How Many Three Rivers Episodes Have Been Ordered?

Matt Miltovich at TV Guide tells us that CBS has ordered the customary 13 episodes of Three Rivers up front with the option for a back 9. Whether or not we get those other 9 episodes will depend on the ratings!!! We need to tune in folks. Check it out:

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  1. Some person on CBS Three Rivers website wrote this:

    “I have never seen Alex on tv, I did not watch Moonlighting. CBS is promoting him as the lead and that is okay.But I got a feeling Kate it going to steal the show.”

    So I wrote this: Steal the show from Alex? Have you seen Alex? (Then I added the Google link for images of Alex)

    Then I typed: More photos from CBS own Moonlight website. Can’t steal the show from this guy. He is the show, baby. (Then I added CBS Moonlight photos link).

    The nerve of that poster saying that their promoting him as the lead – it’s HIS show, my gosh if that doesn’t get my blood up. Obviously the person did not know that had a holding contract for Alex just to develop a show for Alex. I’ll say it again. He IS the show, baby.

  2. Three Rivers will premiere on Sunday, Oct. 4.

  3. My favorite interview is of Alex about 2 years ago with Access Hollywood Laura Saltman. I recently twittered asking her what was it like interviewing Alex.

    She responded on June 20, 2009: Alex is a sweetheart. I think my blushing made it obvious I thought he was hot. His new fall show Three Rivers on CBS is great. 2:00 AM Jun 20th from web

    So whenever I need a lift, I just look at his interview with Laura Saltman and smile. It’s fun to watch and hear Alex say “hips up” and doing the chair scene on The Shield was “weird” and “icky” in that lovely accent of his. I am glad that Laura thinks that Three Rivers is great.

  4. 310-555-0119

    When Josh was kidnapped, Logan had to triangulate his position. Beth provided the number to Mick, who provided it to Logan.

  5. Well, I gather here that everyone did, indeed, “Seize the Day” in Trivia…

    Okay, 1 more, & am posting now as my eyes grow heavy & need sleep… 5:-5:30AM rolls around very quickly & my horses do not understand nor care that is it Sunday morning…

    And now for Sunday’s AM’s trivia teaser,what I want to know is:

    What was Josh Lindsey’s cell phone number?

  6. Hi Everyone,

    First I would like to apologize for very little contact here yesterday…very very busy persoanl life to attend to…trying to locate more property elswhere as well as sort & pack but not found the land yet…Still life as it is now also needs tending, so I had taken on many tasks yesterday…

    Sorry I did not post a trivia question yesterday…

    Before going any further…today’s Moonlight/Alex Trivia question is

    What does Carpe Diem mean?”

    And the answers to Tuesday’s trivia for Josh Lindsey’s insurance policy’s amount left to Beth was answered by all who did correctly…The answer was, in fact, $40,000.00…..

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  7. Hi Everyone…for those who responded to the Trivia question of yesterday, Wednesday, the answer was indeed… April 28, 1955 when Charles/Josef attempted to turn his lady love, Sarah Whittley but failed and it left her in a comatose sleep…

    Now for today.s new trivia question… and lwt me tell you folks it is getting hard to stump you people….

    How much was the amount of the insurance policy left to Beth by Josh Lindsey?

    1. Was it $10,000? I guess I have to watch it again to confirm.

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    I know a year but not aware of a date. So, for now I will put the year down and will have to watch it again to see if they say a date..


    Alex Solidarity…….raqh…….rah……..rah

  9. Hey, you guys are getting too good on the trivia…

    And your answers took in a couple of mor trivia questions…

    But….you didn’t think I was going to quit, now did you????

    What date was the botched up turning of Sarah Whitley?????

  10. Say, have you ever checked out Moonlight transcripts. They don’t allow you to copy their work without their permission, but it’s such a kick to see all that dialogue in writing.

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    Charles Fitzgerald was Josef’s name when he turned or was trying to turn Sara’s when it all went worng.

  12. Great going, all answers to yesterday’s trivia were correct…..

    Well you are all pretty up “on the facts” Moonlight fans, so it is getting a bit harder to stump you… No, no, the game is still on; and it is fun to check our Moonlight knowedge & observation… Soooooooo

    In Moonlight, who was Charles Fitzgerald?

    1. The episode was from Sleeping Beauty. Fitzgerald = Kostan

  13. Ooh, I felt my nose growing all night, Natalie… plus I was having site posting problems that Tiffany, thankfully, corrected….

    I did not post much at all yesterday as there is some personal matters that needed attending, still are being looked into, & after being up 21 hours I was totally exhausted…

    However, I typoed & my correct age is actually 63, wishing I was 36 again…

    1. Tish S,

      Hope all is well with you 🙂 I typoed too. I should have stated 45, wishing I was 29. Ah well.

  14. Natalie,

    Love your age description…

    I’m 53 wishing I was 36 & know then what I know now…

  15. Okay, I wrote Oprah Winfrey’s producers to suggest Alex and Dr. Gonzo appear as guests on her show on organ donation. If you would like to suggest Alex as a guest on Oprah, here is the link:

    You can also get other contact us forms by going to, the contact us link is at the bottom of the page.

  16. I wrote a comment on Dr. Oz MySpace page (he will have his own show now and will not be a regular on Oprah Winfrey’s show anymore):

    Happy Belated Birthday to you Dr. Oz. I look forward to watching your show. I have a guest request.
    Alex O’Loughlin will be playing a doctor on CBS Three Rivers, Fall 2009, it’s a show about organ donation as seen from the perspectives of the donors, the recipients, and the surgeons.
    Alex’s character Dr. Andy Yablonski is loosely based on Dr. Gonzalo “Gonzo” Gonzales-Stawinski, a cardiothoracic surgeon, like you Dr. Oz. Alex got an opportunity to watch Dr. Gonzo perform 5 surgeries. Three Rivers has already won an award before it even aired one episode. Honored by the Donate Life Hollywood, it received the first annual Inspire Award. It would be great if you had Alex O’Loughlin of Three Rivers and Dr. Gonzalo “Gonzo” Gonzales-Stawinski on your show. It would be an inspirational show on potentially life-saving treatments.

    My comments won’t be published until it’s been approved, don’t know when that will be. Anyway, I wanted to get Alex’s name out there and get him exposure for his latest endeavor. I think so many good things will stem from the airing of his show Three Rivers.

  17. Didn’t Alex flash it twice…his credentials I mean 🙂 Once was when he was in the goth apartment showing it to Beth for the first time in No Such Thing as Vampires and the second time in Arrested Development he showed it to the woman with the flushed-in-the-face look. Am I forgetting any other time?

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    #470731 – 6632

    1. Wrong! 420731-6632 First episode 1/3 of the way through it! Today! I just got my Moonlight series on DVD at Best Buy for $18.99! Woo-hoo! I’m so excited! Can’t you tell?!

      1. Yes! I’m one who wishes to have his real phone number!

  19. Ah, what can I ever stump you folks with in Moonlight Trivia…

    All who answered got it correct… Mick’s phone number was…. 310-555-0186
    &, in reply to someone who had said, don’t we wish we knew his real one (Speaking of Alex, of course)… “That’s a Moonlighter’s immortal wish for all seasons”…

    Okay now, let’s see if I can get you offguard on your knowledge of Moonlight Trivia today…

    What was Mick St John’s Private Investigator’s License Number?

  20. Natalie, with such a mind for dreaming up stories, do not waste your talents… Do not know your age, but I believe in the old adage “It’s never too late”, so how about wrting some screeplays & submiting them to various entertainment people & see if you can get a neat little money-paying caeer going…

    Good luck, Tish

    1. Thanks for the compliment, aren’t you a sweet heart. I am 45 going on 39 :).

  21. I was reading an article of how Three Rivers idea came to be. A guy named Steve Boman pitched the idea for a seminar at USC to an executive with director Curtis Hanson’s company. Curtis Hanson’s company got in touch with Carol Barbee, now producer and series creator. An assistant got a list of top transplant hospitals and Pittsburgh’s UPMC was number 1 and UCLA was number 2. Barbee wanted the series to be in Pittsburgh.

  22. You know that my mind is meandering and I thought, wouldn’t it be great to have an Oceans 11, except with vampires and less people and not located in Vegas. Where Oceans had George Clooney and Brad Pitt, we could have Alex and Hugh Jackman. Some famous people cast in it. Where they had Julia Roberts, how about Kate Blanchett (keeping with the Aussie theme) or Yvonne Strahovski from NBC Chuck. Such musings going on in my head. All star cast with, of course, Sophia and Jason. Ah, just dreaming.

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    Mick St. Johns phone number is


    Don;t we all wish it was the real one?

    Do I win a trip to Hawaii???



  24. Alright since you all are doing so great on Moonlight trivia, how about another one…

    Since we all knew the address for Mick St John, can you also tell me his phone number?

    Same MO, will answer tomorrow…Now everyone get involved & rack your brains on this cause i don’t think this one is easy….

    Will give you a slight hint…the area code was 310…

  25. Well, well everyone, I see you all have great eyesight, instantly recall, even when a scene almost falshes by…

    Those who answered are correct… Mick’s address was

    2110 Drexal Avenue
    LA, CA…

    But I am sure there are many of you out there with great Moonlight memories so please join in on the next one…

  26. Natalie,

    I can just picture both of their expressions as they pass this dialogue between them…

  27. Kudos and ditto on Terry’s comment.

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    Mick St. John
    2110 Drexel Ave.
    Los Angeles, CA 90048


  29. Okay, Natalie…

    You gave me where you thought you saw the address for the Fortress, but can you now tell me the address???

    If you think you saw it on “12:04” episode of Moonlight then go rewatch it again & post the address…


  30. Okay, rack your brain time Moonlight Trivia… I thought is is time for a little fun…

    What was the correct physical address of Mick St John’s apartment known as “The Fortress”

    This may be a hard one, but I will tell you as a hint, “The Fortress” facade was shown many times on Moonlight & it is a real place in LA, CA….

    I’ll post the answer tomorrow, enjoy

    1. I remember the address was on Mick’s IPhone. Shepherd, the convict turned vampire was looking at his IPhone to find Audrey, that’s how he ended up at Mick’s apartment.

  31. Hi again,

    Our Terry……moonlightfan4ever sent me a link last night & I clicked on it to go read what is was about… It was on TV Squad, who I am told is imfamous for yanking our chains of hope…

    Anyway the article had to do with a article a Moonlight reunion on Three Rivers…here is the link &, even if TV Squad is just talking for the sake of smut news it would not hurt to voice our comments & our desires so it is heard on the world of the Internet… I did twice, once letting it be realized that we are vying for a Moonlight movie & another time about how I felt about this Moonlight reunion…

    Now I was fantasizing & picturing how this would work, so I will post that here also…you can go from there & then give your opinion here & over at TV squad, also….

    Whether TV Squad likes to yank their readers chain of hope or not, our posting our comments gets Moonlight noticed again & lets the Internet world know that the march is on to seek a Moonlight movie and/or see Sophia Myles be in Three Rivers, hopefully as a love interest, along side Alex O’Loughlin…. It is just speculative thinking that Sophia would even be cast to replace Julia Ormond that she is not going to assume…

    I think, first, the initial episodes of Three Rivers will lay its groundwork, then writers will be bringing in love interest for the newly “single again” Dr Yablonsky… Dr Andy, may or may not, as I noted from the video clip, be having or had an affair with Kate’s (do not even recall her last real name, sorry) doctor counterpart, but they seemed chummy… However, as I see it, Yablonsky is young, he is newly free, so I see him playing the field for awhile until…. the right one comes along. The one he can’t stop thinking of but also the one who is giving him the brush off, which is baiting him even more…. And who could be playing such a part to touch the man’s every senses? None other than our loved Sophia….

    1. I think if Sophia made a guest appearance on Three Rivers the dialogue should go like this upon their first meeting:

      Dr. Andy Yablonski: You look so familiar, I’ve think I’ve seen you some place before.
      Sophia: I guess I have one of those faces.
      Dr. Andy: Hmmmm, I have this strange feeling of deja vu.
      Sophia: Deja vu? Me too.
      Dr. Andy: How about dinner to discuss it?
      Sophia: Are you asking me out for a date?
      Dr. Andy: Yeah, I guess I am.
      Sophia: It’s a date then.

      LOL. As a nod to Moonlight.

  32. Ah, right answers… Always love that… Means you were paying attention to everything that went on in every Moonlight episode….

    And for thos who have not responded, it is the next day & I did promise to give the correct answer to “Who was the first to voice the words (or now famous phrase, now that I think of it),
    Vampire Solidarity….. Rah, Rah, Rah”?

    The answer is: Josef Kostan or just Josef, the 400 entrepreneur friend of Mick St John…

    I got two replies from this thread, both correct, from Terry……moonlightfan4ever & Natalie, who also gave the exact scene situation it was used in in the second Moonlight episode…..

    Thank you…now let’s get our memories sharpened, there will be more trivia later…

  33. According to today’s Jennifer Lopez will be filming in Pasadena on Monday, June 15th, 400 Colorado Bl, Pasadena. Bet that Alex will be there.

      1. According to the Pasadena Filming Calendar:

        Jennifer Lopez and hopefully Alex will be filming:

        CBS Films Inc. The Backup Plan F 6/15 6/16 400 Colorado Bl.

        CBS Films Inc. The Backup Plan F 6/18 6/19 21 Dayton W.

  34. Josef said the line, not questioning Mick’s loyalty. Mick said he was the guy who didn’t just like him for his money.

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  36. Oh I am also grateful to Silverchex, who is a longtime supporter of the Moonlight movement starting with the 2nd season campaign… She has a blog up on her MySpace page ( a beautiful page, I might add) and her friends are also getting involved as well…

    Okay, a trivia question…. now this should be on the Moonlight thread, but I am here and we all loved Moonlight, sooooo

    “Who was the first to voice the words, Vampire Solidarity….. Rah, Rah, Rah?????” I’ll be waiting for the answers & will place the correct answer on the Moonlight thread tomorrow

  37. Hi Karen C,

    Hmmm, I like that idea, but CBS would never go for it, even though they are half owners in a network, CW, that will bring us a teenish vampire show this Fall, Vampire Diaries… Do you really think NT is ready to eat crow by giving the Moonlight fans what they really want? Not hardly….She still thinks that all our ardor was about Alex… Oh, not slighting the man at all here, for he is charming, sexy, & has great talent to boot… She never gave any of us credit for appreciating the wonderful storyline…As Tiffany put it, CBS was shortsighted, now my oipnion would be legally & totally blind…

    Now another network, say like ABC, which I might add has every show I now watch on TV & I love that they are long running shows, may hear that idea out as Mark Gordon, exec producer of Criminal Minds, who was to be assisting getting Alex a new project is based at ABC Studios… But let’s first see what happens with this network & how it treats Alex’s show…

    I needed a break earlier as I was bringing in & unloading hay for my horses, so I decided I needed a Moonlight fix… For 4 hours in the cool house I sat to watch the 1st 4 episodes of Moonlight. After again watching the Beth/Mick chemistry ignite, it seemed, almost immediately, and feeling the mesmerizing effect Mick St John has wash over me again, I was certain that the Moonlight Movie Crusade will be followed through to we obtain our goal….Karen C if we get the movie, maybe then we can work on this Mick St John PI series, but I sure hope Beth will be in it… The sparks between these two fine young actors is unquestionable… Speaking of which, Mischa, owner of the DiscoverGerry site (Gerard Butler, aka, Phantom of the Opera, etc), has put a thread up for this Crusade, too, plus, another Moonlight temporary heal are the fanfic stories written by my friend, Dyann…

    I am so appreciative of all the help that is coming through, beginning here with Tiffany, to aid this effort… And, of course, the help of all the fans writing to Joel & all…

  38. I cannot say that I am not worried about only 9 episodes being ordered, because I am… Perhaps, it is less costly for the network, but then what happens if we all find “Three RIvers” great & CBS says, No more, sorry?

    Not trying to be negative, guys, but CBS doe not have a good rep for keeping on new exciting shows… Their present linup, before 3Rs was accepted, was boring, boring, boring & old news, old news, old news…

    Now, like Terry…. MLfan4ever, I feel we are all Moonlight fans 4ever… I also feel that we should all join ranks about what we lost due to short-sightedness (I do not think Vampire Diaries, aimed at the youth, as was Twilight, but without the initial fanfare of the written novels of Meyer, can never appease the loss of Moonlight on this CW which is owned by CBS & WB) & crusade, as many are doing from here, at other sites, & notification by emails & word of mouth, by writing those letters to get a good dose, which is what we all need now, of Moonlight on the big screen…Joel Silver’s can’t read ou minds people, so write to let him know we are happy he is thinking of doing a ML movie, but get it done asap…As much as I visually devoured every Twilight novel written, saw the movie several times, love the kids that played their parts well in the Twilight movie, none of this has appeased the loss of Moonlight… I only made a bandage temporarily for a gapping wound….

    Please understand, I am aware that we want all we can get of Alex, I, in turn, am looking forward to his new show also, but his becoming Mick St John for a short time again in a Moonlight movie can only make him that much more appealing to us all…Shows he believes in us, in Moonlight still & that he also knows we are All his True Fans…

    And, yes, Natalie, we all did fall in love with Mick St John & ALex was just part of his makeup…

    1. Tish,

      I am thinking Three Rivers will be a success but I wonder why Julia Ormond is leaving already….but in case CBS screws up again….how about a spin-off of Moonlight……..they could call in “St. John P.I.” It worked for “Magnum P.I.” and what about McGyver or Monk? They are or were long lasting series so I say if TR doesn’t make it – bring Mick back as “St. John P.I.” And did you see the L.A. Times ran a cover page of True Blood? Vampires are it – why couldn’t CBS see that!

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    Once a Moonlight Fan …………Always a Moonlight fan.

    True Blood is soft porn with some fangs and this is just another Twilight. Nothing can ever come close to what Moonlight was. All of a sudden everyone is on the vampire track. Whats up with that???

    You are right Tiffany about them being short sighted. Everyone is getting on the band wagon and our Moonlight is gone. : (

    Thank God for Alex………………..kinda like the energizer bunny. He just keeps going…..and going……………..and going.



    1. Well in all fairness to Vampire Diaries… it is based on a best selling series of books that existed years before Twilight and Moonlight. Since it will be on the WB it will likely be a hit along with their other paranormal shows like Smallville and Supernatural. It has a good story… two vampire brothers, one good and one bad, having the chance to fight it out over the same woman again centuries after she died. They both have different approaches in trying to win her over… seduction and trickery versus love.

      I have been on the vampire track since I was a preteen! It is nothing new but yes it is reaching record levels now, thanks to Twilight. I am relishing all the new vampire stuff to watch. I am peeing in my pants over the return of True Blood on Sunday!! Gotta love that soft porn, LOL.

  40. That was a great link Tiffany! thanks for sharing 🙂
    I will definitely check Vampire Diaries out if i can 🙂

  41. Just saw the preview for Vampire Diaries. Man this sucks that CBS was so short sighted about Moonlight! It looks good if anyone is interested:

    Ironically they cast the same actor as the lead vampire who CBS cast in the werewolf drama they cancelled a few years back. Funny that he is still playing a teen.

  42. Tish,

    It’s the immortal Mick that I can’t get enough of. I agree with Joel Silver, there is no Moonlight without Alex. I’ll try to mail a letter for a Moonlight movie. 🙂
    Oh, btw, eonline has a picture of Alex listed under TV Stars: Then & Now, he’s picture 6 of 10. The Then picture is of Alex as Mick and Now is of Alex as Dr. Andy.

  43. PS Natalie,

    You sound like a Moonlight fan who misses her weekly “Mortal Cure” by Mick and add a dash of Beth… Well over on the permalink here on AOLO, dedicated to just that “down feeling” is a thread devoted to Moonlight fans who are trying to get Joel Silver to come across with that Moonlight movie he told Alex about in December, 2008 when Alex, as well as Jason, were asked if they were “in” on doing it…I know Alex said “yes” & as Silver said long ago “There is no Moonlight without Alex”…

    So I do hope you’ll check it out & get involved to write letters to the addresses I have posted over ther…

  44. Thank you, Natilie for that LA Times info on Three Rivers….

    Love interest for Dr Yablonsky,huh,,, I can think of one that would fit the bill & get us our dose of chemistry besides… Okay folks, let’s get letters to Sophia’s agent & get her back here to the states… “Calling Dr Myles or Miss Myles, social worker wjp has a heart set on Dr Yablonsky!!!!”

    Sophia’s address in England, where she returned to around Christmas last year even though she had a US Visa until July of this year to reside here in the states…even gave her pup, Jackson to friends in the LA area…

    Attention: Christian Hodell,
    Manager for Sophia Myles
    Fifth Floor
    66-68 Margaret Street
    London, W1W8SR
    United Kingdom

  45. LaTimes states that: 1) Three Rivers will be taped at Paramount Studios in L.A. – they will build a hospital on the Paramount lot, 2) CBS wants the pilot to have a warmer look, 3) They are going to have recurring characters – specialist or a social worker, one will possibly be a love interest for Alex’s character Dr. Andy Yablonski. I hope that it will be a love interest with a lasting relationship that will be more than what Mick and Beth had. The role of Dr. Sophia Jordan, head of surgery will be recast – Julia Ormond was the original cast member in the original pilot.

  46. As we all know time & news stands still for no one…and so happy that Alex is making the news so frequently these days… However, if you still would like to check out the thread on Vampires & Moonlight click on the link of Archives at the right hand side of this page…

  47. You’re welcome Christine…Do hope you will join the new Moonlight Crusade, to secure a Moonlight movie, by writing to Joel & all….

  48. · Edit

    i will watch three rivers alex is a great actor this is for you alex i hope this goes for you

  49. Thanks Tish 🙂

    I am all for getting to see Alex anywhere i can possibly see him for sure!

    thanks for the info 🙂

  50. Christine, Hi,

    Could not help but note that you referred to Alex as our favorite vampire… So you are a Moonlight fan? Well, you must be aware that Joel SIlver, approached Alex about a Moonlight movie and Alex said yes… Seeing that Joel may have 10 skillion things on his present agenda, I am hoping that all fans who loved Moonlight will tell Mr Silver, in snailmail (registered/return receipt form) letters that we also are anxious to get such a movie to complete the storylines that were still left dangling & not answered…

    So I see it as having Alex make “house calls” through our TV on Sunday nights & have Mick “join the blood bank” on the big screen, neither being opposed to the other…

    So I do hope you will support both goals… Thanks…


  51. I will definitely be tuning in..there’s nothing else i’d rathetr be watching then our favorite vampire 😀

  52. Teresa G,

    Well you siad a mouthful, so let’s just keep all we can crossed so we do not get crossed…

  53. Tiffany, is that New Moon official trailer someplace online to be viewed??? Would love to see it as I did not get to see the MTV awards, no cable or satellite… That is another reason I was sooo glad that Moonlight came out on DVD when it did, but, bless a friend of mine here at AOLO, I got the DVD as a birthday gift from her….

    And I love romance, twists, & love triangles, many of us do, so why not a medical primetime soap in 3Rs???

  54. Hi Everyone, just curious – does anyone know how TPTB at CBS decided on “Three Rivers” over that other medical drama they have in the wings? Was there an actual audience to view it? I would love to know what it was, besides Alex, that got someone’s attention. Do you think that the voice of “Moonlight” fans was ringing in NT’s ear not to screw this one up?
    What do you ladies think?

    1. They haven’t quite decided if they will have it or not. They have a promo page up for it and I seem to recall they were hiring writers just a couple weeks ago.

      I would kinda like to see them have both… as I love Jeremy Northam but if it is going to compete with 3R then NO! Every time I see Jeremy Northam I remember his role with Gweneth Paltrow in Emma…God he was HOT.

      There is also a trailer:

      Honestly if Alex wasn’t in TR I would be rooting for the other show. It looks GOOD.

  55. As far as the future of Three Rivers being another medical show…can survive if they do not stay within the medicine aspect of the show & add some romance, like Grey’s has…Grey’s, I feel, would not have survived as long as it has without the romantic entanglements… And given Alex is the “Hot” actor in the TInseltown sites, CBS will be crazed not to involve Dr Andy with some intern or fellow doctor since I read Yablonsky is being billed as being recently separated from his wife & living in a motel closse to the hospital…

    1. That sounds like nightime soap 🙂

  56. Tiffany,

    I can rightly understand how pressed for time you are with your sites online… not to metion raising a family… Bless you, is all I can say…

    I will check out the Squidos… I probably already have, but checking again will be fun… Having read all the Twilight saga novel last summer (can tell you that was a lote of reading, especially when one is trying also to stay abreast online & take care of horses & dogs all day long) I am anxious as one of the teen fans to see New Moon…Loved that video clip I saw of Bella running toward Edward in Italy as he was about to offer himself to the Volturi to kill him & how she jumped into his arms & kissed him…

    Of course, it is a great scenario, but can never equal a Mick/Beth kiss…

    1. Loved that video in Italy! Did you see the official trailer they premiered at the MTV music awards?!! Wow! I am like a teeny bopper waiting for it open as well. I saw Twilight in theatres 8 times and have read all the books 4-5 times.

  57. Tish, the Twilight fan site scene was waaaaay to fast paced for me. There was enough news daily to post 5-20 new posts each day. I don’t have that much time! If Alex’s star takes off like a rocket I will have to get help for this site… some days it is already too much for me.

    I kept my Twilight/New Moon Squidoo lenses and those are heavily trafficked and more fun to manage and keep up with.

    Also… reading and writing the daily blah, blah, blah about every single detail of the movie was making me less excited to see it. My enthusiasm is returning now that I get to be the fan instead of the admin.

    Starting a Three Rivers fansite is more of a way IMO to wrangle in those fans when they start arriving in an effort to help the ratings.

  58. May I also say, I was married into a political family, so I can vouch for my statement about votes… As my late father-in law would have said, “It is not what you know but who you know!”…

  59. Tiffany, a note on your former comment… We would have all purchase DVDs of Moonlight tenfold, which may, as you said, could be counted on keeping a doomed show alive, but we were not given that opportunity as the DVD was not released to long after the demise of our Moonlight…

    One could believe the propaganda that was thrown at us to believe about the ratings…Sorry, ratings, like votes for an office, can be altered for whatever benefits one can gain… Moonlight was eagarly anticipated to return after the writer’s strike, it had won Best New Drama. we had all been totally mesmerized by the show’s characters, so add all of this up, in no way should have it been canceled… And during this entire period the campaign was ongoing by fans of the show, letters were keeping the Post Office busy, I am sure, and were sent to TPTB… Of course, many fans were angered by this approaching doom of their beloved show & rightly so…Again I would loved to have been a fly on the wall of NT’s office to read some of the angry mail she received from grieving fans… So, again, I say the final demise of Moonlight was not caused by the ratings, but by ego in Tinseltown…One does not have to be a mind reader to figure that out…

    1. That may very well be Tish. It is possible they KNEW they were cancelling it for whatever reason and only ordered 4 more episodes to beef up the DVD and make some money on the backend.

      We may never know what happened to Moonlight but I don’t think their is a conspiracy out to axe Three Rivers already. So far everything has been above board… the recasting shows they are tweaking to get it just right. But who knows if the market will bear another medical show?

  60. Tiffany,

    Why, with Twilight being the “In”, would you now seel your Twilight site? With New Moon coming out this year, Eclipse next year & Breaking Dawn to be made, it is said, into 2 movies, it will be the site to run with… We all probably will love the “Three Rivers” site, but it has yet to prove itself, even with our beloved Alex in it or not… Only 9 scheduled episodes, to me, is not what I say is something to take to the bank or buy stocks in…

    As with the latter, as one would say, this is not a buying market…

  61. Nothing much over there yet but I have started a new blog dedicated to this show:

    Needed to fill time since I sold my Twilight site.

  62. Moonlight only had 13 originally too. They would have ordered more or decided not to right as the writer’s strike happened. They ended up only ordering 4 more. I posted about it here:

    That was mid season they ordered more but not a full season which is 22 episodes I believe. The writer’s strike screwed us out of a full season of Moonlight but originally as with most new shows, there are only 13. Often if they think the show is crap they will not order any more. Sometimes, if the show is on the chopping block but they think they have enough dedicated viewers to buy up DVDs they will order more eps for a doomed show and hope to recoup costs in DVD sales.

    The video of Matt M is at the top of this post and he said “as with any new series….” indicating that 13 is the industry standard….or at the very least standard for CBS. He didn’t say anyhting that I have seen about it being a short number.

    I guess I see why some may be insulted by CBS pushing Alex promos like that but I just cannot be anything but happy to see him back on screen. In my case, they are very right. It was all Alex… and while I would rather see him play Mick I will take whatever I get…. like Oliver… please sir, may I have some more.

  63. Hi Tiffany,

    Glad to have your input on the thread…And again thank you for allowing the thread…

    Now if the number of episodes a full season is 13, why did Moonlight have 16, which would have meant there was more to the season… I watched the video, also, of Matt M, and thought I heard him say there were 13 episodes ordered & that was a short number to see if the show is a “Go”…

    As far as any of us being actor-centric…I truly feel that is Nina’s conception to insult Moonlight fans because of the letters, we can only imagine she must have received and what was written in them… Tinseltown, no matter what form of entertainment one is versed in, is still a town full of enormous ego overriding any other factor… And some letter, I feel, bruised NT’s ego… And the fact that CBS is broadcasting Three Rivers as Alex-oriented is not fair to the man’s abilities for he is far more than a pretty face… And my own opinion is that is what is being advertised on TV at the present… It is so wrong for Alex is a far better actor than the network deserves…

  64. The number of episodes orderd it typical for a new show. They would almost never order the whole season without first testing the waters. If the show does as they hope and expect then they order more. If the show is cancelled they want to get by as cheaply as possible… these shows take tons of money to make… each episode. Failure to order the full season isn’t being dodgy… they are being smart and acting as business people.

    As far as them promoting Alex only… another smart marketing move. They ARE assuming we are actor centric and will boost the numbers. They are probably right.

  65. Received, many, many thanks…Just sent a reply, should be on your emails by now…

    Hugs, Tish

  66. · Edit

    Hi Tish,

    Just sent everything to you.


  67. Folks, sorry for the typos above comment, but I think you will all understand without my correcting same…

    Now Terry…MLfan4ever… I left without leaving you the address, so you do not have to scour the site for same… sorry…

    Hope yours will not be sent to the bulk mail…

  68. Hi Terry……moonlightfan4ever,

    Great to see your input here, reading your comments makes me smile, and smiles, win handsdown, then frowns…

    I am going to go check out that video clip as soon as I post this…It may take awhile to load for me, being dialup…Can’t get wireless out where I live…bummer..

    I do have a thread, appreciatively granted by Tiffany on this blog, so if you care to visit to support any desire for any Moonlight, come over… Check out the threads above, it will be recognizable… And as Joel Silver once quoted, “There is no Moonlight without Alex” To me that still means “Alex is Moonlight”

    And, OMG, we can all agree “the man” leaves one breathless as the silvery magic of a moonlit night…

    I was told by a male friend who still watches that network (since I will only watch Alex’s programs & no more there) that the channel is giving lots of attention but in a different fashion than they do to any other show… He sais that they are actuallt promoting Alex more than Three Rivers, is how he felt… In any other program commercial, no names of actors starring in a program are mentioned, but the commercials for Three Rivers are announcing Alex… My friend, who also watched & loved Moonlight, could not understand why that network did not do that for the show we so loved, Moonlight? And now, he wants to know what all this advertising gimmick is all about (his words)… I said I think Alex is a wonderful actor, Denny, but the network is up to something & it is because it’s head honcho feels Moonlight watches were all actor-centric for just Alex & not the wonderful show”…

    Sorry folks, but this is a clear indication that the network may be giving us back Alex, but has little or no respect for its viewers… Though I feel Alex’s abilities as an actor are far too exceptional and rewarding, which brought him his US fans, for this network (& his character portrayal of Mick was magnificent), I believe the man has a better chance of being rewarded for his endeavors elswhere such as in movies… I would so hate to see Alex being made a scapegoat for this networks’ execs reprimand of Moonlight viewers… No way do I like the lack of contracting more episodes… it spells a bad omen to me…

  69. · Edit

    Hi Tish,

    I think I saw your address somewhere on this wesite. If I find it again I would like to send you something on Alex. You could post it if you would like.

    Thanks again for your words of encouragement also. I really appreciate them.

    But since this is an Alex O website I always need to say something about this Wonderful Man!!!!! And a MAGNIFICINT actor!!!!!! His acting is mesmorizing!!!!!!
    The definition tells it all.

    mes·mer·ize (mÄ›z’mÉ™-rÄ«z’, mÄ›s’-)
    tr.v. mes·mer·ized, mes·mer·iz·ing, mes·mer·iz·es

    To spellbind; enthrall: “He could mesmerize an audience by the sheer force of his presence”


  70. · Edit

    Hey Tish, Karen, Natalie (thanks for the info), Sydney and all,

    To all of us waiting in anticipation for September to come. Something I found on youtube this morning. I TOLD YOU ALL, I NEED MY CUP OF ALEX IN THE MORNING!!!! hehehehe

    I wish I had the ability to send Alex these…………………..I think he would get such a kick out of them.

    I thought you would all enjoy this……………

    if this does not work try ( ALEX OLOUGHLIN BAD CASE OF LOVING YOU )

    Alex Oloughlin, MD

  71. Hi Karen C,

    So I see Italian blood runs in both our veins..well Mick definitely would get a treat from the 2 Freshies we are…

    Now as far as NT, not using any of my horses, their heads are remaining intact on their very alive bodies… As far as NT, however, one must feel empathy for the infirmed who is not of all their neuro faculties…now mustn’t we?

  72. Hi Terry….moonlightfan4ever,

    First let me say, you never have to apologize for going through your 11 Steps of Grief, which, at this stage, you are still walking through… We may never have met, but all here are your online friends…I do hope that when things seem the darkest still that you will turn on your computer & come visit with your AOLO friends…and in many here, your Moonlight Family & Alex Sisterhood… As a mother who lost her son at age 9 in a car accident, I can feel…that was 20 years ago this month, but the oain does ease with time…I promise you…

    As for getting around the blog, just click on the “threads” listed on the right hand side of this page…it will lead you to every discussion going on now…And there are discussions from the past in Archive… It is in Red… I do not know how long you have been coming to AOLO Terry, but we had some great sessions here for the past, I think, 2 years I have been posting here, especially during the original Moonlight campaign…Gosh we all worked so hard here… We all got along so well & many of those wonderful people are still my friends today on & offline… I do hope the same here for you…

  73. Oh yes, there other interview is with Alex and Dish of Salt Interview that’s one of my favorite interviews. He throws back his head in a hardy laugh. He is so cute.

  74. · Edit

    Hi Tish, Sydney, Karen and all,

    I have been watching the last few days the True Blood series on HBO. Very Blah but I thought I would watch to see what it was all about. I cannot tell you how many times in it they said almost exact some of the things that were said in Moonlight. And I clicked on it to see what year it was shown and it was 2008.
    Am I assuming right that this came out after Moonlight was cancelled??? Pretty crummy that this could last and Moonlight cancelled and this one says alot of the same things Moonlight says. Just some little things here and there. I was not sure on the date because I did not even know about Moonlight until one wonderful night I came across it and from the 1st episode I was hooked!!!!!!!!! And that was in late 2008. Moonlight came out right at the time my sister passed away and I was in never never land from 8/07 until about 12/08 01/09.
    Not meaning to bring sadness to this blog. Anyway……………..
    So now I have my hubby is going back and forth showing me little things on Moonlight he says that I missed. WOW!!!!! Here he is today……………….now look at how his eyebrows go up when Beth says this. And look at how he puts his hands on his hips and looks at Beths face and how his eye go back and forth looking at her. And look at how his lip goes in after he gets caught by Beth in SONATA drinking blood to test blood type. I GOT HIM HOOKED!!!

    I am starting to get alittle confused at reading on this site. I go on it and see othere things written and only until I click on to the email I recvd is when I get on to this one. Any trick to this Trish??

    I have to tell you all though…………………I saw on youtube in Alex Oloughlin interviews a very early on video. It is of someone (not Beth) interviiewing him and it is a pretty long interview. I had my sister in-law and niece look him on on the web. They think I am NUTS!!!!
    Anyway……………I had them look him up to show him who he was. So they clicked on this video and I thought I had pretty much seen them all. (It’s a good thing I do not live in L.A.) hehehehe
    As they interview him on AN INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE, they ask him………………WHAT MAKES LIFE WORTH LIVING?…………………………and he goes through a number of things to him what makes life worth living. Well………….I screamed when he said what he said about Star Trek. I guess I screamed so loud my hubby was going to come running up the stairs to see if I was OK. His favorite episode in the interview is The trouble with Tribbles.
    That is our last name. WHAT FUN!!!!!.

    If I lived in L.A. would I try to get a glimpse of him. (AS MICK SAID IN THE EPISODE “FATED TO PRETEND”) WOULD YOU?

    1. Hi Terry,

      Did you ever watch Alex O’Loughlin and Jason Dohring doing the interview with CBS Mobile interviews 1 and 2? The interview was so lame but the antics of Alex and Jason was so funny. Alex seemed very relaxed. This was at the beginning of shooting Moonlight. Alex says he likes the word bada**, so they practice CBS Mobile, you bada**. On the part 2 of the interview, Jason quiries Alex about the billboard in Hollywood. Alex’s response was funny. You just have to ignore the interviewer and her producer and just appreciate that Alex and Jason are there.

  75. Terry… moonlightfan4ever,

    Wow, I thought you were talking about the “I Leave Bite Marks” t[shirt… I open up the link and there is the same t-shirt Alex had on in the recent pix of him on the set of “The Back-up Plan” that had the logo of “No Pictures” on it… So now we know where he shops, too…

    Check out the link Terry had in her most recent comment… Actually I was thinking along the lines of the “Bite” logo for the premiere opening day of a Moonlight movie…

    Alex Solidarity….. Rah, Rah, Rah!!!!!!

  76. Hi again Terry…. moonlightfan4ever,

    Glad to hear from you again…I had such a pile of emails I almost missed you recent comment… Glad your hubby got a kick out of what I said, but now he has to do it if Alex ever passes through Chicago (like changing planes or something… I wonder if Alex flies under a different name so he can have some privacy during his flight… Yeah, like with that wonderful face of his, think no one would recgnize him???

    I’ll have to check out that t-shirt site you recommended… Now an idea just sprung in this old noggin…when there is a world premiere for a Moonlight movie, all Alex/Moonlight fans should get themselves that logo on a t-shit, (a resale would not cost too much, hopefully) and wear it to the movie the first day the movie comes out…

    BTW, I never buy new jeans, the thrift store ones feel more comfortable… I love yard/garage sales, too… I am a firm believer in “one man’s junk is another man’s treasures…

  77. We are working on it Aussie, we hope everyone will send letters ( believe that would be best for you in AU) to Joel Silvers, all of the TV ML cast’s agents as it is felt that would be the best place to begin… You can find all of those address on another Thread here at AOLO called “Show We Still Believe in Vampires & Moonlight”…

    Again, we can thank Tiffany for giving her okay for me to post that dedication page…

  78. Great to read all the comments and yes I have to agree Alex sure does look great in the blue scrubs. Not sure if we will be lucky enough to see Three Rivers in Australia when it airs in the USA. I am definitely a Moonlight fan and would love to see someone in Hollywood run with a full length feature film. The scope would be so much more as a movie and to see Alex, Beth and Josef on the big screen would be amazing. I can’t understand why someone hasn’t thought of the idea seeing as they now know the following the show and cast had.
    Hoping that Three Rivers allows Alex to show off his incredible acting skills but not to forget a tough of person drama.
    Alex RA RA RA.

  79. Moonlight/Alex O’Loughlin fan here as well..
    Hope “Three Rivers” gives “The Mentalist” a run for it’s viewers.

  80. I logged on to that uniform site and noticed a section for “Grey’s Anatomy”. When we all tune in and make “Three Rivers” a hit, think they will add a “Three Rivers” collection or the Alex O’Loughlin line of scrubs? Just a thought!

  81. Hi Tish and all Moonlight Lovers, Alex must feel sexy all the time because he is adored by millions. signed hopeful

  82. My friend works in a hospital and wears scrubs but is not a medical professional but works on the clerical side of things, she says that the layered look is definitely in and depending on the bod wearing them (Alex), the look can be hot or sloppy. Alex is definitely HOT! Question for Tiffany – I notice that CBS is running more promos for “Three Rivers” – do you think we will get to see more and different scenes once it gets closer to September and do you think that we will begin to see Alex making the rounds doing promotion as well? Inquiring minds want to know.

    1. My guess is that yes we will see more scenes and previews. They will be filming 11-12 more episodes so they will have plenty of footage. If they are smart they will try to drum up as much excitement as possible.

  83. Speaking of clothes………does anyone have any idea where they got the scrubs for Three Rivers??? I’ve seen a lot ot scrubs , and have NEVER seen them cut like that.

    Is this the newest idea in medical wear, or is the creative team trying to simply make them look different than all the other medical shows outfits?? I have to admit, when you tune into any other med show — they ALL look alike.

    Not that I’m COMPLAINING about the fit 🙂

    1. It looks like Alex was wearing a blue cotton long sleeve that would go under a regular pair of scrubs. If you were doing rotations or consultations you could just go around in the regular shirt and then for surgery or some sort of procedure, you would want to change or layer on top of it with scrubs. It would keep you cool and comfortable cause it is not comfortable to be sweaty and in scrubs.And you would never perform procedures in a cotton shirt as that would absorb blood and fluids… yuck! I hope they don’t make that clinical mistake in the show.

      But the new “look” for hot young docs and nurses is layering under scrubs.

      See here:

  84. · Edit

    Hi Tish,

    My hubby got such a kick out of what you said he should say if he sees Alex at the airport. And as far as the t-shirt goes……………….I found it at a 2nd hand store. I am an avid resale shopper and like t-shirts for hubby and now I really go through them seeing all the cute
    t-shirts Alex wears. And you could tell it has a vamp theme by the way the words look.

    BUT……………….I did find the NO PICTURES t-shirt he had on in the picture from The Back Up Plan picture on this website. I will put the link on for you to see. They go for $40.00.

    I googled I Leave Bite Marks t-shirts and so many come up. I however did not see one like the one I found. I will have to wait till I get home to look on the back and see the mark or brand. Then maybe I will be able to find that one. I like it better than the ones I have seen.

    I just love the No Pictures t-shirt though. It is blue and of course his scrubs are blue. Blue is his favorite color and also mine!!!! mmmmmmmmmmmm

    I so hope and pray for nothing but the best for him. He has the most wonderful personality and of course smile. I hope he finds a nice down to earth girl to spend his life with. I remember hearing an interview with him about what makes him feel sexy. His answer……….being adored by someone makes me feel sexy!! sighhhhhhhhhhh

    Nothing like having a cup of Alex to start your work day. LOL

    ALEX SOLIDARITY……………………RAH…………………RAH………………RAH

  85. So much for sleep when so much is going on, over & above board, thankfully, right here… And please bring some of those comments over to the thread set up, as a favor to all Moonlight fans to express… But I am seeing so much enthusiasm & desire I could just do a Meg Ryan “YES!!!!”

    Natalie, as you so nicely describe the memorable Moonlight scenes, I had them flashing wantingly in my head… Like you all, I so want this beginning of a new campaign to get a Moonlight movie for completing our stories & one last connection with our beloved characters… So write, write, write to all addresses on Show We Still Believe in Vampires & Moonlight; it is the only chance we now have… But seemingly I feel it is a good chance since 6 1/2 months ago Alex was approached by Silvers to do just a movie…now we have to let SIlvers know we also are a “Go” for it as well…

    Terry…. moonlight4ever, you did it again, made me smile… so now where on earth did you get that T-shirt cause many ladies/gents are going to want one, you know?????

    BTW ladies, the Mick turned by Josef scene was one of my favorites… I saw that tear come from Mick’s eye & lost it as I began bawling like a baby… Loved when Mick walks into Josef’s office and he was warned, because now Josef(not Coraline) was his “Sire”, not to call him Dad…

  86. · Edit

    Hi Tish, Sydney and all……………………

    It is now 11:25pm here in Chicago and YES…………..I just finished watching over and over again the episode where Josef turns Mick back into a Vampire. And I DO mean over and over again!!! The comedy of Josef is so wonderful to watch. How he always clasps his hands together in front of him and bends back as he makes a funny remark about Mick.

    I remember reading somewhere that as he was doing this scene he really felt what Mick was going through. You could see the tears in Josef’s eyes as he realized what Mick wanted him to do. He said it took him awhile after the shoot to get over it. That just proves what powerful actors they are!!!!!
    Then to see the tears in Mick’s eyes just make you want to go through the TV screen. And then to watch the way they walk into the room after Mick has kicked the door in.
    REMEMBER…………….thighs…………….big…………..whew!!!!! He of course shows off his karate that he knows and you see once again the comedy of Josef.
    And when Mick asks Beth if she wants to come over for dinner…………………the look on her face was………………………….YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would not have been as composed as she was. : )
    And the kisses at the end……………………OMG!!!!! I am surprised I still have a heart the way it beats through that scene. The darkness of the scene BUT the sounds of the kisses.
    Simply Magic!!!!!

    ALEX SOLIDARITY……………………..RAH…………………..RAH……………………RAH

    oh……………….I found a t-shirt that says ………I Leave Bite Marks……………….for the hubby

  87. One of my favorite scene is when Beth on black crystal asks Mick to join her, she leans into him for a kiss and gets thisclose to him and pulls away. His expression of wanting more (it is so hot). The corner of his lip comes in a bit and his head goes to the side and back. He is contemplating…more. He walks to the stairs, holding the rail, backs up, then continues up the stairs after her.

    My other favorite scene is the first kiss. Mick drops his keys under the car, his fingers crawling (finger walking) toward them (the keys) as Beth walks towards his car. Beth says he didn’t say goodbye. He licks his lip, then proceeds to say good…and Beth kisses him, he breaths in, then after the kiss he says…bye. She then places her hand on the side of his face and kisses him again. She dashes off. He looks from one side, then the other then breaks into a smile.

    One other I’ll mention (there are so many special moments). Mick and Beth are at a restaurant in Click. She has something to tell him. He says hmmm ummm. She has quite Buzzwire. Why he asks. Beth says – Well, with Maureen gone there’s not even a veneer of respectability and I’m not gonna make a living feeding of people like some kind of… Then Mick breathes in, purses his lips together and his eyes grows wide and Beth imitates him. At that one moment they are close. They both laugh and he says – Yes. Well, um, I suppose we’re all vampires in one form or another.

    Oh, yes, there is that moment where Jason Dohring’s character Josef turns Mick back into a vampire. Quite a powerful scene. Josef tries to prove to Mick that he can’t fight another vampire and rescue Beth as human. He shoves Mick to the wall. Mick says to Josef – Get off me man, get off of me. Alex as Mick looks so hot, he’s tan, strong, and angry at that moment. Josef turns him. Josef’s bite is hard and inflicts pain on Mick. As Josef lies his friend on the table, we see that Mick dies, one tear falls from his eyes. It’s a sad sacrifice he has to make. Josef brings Mick back to life as a vampire. Mick kicks a** of course and rescues his Beth. She sees him, the sacrifice he made to save her.

    Moonlight should have been renewed. CBS had some in-fighting over creative direction. Showrunner/executive producer Chip Johannessen was fired by CBS. CBS entertainment president Nina Tassler said the popularity of the show was because of one actor. Do you know what they replaced Moonlight with? It was replaced by the show called the Ex-List (the lead was a woman who appeared in Grey’s Anatomy). The Ex-List lasted just 4 episodes and was pulled by CBS in October 2008. Ex-List’s last show got 5.3 million viewers. Moonlight averaged about 8 million. CBS made a huge mistake in my opinion. In all probability, Moonlight would have gained audience share in the second season. The story of Mick and Beth wasn’t finished.

  88. Ah, Karen C, a willing Freshie!!!!
    Now a “Kiss Off” Old Sicilian style, now that’s a thought… Oh, I can just see in my mind’s eye my late Napolitano father givng me that “watch It” look!!! Bad, I’m bad…

    1. Tish,

      Yes, I guess I am a willing freshie… late father was Sicilian also. Does the name Michael Corleone ring a bell? I guess we should have “hired” somebody to put the squeeze on NT to keep MOONLIGHT on the air…

  89. No, Karen C, no way do you want that Bite, you might get very sick on the venom… However Mick’s bite, Oh Yeah!!!!!

    1. Tish – I forgot we’re talking Vampires here…..I should have said “Kiss Off” Nina. Because I only have veins for Mick!

  90. Nice coining of the phrase, sydney… And Terry, ML4ever, I think you have begun a trendy new chant for Alex…

    Tiffany, looks like “Alex Solidarity…. Rah… Rah…. Rah!!” is catching on here at AOLO…..

  91. Hey Karen C,

    you’re not just whistling Dixie on the lookin good comment… And thanks for the info on L.L. Bean…
    so all girls (& just why can’t we call us all girls? Alex brings out the girl in all of us, along with wishful thinking), please excuse if any gentlemen in this group, but this is for you, too… If you want your man to dress like Alex, check out the L.L. Bean catalog or online store; sure there is one… And gentlemen, if you want you lady to picture you as being “Her Alex”, go to the site recommended & get some henley type shirts…

    Now see Alex has started the henley trend again… Comfortable but smart looking for most occasions except black tie… Speaking of which, I so would love to see the day Alex dons a Tux with all of its finery to climb the stairs to the stage at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood to accept an Oscar… I think that day I will cry as much as his Mom will for we fans, also have nutured Alex in our own way… I bet he will look superb in a tux, just look how sharp he looked recently in that grey striped suit with a black & silver tie at the CBS Upfront in NYC…

  92. tish s and terry……moonlighter4ever- i loved reading your comments there so fuuny and, like tish s said, they are full of life and bring a smile to my face!

  93. PS Terry….moonlight4ever,

    Of course your husband can, in his most low shout, chant, if he is close enough to Alex…
    “Alex Solidarity….. Rah…..Rah…..Rah!!!!”

  94. Terry….. moonlighter4ever,

    I just love to read your posts; they are so full of life and love… Again you put a big smile across my lips, thanks…

    I am not certain if henley shirts are a brand of shirt or a syle of shirt since some manufacturer’s brands become used as the name of something we use everyday… best to check at a good men’s clothing store, which I am sure there are many in Chicago… My thinking is that it is a manufacturer’s brand, not a style, but caught on to be called henleys for any syle of shirts fashioned after the originals… So I think that will be something you’d like to see your hubby in…he’ll like them… I have found women’s knock-off versions & find them comfortable since I do not like anything edging across my neck, so the buttons opened alleviate that… wear mostly long-sleeved one in winter…

    Occasionally we will see Alex in jeans but mostly, on Moonlight, & for some photos I see him wearing a type of slacks that are the Docker variety…

    Anyway, next time your hubby asks what you want him to say to Alex should he see him at the airport: “Ask Alex to come for dinner & delay his flight…” Or: “Is it alright if I kidnap you, Alex, as my wife would love to meet you??? We”ll feed you, honest, but not like Michael Carter does to his “guests”…”

    1. Hey Terry – Hey Tish.

      Now about the “henley” shirts….. Way back when I was leaving comments on the “Nielsen” site, I mentioned the “Fever” episode where Mick rips his “henley shirt” partially off his body….and the scene near the end when he breaks thru the door to rescue Beth….he’s wet, the shirt’s wet and clinging to his chest…..well you get the picture. If you go to the L.L.Bean site and type in “henley” you’ll see the shirts Mick wore. It’s more of a style. I just never knew anyone could look SO GOOD in one until I saw ALEX THE HUNK wearing them in MOONLIGHT…..I LOVE THAT MAN!

  95. · Edit

    Hi Tish S.,

    Thanks so much……………..I just love this website and talking to everyone. You live in a GREAT state. she keeps trying to get me to move there.
    Getting back to Alex………….I have a very patient hubby. He is really getting used to Alex. He works at the airport and has already asked me if he sees him what does he want me to say. What hubby would do that for his wife. Alex is growing on him in leaps and bounds!!! I really wish I knew the brand of clothes he wore in Moonlight. I really liked them.
    I make him watch over and over again…………….look, look………….see how he does that with his eyebrows? Watch his smile after she kisses him…………………..Alex talks so much with his eyes.
    .And of course the famous line……………..He has Beth………………he has my Beth. OMG, my heart just melts. That and the episode of him in the desert are my favorite…………oh, and when he comes home all shot up and falls to his knees and Beth walks in. Boy……….I could have the worst day at work and my hubby just pops in a Moonlight DVD and all is well again.
    I am sooooooooooo looking forward to September and Three Rivers.
    And I just LOVE the way him and Josef interact……….THE BEST!!!
    Do you think he really knows just how we all feel about him and his acting? Once again I end with………………………

    ALEX SOLIDARITY………………RAH…………………..RAH……………..RAH

  96. Terry………. Moonlighterfan4ever, Hi from Ms Moonlighter & Spirited Angel, that was me on the campaign to save Moonlight… And I live in AZ like your girlfriend… I so loved your commented post that I had to tell you… Love the finish…. Alex Solidarity…

    And Karenc, it very well might be he, Kelly, was around back then… But what I noted and a lightbulb went on when I heard the Mega Minute about Three Rivers, 13 weeks at first is normal, then if successful the show is given another 9 more weeks to complete a full season… I so wish this for Alex…But that is not what I am getting at…

    Moonlight ran 16 episodes!!!!! Yes, it had some interference caused by the writer’s strike but I do not believe all that hurt Moonlight’s popularity, nor do I, or will I ever, believe that ML was cancelled because of ratings… All hogwash propaganda to cover their arses for pulling a swift cheap trick on ML & Alex fans… Somebody, and I do not have to name a name here, do I, was feeling the fire we were throwing and so we were punished, pure and simple, as I truly see it… The simple 13 episode statement just proved my theory totally correct since Moonlight had already passed its favored muster & was going on for another 9 weeks… Also someone’s sneer at all Moonlight fans of calling us all acotr-centric was this person’s dead give way to their guilt…

    Moonlight should of had a second season, it passed the 13 week test & was 3 weeks into the next 9 weeks even after it won the best New Drama Award from People’s Choice. Oh, though we are aware of the award, as is the rest of the Moonlight fan world, I read that it was pulled from the award roster….

    1. Tish,

      You are so right. Moonlight should of had a 2nd season. Nina Tassler… BITE ME!

  97. · Edit

    I live in Chicago and my girlfriend called me late last night (she lives in Arizona) to tell me she saw on TV about Three Rivers coming out in September. I now have her hooked on Alex. hehehe
    Every time I watch my Moonlight DVD’s I think of what it could have been like having more episodes. ahhhhhh
    I feel like a kid again……………..and lovin it!! He is a GREAT actor and he puts so much into his acting. Every time I watch Moonlight there is always something different I notice. The way his left eyebrow goes up………………the way he swallows as he talks to Beth………the way his voice gets deep at certain points. He is one of a kind!!! Once again…………..
    ALEX SOLIDARITY……………RAH………………………RAH…………………..RAH

  98. Too bad Programming Exec Kelly wasn’t around to tell Nina to order the rest of the Moonlilght episodes! Kelly said the key to Three Rivers success would be the “cute guy” from the vampire show. Isn’t that a little actor-centric? Don’t worry Nina, we love Alex and will be watching him every single week so that this show is picked up for more than one season. Alex will put his heart and soul into his role as Dr. Andy and we will love him for it.

  99. Don’t have to ask me twice – not only will I actually watch but I will be taping as well to watch over and over and over. We definitely want the full 22 episodes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. I’ll be tuning in FOR SURE!

    1. I’ll be tuning in too, but I did that for Moonlight too! I still don’t understand that. What makes me so mad is that we had “Twilight” before it ever hit the screen. Same story line, and there were more morals and values in that sexy vampire’s little finger than the other crap they put on to replace it. The PEOPLE chose it as the best new drama, and where did it get us? The show looks good, and if the medical stuff is accurate, we should be ok. They need to know up front that we will not roll over and play dead if they try it again.

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