Watch the Live Stream of The Back-up Plan Premier

Alex O'Loughlin and cast on the set of the The Back-Up Plan

Sorry for the late notice but you can catch a live stream tonight from The Back-up Plan premiere in Hollywood where Jennifer Lopez and Alex O’Loughlin are expected to walk the red carpet. You can view here at 9:30 EASTERN / 6:30 PACIFIC.

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  1. The red carpet deal was pretty boring…I can see why they only show parts on regular TV..all those people I don’t know and the fancy pants Heidi Klum people….please!!! Now if Alex had been given enough time and attention, that would have been super. Thanks for the access anyway Tiffany. I have been lining all my friends up for tomorrow!!!!! LOVE YOU ALEX. ALL THE BEST TO YOU…..YOUR FOREVER FAN SUZANNE

  2. Going crazy atb work. I’m a nurse and I work nights. No video access on my blakberryAm. Have to wait till am!!!!! I’m gonna need rehab. I’m addicted to. Jlo and alex together

  3. I just watched the live stream of the red carpet of TBUP/ Alex looked fantastic as usual and very happy. JLO looked beautiful also. It was such fun to watch , I felt like I was there. Very exciting. can’t wait until Friday. About six of m y friends are going with me and we are going to the first showing at 11:20 A. M.

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    Just watched this live stream of the Red carpet premiere of TBUP….how exciting to see Alex like as if I was really there!…First time I ever experienced that. He and JLO both looked awesom and happy. Can’t wait til Fri. Hope you guys in CA enjoyed yourselves and hope we hear from you soon about how it went.

  5. WOW!! Alex is looking goooood!!

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