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  1. What a genuine smile you have no matter the circumstances! Awsome. You really know how to light up a room. Thank-you for that.:)

  2. Nice bike!!! And the guy on the bike…….SMOKING :heart:

  3. Do we have any idea on his current relationship status????? :love:

    1. He is dating Amber Clayton, an Aussie actress.

  4. Je vous comprend Alex,la moto c’est la joie d’aitre libre,le bonheur de se retrouvé seul et de respiré.vous qui donner tans d’amour aux autres par votre talent,votre sourie,votre générosité et gentillesse.Je vous souhaite une vie heureuse et remplie.
    Avec tous mon amour

  5. Alex é muito lindo, tenho certeza que ele vai brilhar em qualquer papel, e que Deus abençoe os caminhos dele na vida particular e profissional, ele merece com todo esse carisma e talento, que homem maravilhoso.

  6. <TIFFANY, como faço para fazer parte do fã clube do Alex, ele é maravilhoso e um ator super inteligente e lindo D+ por favor envie resposta nesse portal beijos nelia.

  7. Thanks Tiffany for all you do to keep us informed about our man. He is a delight to the eyes even for this 67 yr old. I am very happy for him and I hope 5 O works out, he is due. Watched this show so many years ago and enjoyed it then, looking forward to it. Waiting for the Backup Plan.

  8. Picture Alex on his bike in Hawaii – sounds good!

    1. OMG that bike is super sexy.. to match its owner! Can someone find some good detailed pictures of Alex’s Tattoo’s?? I’d LOVE to see them in detail.

  9. that bike looks really sweet… and alex of as to say // looks like a kid in a candy store .

    hey between his riding his bike, and that of hawaii 5-0.. for sure that together better than any gym or workout place could never come close…and too all that fresh air too!

    as they say..” keep it between the ditches!” ( thats a saying 4 safe riding)…

  10. Thanks for the great pic Tiffany. Alex looks happy and relaxed. So glad he is wearing a helmet, too!!!!

  11. Tiffany, thank you for all the postings! I am always delighted to see youe name in my in-box.
    I look forward to seeing Alex in the H50 series!

  12. I saw this at Cro Customs. They have been so nice to share pics of Alex and his cool bike. I loved that first post they did about meeting Alex and his bike for the first time. Anyway, could he LOOK any better? I sure would love to take a ride with him…:) Only problem – how would he get me off?

  13. penso che si parli troppo di moto o chi più ne ha più ne metta…..penso che sia un bravo attore ….l’unica pecca di moonlighit è che in elcuni episodi si vedevano microfoni o ombre di chi girava le scene …di questo sono sicura …

    1. Velentina- understood about half of waht you said. Do you look forward to seeing Alex in HawaII 50?

  14. I would so like to have my arms wrapped around

  15. I would love to have a ride on his hog!!!

  16. Alex looks so happy on his bike and he should. Hope he has lots of fun time riding it. I wish i could be there as his passenger with my arms wrapped around.

  17. awesome photo of Alex. He looks happy. Glad he getting some time to do the things he loves. Thank you Cro Customs for sharing this great photo with all of Alex’s fans.

  18. What a wonderful surprise to find in my e mail today. Alex on his shiny beautiful bike and looking sooooo happy. Ah, yes, that awesome smile. Made my day too. Thank sooo much.

  19. You sexy man!!! Wish I could see more of the tattoos. Like the bike also. Thanks Tiffany.

  20. Awesome!!

    Keep smiling Alex 😉

  21. Boys and there toys. Mega stars have Rolls Royce, Porsche or whatever is “in” chauffeur driven of course, Alex a Motorbike. Let’s hope our man always stays down to earth and himself.

  22. Oh yeah, I’m with Rose!! Wish I was there!

  23. One hot bod on one hot bike, quick get me a glass of water.

  24. W O W ! I’m glad he looks so happy, his bike is looking G R E A T.
    Love it we can see his tattos. Get your motor running and head out to the highway.
    You go Alex!!!!

  25. Alex smiling on his newly painted bike. WOW!!!!!!!!!!! I t just doesn’t get much better than that. Thankis Tiffany for makiing my day.

  26. Great! Alex smiling is só cute! The bike is amazing! =D

  27. Alex looks great on his “new” painted Bike!!!

  28. Just wish I was there.

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