close to being considered hysterical females. Now here’s what’s really interesting to me: Moonlight fans are being lumped together with Jericho fans. When the truth is, the Jericho fans supported that show because they were interested in the political/moral/survivalist storyline. It was a very interesting story line. BUT, the Moonlight fans are interested in the sexual fantasy and romance of the story lines. HUGE HUGE difference. Sex sells in a way politics never will, ya know? I’m astonished CBS never got that. But now, we MUST do something, as you say, that shows us to be savy, clever, consumers of a product. Publishers may denegrate romance readers as purchasers of “fluff,” but they do not ignore them. They spend too much money to be ignored. You said it yourself. Money talks.

  134. Ah! You make very good points here. You are correct that everyone cannot afford those paid channels.
    We should both look into getting stock info on various networks, but to do this one must research them to find out who owns them or if there is a parent company over the actual network.
    For instance, CBS is no longer a singular corporation; it is owned by Westinghouse.

    Once we have the info we need for various networks, even the basic channels like NBC, ABC, FOX, UPN etc, we can watch the stock fluctuation and its individual stock histories.

    Again I am hoping a stock block will work in our favor, but it will show networks (even CBS) and WB wea are not some cult but mature business minded individuals.

    We would have to work fast; I feel the best bet is to find the network whose stocks are at a low cost. Moonlighters input as a financial group with adding revenue thus bringing up the value of the stock.

    Of course, Moonlighters have to be given the incentive to invest and that means the co-operation of the other Moonlight and Alex sites to get the proposed idea across.

    BTW, I read online that Time Warner just sold their cable company, losing TW money I think.

  135. · Edit

    Then look at it this way: CBS’s decision has just cost one sponsor somewhere between $3,500,000 and $7,000,000.

    Maybe they won’t notice that missing Three to Seven Million dollars this year, but next year and the next year: Yes, eventually.

    CBS must have some wacked out idea of success, if they think that their sponsors do not want business from 8,000,000 people and those 8,000,000 families.

    I’m passing on purchasing any stock from any network as my belief is that MOONLIGHT will be one of the first shows lined up on the Yet-to-be-Incorporated Internet TV.

    Next week, CBS and CWTV will receive letters from the fans on the East Coast and I will have another friend here to help me with writing to sponsors and to Les Moonvies.

    Thanks for telling me about that silly Parents Televsion Council. They are hated. I thought their website was hilarious – they want ME to send them $15.00 so they can alert me whenever a fictional character on a show says an offensive word. I get that for free in the real world.

    Jennifer G.

    Bainbridge Island.WA

  136. Just another word about a stock block influencing a network. Do you see what I’m getting at? If we chose a network (say TNT, or CW), and contact them having several thousand shares of their stock behind us, we can say with impact, “We want you to understand that we’re interested in quality programming, and one of the shows we would like to see on your (our) network is Moonlight. Please see to it.” A significant stock block would have to be respected.

    I would love to see Moonlight go to a paid network like Showtime or Starz (HBO has a rival vampire drama in production) where there are fewer meddling Execs, and everyone isn’t so squimish about conservative right wing lobbyists, but not everyone can afford those channels, so it should go to a network that will appreciate the show and be affordable for everyone.

    I know the show costs around 2.5 million per episode to produce, but I can’t believe a show like Angel of Battle Star Galaxtica is that much less expensive. The smaller cable networks buy those shows. Why not Moonlight?

  137. Hi Nancy, still on the line here when your message came in. Unfortunately we did not have the forsight of the cancellation, besides I am certain that CBS stock is beyond reachable to buy.
    I was not suggesting just purchasing WB stock, it doesn’t work that way: it’s Time Warner stock (TWX) in totality which includes all their businesses, AOL, Time magazine, HBO network, Warner Bros, Turner Broadcasting(which used to belong to Ted Turner) plus a couple of others. Their stock is real low right now, although I haven’t checked today after the market closed for the long weekend. My reasoning about TW is that, even though WB is trying to sell the program it probably is not giving up its rights to the show. We, as investors, want to make sure we have a say as to Moonlight’s future.

    I am not an expert by any means, I do invest but I have mutual funds which consists of stocks shared in various companies; already even into TW through one of my funds. I use Edward Jones Financial, they are all over the country, so a call perhaps after the weekend may help any of us ascertain how we can do this or the wisest way to invest as a whole group of Moonlighters.


  138. Hey Karen, how are you doing? How are you fairing since the neck surgery? Miss your inputs!!!

    Hi Donna, Is your Internet reception coming in alright now? Miss hearing from you and I have now lost your ph# and will call you probably around the beginning of June sometime.

    Hey everyone, let’s not give up the battles, we need to do all we can to win the WAR!!!!

  139. Hi Pat!
    Your knowledge and organization of the stock block idea is great. I’m still concerned, though, about getting the biggest bang for the buck. Again, Warner Bros. is the production company, they’re making the product (Moonlight), but they have many other products for sale as well. So I fear merely buying WB stock would barely make a blip in an industry that doesn’t look at the situation the way we do. Our take is unjust cancellation without a fair chance for our favorite show. The industry will justify it with “poor ratings,” whether that’s true or not. I’m COMPLETELY WITH YOU on buying influence, I’m just trying to figure out who to buy it from. I mean, it would be satisfying to buy CBS stock and get their idiot execs canned, except we don’t have THAT kind of money, and it wouldn’t help get Moonlight back on the air. The more I think about it, the more I think this might have been most effective if we’d had the foresight to purchase CBS stock BEFORE the cancellation. That would have been influence. Now, we have to find a company who would be influenced to our will because it will be to their financial advantage. WB already wants to do our will — they want to sell their show. The same with Joel Silver Productions. The only ones I can see who would take note of our influence would be a network. Any body else out there interested in this discussion of high finance and big business? Other insights and opinions?

  140. Hi Jennifer, your idea sounds great. I would not have noticed your message here if I weren’t checking in here myself. Usually I get notices at my secondary e-mail address about entries at this site. This is so weird that the site is so darn quiet.
    I read @ that this afternoon there had been a rally at WB of Moonlight fans, but no news how it turned out. Sunday there is to be another blood drive @ Westin LAX(which is a hotel, I believe, near the Los Angeles airport). Someone by the name of lessor is the person in charge at the site. The plea is not to give up on this fight to bring back Moonlight. This site has an insider in WB who gives info so we know what is happening and this party has given this hope: we will fight until Joel(Silver-the exec producer) tells us not to. WB, Alex’s reps, Silver, and all the persons that want what we want know of the actions being carried out by Moonlights devoted fans and Alex’s fans(but are they not one in the same?) and these celebrity status individuals are all in awe of this crusade and of Moonlight’s dedicated audience.

  141. · Edit

    Dear Moonlight/Alex Fans:

    Checking in tonight (9:05 p.m. PDT). Today, more (15 Hand Written) letters were mailed to the sponsors of CBS. I was polite, told them that before I purchase anything else with their brand name, they MUST confirm that they will listen to viewers (us) and not that censor group.

    Also, I’m looking at a guy who has the technical ability to put together an Internet Entertainment Group. We would be able to watch Mick, Beth and Josef at a time which is good for us. It would be funded by commercials we enjoy watching, and of course, by a monthly fee, like that which used to go to my former cable company.

    Now I need time to meet with him and sell him on the idea of starting this new form of entertainment.

    There are other websites that have some strategies going on – and if you do not hear from me, it is because I am dedicating the next week – Monday through Friday to writing a Petition, obtaining signatures from the merchants in my area, and mailing those to CWTV.

  142. Why is this site so quiet today? I hope that it is because we are busy writing those snailmail letters to other networks and the like to get Moonlight back on the air.

    WE SHOULD NOT CONSIDER OURSELVES FINISHED YET, NOT BY A LONG SHOT. If is is not posted here, though I did mail the article’s link/page to the person who posts news for us here since I am not sure how that is done. So if it does not come here, go and google in the Ventura County Star, it is a newspaper in CA, and is a county next to LA county. Click on the official link when info comes up and after the page loads click Entertainment; when headlines come up, hit more, I think that is what I did. The article you are looking to read was published on May 19, 2008 and it was an interview of Nina Tassler which ticked me off completely. Anyway, I registered and left a comment along with a couple of others, one whose user name I recognize from one of the Moonlight sites striving to re-call the cancellation of Moonlight and bring it back. Something he stated in his comment left me feeling hopeful; he goes by the user name of Barnabas. He stated that “we will continue to fight until Joel Silver tells us not to”.

    Another important note ladies and gents: Get over to and sign the petition for Moonlight and don’t forget to leave a comment, too. I know that after you finish doing so a screen pops up asking for a donation to keep the petition site online, but the amount of the donation can be as little as $2.

  143. · Edit


    Will you be the Alpha Female and let Les Moonvies and that Nina T. know what we are doing? I am sending copies of my correspondence via Snail Mail, and would like to have one or two others, perhaps Connie, also let CBS and that awful Parents Television Council be aware of one thing regarding the beloved Beth/Alex/Josef:

    Focus on the Pretty.


    Jennifer G.

    Bainbridge Island, Washington

  144. Hi Nancy, I see what you are getting at, but the point moonlighters must now make is the fact that they are not some fanatical cult group, especially given the fact that Moonlight’s vampire storyline could be misconstrued as such.
    We, as a group must instead show that we are all responsible adult viewers. That we are capable of conductin business in the business sense, not just making complaints, writing letters, etc. These gestures are wonderful and we should definitely keep the pressure on, but we need to hit in the pursestrings.
    Now, why TWX? TWX is the corporation holding WB who produces Moonlight as well we know. If Moonlight’s fans back the corporation who had one of its companies production done an injustice and takes a serious note to this, we can help TMX deal its own cards and name the game. In simpler terms, companies can be cut throat, so everybody wants to sleep with the biggest and the best; tha’s what our purchases of stocks are accomplishing- OUR CAlLING CARD, NAMING OUR GAME.

    Sure we can invest in another network, but that is not the way to win this. It’s like, I’ll buy you candy, if you buy me the store. NO, Moonlight will come in on its own company’s power with its own entourage, ALL OF US who financially made things start moving.

  145. Correction: that is TWX, not TMC (which is a hospital here in Tucson)

  146. Gosh, you are a gung-ho gal, someone I, both, admire and find a reminder of me in my younger days.

    Okay, I invest through a broker, myself,not through any form work related. If you want to invest individually that is all well and good, especially for your own immediate financial future. However, I think this endeavor, if Moonlighters can pull together, is best done as meshed unit of Moonlight’s audiences. Though this endeavor can make money for all through dividends paid out individually to the stockholders in our group or can make the best money individually, our purpose is to grab the chance to do all possible to bring Moonlight back and to have some power as a group to dissuade network from shotgunning down any entertainment companies (HBO, Turner Broadcasting, Warner Bros)productions held by TMC.

    All of here at this site, and I hope all of you are reading these comment messages, need to send out feelers to other site. The more of us who “put the bee in everyone’s bonnets”, the sooner the idea will catch on to try to save Moonlight this way.

    First I think it is best to speak to a broker and find out how this cam be accomplished as a large investing group of private persons associated with a group. Once we learn the approach I think it will be asked that the group pay a initial fee and then stokes can begin to be purchased. Now before we go to far, so I would advise a phone consultation with a broker first or find one who give the first consultation free. It must be emphasized emphatically that our group is only interested in purchasing stock for one company. Brokers are like any other salesman they will try to push for more. And this stoke must be bought at one shot with all the monies collected through the Moonlighters investment cash. In other words, the word must be spread over the Internet that there is a possible way of saving Moonlight and making Moonlighters worldwide equal shareholders in this possibility. NO ONE UNDERAGE CAN BE INCLUDED IN THIS VENTURE, NO MONIES ARE TO BE ACCEPTED AS INVESTMENT FROM ANY PARTY OTHER THAN CONSENTING ADULTS. MONIES WILL NOT BE HELD BY ANY ONE INDIVIDUAL BUT, INSTEAD, BE PUT INTO A MONEY MARKET ACCOUNT, TEMPORARILY, UNTIL ALL MONIES HAVE ARRIVED. THEN THE BROKER WILL THEN PURCHASE ALL THE SHARES FOR MOONLIGHTERS INVESTORS.

    Hopefully someone with Moonlight clout on the Internet can get the feelers out and see how fans react before contacting a broker, then all can go on from there. Wise persons will see the advantage of investing in stokes while the market is low. They will also realize that Time Warner is not going to be a conglomorate that is going to go under any time in the near to late future for years to come.

  147. Dear Pat,
    I completely agree that all the companies are interested in is money. After all, they’re not in this for the art — they’re trying to make profits. I think a stock block is a GREAT idea! I’m just not sure buying Warner Bros stock (TWX) is the way to go. They essentially own and produce Moonlight. They WANT to sell it to another network. We’re preaching to the choir. Maybe buying the stocks of the network we want to see pick up the show… I would rule out CBS. They’ve caused the fans and the principles of the show too much heartache already. But which network to chose to influence? And how to show we’re united as a group? I’m with you in buying the stock, just want to be strategic about it.

  148. · Edit

    Dear Pat:

    I have no idea how to purchase stock, and am willing to set aside the next week to learn how.

    One way is through a Bank or Credit Union. I am game for the game. Heck, I’ve spent more than $16.00 on one plant for my garden.

    And so, yes, if 8 Million of us purchase stock, that would give us some clout (Chicago term meaning Power).

    Shall we do this individually?

    For the record, Les Moonvies, if you are reading this, My Neighbor’s TV is off and so is mine and they shall remain dark for some time.

  149. Doing great Jennifer!!!! I know Christie White is also doing her part as I have her e-mail address ans we correspond now on our personal ISPs. I have so many devoted fans of Moonlight and dedicated fans of Alex on this site as well as a coupls of others who are such wonderful people.
    I am praying and hoping for our fight to one day soon be over with the welcoming news we want to read or hear. One of the reasons I suggested we all make contact somehow in a united front as stock holders of Time Warner is to show all the jerks who took Moonlight off the air, including the PTC, that we are not some fanatical cult. No, what we most definitely need to show themis that we are a massive group of adults who are serious minded and business minded.
    One thing I learned in life and when I owned my own business is the old adage holds so true:
    And the only thing big business corporations understand is, their only GOD, MONEY!!!!!
    Their heart beat is the ticker-tape!!!!

  150. · Edit


    The replies from the companies are starting to flow into my in-box. 🙂

  151. · Edit

    Sure, I will purchase some TW stock.

    Otherwise, here is my update, such as it is: About 15 companies/sponsors of CBS have been sent Snail Mail letters, informing them that they have two choices: Be with us, and for freedom of Artistic Expression, OR: Listen to that group of Old White Men, who want $15.00 to be told what we ought to watch, so our delicate widdle selves shall not be offended.

    Two companies have been told that they’ve just lost my family and me as customers over that Parents Television Council.

    I am a gardener and my customers purchase the products that I approve. My Boss has a Business Account with some of these companies and he is with us. These companies have a choice between: A loyal customer who can deliver many customers or a former customer who will let my disapproval be known.

    At the end of today, I plan to have 10 more Snail Mail letters to companies that are/were sponsors of CBS.

    This Alpha Female wants My Alex, Beth and Josef back on TV – and until this happens, the television remains dark.

    Okay, enough preaching: Time to get back to sending those letters.

  152. OOPs that word was UNITED together in reference to Moonlight fans; most assuredly we DO NOT WANT TO “Untie”. as another site pointed out yeaterday, we have only just begun, is is not over yet.

  153. Hi Everybody, I am still up to my tired little fingers, my exhausted brain, too, in this fight to save Moonlight. Mailed out letters yesterday to various places that needed to be contacted or told off politely, especially the PTC.

    I do hope that all of us are still in this together and have not given up hope to get Moonlight back on with Alex and the rest of the cast asap. Yes, as reported here about Alex going to appear in another movie, GREAT, unfortunately it does not, according to the article look like a staring role or the lead. A;ex is making a wonderfully popular name for himself, of course, much of that is to do with Moonlight, I would think. I know he has been other productions, but Moonlight, thus far, has given him the much needed exposure to make his name resound around the world. And still can be kept in the limelight through the renewal of Moonlight. SO FOLKS DO NOT GIVE UP THIS GALLENT AND DEDICATED FIGHT!!!!

    I just thought of a possibilty of claiming our rights to be the heard voice and champion of this show. It came as a brainstorm as I was checking the stock market online, this is the time, with the way the economy is slumping to buy stocks to bolster ones financial future. Then I recalled reading yesterday of how another group of us Moonlight fans, all under our united front, of course, collected donations from Moonlight fans all over and were able to place 2 ads in 2 Hollywood news epistles, Variety & the Hollywood reporter. It did not take a long time to collect these donations and secure enough for the ads. So it shows fans are still paying close attention and still wanting to fight for our goal to be won.

    Okay, now my brainstorm pertaining to the stock market:
    I checked out some stock quotes, even one at the Time Warner site, and we should be aware the TW (which in the stock trades is TWX) is the parent company over the Warner Bros company. Today at the close of the NY stock Exchange TMX stocks were selling for $16.52 per share, a 28 cent rise from yesterday’s close. This is the time to buy this stock as we see it may be beginning on an upward swing and is low enough to afford. So if all of the fans throughout the world untied together as a group of investors, even if we bought just 1 share per person(& we are 8 million strong or more now since all of this CBS cancellation nonsense came about), we could have a decent hold on the WB stocks. And how would this help Moonlight? We would have as a large investment group the holding cards to call the shots of the fate of Moonlight. It would not hurt any of us to invest this small amount of cash to save the show or even to invest individually, which may not be a bad investment for anyone since it could grow to anyone’s advantage. Let’s face it Time Warner is not going to collapse anytime soon as a corporation. They own WB, AOL, HBO, Turner Broadcasting, and many more companies.

    Just a thought and I can think of so many foolish items I have wasted $16.53 on, can’t you? None of these Items I ma remembering ever brought me a future income either.

  154. · Edit

    Oh my. Mucinex is listed. I’ve sent them an e-mail and they’re going to lose 7 customers if they took part in this.

    Scotts Turf Builder, Acorn Products – they will receive snail mail. As one of the gardeners in this area, they could have received a huge chunk of change from my customers and from me, but no more.

    Brawny Towels – same.

    IHOP – We used to go to the local IHOP at least once a week. This ended today.

    McDonalds – same thing.

    Any other companies that I find that we have done busines with just once shall be informed via snail mailr that they are now taboo, for allowing Parents Television Council to ruin Friday nights for MOONLIGHT fans, and others.

  155. · Edit

    Alex is listed at:

    as Alex O’Lachlan

    This is the June Cann Management company.

  156. That a girls, Jennifer and Christie. I am mailing out letters to Silver, USA Network, Sci-Fi Network and Parents Television Council today. In my letter to PTC, I made no mention of Moonlight, but, instead, directed my outrage in almost the same as Jennifer.lus I blatantly told them they, PTC is actually, by their convuluted actions in regards to the show’s sponsors and the networks, in general, is teaching that being a back stabber (w/o the knife) is permitted, etc, etc…..

    Did you read about the D. Darko movie Alex will be making? Great, but still do not give up hope of Moonlight’s return to TV. Alex has the right, I assume it may be permitted by whomever he is contracted to, to do other acting assignments, and this brings him to his fans in many different ways.

    I read online last night, think Moonlight Detective or one of the Moonlight site the fans have going, its the one with someone calling themselves Mrs. St John at the helm. Anyway, I read that another fan notes from an inside WB source that tearing down the sets of Moonlight means nothing, this is done whenever a show goes into hiatus. There is going to be a neat ad placed, I think today, in the Hollywood Reporter pertaining to Moonlight and its may fans: It can be seen at the site through a pdf file and it begins as: “Fanbase for Sale”,as it is set up like a real estate ad and will be plave on theinside of the front cover of this publication. A smaller similar ad will also appear in the bible of entertainment, Variety. Money for these ads came from donations sent in for this cause; so much was collected that they were also able to purchase the ad for Variety.

    I am curious here: the article just placed here at this site related that a Nathan Morris is Alex’s manager from June Caan Management. So is the other manager now defunked, although I spoke less than 2 weeks ago to the Andrew Freeman office. I did not speak with International Creative Managment, but upon checking out about them I found that their license for business is not longer active, so possibly this is where the new agency comes in. If I find the June Caan address or any info pertaining to this agency I will post it; if I don’t and someone else locates info, please do same for all of us. Thanks

    Hey, Karen, How are you feeling at this point after your neck surgery???

  157. · Edit

    Okay, for those who care: Here is my update:

    By 4:00 p.m. today, Wednesday, May 21, 2008, I will have mailed ten postcards to various people at CBS and to Alex O’Loughlin’s agent. Also, two people from Virginia and Iowa, and their friends, are also Snail Mailing their support of this fantatic show and crew.

    A big thanks to the person who provided the addresses.

    Yours very truly,

    Jennifer Griffith
    David C.
    Tim G. and others

    Bainbridge Island, Washington and

    Seattle, Washington

  158. · Edit

    This fan of Moonlight, and godmother to teenage girls, who watched and loved that show, well, we are offended at this PARENTS TELEVISION COUNCIL.

    We can decide for ourselves if is show is “offensive” and if “offensive” is the problem, then CBS and the rest must immediately halt showing the news.

    CBS and the others can have their sanitized shows. We will not be watching, and we certainly are shunning anything by those quaking-in-their-boots advertizers.

    In other words, Kiss our money – and we females do spend some scratch – goodbye, Advertizers.

  159. Here is my reply to MrsMoonlighter also the link for you to go check it out

    Hi MsMoonlighter,
    ChristieWhite has replied to the post “Help Moonlight come again out of the dark” about Moonlight:

    I Think it is totally unfair of CBS to take away a show people love so much. Moonlight is the best show to hit Network television in a very, very long time. So please any Network out there who are not afraid to take a chance take a chance on Moonlight. I promise you your Network will not regret it. Your Network will gain over 10 million Viewers who will follow this show and bring their money with them. To the Advertisers trush me if you advertise on CBS you will be wasteing your hard earned dollars because no one will see your ads. No one will be watching CBS we will be watching the Network that has Moonlight. LISTEN UP NETWORKS DO NOT LET THIS MILLION DOLLAR BABY PASS YOU BY IF YOU ARE SMART IN BUSINESS YOU WILL GRAB MOONLIGHT AND RUN WITH IT. IF YOU GRAB MOONLIGHT DO NOT LET GO IT’S A WINNER. Also I am sick and tired of the Parent Television Council attacking advertisers to scare them away from supporting shows. Listen up you stick in the mud old fools part of being a parent is to censor what your own children watch on television. If a parent choises to allow their own child to watch a certain show who do you people think you are to say they can’t. PTC realize one thing America is a free country the people are protected by the constitution which states that the people have freedom of choice. So if you (PTC) do not like what you are seeing on your television here’s a clue turn it off and start learning to knit. Quit telling the rest of us what is good for us and what is not. That is Our freedom of Choice you have no right to take that away. So do us al;l a favor turn of your televisions and start knitting your cats some mitten you old stick in the mud fools.

    There may be other replies to this content, but you will not receive further notifications until you have visited the link below:

  160. I also read this on a website and it mad me extremely angry so I left a comment on neilsen under the poll MrsMoonlighter opened so go there and read the whole thing then place your own comment here is what angered me

    Parents Television Council Attack on Moonlight Via the Advertisers:

    Please read the following post that was posted at MoonlightArmy. com today, May 19, 2008 at 5:50 AM (not sure which time zone):

    The PTC has “Red Lighted” our beloved Moonlight!
    This is not good at all, and while I am sure it is not the main reason we were cancelled, I’m also sure this didn’t help one bit.

    This group quietly goes about their business bombarding the advertisers of the shows they want yanked off the air & if the fans don’t realize it, they can do enough damage to get the show canceled & then it may be too late for us to do anything to stop it.

    A lot of the advertisers seem to think they are the voice of American parents & listen to them!

    This is what they said about our show!!
    “Violence on this program is frequent and occult-based, including vampires using blood via injection, drinking it from glasses, and from other people; dead bodies are often shown with puncture wounds and blood all over their necks, as well as bodies in a morgue.

    A beheaded torso has also been depicted, several murder victims shown at crime scenes. A violent altercation occurred between Coraline and Mick, involving their fangs, a wooden stake, and a fire. Sex in the premiere was fairly negligible, although there is one reference to sex made by a professor in a study group. Language used in the series includes “crap,” “sucks,” “damn,” “bastard,” “piss,” and “hell.


    So these people have been mailing the advertisers for weeks now….meaning we are already behind!!!

    Over the weekend members of the Moonlight Army went back and watched all 16 episodes (all that MickAction was tough, but someone had to do it…) We gathered a comprehensive list of every advertiser that had ads and then went to work finding contact info for all of them – loads of fun, I assure you.

    The list is gigantic! Snail mail is the most effective, but obviously you can’t write to all of them (or maybe you can, lol) but maybe people can get together and split the list or something.

    We really need to make up for the damage these people have done!
    If you don’t know what to write, there will be help threads up later today with templates that you can tweak to fit your thoughts. Anyone who wants to add theirs to it, we would be grateful.

    Here’s a quote from a blog we posted earlier this week on this subject:

    “One of the most effective groups in the United States when it comes to TV is an odious little outfit called the Parents Television Council. The PTC is famous for pouncing on any show that it thinks runs counter to its conservative Christian agenda. It organizes people to write sponsors every which way to Sunday. And it makes sponsors nervous. It doesn’t matter that they’re not in the majority. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

    If you note the kinds of people who advertise on the show you like, and were to write three letters to their company or their Ad Agency, that could make for a huge impact. Again, it would help if you could explain why you like the show, what about it appeals to you (in a social standing, not plot — remember, they may not have seen the show.) The idea “strong female characters,” or “enjoyable action,” or “witty interplay,” or “interesting allegories for world events,” or whatever it might be… what you’re trying to say is that it’s a good thing that they’re associated with that show…being associated with that show makes you feel warmer toward the company.

    If you can describe their commercial, and show that you actually watched it, and absorbed its message, that’s better.

    Heck, if you suggest that you like this project so much that you went out and tried their product for the first time to show your support for the show — hell, that’s even better!”

    http://moonlightarmy. com/main/viewtopic. php?t=219

    ..It’s pretty surprising, I know. I absolutely had no idea that this could be the reason for the cancellation…SUX.

    By the way, we can use these people to help us.
    Click on http://www. parentstv. org/ptc/shows/main. asp?shwid=2646 to what they said about “Moonlight” and then on list of advertisers and they’ve already done some of our work for us!

  161. Hi again everone I have found these new mailing address check them out.

    Remember .
    pdf files of the Postcards can be downloaded at moonlight-united. com.

    Also don’t forget to keep contacting the other Networks as well, especially USA which has apparently indicated some strong interest in picking up Moonlight

    Dawn Ostroff
    TheCW Television Network
    3300 W Olive Ave, 3
    Burbank, CA 91505

    John Maatta
    Chief Operating Officer
    TheCW Television Network
    3300 W Olive Ave, 3
    Burbank, CA 91505

    Rick Haskins
    Executive Vice President
    Marketing and Brand Strategy
    TheCW Television Network
    3300 W Olive Ave, 3
    Burbank, CA 91505

    Paul McGuire
    Executive Vice President
    Network Communications
    TheCW Television Network
    3300 W Olive Ave, 3
    Burbank, CA 91505

    Thom Sherman
    Executive Vice President
    Drama Development
    TheCW Television Network
    3300 W Olive Ave, 3
    Burbank, CA 91505

    Eric Cardinal
    Senior Vice President
    TheCW Television Network
    3300 W Olive Ave, 3
    Burbank, CA 91505

  162. Hi Everyone I posted this letter on the comments page on Aol under the section for Moonlight

    Moonlight was the best show on television. It was not given a fair chance and for CBS to base their decision on Jericho fans is unfair. It is not right to assume that because the so called Jericho fans did not back their show when it was given a second chance that the Moonlight fans would do the same. As far as I am concerned Nina Tassler is a coward for not giving Moonlight another chance. Not to mention people are starting to wonder what she has against male actors. I mean she even admitted it in her press release that she looked at several scripts written for shows that either had a male lead or male cast and had them re-written to have a female lead or a female cast. She claims that she is targeting a female audience, but she does not care what the female audience wants. After all we are telling her clear as day we want Moonlight. NEWS FLASH NINA TASSLER WE ARE WOMEN WE LIVE THAT LIFE EVERYDAY WE DO NOT WANT TO WATCH IT ON TELEVSION. After working all day we want to see fantasy Like Moonlight on television not want we just spent all day doing. Nina you do not care about the veiwers. You do not give a damn what the fans want all you care about is your own agenda the shows you want to see. That is not how you do good business. To do good business is to listen to what your consumers want in this case we want Moonlight give it back to us. By useing your position to give yourself the types of shows you want to see instead of what the public wants is bad for business. The fans are all planning to boycott CBS soley because of your decision to cancel Moonlight. You will have your female oriented shows but you Nina will be the only one watching everyone else will be watching other Networks the actually give a damn about the viewers. So if you claim to target females why don’t you listen when we speak. Anyway Nina good luck with your new line-up your going to need it if the fans go through with the Boycott.

    A Moonlight Fan who will be boycotting CBS. Goodbye CBS hello Networks who care about their veiwers. Everyone over at CBS you can thank Nina for the loss of over 10 million viewers. Have fun apologizing to your co-workers Nina.

  163. Oops again!!! Jennifer, thats CAN’T HURT in reference to snail mailing head honchos, not can hurt…..

  164. Hi Jennifer G, I see you are located in Seattle, wonderful city, lots of charm; was there for a wedding last summer held at Parsons Gardens and reception was held in the Top of the Market above Pike’s Place. A very close male frien’s daughter lives and works there and was the young lady being wed; love her given name, it is sheer poetry: Gitane Solei which translates to mean Gypsy Sun. Yes, like myself, her parents were of the hippy generation and believe me all back then were fighting for some cause or another, so this fight to save Moonlight comes second nature to me.

    What section of Seattle is home? we were in the Queen Anne District and also Issaquah.

    Okay, hope it is nice weather there now and you’ve taken foot from mouth. I am not angered, just know it is best not to put an age stigma on anyone fighting with you not against you. We are on the same team to save Moonlight.

    As for the Powers to Be pertaining to the Nielsen boxes in all homes; I know I don’t have one and most of us do not have one so their home guesstamation is inaccurate but you can (& I hope you will) go to and vote positive on any Moonlight opinions or any polls relevent to Moonlight. This is also a move toward success.
    Great that you are snail mailing some of the head honchos; no idea if it will work, but can hurt. Check further through every comment on this site and you amy find some other addresses that will help as well. If you have the time, write to Alex (addresses for his 2 reps here at this site in commnet at Fated to Pretend, I think) and the other members of the cast to let them know we care and are fighting to resurrect Moonlight.

    Later Jennnifer, hope to see you on here often.

    Lucky you in a cooler climate for the summer; it’s 102 degrees here in AZ this early in the “warm” weather season.


  165. · Edit

    Hi Pat:

    I will need to re-read my post, but it certainly was not meant to offend anyone of any age group. Mostly, I could have been knocked over by a powder puff after seeing such a together show on CBS. I am still amazed that they actually did so.

    I think it is great that you like/love/adore Moonlight.

    I love the show and the trio: Mick, Beth and Josef.

    As your your migraine: Yep, I have headaches that are killers.

    As for getting Moonlight back, I’ve been writing to the CEOs and such at CWTV? and am sending a letter in Spencerian script to Les Moonves, for all the good that it will do.

    My neighbor, one of the neatest gals and best friends one could ever hope to meet is 82, and she loves that show. She has three grown children, 9 grandchildren and they watched Moonlight together. One thing she appreciated was that it was not vulgar, and laced with swear words and other ‘junk’ that passes for ‘humor’.

    One would think that the Powers That Be would realize that not everyone agrees to have that Neilsen box in their homes, and that more of us are watching shows on-line.

    Hope you feel better, and I’m going to walk outside and see if I can remove both of my left feet from my mouth.

    Jennifer G.

    Seattle, Washington

  166. Oh, at Neilsen I am MsMoonlighter

  167. Hi everybody, I was down yesterday with a migraine that could blast one’s head off, but I am back now and still fighting for our Moonlight.

    BTW, Jennifer Griffith I am 62 years old and do not like the crappola CBS offers, so it had nothing to do with the age group CBS focuses on, it had to do with purse strings. It is probably cheaper for CBS to contract to silly made comedies or any show that costs them less to purchase showing rights to. I love Moonlight, am a fan since day 1 and will continue the battle to win the war to bring back our Moonlight: WE WILL BASK IN THE MOONLIGHT AGAIN, BUT NEED THE SUPPORT OF EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU TO STEP UP TO THE BAT.

    I just put in a opinion at heyneilsen and within a few minutes it was hit with 11 stongly agreeable votes. Please vote on Nielsen daily for the show, for the memebers of the cast; join Nielsen so you can vote and give opinions. When I began feeling bettr in the middle of the night I began filing through each opinion on Moonlight and also making some comments on some no matter the age it originally appeared, some are on there since Moonlight began. Each opinion, each agree or not agree gets counted to boost Moonlight’s rating high. In the Opinion Polls Moonlight was -5 last night and now it has raised to -3, with some of my help going through nearly 30 pages of opinions and not finished doing so yet.

    Please feel free to check out the opinion I left at heyneilsen, join there too, it is an important site. Feel free to leave an opinion of your own, comment on mine and vote for Moonlight and all of the cast.
    Click the link below:

    Hope to see some more opinions voiced by my alexoloughlinonline new friends.

    Oh, check out YouTube and look for a Moonlight never seen 1 trailer. It contains the actors and actors that never were in our Moonlight except for Alex with a little shorter hair and a totally different Beth, a older man as Josef. Leave your opinions here on this one.

  168. I had trouble logging in again. So letters are out for another round. I do hope we hear something positive soon. In they are taking up donations for an ad in Variety. If you are interested check the site.
    i am feeling so sad about this happening to the show. poor Alex I can feel his pain in his posting. if he didn’t write whoever did captured many emotions. I’m hoping it was him. It seems like it was from the heart. We share the same birthday but 3 years apart. I know it isn’t the end of the cast but I do hope we hear something positive. I really looked forward to Fridays but not any more. I used to watch Ghost whisper before but i won’t now since I boycott that network.
    We keep on fighting and I am filtering positive thoughts in the universe for the show. If anyone hears any updates please post.

  169. · Edit

    CBS has ALWAYS been, to me, the station devoted to people who belong to the AARP. That they want only those who are aged 60, which is their right.

    It was such a shock to find a show, Moonlight, that was appealing to those of us in the Too Young For CBS market, ages 29 to 50, that I thought I was tuned in to the local Fox network.

    CBS’s cancellation of Moonlight, my beloved Moonlight family of Mick, Beth and Josef is doing one good thing for my wallet: As the TV is being removed, has not been on since 10:00 p.m. Friday night.

    If it is picked up by CWTV, that will keep the television from being sent to the local landfill.

    I do not understand why CBS insists on showing second and third rate shows that can only appeal to my grandfather, if he were to even watch tv.

    *falls off soapbox*

  170. I did some research on CBS:

    It is no longer an independent company as it once was; it was sold to the WESTINGHOUSE CORPORATION in 1995
    for $5.4 billion

    CBS houses other companies in its corporation:

    1)Holt, Reinhart, & Wonston Publing House

    2)CBS also owns Woman’s Day Magazine

    3) Columbia Records

    4) and some info for the gents:
    from 1964 to 1973 CBS owned the New York Yankees

    Other history:
    Remember seeing the photos of Moonlight’s cast at the Paley Center? Well that center was named after William Paley who held most of Columbia Broadcasting System and he sold 25% of the company to Lawrence Tisch in 1973; In 1986 Tisch became the president & CEO of Columbia Broadcasting Systems. Paley sold the 25% to Tisch because Paley did not want it falling into the hands of Ted Turner’s TNT.

    I, also, have a name to address a hard-copy letter to for CBS Audience Services:

    To the Attention of:
    Ray Faiola
    CBS Audience Services
    524 W. 57th Street
    New York, NY, 10019-6119

    which is, both, the main headquarters address of CBS in NY and is also the snail mail address of:

    Leslie Moonves, the CEO & President of CBS Corporation

    Funny they still refer to it as a corporation when it really isn’t and belongs to Westinghouse; you know the company we buy washers, dryers, heating & cooling machinery, refrigerators, & televisions, radios, stero systems, from, just to mention a few of the products we could also boycott by not purchasing.

    MY Goodness do I ever love this video and really adore the one for “Why we Love Alex”; the music for both was very right on.

    Traditionally CBS has always been referred to as the “Tiffany Network”;
    Now in recent years, the history I read, states it more and more resembles Wal-Mart.

    And for anyone interested in writing to TV Guide for help as Christie White did
    address your hard-copy letters to

    Ryan O’Hara, President, TV Guide Network (this has to do with digital TV, I believe)
    I’ll look up TV Guides address in awhile. I need to shut down for a little while as I just got company at my gate.

  171. OMG, I’m shaking and in tears again watching this video. My goodness that Mna.\, Alex, has so much expession that you can feel he is feeling his character he is playing down to the core.

    Oh God, this show muxt go on
    FIGHT, do all we can and then more and bring Moonlight back on TV for the Fall season. IT IS A MUST!!!

    I had mentioned Alex’s writing to Alex’s those, besides his fans, who represent Alex. Yes, write to them (snail-mail); they will, more than any other place, get those letters personally to Alex I am sure. Perhaps, too, if these agencies that represent Alex get enough mail pertaining to the cancellation of Moonlight(& they are wondering also what the heck is wrong with CBS, too, when I spoke to Mr Freeman’s secretary)they are sure, hopefully, to show this to producers and networks and the like. Can’t hurt/ LEAVE NO STONE UNTURNED

    Alex’s agent is;

    LOS ANGELES, CA, 90067

    PH# 1-310-550-4078
    fax# 1-310-4055

    Alex’s Personal Manager is-

    STE. 18
    MARINA DEL REY, CA, 90292

    ph# 1-310-827-4319
    fax# 1-310-822-0940
    The personal manager is where I called and personal managers usually have closer contact with their clients than agents.

  172. Thanks for relating to us again the people to contact. Please also snail mail to networks and execs, involved or not involved, to let them know how we feel, to let them know we mean business, to let them know we will not stop fighting to get Moonlight back on our TV screens weekly no matter what station picks it up.


    Snail(through regular mail in hard copy form) mailing via express mail at the P.O. is what actually saved Jericho last year after it was announced cancelled.

    I, also wrote some new posts at “Fated to Pretend”, too Alex fans.

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