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  1. I love watching hawaii five o and the back-up plan

  2. Wow! So feeling great seeing Alex and Jennifer happy together. :heart: I love them both, :love: and so proud of their accomplishments Quite awesome and they’re so compatible each other. Wishing that they have new movie films coming soon together again ………………………….

  3. :love: Hoping Back Up Plan have another movie with Alex and Jennifer Lopez once again. They are such an awesome people together. Happy to watching them. Looking forward to watch their movie soon :heart:

  4. This guy has to be the sexiest man alive! I live for Hawaii 5 0

  5. Wishing more luckiness of having new movies together again of Alex&Jennifer. They are really having happiness and making others happy as well. Compatibility and lot of funs watching them. I am looking forward to have their new movies together again. Hopefully coming soon. Alex & Jennifer keep up your luckiness and more happiness 😀

  6. So happy as always seeing Alex and Jennifer doing the Back Up Plan movie together.
    They are so compatible and look alike each other. Looking forward to have their new movie together again. So amazing and awesome. Alex and Jennifer I am your great fan of yours both. Keep up more best movies together. Many thanks!

  7. After watched the backup plan , i like Alex so much , he is looking handsome and im feel so happy that he is same as me of the horoscope.

  8. Alex looks so amazing HOT in this video. OMG!! My heart just skipped a couple of beats.

  9. alex o’loughlin is the hottest hottie ive seen in 62 years!!! and yes, still rock at 62!

    positively gorgeous, absloutely talented, very expressive’…if i’d seen alex when i was his age, there would be definate chemistry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :o)

  10. waiting for May 14…i love Axel .you’re really a nice man =]

  11. I went to see THE BACKUP PLAN today. Although I really enjoyed the performance by both Alex and Jennifer, I didn’t feel there was any chemistry between them. I have seen every show JL has been in and compared leading men, and the feeling of love between JL and AOL was wanting. I think the movie is worth seeing and would recommend it because it was a cute story.

  12. Yep, his name is right up there. You see a guy in what looks like a suit and briefcase, he hails a cab and noisy duck cabs pull up, his name is on screen then. I have not seen it at the theatre yet, not in Oz until 20th May, but lucky enough to watch it online.
    By the way for the London Premiere his scruff on his face was turned into a very sexy looking goatie and moustache, that was on the 28th May.

  13. I loved TBUP. I could watch it 20 times and not tier of the movie. Alex is just wonderful. The only thing I do not remember seeing Alex’s name mentioned at the beginning of the movie where they list who is starring in it. I don’t think that is fair. Other names besides JLo is there and Alex stars in the movie just as much as JLo. His name is at the end of the movie where the cast is listed.

  14. Yoli, is Alex on diet? His cheeks are totally different and sunken! But he’s still one of the sexiest Ausies. Can’t wait for the BUP!

  15. OOOHHH I missed the London premier it only said that JLO was going, So thank you Yoli i have just seen our Alex on Youtube with his new facial hair I do think it suits him and a lovely story about his Nan Bless. Love you loads Alex XXX

    1. He’s not on a diet. He has said in a few interviews, ‘Its the stress of Hollywood”. Hope he feels better and gets past it, a successful show would help ;).. Love Alex!!

  16. Sorry, but JLO is not all that! She may think she is…it’s Alex who is the HOTTY and he is the one that makes the movie TBUP for what it is.

  17. Yoli when was the London Premiere? Our man gets around a little.

    1. It was april 28th, if you google TBUP London Premiere you will see the photos and even the videos on youtube. A lot of nice looking ladies for Alex since he duznt get any play (recognition) with JLo then he can get sum play with the ladies.. Hope he did ;)..

  18. They havent put up the London premiere pics yet. Alex looks like a latin lover, very sexy. JLo looks too good to put her arm around him. She comes across as very standoffish in the pics. How ridiculous and un professional, coming from “Miss Professional”..

  19. Havent seen in yet as it will be released here in june. I look forward to it. I am sure Alex will shine my day in the cinema:)) I am curious about a lady who follows Alex & tells him that they had to go. Who is she? I saw at London preimier videos as well. assistant of him or manager 🙂 do you know anything about her? Love u Alex…….

  20. Well Jennifer has just been on GMTV in the UK, I’m so angry she didn’t even give Alex one mention she referred to Alex as he when talking about the movie and GMTV were just as bad not one single mention of Alex’s name even after the trailer was shown GRRRRRRRRRRRR
    Anyway enough of the ranting TBUP will be out on 7th May in the UK so I can’t wait.
    Luv Alex loadsXXX

  21. Saw TBUP on Friday night! My daughter and
    I loved it! Everyone in the theatre seemed to
    be having sooo much fun! Everyone even stayed
    for the out takes! Alex was so entertaining!
    Forever an Alex fan – wish him the best – always!!

  22. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear……I’m afraid I’m one of those fans who hated the movie.

    I tried, I really did! I felt that Alex and the other costars were acting thier hearts out, but JLo was just so wooden. I felt/saw no chemistry between the two — and chemistry cannot be one sided. Every time JLo was on the screen I felt that she was going thru the motions of acting, but never really got it.

    I was bored to tears.

    And I’m not a JLo hater. In fact, since I’ve seen all her promotions, she strikes me as a very warm and likeable person. Someone who would make a great friend — but is one LOUSEY actor!! Some people just can’t do it. Beauty only carries you so far..

    The only nice thing I can say is that alot more people got to see Alex.\

    So disappointed. Sort of the same feeling I had when Three Rivers premiered. I kept looking for the silver lining, but just couldn’t find anything to like.


  23. Ive seen it twice.. Loved the “ebbs-n-flows”. Alex, funny, dramatic, romantic. what else can you ask for.. Looking forward to Hawaii-five-0!!!

  24. Mary Ann…..I too had a blast and am looking forward to seeing Alex AGAIN in this movie with you today!! :o) Love you my Second Mom~!!!!!!!

  25. I just want you all to know that I need to have my gallbladder removed and they surgeon wanted to schedule it for April 23, Friday at 11:40am. Since the Back Up Plan was opening that day and I planned to be there for the first showing I advised him that I had another appointment and had to be rescheduled for May 13 since the Dr. was going on vacation!! HA!So, I risked my LIFE to see Alex on the Big Screen!!! LOL….Crazy eh? Crazy for Alex that is!! WWOOOHOOOOOO…. )

  26. As with many or most romantic comedies, performances either make it work or not. THE BACK-UP PLAN is no different. Jennifer Lopez carries the lead and shows she can work the comedy effectively. She displays a decent knack for physical comedy, whether she’s discretely stuffing her face with her beau’s stew, or in the midst of a water fight during a date-gone-wrong. Her delivery is good, but her facial reactions are better. However, the audience at the screening seemed mostly charmed by Alex O’Loughlin, who brings out a solid performance that is appealing, funny and strong

  27. Bunty I so agree with you we need more Alex in the UK, If he does come to London I will be there with bells on, Alex is worth the 4hr drive and time off work, I can’t wait for the movie.
    Love you loads Alex XX

  28. We as hard fans of Alex should do our best to show him our support as well. Word of mouth to family, friends or who ever would hear…tell that they should go see this awesome movie.

    We have to make our best that it becomes Numero Uno…number 1 not 2, 3 or 6 but NUMBER ONE!!! Show some ALEX spirit…support him,,ya ya ya!

  29. Back-up Plan is in second place after the weekend box office report. Super.

    1. hear that!!! and that is after of alike thoses reviewers… like up around this neck of the woods… boston globe… .of who.. well to each their own opion be…

      .saw it and um, of thoses of who may yet of to go.. one thing of as to credits roll… stay for it. um, for as to say I’m glad i did.. as to yes that is of well some of the “out-takes” and yes.. well worth it too talk about a bonus.. it is!

  30. OMG just seen huge posters of Alex on the sides of our double decker Red London buses, what a joy!!!! I hope he will be here for the London premiere. Cant wait for it to get here. We need more Alex here in England !!!!!

  31. Went to see TBUP today. Loved loved loved it. So funny and Alex looked soooooooo good. Hope the weekend ratings are good for it. I was ready to go back in and see it again as soon as i left. I talked to the gal taking tickets before I went in and she said ‘you’ll love it, it’s so funny”. I told her I already knew I’d love it cause I loved Alex in anything he is in. She didn’t even know how he was but said she’d watch for anything else he was in after this. She said “he’s so good looking”. Told her I was well aware of that.

  32. I so envy you… I still can’t see the movie here in Peru but I was shocked to open my Yahoo site and watch that Alex was the most trending topic today. He’s finally getting all the attention he deserves …nothing can stop him now YEEYYYY!!!

  33. Finally saw the movie. It was GREAT!. they were awecome and it was so funny. I think its been JLO’s best performance and Alex was very funny and awecome in the dramatic parts. They were so funny i was surprised. The audience laugh so hard and mostly men which surprised me even more. My husband laughed and i was shocked cuz righ before we went to the theatre he was son angry bcuz he found out our car got towed. Alex was so sexy, I hope he gets his kudos from the audience, I would be shocked if he didnt.. Love Alex!!

  34. Alex is a gentleman, always smiling, never too much, which for me is good, is very aware od what’s going on around him. Amazing.
    The older woman, with brown hair and a white/grey echarp around her arms, that appears with him during the video must me be someone really close to him, thrre’s a frame I believe she is cleaning something in his shoulder… I would love to know she is his mother… (just imagining but it would have been so sweet)..
    Once again Tifanny OBRIGAGA from Portugal.

  35. SO glad all you lucky ladies loved the BUP movie. I have still to wait a little longer over here in Alex’s homeland Australia 20th May.

    1. sandra.. um of all of whats already been said here… and well.. very much worth the wait.. o’ and um.. well of to lets just say that the credits at the end of the movie have an added bonus.. scene goofs

      and um, well.. to say that of as to compare of to another team of as to timing right on.. there are several .. and yes my folks made sure when as to by chance well came on the tv.. like say movie ” it happen one night” Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert ., to Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy in “Woman of the Year”. that of who Jennifer & Alex in this film of to timing & comedy combo. reminded me of. no joke. whats the old saying as to acting.. drama is easy and yet comedy is for sure another thing altogether. u either have it as to comedy or u don’t.

  36. I went to see TBUP this afternoon with six of my closest friends. We loved it. Alex is great. It is so funny. I hope he does well with this movie. A lot of women in the theater, I am sure they were alex fans. You all most go see it as soon as possible.

  37. Saw The Back-up Plan a few hours!! It was a GREAT movie!! Me and my mom really enjoyed it! xD

    P.S. He’s right. This movie is begging for a sequel. No pun intended.

  38. Alex is so darn good looking. Gee, why did I move to Washington State; I could of been there to
    see him…darn..darn.

    I just got back seeing the Back Up Plan. Alex was totally awesome and so adorable. Great job Alex!

  39. Just saw it!!!!!!!! SO FUNNY!!! Theater was packed-lots of laughing! Alex is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS AND VERY SEXY!!!!!!

  40. JLo looked awesome (that was her look for her Loubuiton perfornance on “So you think you can dance” Which I though was her best performance onstage ever. Alex as always looks handsome soooo charming and lovable but he really needs someone to dress him, his suits usually look short in fit and that tie he wore a few times in interviews.. I love him but he could be SO much better. 10 lbs and stylist and he will kik ass!! Love Alex!!

  41. I have been reading reviews on the Back Up Plan for the last 1/2 hr. on line and they are all panning the movie. It make me so angry I could spit. What do they think ..the movie is supposed to be another Casalanca or Gone with the Wind??? Its a realliy good romantic comedy and Alex would be the winner in any project he is in whether recognized by a bunch of knuckleheaded critics or not. Let’s go see the movie and the critics can all go jump off a cliff. Suzanne Alex’s Forever Fan What do you think, Tifffany????

  42. In one of the still photos someone had a Moonlight DVD for him to autograph. I got 3 copies Alex where’s ypu pen LOL. Oh, and a long arm to reach Australia.

  43. Wow these pics are great but where has Jennifer got her hand (second Pic down) lucky girl !!!!!
    Alex does look very relaxed although a little warm, love the video footage I tried to you tube this yesterday but was unsuccessful so thanks for posing Tiffany. We also have Jennifer Lopez on GMTV in the UK on Thursday 29th April when they announced that she was to be on the show they conveniently forgot to mention Alex, I think an email to GMTV is in order!!
    Hope every one has a good time at the cinemas today enjoy our lovely Alex XX

    1. rosina, you are so right.. I did not notice that. to imagine my hand on his butt, whoo.. did you catch the remark someone yelled to him that got a rise out of him? or do you how the girl was that he called over and kissed on both cheeks? 11 more hours till BUP, OMG. OMG!!!

      1. T he girl yelled, “What are 5 things we don’t know about you?”

  44. Alex looks so happy. I love seeing him that way. Couple qestions , does anyone know who the girl is he seems to be with? and could anyone hear the question someone asked that got a spark from him? OMG!!!!

  45. Hi ~ Tiff!
    It’s 10:30, Thursday night, and I just watched “The Back-up Plan” & I LOVE A!ex, no matter what!
    Althou, I didn’t think it did him justice. So ~ Call me ‘Simon’!
    But, then again, it’s just another ‘JLo movie’. And I should have known that from the add’s!
    Alex can do better than that!
    I believe & love you, Alex!
    On the series “Moonlight”, Alex, you owned it! And on ‘Mary Bryant’.
    Well, onto Bigger & Better things ~ eh?

  46. · Edit

    I am feeling dizzy and woozy from this past week’s wonderful supply of interviews, photos, articles, promos and then almost being on the red carpet via the net. Alex is superb. I’ve run out of adjectives for him. Thanks so much Tiffany for all the great stuff you’ve posted for us. Now, only hrs away is this great film I can’t wait to see….someone get me an inhaler….gasp, gasp, gasp….

  47. There is absolutely no one in this world that is as adorable as Alex. Many many years of watchin TV and movies and never has someone put across such accessability, likeablness,gentlemently qualities and a terrific sense of humor.A sort of “magie” connection to his audience…. The only down side I’m arfaid of for him in his career are other actors being jealous…aint NOBODY like him Love and Protect him… Suzanne His Forever Fan

  48. The THIRD and FOURTH pics are The FREAKIN BOMB. That’s all I need to say!

  49. Alex looks PERFECT, so handsome!!! Thanks for the pics, now I can dream with Alex! Sweet, sweet Alex!!!!
    In Brazil I have to wait until 30th June…. Life is not fair!!!

  50. AAAAwwwwwwww.. I dont know what Im gonna do.. I seriously will now have withdrawls. I have been following this religiously since they started filiming.. Tomorrow i will c the movie and it wil be the end’all, the piece de resistance!!.. Sweet sorrow ;)(

  51. Lucky people. I have to wait until 20th May. And for sure no Alex or Jlo will be there.

  52. Wow they look good. JLo is so pretty. My husband and I will see it tomorrow. Can’t wait. Those funs are so lucky, I live too far away. All my co-workers are going tomorrow as well. I have them hooked on Alex.

  53. anyone of whoose lucky to watch the feed of this.. lucky for sure. yet well computers being at times just not as to what you want them to do and instead o’well…

    yet anyways.. theses photos are just simply the best.

    o’ um.. I was watching the E this morning and on the reply of the Daily 10.. there was Alex and well very nice interview indeed… um, did anyone else get to see it?

    p/s, went to their website as to the Daily 10, and well maybe someone else might be able to find it there… yet I couldn’t . yet thats ok.. tomorrow is the day… to say of wanting a firday to hurry up and get here… the only time thats the case is either its pay-day &/or longer than norm of a wk and well friday is wkender start right?

    1. well as the old saying goes.. 3rdx ‘s the charm.. just finally came up .. video of red carpet.

    2. I didnt miss it. I have seen EVERY interview..

  54. hi thanks for the photos alex looked so handsome and jlo looked very nice
    to charlene

  55. Tiffany, thanks so much for the pics!! Between seeing the live feed last night and the stills, I can almost pretend like I was there! Alex shines, as usual!!! 🙂

  56. What lovely photos, JLo looks stunning and Alex looks so handsome!

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