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  1. I just saw Alex on the Daily 10 here in the West Coast…..he is such a total HOTTY!

  2. I too finish watching the 2nd part on Youtube. So HELLirious! Great job Alex. I can’t wait for
    tomorrow for the Back Up Plan.

  3. Thanks Sandra for telling us about the 2nd part on UTube.He is funny and sweet as ever.

  4. What a great interview, loved it! Alex looks gorgeous as always and he seems like such a lovely person too. Can’t wait to see BUP! Really hope H5O does really well for him, and still live in hope that a Moonlight movie might come out one day!

  5. Alex handsome as ever and funny too. I can’t wait to see the Back Up Plan this coming Friday….yippy..ya ya!

  6. He is so sweet, very funny. I have enjoyed watching all the interviews. Alex you are a super person and any fan that meets you they are so lucky.

  7. I watched the whole thing and went to UTUBE and watched that too. WOW, he’s a happy guy and such a sweetheart. A bit modest when asked about H5O but that’s ok and now all the ladies that watch Rachel Ray will be watching our Alex.
    How exciting.
    Thanks so much for this.

  8. Is JLO pregnant then, he pretty much let it slip!

  9. Watch the other part on Youtube Rosemary. Just type in Alex O on Rachel Hay show. both parts on there.

  10. Watched the other part of the show on Youtube. Funny , Alex with a lady (teacher ) from the audience had to sing the jinglres from old shows like Golden Girls, Happy days and Brady Bunch. He told the lady not to get mad at him for not knowing one. LOL. Lucky lady not only winning a holiday, but for getting to stand next to Alex. He won a CD of BUP music. ALso got to say “Book em Danno” from H50. What a guy. Such a good sport.

  11. too bad that of the quiz that alex was about to get.. that um, well it would of been fun to see how he did…!
    either way.. for sure will be trying to get the nearest movie place to go see “back-up plan”.

  12. A bit too thin but still one of the best looking men on the planet. Hope Hawaii 5-0 gets picked up for next season. It would be awesome to see Alex on the small screen every week again.

  13. WOW such a cutie, so down to earth and doesn’t mind laughing at himself and oops he nearly made a slip up, spoilers Alex, bless. Can’t wait for this movie, thanks for posing XXX

  14. Alex a;ways looks so relaxed and gorgeous, he certainly interviews well., He had a really busy interview week-end.

  15. hi thanks i saw the show this moring and alex looked so good

  16. I loved Moonlight as everyone did, but it’s kind of nice that he didn’t get typecast in that roll, when he obviously has so much more to offer. Gooo Alex, I cannot wait to see the back up plan either.

  17. Will be seeing The Backup Plan when it’s released. Still want more Moonlight. Bought Moonlight for my family members for Christmas and now they want more Moonlight.

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