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  1. I forgot to mention that I’ve seen the movie 4X and enjoyed it more at every viewing.

  2. I actually flew to LA a couple of days before the premiere of The Back-Up Plan to visit with my friend Mary. When I arrived she surprised me with tickets to see Jimmy Kimmel Live with Alex and for the next night tickets to Australians in Film showing The Back-Up Plan before the Premiere. Alex was there and was on the stage after the viewing talking about the movie. What was nice about that evening was that there weren’t a lot of people trying to get his attention, he seemed to enjoy answering questions from the audience afterwards. On Aprl 21st, The Premiere, when Alex arrived on the Red Carpet, he came over to our group and signed autographs, to which I received one, even through it wasn’t personalized, it was such a treat to see him up close and personal.

  3. Hi Haley,
    Welcome aboard the Alex Bandwagon to his Career Rising… As for Ryan Reynolds, I guess I am too old to have a clue who he is… Anyway, you are not the only one who converted to O’Loughlinism, but still caring about other favorites… I think Alex and the “Other” would agree there is room for both of them and more in fandom…
    However, I love the way you expressed yourself in your comment… And you are not alone in having the sight of Alex take one’s breath away… It’s happened to us all, including this grandma… And his presence on the big screen is just over-powering beyond belief… The man need not say one word, all he has to do is express with his face and one can clearly get the unspoken dialogue clearly…

  4. Ok, I’m a little late getting on the Alex O’Loughlin bandwagon so here’s my input. For about 4 yrs I have been “in love” with Ryan Reynolds…..thought he was the hottest thing on earth with the best body. I saw Alex on “Moonlight” about year and half ago….thought to myself, “Hey, he’s pretty good looking” then didn’t think anything more of it. Then Mr. O started showing up more and more on TV and movies and I started to take more and more “second” looks at him. I have to say that, on this day, Alex O’Loughlin is officially the hottest man I’ve ever seen and that means A LOT coming from me b/c I am still such a huge Ryan Reynolds’ fan. I have to catch my breath whenever I see A.O.!!

  5. I LOVED this interview!!! He is just so adorable. Thank you for posting it:-).

  6. To Annie, that is a true fan. Willing to postpone surgery just to see Alex. I know he is worth it all.

  7. I just want you all to know that I need to have my gallbladder removed and they surgeon wanted to schedule it for April 23, Friday at 11:40am. Since the Back Up Plan was opening that day and I planned to be there for the first showing I advised him that I had another appointment and had to be rescheduled for May 13 since the Dr. was going on vacation!! HA!So, I risked my LIFE to see Alex on the Big Screen!!! LOL….Crazy eh? Crazy for Alex that is!! WWOOOHOOOOOO…. :o)

  8. You have got to wonder how many went to see this movie because of Alex. I mean, that was the only interest for many of us, not resurrectling Jlo’s film career. She is 40 and her acting is suited more to a 25 year-old. Can you imagine what the movie would have been like if they had cast Kate Huson? She’s funny , zesty and , as we learned from ” Moonlight”, Alex looks good with a pretty blonde who’s feisty. Hope “Hawaii 5-0” does it for him. Maybe they will let him go ‘native’ more Hawaii sun-
    tan longer hair under the police uniform ( or suit)

  9. Thank you, suzanne faith and Bonnie for such wonderfully frank and to the point comments… Hope CBS is reading, or, at least, Alex…

    I saw BUP yesterday and the audience loved it, very rare for an audience to applaud to a movie, but they did… I felt so happy as I left that theater having seen this wonderfully talented man on the big screen… And to let you in on why Alex was JLo’s leading man in BUP; from an inside entertainment source I know, JLo picked Alex…

    You know the reviews can try to put him down and the like, but Alex was great… And to me, Alex is this era’s “Cary Grant”… Cary began in comedies back in the 30’s; ever see the black and white films called “Arsenic and Old Lace” and “Bringing Up Baby”? Well if you have that odd ball young fella in them was a very young Cary Grant… So give this all time and Alex, hopefully, will tell CBS to “shove it” and find the right film venue to make him a box office draw… He already is, but I did not appreciate the TV commercial’s ignoring him as the male lead… I also did not like reading that he was stiff in the film or that his accent wasn’t good; what do those idiots know? Not a G.D. thing, it is Alex’s fans that will help him make it happen…

  10. I am with you Bonnie….but interviewers all seem to come from THEIR point of view not what we fans want to hear… I ‘ve seen the movie twice.. I really loved it although it wasn’t what I expencted.. Alex wasn’t phographed as sexy as he usually is and he certainly doesn’t look as fit and healthy as he did in Moonlight.. he’s been going down hill physically I hope someone lets him get some rest and eat some food, and NO I don’t like that they messed with his teeth .. they were fine. don’t fix what aint broken.
    The movie has gotten some lousy reviews. hope the public likes it..the crowd I was certainly enjoyed it. Hawaii Five 0 better be picked up or there are gonna be some heartbroken fans out here. And no matter how Alex says he likes Nina Tassler, I wouldn’t like to be a fly on the wall to here the “real ” converation. She and CBS so far are a curse to his careeer. Love from Your Forever Fan Suzanne

  11. This is an improvement over Jimmy KImmel ” What is a boomerang?” Alex isn’t eating since he got his teeth capped- must be in pain. I wish that he would be asked some serious questions. EVERY interview is banal and sophmoric. Why don’t they ask him about acting, his love of Austalia, his goals, his family- not Jack Lord’s hair on Hawaii 5-0!!!
    Alex’s best work was when he showed his intensity- his caring for “Beth”- his willingness to fight to protect her. There is no chemistry between him and JLo- thank God! He should be acting with someone else like Charlise Theron , for example.

  12. What a funny Interview, these guys have had me in tears, I agree his Aussie accent is more prominent I do hope he doesn’t loose it, It’s so cute. Thanks Tiffany for my daily dose of Alex!!

  13. I LOVED this interview!!! He is just so adorable. Thank you for posting it:-).

  14. Great interview! The guy was funny and he ‘got’ Alex. He got more true thoughts & feelings out of Alex than all the previous interviews. You know that accent had to have been music to Alex’s ears. I agree….Alex’s was much stronger talking to a fellow Aussie.
    I could watch & listen to Alex laugh all day…………it’s infectious and make you feel good!

  15. So he’s so thin cus he’s “so stressed”… Okay! Got it. Yes this was a WONDERFUL INTERVIEW. Best one yet. Thanks Tiffany!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I so agree with all of you on your comments…especially Suzanne…you said it so well. This is one of the best interviews showing Alex”s true personality and candor. I think he is very grounded and not at all taken with his new found notoriety. I hope in that Hollywood jungle he is able to stay as sweet and adorable forever. Me too: Alex forever.

  17. The best interview of Alex! His accent was more prominent; I love it when it comes out and I hope he never looses it. Did anyone else catch him on Rachael Ray yesterday? He was wonderful.

  18. This was the best interview yet! Alex is very relaxed–moreso talking with a fellow Aussie than in the interviews with American talking heads. Go Alex!!

  19. Thanks Tiffany. I loved this video. MY favorite videos of Alex are when he is relaxed and natural and this one definitelly fills the bill. His laugh is infectious and of course as always he is gorgeous.

  20. Thanks Tiffany for this very funny Interview…like when Alex loughing so naturelly and this Brad Blanks is a funny guy too…very good this both together!!!

  21. hi loved the video and alex was so great and i love the laugh and that smile

  22. I have watched TV, movies, for many many years but I have never been so taken with anyone like this adorable man. If he is only 1/2 as nice in real life he’s still an angel. ALEX PLEASE DON’T CHANGE! Show Biz definitely screws up a lotta people who have talent…you have to have yourself grounded and not take yourself too seriously. They will break your heart. He is so natural and real with everyone and has a great sense of humor. If I could have met someone like him “back in the day” I would have smiled the rest of my life. Love Your Forever Fan Suzanne

  23. That was so cute, cheeky and funny, I loved it! Couldn’t stop smiling! Alex is so down to earth and adorable!

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