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  1. This is the funniest one so far. Love the boomerang question. Everybody should be this goofy with Alex. Everybody should be this goofy with everybody.

  2. Awesome, as usual. This guy owns the stage, he’s so confident to talk to the audience, that’s not an esasy thing to do, but he does great! Alex could have his own comedy show, but a smart one, Jason Dohring would be a terrific costar.

  3. I’m so bummed. Went to the early bird show and NO Photos of TBUP. Or Posters
    That was great movie. Alot of face time for Alex. OMG he is just the greatest he really has a flare for comedy. The birthing scene was priceless, but not to give too much away, When he saw the ultra sound of Zoe’s baby,and the blood, and passed out was GREAT.
    I want to see it again thats how good the movie was.

    My BFF and Daughter went and my friend is now as twitter patted as I am. Stuck on stupid, in
    Did I just say that. oops

    Enjoy the Movie AND our Handsome A L E X. xx oo xx oo

  4. Alex was EXTREMELY thin here…. I’m a little worried now. And this was the first interview where he didn’t HAVE CONTROL… Jimmy seemed to be pushing and pulling and making all the jokes…. Huh????? But that’s ok. Nobody’s perfect. Well, Alex kinda is.

  5. MMMM here he is again Mr sexy, gorgeous and funny, what a great story teller I bet he’s got some really good ones to tell, I think Alex would make a good English teacher !!!!!
    Thanks Tiffany for posting XXX

  6. Thanks for posting this great interview. Totally excited for Friday. Alex looks great and seemed more relaxed with Jimmy K. Tiffany, you rock.!

  7. What a surprise, to wake up and see Alex 1st thing this morning.He does look very thin.
    Were the green shoes for Earth Day? Got my tickets for Friday.Can’t wait to see TBUP.

    Can’t believe it’s finally here.


  8. He is just adorable!! and so funny .. what a sense of humor its easy to see why Jennifer picked him to star opposite her even though he mostly played the straight-man!!

  9. Thanks for the update – love it. That’s our Alex 🙂 Adorable as ever.

    1. laura…..i also feel Alex is way too thin….i was astonished to see him on the Today Show …Charming at any weight!!!! Maybe he is working too hard!!

  10. Tiffany thank you for all the updates I get them on my iPhone so I wait for it. Iam going this weekend to watch the movie and believe me is not because of JLO.

  11. Thank you Tiffany. What a great interview but too short. Could watch more of him. They are both so funny. Alex is absolutely adorable. Drunk on the couch – funny. Worried he is so thin though. Maybe that is normal for him though. Hope he takes a break.

  12. I’m like everybody he meets….he is just the best, funny gorgeous and talented and caring…I am a little worried he is so thin. I can’t stay up that late..thank God for recording TV’s!…as I’ve said in ohter web sites hope they aren’t working him to death. Those inerviews have gotta be boring for him after a while especially when he has to answer the same questions over and overl Tiffany, do you know for sure when Hawaii Five 0 will be okayed for the fall? It would break my heart (and his too) if it wasn’t. Please let us know if you have any idea. Everything sounds super positive for Alex right now. Love Suzanne His Forever Fan

  13. Thanks Tiffany…Alex was so funny in this show, he play`s with the public very cool…like his Style, he looks so great!!!

    1. The ability to think like that is alyaws a joy to behold

  14. I agree, Megan; Alex’s interview was too short, but then again, I can never get enough of this fine Man! He is very funny and cute and charming, and I enjoyed this appearance the best. I love the way Jimmy Kimmel introduced Alex, saying that he came to the U.S. and “stole our women”. How true!! He sure stole my heart!! 🙂

  15. I stayed up to see this, and each time I enjoy Alex’s great wit and charming personality more and more. Just can’t get enought of this guy. Am so excited to see him getting all this attention. He deserves it, and it gives people like me, that are totally crazy about him, more chances to see him on the screen. LOVE IT!!

  16. Great interview!!! I did see it 12:00 AM this morning when it came on. It seemed too short, don’t ya think? He’s really funny and I can’t wait for The Back-up Plan!! My mom is taking me to see it this Friday when it comes out. Can’t wait! XD

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