Valentines Greeting from Alex!

Alex O'Loughlin valentine message

On the Facebook page for The Back-Up Plan a video of Alex wishing everyone a Happy Valentines has been put up. He asks fans to post their own Valentine’s plans to the Facebook page and give him some inspiration. Make sure to show support and leave him a comment. I already did, and if you are on Facebook and want to chat about Alex (there are lots of us there that do!) or play some Farmville, look us up.

Have a happy Valentine’s all!!

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  1. Alex is so sweet! How can anyone else think otherwise? He is the perfect gentleman and has a great sense of humor. I do not see how can anyone think otherwise!

  2. Hi Alex Lovers, How can I see or read Alex’s Valentine message if I do not go to Facebook? If anyone know please post the info here . Thanks. signed hopeful

  3. Alex valentine’s greeting was so nice. What an amazing person. He seems so down to earth. I wish him the best and will follow this wonderful actor. I hope everyone had a very nice Valentine’s day. I know I did Canada won their first gold medal. ciao.

    1. nd – We’re watching the Olympics too here in Wisconsin. Happy for Canada’s first Gold! You have a beautiful country!!

  4. I couldn’t get to the Facebook page either. 🙁 But he’s still a cutie in the picture. Tiffany, over the last several months it looks like you’ve gotten a lot more people posting. That’s great! And cudos to you for running such a nice website. I don’t post very much, I usually lurk, but there really are a lot of nice people on this site.

    So, what do you all think? Do you think Alex googles himself and reads some of his posts??

      1. Ooohh! Thanks Natalie!!

  5. Sorry, Alex. I don’t have any Valentine’s Day plans, either. Cause I’m not involved and I have lost touch with my friends.. But, I hope you have a nice Valentine’s Day whatever your plans maybe.

    Love & Always,

  6. can anyone tell me how to get on face book? I’m dying to read his remarks… Thanks

  7. well for thoses of you who’ve did get to see his Valentine’ /facebook… for sure you are the lucky one… as to say for some reason where i happen to do this from which is a public place.. besides time limits.. that w/ it too they’ve just not added or whatever the connection so that well.. it wouldn’t play. o’well.. thats ok..

    of as to my Valentine’ plans go… that of to say is going to be quiet one.. of as to well my parents were married on that day … their both of passed on , and yet well to say my mom always said it was her idea to pick that day so well “so your Dad’ wouldn’t forget it!” and yet as of my Dad.. that may of been what my mom had in mind and yet… to say my Dad had no trouble remembering as for the minster’s daughter had come in from playing and to say she wasn’t too happy as to her Dad/minster had to marry someone when well to say she had hope to get to spend sometime w/ her Dad.. as to she sat herself down in front of her Dad/minster and sat right there looking right up at my poor Dad w/ the look of a very unahppy little girl.. and well .. my Dad for sure had a very good sense of humor .. and too it for sure didn’t take too much for him to get laughing.. and yup.. seeing that little girl looking up at him .. and well let’s just say it hit him in funny way and yup, he couldn’t hold in any long and yup started to somewhat laugh to which my mom to say aka he was in the dog house.. that of is the story to which i did hear every year from the time I was born to of well you know.

    well may you all have a hope filled Valentine’’s day…

  8. Susan made a mistake that needs to corrected: Mr. O’ Loughlin. (Although, Alex you could change your name!?!)

  9. I agree with MIchael, I didn’t think Alex was insulting at all. I think that is just his sense of humor. Kind of dark like most Australian humor. I thought he was great in the interview. I am just sorry that he was not shown much on TV, but JLO is the big star in this movie so he has to bow to the big dogs, but not for long.

  10. Alright ~ Listen-up!
    First, I want to wish the subject of our collective interests, (i.e. that would be Alex!), a very Happy Valentine’s Day!
    And if any of you doubting Thomas’ can’t see the greatness of Mr. Loughlin, you need to re-evaluate your life!!!

    Alex ~ I am your #1 fan….. You are THE STAR! in my eyes!
    (Although, I also love Da Bears!)

    Alex, keep doing what you are doing, that you do so good! (If you need a clue as to what that is…. Call me!)
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    1. Susan,
      Im a fan of Alex too, but I call em as I see em. I try not to be blinded by “stars in my eyes.” Lets be smart fans not bimbos lookin at muscles and cute smiles. Im sure he’s want his fans to respect him for his talent and not be judged only by his looks. He’s a great guy, all im saying is that Hollywood sometimes brings out the darker side of people and its obvious how he feels about that part of the job.

  11. I watched every episode of the orginal HAWAII FIVE-O and reruns. I couldn’t think of a better actor to play McGarrett’s son than Alex. I am happy that the part will be his to cast his magic on. I will be in the audience when the pilot is presented. However, that doesn’t change the fact that Moonlight is my favorite and that I want it finished with a movie. Firefly was a great SCIFI that ended in one year. The determined fans keep pushing until a movie called Serenity was made that did complete the show. I want that for Moonlight and the fans. Good luck Alex with this new endeavor, I hope it last as long as it predecessor.

  12. I don’t get these comments! Alex seemed fine to me and he was just being funny. Alex is always gracious and would never intentionally say anything to insult someone else on camera.

    1. I don’t think he was being insulting, and he was cracking jokes, but he just didn’t seem ihis old happy self. even this picture he looks like a POW!

  13. what happened on the interview? I missed it. Who is frustrated? Alex? I can’t get onto face book page, why is he asking for inspiration? Please till me he is not sad..

    1. I saw the full interview on the ETonline website. He seemed somewhat almost resentful. He sort of jabbed at his costar and almost found it hard to say he’d like working with her again. Made fun of her “Den, or Office” , The fact that she has a “maid” was sort of condescending; the fact that she saw the movie 50 times and that she is editing it like it were her personal movie.. . I absolutely LOVE Alex and his “light” but he came across as “dark” in this interview. Not very flattering.

      1. YOLI, thanks for the info, I finally found the interview here on Tiffineys site. I have toagree with you he didn’t seem as fond of JOLO as in other interviews. She is very mistaken if she thinks people only want tohere from her, especialy since she said all of what she said many times before. I can’t get on to face book. Is this a picture of Alex from there? cause he does not look happy at all.

      2. Yoli, I think you misunderstood Alex completely. He was complimenting JLo and saying they come from two different worlds. He doesn’t have a life that JLo has. He was complimenting her with all the awards that were in her office. JLo after all, went on a yacht after filming belonging to Dolce or Gabbana. She was present for the opening for an Italian store in Italy. She is part owner of the Miami Dolphins and had Super Bowl box. She does live the life, I think Alex was only being nice.

  14. Ouch. A tough of frustration is sensed in the 2 seconds Alex had on the ET interview. Its not Jennifer’s fault u have no Valentine.. Its a tough business so be smart and gracious. You get a hell of a lot more with it. Harrison FOrd I think is a great example. He is very private but always gracious not matter how frustrated he is with the media. Smart!

    1. Yoli: The interview is normally done a few days before it airs. Alex would be unaware of how the interview would be cut and edited until it airs. So if you think the Alex was irritated because he got less air time than JLo, that is not true. And Alex had broken up with his old girlfriend Holly Valance a year ago, so he doesn’t have a Valentine, but the tie-in to Facebook required him to say a bit so that Facebook fans could type in their own response to Alex. If he didn’t ask them for advice, they may not respond. It’s just the nature of the business. Alex is a true gentleman and I think you are reading him all wrong.

      1. I know he wouldnt know how it would be edited. But you have to be blind not to see some frustration there. Nothing to do with airtime, seems like something else is going on. Its not what he’s saying so much as to HOW he’s saying it. A lot of sarcasm and zingers.. That usually harbors some frustration. Im not saying he is NOT a gentleman, but there had to be some “feelings” there in the first place otherwise you cant hurt whats not there. He’s been hurt. IDK how but he is.

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