Hawaii Five O Episode 7.01 Makaukau ‘ce e Pa’ani Recap


We are back for a whole new season of Hawaii Five O and that means it is time for recaps! This season our collaboration partner Susan Schoppe will be doing them for us. Below is her first one.


Hawaii Five O Episode 7.01 Makaukau ‘ce e Pa’ani Recap


We are used to seeing Hawaii Five O premieres full of action right away and Season 7 was no exception. We open with Steve in a foot chase jumping from one roof top to another of course after the jump he doesn’t get up and there is blood on the front of his shirt. Uh oh. 
Steve McGarrett midair 
We are then taken back to 24 hours before, where Steve is wheeling himself into a hospital chapel. Contemplating his life’s choices, he is startled to see someone sitting near the back. The visitor tells Steve his wife is in surgery that he’s been married for 45 years and that he was a cop a long time ago. As Steve tells the visitor what he believes his job may have taken from his life and wonders if it has all been worth it, the visitor tells Steve that the people he has saved and the good he has done has been his legacy and the value of what comes from the people who’s lives have been changed by him. As we get a closer look at the visitor he has a remarkable resemblance to the original Steve McGarrett (Jack Lord) right down to the hair. 

snapshot-12 McDanno wheelchair race 
*Note you can read why there was such a resemblance and how this difficult task was accomplished here

At Chin’s house we get to see Chin making pancakes for Sara and really enjoying it when he gets a visit from child services telling him that Sara’s aunt and uncle are in the process of adoption proceedings, which he doesn’t look happy about. He seems to have grown close to her in a short period of time.

Back at HQ, Steve, Danny, Kono, and Grover discover the body of a serial killer with a ivory chess piece in his mouth in the middle of their offices. Steve is still charging forward and is still clearly the leader of the team. 
Steve McGarrett leader
Later while in the car Eric (Danny’s nephew) confirms this to Steve And Danny which leads us to the best cargument to date. Steve actually stops the car gets out and tells Danny to drive, to Steve’s amazement Danny tells Steve he can’t drive for another week because of the surgery. Did we just see the first “out of cargument”? Since they are now at an in-pass, next seen Danny’s in the back seat, Steve’s in the passenger seat and we see Chin driving.

cargument out of cargument 
Following their newest lead they arrive at a hotel resort to find 4 more bodies of tourists with their eyes gouged out. The new governor arrives there and tells Steve to find the person responsible for the killings and that she fully supports Five O and to keep it all quiet from the public. Later still following the trail Chin and Kono find 2 more bodies and like all the others all have ivory chess pieces in their mouths.

steve mcgarrett and new governor 
As Grover finishes a visit with Komekona he discovers the body of another victim in his back seat with a chess piece in his mouth. Steve and Grover check out the dead mans home where they find more bodies, as the bodies pile up the news leaks out. The Governor is not happy and puts pressure on Steve to make the problem go away before Hawaii’s tourists industry suffers.

Meanwhile Jerry discovers the involvement of a new suspect connected to the chess pieces. This sends Steve and Danny to his apartment where he has his latest victim chained to the wall. While Steve and Danny are there she is able to free her mouth gag and screams for help, this begins the foot chase we saw in the beginning with Steve down and blood on his shirt. But that was just part of the chase as it was an epic one as the killer and Steve are seen jumping around and through things, off buildings, and through windows  which brings us to  Steve flat on the cement.

The rest of the Five O team continue the chase while Steve is being patched up by paramedics. The team now have the suspect trapped inside the hotel and a new chase begins with Steve in the lead yet again much to Danny’s dismay, and here we are again on the roof top chasing this suspect. As the suspect makes a daring long rooftop jump Steve is right behind him and when it looks like he’s about to make the jump Danny calls out to Steve saying “Steve don’t do it”. Steve stops short, everyone looks over the edge and the suspect comes up short and falls to his death. Everyone is relieved  as the killer is dead and case closed, so they thought.

When discussing the team going out to celebrate, Steve decides to go home to rest and take a few days off, Danny’s never been happier. 
Hawaii Five o team 

As Steve arrives home closes the door there’s a noise from the kitchen he draws his weapon and finds a chess piece on the counter, another noise from the back of the house, he follows that outside where he finds no one. That’s were it ends leaving us to believe there is a bigger problem for Five O down the line.

I loved this premiere. Peter Lenkov is still on top of his game full force. There is so much more story here and I can’t wait to see it.


Thanks Susan- looking forward to the rest of your recaps!


*Pic credit- screenshots by AOLO



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