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In case you missed it, I wanted to spread the link love for OnlineJLofan and their coverage of The Back-up Plan press conference. Erika, aka BellaJLo, had the opportunity to represent and and it is a good read. As Jlo fan sites they concentrated on JLo and her role in this movie but they have a blurb from Alex there as well. In reference to his chemistry with Jennifer he said:

We met before we did the film together. We had a meeting, had a cup of tea at her house in Long Island. Met with her family and, I mean, we realized that we were both cool people and we [got each other’s] sense of humor. We made sure to see if we could spend a bunch of time together and not, like, kill each other, says O’Loughlin. The thing is, he continues, to have a friend and a comrade as your co-star, especially in a film, in a romantic comedy, is really important. It gives you the room it’s easy to give yourself and the other [person] permission to play. I actually learned a lot about comedy and romantic comedies from Jennifer.

Thanks Erica and Imko (and the rest of the crew) for doing so much to promote this awesome movie!

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  1. Oh yeah Michael…I have the DVD on Oyster Farmer..all I can say is they don’t have as much restrictions on love scenes in Austrailia as we do! Also tastefully done…..
    ” pant pant pant ” Wheeeee!

  2. Nice to to have someone recognize my over the top comments Michale about Alex, but it is true, JLo seems to interrupt him or has all the attention on her. I think its simply that the LARGE audience that Alex has and will get more ,,, then will more than make up for the attention she is taking away from him now.. TWO directors I’ve read on line have commented he is a real star in the making. Not to worry abou JLo in the future. Her music career is gone and her movies have never done well prior to this one. dontl like to me mean, but its true. Suzanne Alex’s Forever Fan

  3. Here’s a suggestion – since this is a total CBS project – we should go to the feedback line and make a pitch to see more of Alex in the promotion of TBUP since he is the co-star. His fans want to hear from him, not J-Lo all the time. It’s worth a shot.

  4. Tiffany, do you know if Alex has an agent or manager now? When he was starting Three Rivers, I read that he was being represented by CBS. I really think a group of his fans could promote Alex better than whoever he has now. I’m not kidding. I would fight tooth and nail to get him on all the talk shows.

    1. Linda I have no idea if he has new representation or not. I haven’t heard or inquired but indeed something is lacking.

  5. I agree about Alex’s agent. He doesn’t promote him enough. I wish there were a way to encourage Alex to get a new one that will. They are promoting Jen because she’s the “star” of the movie and Alex is the “co-star”. His time is coming and he’s gonna be as hot and in demand as Brad Pitt, George Clooney or Hugh Jackman. He has a gift and the people that count in show biz will see it and want him in their Movies and their TV shows. I just hope he gets good management.

  6. Am I missing something here? It all seems to be about Jennifer Lopez and very little about Alex in these interviews – even during the promos that are all over the place, it’s as if J-Lo is the only one in this movie, Alex’s name is never mentioned as being a co-star. Alex’s manager needs to step it up and put Alex’s name out their just as J-Lo’s always seems to be. I just want Alex to get the recognition that he deserves.

    1. JoJo, I think part of it is that most in the movie industry have no idea who Alex is. I keep reading over and over how they refer to him as a brand new actor. JLo is already well established in tinsel town. Hopefully this movie will be a game changer.

      And honestly I think part of it is that JLo has better management. I know personally that JLo fan site owners were asked on set, given interview opps, and they REALLY promote the heck out of Jennifer and all her projects because they are given incentive to. Whoever is managing Alex needs to start leveraging his fan base pronto!

  7. Thanks Tiffany for sending me these great Alex e-mails to me! He’s the best and I know this movie will be a hit. I will be in line to see it for sure and anything else Alex is in; including his new television show Hawaii 5-0! Can’t get enough of him!

  8. Yes I to am waiting for the release of this movie. I also think this will make him a bigger star than he already is.. What ever role he is playing he does it very well. He is just so handsome I could watch him 24/7. And to listen to him talk just makes me melt. Can’t wait for the movie, love ya Alex, you roc.

  9. It’s so good to hear Alex’s perspective on this movie! From everything I’ve seen, he looks like a natural at romantic comedy…of course, he plays all of his rolls well! He once said he thought he was a medium talent, but that’s one area I have to disagree with him on; he is a pro-a huge talent, and I know he’s going to make this movie a success!! Anxiously awaiting the 23rd!!! 🙂

  10. Alex is gonna be the star that will make that movie a big hit if anyone does. He is my darling and I’M Suzanne His Fan Forever

    1. I agree, suzanne! Alex is such a gentleman to say that he learned from Jennifer. With his training and natural talent, Alex can do any kind of role and outshine the rest of the cast. As far as humor goes, just listening to him tell a funny story is a delight – and look at Oyster Farmer. A natural. I just adore Alex.

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