Matt Roush Talks Hawaii Five-O

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Matt Roush talked a bit about Hawaii Five-O on the TV Guide site. Here is what he had to say in response to questions.

Question: What do you think of Alex O’Loughlin and Daniel Dae Kim being signed to reprieve Hawaii Five-O? There are naysayers complaining that CBS is wasting the talent of Alex on a remake of a past series, because they don’t think these things ever work, but I’m excited about it. At the risk of dating myself, I remember the original series and I loved it, and being that I’d watch Alex in anything, no matter how bad it was, I’m opting for watching him in something that showcases his talent and I think this is a vehicle that will please his fans. Granted, he’s not going to be baring his fangs, but I think it’s something he can really get his teeth into. (Ugh, did I really make that pun?) Probably too early to know HOW the show is going to be presented, especially being brought to us by the same people that give us Fringe (and I take that as a PLUS), but I don’t think it’s too early for an opinion from someone who’s been pretty right-on in picking the hits. What do you think? Is it a gamble, or a pretty safe bet that this could finally be one series that’ll stay around for a while?Dorothy

Matt Roush: Lots of variables at play here as to whether the pilot and the show itself will work, but I’m encouraged by the participation of Fringe’s Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci (who did a bang-up job refreshing the Star Trek franchise at the movies), and as I said last fall, Alex O’Loughlin’s best shot at CBS stardom will likely be as the centerpiece of a crime procedural, especially something with a bright tone and look that will showcase his charisma better than Three Rivers ever had a chance to. Hawaii and CBS have a long history of success (not just Five-O but Magnum, P.I. as well), and of all the many remakes kicking around out there, this one makes the most sense. Keeping Daniel Dae Kim in Hawaii as part of the ensemble is also smart casting. It’s all a matter of execution, of course, and I’m anxious to hear who they’ll cast as Dan-O”(wouldn’t it be interesting if it were a Danielle?)”but on paper at least, this one sounds like a hot property.

Question: CBS has a lot of hit shows that have no reason to switch nights or time slots, so do you think that it is likely that the Hawaii Five-0 remake starring Alex O’Loughlin ends up on a Friday or Sunday night if it is picked up? If so, you might as well prepare yourself for people acting stunned and angry that CBS would have the nerve to not move one of their already hit shows to another night. The same goes with the Criminal Minds spin-off. On a related note, is there a standard length for a holding deal like the one that Alex O’Loughlin and other actors have with networks or does it expire if a particular actor or actress has too many failed programs?”Tyler

Matt Roush: Now you’re asking me to get inside the mind of the network scheduler and before you all start writing in to say that with DVRs, it doesn’t matter when a show airs, it can still matter to a show’s long-term fortunes when and how it’s scheduled (especially on CBS, which is the most old-school network in many ways). With CBS, there’s always a tension between maintaining the successful status quo and trying to shake things up to prepare for the future. (This fall, CBS moving The Mentalist to Thursdays was seen as a relatively bold move, although it made room for the two-hour NCIS block, which looks like they’re playing it safe.) If CBS thinks it has a new hit in Hawaii, the boldest move would be to displace one of the long-running CSI shows to Friday or Sunday (New York would be my bet, but even that might be seen as reckless), although Hawaii may be seen as the perfect  sky show to fill the presumed Friday gap should Numb3rs not return. The challenge at CBS is where to put new shows on a schedule with very few weak spots. Will CBS play the NCIS game with Criminal Minds and air the spinoff alongside the original? (In which case, CSI: NY would need to find new digs, anyway.) Sunday night is still CBS’s biggest problem spot (and not just because of the sports overruns), so I’m betting one of the high-profile newbies ends up there, helped by a ton of promotion.

In other news, Alex’s on screen sister has been cast too. Taryn Manning will play McGarrett’s younger sister, Mary Ann McGarrett.

Does the news sound promising or does Matt’s opinion that HFO may get put on Sunday nights worry  you?

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  1. I became a f an of AO during Moonlight’s run. I can’t see him doing McGarrett. But I do know that he is tied up with CBS for a while, he can’t “jump ship” at this time . They have the cuffs on him, so to speak. And they want to get something out of his immense talent. I just don’t believe they have found the right vehicle in H5O. Moonlight was great before the writers’ strike. When it came back, it was drained of blood. Ha, couldn’t help it. But it was perfect for AO. It has a huge fan base; I believe CBS gave up on it way too soon.

  2. Since the original H5-O was on almost 40 yrs. ago, times have changed so even if people watched the original over again, the technology alone makes it a different type of program. As far as people bashing or being nasty, I think it’s just a case of some of us willing to move on while others prefer to continue to do the opposite and dwell on the past and with that type of mindset, nothing that Alex will do from here on out will be acceptable and that is truly sad. To say that nothing will reach the level of “Moonlight” is not being fair to Alex – he is an actor and no actor wants to be defined by one character and that is a fact. Even those who have had success, i.e. weekly TV series want to do more. OMG- even Oprah is moving on after all this time. Whether you are in favor of an H5-O remake or not, this is what Alex is doing NOW and this is where the focus should be. All the hoping for the past apparently has not worked and has fallen on deaf ears. If H5-O is one of Nina Tassler and Co.’s baby, she will make sure it is successful. Her ego will not allow a failure and we do not want Alex to fail either.

  3. I seen in the TV Guide that Alex has been cast in Hawaii five-o, and the article didn’t even sound to sure about it being a hit. NBC is redoing Rockford Files, and I think Alex would be a great Jim Rockford, his personility is more like Rockfords then McGarrets. Maybe Alex should jump ship and go with NBC…I’ll bet Rockford’s Files will unfortunatley get a better rating even though we are all pulling for “our” Alex.

    1. This is a different thought. I did not know about the Rockford files on NBC.
      Alex will do fine in whatever he is in, but I am one of those die hard Moonlight fans that won’t give up on a movie for the moment.

      I also think that people should be allowed to say how they feel without someone else being nasty and bashing them for wanting more Moonlight of any type.

      Can’t help that all, I just finished watching Moonlight for 8 hours on Sci Fi! 🙂 🙂

      1. Wubbywubby, who is being nasty and bashing?

  4. Alex is a Good actor, but should have quit CBS after the way he was side-saddled, but sorry cannot see him as McGarrett. Either he is desperate or he has something on CBS. You cannot just expect to fit in “hand in glove” into an iconic role.

    Steve McGarrett was believable due to Jack Lord, but a re-boot is not going to appeal to an existing fan base. I have tried and tried to be open about this, but he doesn’t come across as craggy or tenacious. Another one that will die like Knight Rider.

    1. That is why I think CBS needs to remake HFO for a completely new audience. I have never seen one episode of the old show since I was a child when it aired. To me, it would never make a difference if Alex measures up to Jack Lord because I have no basis of comparison. I think there are plenty of potential fans who never saw the original. Personally I think Knight Rider was such a flop because they did try to make it like the original and it was too cheesy for a modern audience.

      1. I don’t agree. I saw Knight Rider and the problem is they tried to make it more updated than the original with an unbelievably updated KITT. I am sure that they will revert back to this and re-boot the entire concept.

        When the new Five-O pilot is broadcast, it will pique people’s curiosity about the original and when they see Jack Lord and the original cast, they will realize that this new version could not hold a torch to it. They shouldn’t have re-booted but continued the concept with a connection to McGarrett.

        If you haven’t seen the original, go to CBS website and check it out.

        Alex’O has big boots to fill. Good actor, but let’s see…

      2. I am not the least bit interested in watching the original, as I suspect will be the feeling of many new H5O viewers. Jack Lord may have been awesome but he does not appeal to me at all. The only thing that could get me to watch a cop show every week would have to be a very dynamic character who is easy on the eyes.. just being honest. Jack Lord doesn’t do it for me.

    2. of as to McGarrett.goes… hey for you to say he was it.. and yet well ifor me it was Danny.

      of as to how this may play out is for right now as to say we can only wildly guess at best… who knows we all just more than might be very pleased indeed…

      um, no offence and yet lets just wait and see shall we.. for as they say if of a bridge you’ve yet not crossed is just ahead of you and well you do not cross it.. how are you to really know of what you may of experienced and you’ll never know.

      yet to each their own .. and yet as to Hawaii-5-0.. to say yet that it could of been another remake and well at least this is a very good one to try.. and we all have to try right?

  5. I am glad they are trying to give Alex work time and to bring in the cast from Moonlight would be a HUGE plus, but its a remake. No matter how you dress it up its a remake. I too am old enough to remember the original show that I watched faithfully every week but I guess I get a little nervous with all the chances cbs continues to take on the hopeful stuff. I am a little bit of the if it works why mess with it. Moonlight was working , Three Rivers was hardly given a chance. I will watch Alex in anything but Moonlight is my preferred show. I guess cbs will roll with this one and I REALLY hope it soars, but again its a remake. Another detective show just like the many others. Moonlight was not just another detective, it was different than any other. Had the story, the who done it and it almost made you wonder could vampires really exsist? Nothing can compare to it and I for the life of me can’t figure out why cbs won’t do what they know will work. Instead of feeding off the past ideas do something with new fresh ones. Moonlight’s writers were just that. Sorry people I will forever want more Moonlight. I will continue to follow Alex in all he does and I wish him all the very best but nothing will ever reach the level Moonlight did and you know I am right. CBS should know as well.

    1. Vampire Addicted, They are the #1 network. Plenty of people people are watching their detective shows. If more people had been watching the “fresh and new” Moonlight it never would have been cancelled. I think the people know how to make money and it is by sticking with what they know. Both Moonlight and TR were out of character for them and both were both cancelled. For whatever reason their detective shows seem to be what the majority want.

  6. It will be nice one day when people will stop trying to include cast members from “Moonlight” into anything Alex may be doing. Really, now – it is time to move on and put “Moonlight” and cast to rest. I like SonjaMMK’s suggestion about moving CSI:Miami to another day or maybe cancellig it all together. I think Sunday will be another kiss of death because of sports runovers but on the other hand, if CBS would put all their time and $$$$$$ to promote H5-O, it could work. I think Alex will shine in H5-O because he was fantastic when he had those few episodes on “The Shield” – (love the pic that Tiffany used from The Shield). Time will tell.

  7. of w/ this for sure hold their own , each in their own way… let’s just say and of well suggest now just suggest that of keeping very good thoughts from here on out…

    for this ride will be without a doubt a true, real of real rides of with theses all coming together.. hey I don’t surf and yet for anyone who may… um, I believe you know of the meaning of my words… only that of good… only of good.

  8. Sun, surf and Alex O’Loughlin! *faint*

  9. Seems like it would make good sense for CBS to pair Jason Dohring as Dano. Wouldn’t hurt to have Sphia Miles play maybe a District Attorney who might just be more than friends with McGarrett. One can only dare to hope that CBS would be smart enough to snag one or both of these talented actors. The chemistry between them and Alex is undeniable. instead of reinventing the wheel, CBS should go with a sure thing.

  10. I think CBS should boot CSI Miami which is a totally ridiculous show and put Hawaii Five-O in its spot – move CSI Miama to Sundays. I have never seen such a stupid show and Caruso is a godawful actor. I mean, really!! Go Alex – this finally might work for you. All the best!!

  11. CBS advertised 3 Rivers too, but they did not leave it on long enough to allow it to build a base. I live in what is considered a small market, but they hardly advertised Moonlight here & it had a big following. Yes, Sophia would be good. I saw on the website Absolutely Sopha that she has a new project coming up, but could not reveal what it is, unless she has in the last week. or so. Jason Dohring would be awesome as Dano. James McArthur complimented Jack Lord & Jaon and Alex do the same. I wonder if Alex will move to Hawaii or have two residences? I hope this one works, if not, he has nothing to loose by changing networks, I am sure other networks would love to have him.

  12. Of course I am going to watch it whenever it is on, but I sure do hope that CBS does the smart thing this time and starts the show out in a good time slot. They seem to know what a brilliant star they have in Alex – now they just need to start treating him like one. I hope they start it out during the week. I am so excited about this – I can hardly wait! Then we have TBUP in April. It is the year of Alex again…:)

  13. I was afraid cbs would think about putting H5O on Sundays. What with sports and all. They should pick another night, like Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday nights and move one of the long running serices to Sunday. That would give H5O a better chance of making it. As for having good chemistry between the cast members why not see if Sophia Myles (moomlight) can be written in somewhere. Her and Alex have a wonderful chemistry together on screen. Of course I would watch Alex any night at any time. Lets hope a lot of other people feel that way also.

  14. I agree with Arabella and as a Moonlight eccentric fan, Alex O’Loughlin can hold his own anywhere in anything. By the picture above it looks like a great start and as a person old enough to remember H5O, I would be in hopes the writers would write Alex a part for the times today that will enlighten his fans and make a great show.

    I wish him all the very best.

  15. Hi Alex Lovers, I can’t wait to see this show with Alex but i’m afraid of having this show on Sunday, friday sounds better to me . I will watch it any time it is on. I love him. signed hopeful

  16. j’espère pour lui ,une nouvelle série mais attendons la sortie du film je suis sure qu’il va fait un carton

  17. I would worry if the show was on Sunday nights but if it has a good writing team along with a cast with chemistry, it should be able to hold its own anywhere. Alex O’Loughlin has proved himself with both Moonlight and Three Rivers ( I liked that one, too and the cinematography in both series was excellent). I have also heard good things about Kim and Manning. Here’s hoping it becomes Hawaii 5-OH!

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