Hawaii Five-O is a Go?

Hi all, sorry I have been absent. I know I have missed some stuff but life has a way of messing stuff up eh? Rather than try to catch up I will just pick up from here and today I just wanted to post a quick link to an article by Nikke Finke who is widely known as the “Sheriff” of Hollywood. She has her pulse on the TV and movie world so I was elated to see her post today about what shows are on the HOT LIST for Fall. Here is what she stated about Hawaii Five-O:

HAWAII-FIVE-O is a GO. The high-profile pilot has not been screened yet but the network execs who have seen it reportedly love it.

Hope to be back soon to review TBUP… I did see it opening day! Have a great week all!

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  1. Good news indeed – a recent poll in TV Guide asked what remake is most anticipated and H-50 came out on top. Let’s hope that CBS gives it a proper day and time slot in the fall. Alos, Happy Belated Mother’s Day, Tiffany and all Moms out there.

  2. Hi Tiffany, Was glad to get your e-mail. I know life gets hectic and busy but we’re all grateful to you and all the info you get about Alex for us. I went to see The Backup Plan the first weekend it was out and it is the kind of laugh out loud feel good movie. I haven’t laughed like that in a very long time and of course Alex was gorgeous as ever and brilliant in it. Thanks again Tiffany and have a good week.

  3. did alex take a dna test

    1. Why would Alex have to take a DNA test????? You’ve sparked my interest!

    2. Really, mine too. What’s up with that?

    3. MARIE… Why did you put a remark like this out there and not answer the responces it created? Come on girl, do you know somthing we don”t or did you just want to start a rumor? If its not true or you can’t back it up kep it to your self… signed, not to happy with you right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hope all is well Tiffany. That is wonderful news for Alex, hopefully CBS will place the new show in a better time slot. We shall see. Have a great weekend.

  5. keeping postive thoughts & prayers for sure… um, just read as to what some of others possibles were .. and of to say that of a re-make of the Rockford Files on nbc… for sure just like Hawaii-5-0.. this too of large following and too counting as to what nite of the wk they happen to put it on for… well for sure there is going to be a very wide choice of choices this fall for sure.. and then some …

    q/ isn’t almost time as to the entertainment new shows about to give us a sneek peek fall line soon?

  6. Really looking forward to CBS’s final approval. Know it’s gonna happen. YEAH!!!!!!!!

  7. I sure wish MOONLIGHT was back on, but glad he’s sttill in the limelight. He’s so easy to look at., and how lucky was the girl he was kissing at the beginning of the film THE HOLIDAY?

  8. This is wonderful news for Alex. I hope CBS has learned from their past mistakes. Alex will bring all of his wonderful qualities to this role. Go Alex !!! We are cheering for you.

  9. That’s wonderful news! 🙂

  10. Welcome back Tiffany! You had me worried…glad you are still out there giving us our WONDERFUL ALEX NEWS!!!!! God bless him…if anyoe deserves a real hit and the recognition of people who don’t even know who is is now, it is him. He’s worked so hard, he’s so nice, he’s georgous etc etc. etc. CBS finally came through. Hope and pray they put him in a good time slot. No opposite Desperate Housewves(which is getting a little too “desperate ” for me or at the end of an over running football game, PLEASE PLEASE CBS DO YOUR BEST FOR HIM! No more cheese farmers although JLo certainliy got most of the press for that one, surprise,surprise. LOVE YOU ALEX CONGRATULATIOS TO YOU FROM YOUR FOREVER FAN SUZANNE.

  11. Great news, and welcome back, Tiffany. I had gotten so used to getting your emails and Google Alerts – I wondered what had happened to you.
    Anyway, I just know that H5-0 is going to be HUGE. I can’t wait to see what night CBS puts it on – I hope they don’t do anything to screw it up. I don’t think they will – they must have learned some lessons by now…

  12. so very happy that Alex will soon be back on tv every week. I pray that CBS doesn’t screw him over again. The pilot sounds like it has great reviews so maybe #3 will be the winning show for Alex. He is so great of an actor and so dreamy to look at he deserves to finally be recognized for the great actor he is. Best wishes Alex. You have millions of fans there for you in all you do.

  13. Terrific news Tiffany! Thanks and welcome back.

  14. WOW!!! glad to hear about Alex and H5O. We will be getting our weekly fix of Alex again. I saw TBUP. It is so good I could watch it 20 times and not be tired of it. The only thing is I do not remember seeing his name mentioned at the beginning of the movie, where they list who is starring in the movie. I don’t think that is fair. Of course JoL’s name is there and others Alex’s should be also. His name is at the end where the cast is listed.

  15. I have missed the updates Tiffany…..good to have you back girl!!…..and also even though Alex and Jen were over here in the UK for TBUP premiere there was ABSOLUTELY NO coverage of Alex here ……..J-Lo was on quite a few shows, i was not even aware he was at the premiere until i saw it on an American website!!!!! WTF???? He has British fans too ppl!!!

  16. I was worried about you, I hope all is well with you and yours. I saw TBUP twice already, I totally enjoyed it, and am excited to see Alex get this opportunity to be McGarrett for which he worked so hard toward. Thanks Tiffany for all your postings.

  17. Wow can’t wait it is about time everyone should know what a great actor Alex is. I have watched him for several years now and I think he is wonderful.


  18. Alex is one of my favorite actors since Moonlight and am glad that he is getting another chance at a series. Daniel Dae Kim who plays Gin on LOST, just got killed off last night – so he’s all set to work on Hawaii Five-0. I’m not real familiar with the other two actors, but it’s looks like a very good team.

  19. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome back!

  20. Wow this is great news, our boy is doing really well can’t wait to see him in this TV show, I remember the old show with Jack Lord but I think Alex will bring more excitement and action to the role not to mention his good looks, charm, Hot body, Sigh now I need to go lie down in a dark room. Luv you loads Alex XXX Thanks Tiffany for posting XX

  21. Im SO looking forward to it.. Glad ur back. I miss ur emails ;)…

  22. Hello Tiffany I was missing you, I imagined you running around cheking what Alex was up to, hopefully we can have him back 🙂

  23. hi cant wait i have miss alex now he is back on tv great

  24. This is one remake I am really looking forward to. I saw the filming of the original series when I was stationed with the Army in Hawaii. I really like Alex O’Loughlin and I think he is an excellent choice for the role of McGarrett.

  25. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! So very happy to hear that! Can’t wait to have Alex back in my living room every week!!! 🙂

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