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  1. The song that was sung on “Alex O’Loughlin and Romo is no longer in my computer as you know. Can some one send the information so I can try to buy it,. I need name of singer and
    name of song and any information that would help in my purchasing the song.
    Thank You so munch.


  2. Loved Mary Bryant, loved Alex from the first time I saw him ever on TV kissed by Beth and that gorgeous grin. The man can do no wrong. See Back Up Plan with JLo April 23rd and keep in mind that from what is coming our of Hawaii about the Hawaii Five O project….this will be putting him in the Big Star list for sure. No one deserves it more. Suzanne a Forever Fan

  3. Hey ~ Tif!!! I totally luv what you have done with your site! The new look really rocks!
    The intensity of the look his (Alex’s) gorgeous eyes, can melt the coldest heart! And if not, that person doesn’t have a pulse & should go immediately to the nearest hospital for a check-up!!! Don’t we just luv Alex?
    I know he’s going to be really BIG someday, soon!
    Good Job, Tiffany!
    P.S. I gotta go ‘coz my KC Dia kitty is really complaining (MeOooow!) that he does’t have my full attention!

  4. I love MB, Alex delivered a powerful performance as Will Bryant!!!

  5. As soon as I saw ML I immediately began to collect all of Alex’s work on DVD. Mary Bryant was one of the first, and I absolutely love it. Alex should have won those 2 nominations for awards that he received for best actor, to say the least. It is such a beautiful love story. Mary & Will’s love was unconditional and they would have done anything for one another. Knowing that the story is true makes it even more special to me. Alex was just incredible as Will. If anybody reading this doesn’t have the DVD, go to Amazon and get it for $7.98! It is one DVD, but has the complete 2 part mini-series.

    1. Hey! Back at cha! Please know that one doesn’t have to pay an arm & a leg for this movie…. I purchased it for 25 cents @ HotMovieSale.com, yes ~ I did say 25 cents ~ US! And I’m talking TOTAL PRICE! No S&H charges! As far as I can tell ~ It’s only 25 cents. But, one does need to heed the ‘fine print’ regarding membership charges and watch your acct. that the 25 cents is taken out of. I was told, (and I have it in print), that the 25 cent charge would not be taken out until the item was shipped and it isn’t availible to be shipped until 03/02/2010. Well, lo & behold, the $ was taken out the very next day! WoW! Does that mean that my order was shipped???? Well, I made a phone call & they said ‘Ut-Oh!’ Oops! We will put the $ back and take it when your order is shipped. There is another website to purchase this (I can’t wait to see) movie ~ It’s dvdmagnet.com and it’s only $ 6.23 US, Including S&H ~ better than Amazon??? I’ll have to let you know becoz’ I didn’t know until just now that is might be a 2 parter!

    2. To MikchaelC2B:
      I just checked my mailbox & I have the DVD!!!! Talk about checking my ‘mail’! Woo~Who!!! I’m going 2 be indulging in my viewing pleasure, so please excuse me! I’ll get back to you, soon!

  6. I love Mary Bryant and have watched so many times I have lost count. Alex was amazing in it. His love scenes with Ramola were the most romantic I have ever seen. Expecially the one of their wedding night. It was sweet, touching, romantic, tender and I could go on and on. I just loved it.. They had a lot of chemistry together. I think Alex will go down as one of the great actors in his time. He can play anything and is always great. He has it all, he is georgous, curly hair, great expressive eyes, tall, nice body and on top of all of that a smile that will light up a room and one of the best actors out there. I certainly hope that Backup Plan will launch his career like nothing else has. It looks so funny. ALEX you are the very best. I will follow you where ever your career takes you. Anyone who says they are a fan and now some not too nice things aren’t really fans at all. Don’t pay any attention to them. You know best where your career is and where you want it to go.

  7. I can’t wait to see this movie! I loved Alex to pieces on ‘Moonlight’; but ‘Three Rivers’, not so much, I just knew that Alex could do sooooo much better! Keep up the great work that you do so well, Tiffany & Alex!
    PS ~ Tiffany: Please tell George Clooney that he doesn’t have a ‘clue’!
    Thanks for Everything ~ 2 Wong Foo

  8. I lobve this film. Thanks for the mini trip down memory lane. Wish they would run it on tv often so others can see the great Alex O talent. Recently PBS on Masterpiece had the series Emma starring Romola. She was very good in that too…but of course nothing compared to the chemistry with Alex in this Mary Bryant story. Once again a chance to see Alex perform and revel in his talent …thank you so much.

  9. I bought this and everything else I could find that he was in right after my first look at him on Moonlight. The man is amazing, so talented and good looking. I only hope CBS stops screwing him over and gives his next series a good chance. Thanks for sharing this video.

  10. Hi Alex’s Lovers, This is so great and the song is so beauiful I kept hitting replay to hear and see parts of the mini show. I also bought the DVD and have watched it several times. Thanks Tiffany , you are so great too. signed hopeful

  11. This is were Alex really shows his ability to act. This is my favorite show hes been in. followed by Oyster Farmer and of course Moonlight. Don’t get me wrong everthing hes been in I enjoyed, but these are the all time best.

  12. I seen this movie before Moonlight came out and went crazy when I seen him again on Moonlight. I always wondered why he never got much of a rave over it. I too have purchased it after seeing it for the first time and have watched it over and over. It makes you smile and cry more then once . everyone I lent it too agreed he was great, even people who never heard of him commented. It is a definate to see, if you think Moonlight was good you must see this, and oh yeah the comment about the kleenex , I cried even after the show jwas over just thinking about it. Must see…

  13. Got it loved it. Watched no 1 disc several times. No 2 disc makes me cry it is so sad. Twice is it so sad.

    Both stars Alex and Romali who I have never heard of play brilliant parts. Apparently it was on TV over here, but didn’t catch it at the time. It is an English/Australian co production.

  14. OMG! Indeed a very powerful love story. Alex is undoubtedly a great actor. Many, many thanks Tiffany…

  15. I’ve seen this awesome movie that Alex did awhile back but the one that disturb me is “Feed”. He played a character that kept feeding fat women. I found it really awful!

  16. This is one of my favorite Alex movies. I think the chemistry beween him and his co-star was amazing. I cried at the end. Too bad more people don’t see it. I bought the DVD when I first became an Alex fan. Thanks for the video Tiffany it is the first one I have seen on Mary Bryant.

  17. This is an incredible role and a wonderful mini series. It really shows his talent. If you have not seen it, it is definitely worth the rental! SO GOOD!!!!

  18. Wonderful movie!!! Don’t forget your Kleenex!!!!!!!!!

  19. Really great video. The other Alex videos at the bottom of Mary Bryant are really great too. Lets hope they give us back the real Alex. He was great in a lot of different roles and for those who haven’t seen that, they can catch up with these videos. Thanks Tiffany.

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