Director Alan Poul Speaks Out About Alex O’Loughlin

Alex O'Loughlin and director on the set of the The Back-Up Plan

Imko and the crew over at  and just posted an interview they did with the director of The Back-up Plan, Alan Poul! In it he gives us some insight into what he was looking for when he set out to cast Stan and why he chose Alex. Here are a couple gems form the interview:

While watching Lopez’s movies in preparation for the film, Poul noticed Lopez’s enormously charismatic screen presence. He quickly realized that finding the perfect Stan would be difficult. I realized when she’s on screen, it’s impossible not to watch her. So, finding a guy who could hold his own with her [and] also who could be Stan was difficult. A lot of the younger actors who you might believe as a cheese farmer, I felt, would come off as being too weak or too soft and wouldn’t be able to balance the story. In addition, when looking into a pool of bigger names who would possibly make a better match for Lopez, Poul felt that they were definitely too old to play Stan.

Yes, yes… he needed fresh, young (but not like “Twilight” young), and able to stand next to JLo and not look like a wall flower…

Casting a relatively unknown actor head-to-head with Lopez was the direct result of what Poul describes as O’Loughlin’s own brand of masculinity which he perceived as strong, effortless, not aggressive, but it’s so masculine that he would never appear to be soft or weak.

These qualities needed to be present in the actor in order to bring balance to the two leads. In the film, Zoe is in complete control of her life and her future. As her counterpart, Stan could not appear to be a wimp, even during the freak-out moments he experiences in the film. Poul recognized this characteristic in O’Loughlin immediately, and Stan was cast.

Yep, yep.. certainly no wimp. Strong and effortless are two words that definitely characterize Alex O’Loughlin.

There is more but you need to check it out at their site. Enjoy!

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  2. It’s about time that the rest of the world caught on to what we’ve been saying for awhile now. This is just what Alex needs, recognition on a larger scale. TBUP will be a huge success and Alex will be part of that success. Thanks Tiffany, once again.

  3. Yes, of course, we know Alex is smart, sexy, talented, great looking and now we know he has great comedic talent as well to add to his resume. Is there nothing he can’t do? Umm NO, there is not he can’t do!! What a guy!!

  4. Anyone heard if there is going to be a London premier? I’ve searched but can’t find anything so if anyone has heard anything in the US, please let me know!

  5. It just keeps getting better and better….all Alex has needed these past couple years has been EXPOSURE OF HIS TALENT to the big guys that count and recognize REAL talent and a new face in amounst all these Brads, Toms, Matts, Georges, etc ALL great actors but Alex is an entirely different breed…HE HAS IT ALL!!! to Sandra Fagan….8,000 fans? More like 8,000,000~!! Suzanne Alexs Forever Fan

  6. Thanks, Tiffany!!! As always, I appreciate knowing what’s being said about our guy!! I’m really glad he’s getting the attention he deserves! He’s the perfect combination of GORGEOUS and VERSATILE, and he’s going to put the sparkle in TBUP!! I can’t wait to see it!! 🙂

  7. · Edit

    Finally. Someone who really GETS ALEX! My prayers have been answered. We all knew this for a really long time, didn’t we. Alex definitely can hold his own on screen opposite anyone. It warms the coeckles of my heart to read stuff like this. Thanks for posting it.

  8. Great interview. After seeing all of the pictures and videos and interviews – at this point I just can’t imagine anyone else playing Stan. Of course we all know that Alex can play any kind of role and outshine the rest of the cast. Alex is already a star – and is on the verge on being a HUGE star – just like we all knew he was all along… 😉
    Can’t wait to see Alex get his first Oscar – or Emmy – whichever comes first.

  9. Yes,Alex will be good in the BUP. Glad he was picked. Can’t wait for movie to come out. Alex is a very good actor and so handsome also. He has a really nice personality to go with the good looks. I know the star of this movie will be Alex. Love ya Alex.

  10. Yep, “masculine” is exactly right! He has the strength and charisma to pull off nearly any role.

  11. All us fans are hoping that ALex will not be so relatively unknown as this movie. About 8000 fans or whatever the number is now, is not too unknown.

  12. hi thanks for the email alex is not that old to play no part the movie looks good and alex is a great actor and he could pull of any roll jlo is lucky to get alex to play stani cant wait to the movie and when the dvd comes out i will get that to

    1. THanks for the stories!! love em all…

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