Alex O’Loughlin Weekly Wrap-Up- Week of December 18 2017


We are back for another wrap-up even though we did not expect to be until next year, so YAY! It turns out that Alex was working a few days this last week and because of that there was some pics and big news that came from it. It was hard to stay quiet for a couple more weeks so here we are. Since tomorrow is Christmas Eve, we thought it made more sense to release it today, so check out the wrap-up below for the details.


The big news of the week was the verification that Alex will be directing an episode this season. You might recall that when being interviewed about the150th episode last November by Collider, Alex mentioned he would be directing an episode if they made it to season 8. (You can reread that interview here). Well obviously, they made it to season 8 so the next question was when he would be taking over the helm. The answer came on Tuesday, when a tweet was released from the cousin of Alex’s PA for the project.



Congrats to Alex for this special milestone in his career. We have no doubt that he will excel in this role. Not only because he always gives his all to everything he does, but also because he knows this show and the characters better than anyone, as he has been there since day 1.

None of the timing has been verified as of yet but based on what we have seen so far, he will probably be directing episode 18, starting when the cast and crew return from holiday break on January 8th. We can only imagine he will continue prepping right up until then. Best of luck to him and we can not wait to see his episode.


Behind the Scenes

Moving on to some regular behind the scenes info, on Tuesday Alex was seen filming at a local office building. A fan who also got a fan photo (pic of that further below) captured some of these moments, too.

alex o'loughlin behind the scenes
alex o'loughlin behind the scenes



This photo was taken on December 7th when the show was filming at the school, however just popped up recently.

alex o'loughlin fan photo 


Fan Photos

From the office filming, here is that fan photo.

alex o'loughlin fan photo



Alex was also seen out to lunch on Sunday and this lucky fan got this pic after she built up the courage to ask him for it.

alex o'loughlin fan photo Source



This next one was from some time ago but was just posted this past week when her daughter found the picture on her camera. How can anyone forget a pic of Alex on her camera 🙂 ? JK – Glad she found it and shared it with everyone.

alex o'loughlin fan photo



There you go! The news and photos for the week. Now if we say there probably won’t be another wrap-up until the first of the year, maybe a lot more pics will come out to prove us wrong again. So there you go, that is what we will go with.

Once again we thank you for all your following, comments, likes and messages. Merry Christmas/Happy holidays everyone. Enjoy this special time with those your love. It is a great time of year!



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