Alex on Screen and Off

I was just taking a look at some of the pictures taken of Alex and JLo and I noticed something. I am kinda digging the way Alex looks when not filming. I LOVE the worn jeans, well worn tee, hat, and scruff on his face. He looks good in the second photo too but the first guy is the one that would turn my head on a city street? How about you?

And is it me or does the second picture look like Kevin from The Shield?

alex on set

Alex with JLo

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  1. Awhile back I posted that I was going to Australia. Got back a few days ago and still suffering from jet lag. One night while trying to stay awake in my hotel room I’m watching / listening to the TV and I hear is that lovely Aussie accent: Australia’s own Alex O’Lachlan (pronounced) up next in Moonlight. Ohhhh that was soooo cool. To be in Australia watching my favorite Australian actor and my favorite vampire show. The segment airing was ‘Sleeping Beauty.” Loved it! And yes, he does look good in all of his photos…Very good.

  2. i like his shirt in the first picture. “No pIctures” lol.

  3. Oops, wrong thread…meant to post my above comment on “In New York May 20th” thread

    However, the 2 above pix above were actually taken on the set of the Back-Up Plan while they were filming; it is not an off-screen pix of Alex in the baseball cap with his famous tongue licking his lips…

    Poor guy, he must feel like Rodney Dangerfield, his t-shirt clearly states “No pictures” & someone snaps his anyway… And you must all know the lste comedian’s famous lament, don’t you?

  4. Hi Pat Barone,

    True the second [icture above is Alex, but it is not from his days on The Shield. The present pix of him in glasses and a black leather jacket was taken (1 of 3, if you check the Alex O’Loughlin Information Network) last weekend, Memorial Day celebrated weekend, while he was in NYC during his brief time visiting the city to attend the CBS Upfront at Carniege Hall… Alex was in NYC just briefly, think it was only hours but perhaps it may have been overnight, as I was informed, since he had to return to LA for the filming of Back-Up Plan which is still in progress…

  5. Just wanted to say that the 2nd picture of Alex that a couple of you think looks like Kevin from the Shield is indeed. Alex. He played the part of Kevin in 6 episodes of season 6 of the Shield. He left the Shield to do Moonlight.

    Can’t wait for Three Rivers. At least CBS is advertising Three Rivers now more than it did for Moonlight. I am sure it will be a big success. Alex is the greatest. As far as I am concerned he is the best actor out there and of course the sexiest and most gorgeous.

  6. Alex does look way hotter in the first picture than the second. I love the way he looks. I love his Aussie voice. Yum!

  7. Hi Moonlight Lovers, I love that Alex is doing a new TV show and a movie and have done the other movies which I love and have DVDs of. My heart belongs to Moonlight and his part as Mick StJohn and I know he must play other parts and movies but I wish one movie could be a finale of Moon light.. signed hopeful

  8. That also is many of us, marie, but we must all work together for this goal and not separate into other factions to get the dream of a Moonlight movie; for tis all we have indeed to complete the Moonlight Saga…

    Of course, Alex will be before us soon as a heart doctor; well he certainly has stirred up enough of them since he came here from AU…

    and, there will be a new movie called Back-Up Plan which is filming now…

    We will not be deprived of Alex again for as long as we had been, but we still would appreciate our Mick for a short time again…..

  9. miss moonlight keep up the work love marie

  10. Hi Sandra,

    My Queensland, have seen films of the area, just beautiful… And, wow, boomerang anyone? Lots of distance, but I think you gals can do it and are determined enough to all meet…

    Wish we all, from here at AOLO, meet in some designated palce someday…this would be so much fun…

    So Tiffany, I direct this at you again… do you think we could get all here interested in making a trip to LA to meet for lunch or dinner at Musso’s as Loretta & I had suggested (now we all know with Loretta’s AU trip that Oct is out & we also must see where Alex will be filming Three Rivers; Pittsburgh, PA or LA so he can be invited to join us)???

    And we would also like to make enough time avaialbe for our Aussie friends to come stateside to join us but they also would like to meet Alex, too…

  11. Hi Loretta Averan,

    Wow, got any room in your suitcases to pack me in????

    If you had booked for a later time, like around the holidays, it would be the Australian summer and perhaps Alex would be back in Sydney to spend Xnas with family… However with his schedule, wondering if he will this year…Poor guy…See there are disadvantages to being popular and an actor…

    I do not know where Sandra is located in AU, but Diane lives on outskirts of Sydney, which is a long way from Melbourne, but there should be some mode of transportation to get all of you together for a meeting… Sounds awesome, take pictures, videos, too…and post, please!!!!

  12. Hi Ladies.
    I live in a small mining city of Mount Isa, Queensland. WHiish is a long way from anywhere. Sydney is NSW and Melbourne is Voctoria.. Where I live to ge tot either place I would have to f;ly tp Brisbane, then take another flight to either place. ISa Brisabne is a 24hr drive. That’s this vast country of ours..

    Never been to either city, only in the airport. And then it was pouring downing in Melbourne..

    Well, wouldn;t you know Alex brings us all together.

    Either of you post on Becayse i used to but there seems to be a big problem with the website, crashed or something?

  13. PS, Aussie Di,

    Put the email address, in the above comment, in your online address book… Thanks

  14. Diane,

    I do hope that Tiffany and the web will allow this to be printed on the site… I am giving you my alternate private email address here so write to me on that for now…much to talk about…

    Hugs from your Friend (really am, you know), Tish

    Di, will you let me know if you got this address in AU? I will check even the Spam folder to make sure an email from you did not go there…just giv me a small clue as to what you use as a name for me to look for or ask Tiffany, here at AOLO, to forward your private email address to me, if that is alright with you…

    Tiffany, will you please do that for us? Thanks…

    Be looking foward to your mail…. AZ Tish

  15. He would turn my head in a new york minute. yes he looks like kevin. i love it.

  16. Australian ladies: I just booked a trip to Melbourne for Oct. My second time, but had to since I’m re-inspired by Alex. GREAT deals on Qantas. So, a) can we meet? b) what do you recommend I do in Melbourne?
    personal email:
    Tiffany keep the good stuff coming on Alex? My question to you is ‘how’ do you get this ‘stuff’?

  17. Hi Tish,
    thank you for the kind words, again.
    I am trying to reply to you on the LLOL but it is telling me your are not a “friend”
    I dont know what happened. Would you mind requesting me as a friend. I have tried finding you but I can’t locate you otherwise I would be sending you a request.
    Hello to Sandra. Are you in Sydney??
    Talk soon

  18. Don’t worry Tish. We know you meant Alex, not the pastor, lol.

  19. Oh My, I just re-read what I wrote above & it looked like I was wondering about kisiing the pastor in the 3rd paragraph. I made a reference to kissing Alex, not the pastor…

  20. Hey All, did anyone notice what Alex’s T-shirt logo says? Look again… And what did somebody go an do? They did the opposite of what it said which was “No Pictures!”

    The difference I do see between the 2 pix is that Alex is more serious in the 2nd pix with JLo & he is wearing a dressy white button down shirt…

    In both pix, however, Alex is sporting his 5 O’Clock Shadow look which is the IN for men nowadays…even saw a pastor as church sporting one during Christmas services… I love the look but wonder if it tickles when he kisses?

    Loretta Averna, a light coat of oil & a jock strap? Woman you had imaginations flying around the world and a few blushes plus smiles mile wide…

    Sandra Fegan, so you are also Australian…we have another lady here, Diane, also been known as Aussie Di, who lives near Sydney… She is a very nice woman and hopefully the two of you live close to each other to meet…

    Thank goodness for the Internet and for Tiffany bringing us this site so we could all reach fingertips across cyberspace to get to know each other and stay in touch…

  21. 20 times. Lost count of the times. I got my DVD form Uk through Ebay , couldnpt wait until it came out in AUstralia, the country of his birth (last pkace ut came out I think.and I still can;t get it if I wanted to from my local Kmart..

    I watch an episode everyday. when I get to 16 start all over again. The I watch other DVD’s I have of him.

    Must say I love Mick the best., that’s when he caught me. LOL But can take him anyway. Not quite sure about Feed though. LOL

    1. im a little iffy on Feed too. The premise just sounds a little bit weird.. 😛

  22. I love him either way but I agree about the casual scruff look. Yummy!!!!

  23. Thanks Tiffany for the updates! I look forward to them.
    I don’t care what he wears he looks good in anything.
    I just love watching him over and over again. I bet I have watched my
    moonlight DVD twenty times. I never get tired of it.

  24. cheekier!?? I love it. That man could come out in a light coat of oil and a jock strap and I’m thinking goooooood! Both pictures do it. One night my husband and I (we are 56 and 58 he’s the younger of us) were watching Moonlight. He really thought Mick was just waaaay too cool. And one of those backlit shots and he’s coming down the alley at night and that great knee length coat ….well, you know what I mean. I turned to him and said, “You need to get one of those coats.” He said, “Well, I’m not 30 years old.” Later when I told his 32-year-old daughter what his reply was (and she too was addicted to ML) replied without missing a beat, “Well, hell, Mich was 80 years old!”
    Dontcha love it!

  25. ALex is alex. I read/heard an interview with him asking him was he like Misk S J at home. His reply was, no he’d would hang out in hug boots and sweats. In other words just your average kinda guy. ALex average LOL

    Yes, he does look like the charater Kevin Hiatt, it’s the hair. shortish, but cutly. Vincents’s wa s Big Wheel was too controlled. Marshall in August Rush was sort of straighter, Black Jack character and Oyster Farmer Jack’s shorter. My favourite Mick S J locks, But the shorter version I think makes him looks cheekier and younger..

  26. He looks great in both photos (adorable as usual) and his personality matches his looks.

    Thanks Tiffany for all the updates.

  27. I love the way he looks in both but I have to say I really enjoy it when he’s just being himself. It’s nice to see a celeb who can relax and just be who he is.

  28. Thank so much Tiffany

  29. Alex has something with his tongue, he shows it so much. hahahha

    1. I stick my tongue out a lot too… same with my daughter. We don’t even notice until someone snaps a pic. 🙂

  30. They both look like Alex to me and he is scrumptious no matter what.

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