Hawaii Five-0 Episode 202 Recap “ Ua Lawe Wale (Taken)

This episode begins with a paddle board competition. A young girl named Jen wins the competition and sets a record. She goes to the dressing area to change her clothes, but she never makes it back out to get her award. When her mother searches the dressing area for her she hears Jen screaming and a car taking off with her daughter in the back.

McGarrett is waiting on a meeting with the new Governor when he meets an attractive blond named Lori Weston. They get their flirt on a little bit while waiting but they quickly become at odds when the Governor springs a surprise on them. He calls them in together and tells them that Lori is the newest member of the 5-0 team. Neither of them are happy to hear this. McGarrett does not want a new face on the team and Lori does not want to be a glorified babysitter. Before they can work it out they get their first case, the kidnapped girl.

Chino Ho finds the girl’s necklace just outside the changing area and this is bad news because it has her heart medication inside it. Without her meds the girl’s survival looks dim. Lori goes to the family home and waits for a ransom demand. The rest of the team starts going over the girl’s computer and contacts hoping to find a person who had incentive to nab her. They find communication between herself and a man that claims to be able to connect her with her birth mother, who she and her adoptive parents have long thought was dead. They were set to meet after her competition in the exact place she went missing. They decide that this must have been a ploy to draw Jen out so she could be taken.

Steve and Danny track down the getaway car, which has been ditched. They find a lot of blood in the trunk and they are hopeful it is not Jen’s because it is unlikely anyone could have survived that much blood loss. They find the man’s home (Matt Porter) via his car registration but he is long gone. He does have lots of women’s surveillance photos on his walls though. They also find several other aliases and ties to kidnapping in other places. Lori comes back to the 5-0 headquarters and confronts Steve about being sidelined. They have it out and eventually make peace. He invites her to help him stake out a coffee house the next morning to see if Matt Porter keeps an appointment he had to meet another young woman.

While at the steakhouse they chat and Steve starts to like this sports page reading, wise cracking, coffee aficionado. They flirt a bit more and Chin and Danno crack jokes about them being on a date. They are interrupted when the young woman, Julie, starts to leave and then runs for it when she spots them. They chase her down and find out that Matt Porter was not a kidnapper. He was an extractor that helped to extract people from cults and Julie ran from 5-0 thinking that cult members had found her. The team has no clue why Jen would be kidnapped by a cult extractor but the plot thickens when the DNA on the blood from the car comes back as Matt Porter’s.

They find out that Matt was the one who gave her to her adoptive parents and they figure she must have been extracted from a cult when she was a baby. Her heart condition means that she was likely born into a cult that does not allow outside medical services and it would likely be the only way for her to survive if her birth mother allowed her to be taken from the compound they lived in. They find a message on Matt’s voicemail from a woman who claims her father suspects that Jen is alive and that she needs to be protected. They figure Matt made the meet up appointment with Jen but he was killed by Jen’s grandafther (the head of a cult), who then abducted her. They track the call from Jen’s birth mother to Matt and find the cult compound but they have to ride in by horse so they can get in unseen.

They break into the compound and find two men leading a woman away with a bag over her head. This turns out to be Rea, the girl’s biological mother. When it was discovered that agents were on their way, the grandfather took off with his grandaughter to an airplane nearby. Steve hauls ass on horseback to get to her and he manages to shoot out a tire on the airplane, which essentially stops it and he saves Jen.

At the end Jen is reunited with her birth mother and it was sooooo touching! She felt as though she didn’t deserve to be a part of Jen’s life but what greater love is their then to give your child up just so she can have a chance to live? This was sob fest material.

In other news… Steve picks up some weird vibes from Agent Kaye and she tells him she has found out her fiance might be alive and she needs to leave Hawaii. Something tells me this won’t be the last we see of her. Kono finds an IA investigator in her house and the following day they rule on her case and strip her of her badge. I am pretty irritated that she seems to be taking the fall for something that Steve instigated and going through this alone for the most part. Hope they address this injustice in future episodes.

All in all.. a good episode. I like Lori Weston quite a bit actually and I am paying no mind to the fans who are unfairly judging her. I like her and I think they have some nice chemistry going on, way better than what he had with Catherine IMO. Anytime I get to see Steve get his flirt on, is a good day for me. He needs more flirting and smiling in his life.

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  1. To X: Why would you post that mean-spirited message to Muffie? I thought all of us were united with our admiration for Alex on this site. We should be treating each other with respect even if we disagree with comments.

    I believe you owe Muffie a sincere apology.

    1. I think Shirley is completely spot on. There was no need for such a harsh comment, X. We may not always agree but one thing which we all DO agree on is that civil discourse is necessary at all times.

  2. suis d’accord avec les personnes qui n’ont pas appréciée lauren je la trouve juste bof!!!!
    ne ressent rien pour ce couple!!!
    la seule co star féminine d’alex qui dégage un plus est sophia myles pour moi et je suis sure pour un bon nombre de personnes également!!!!cbs est fou de ne pas tenir compte de ça!!!!
    elle devrait obtenir un role sur cette série,mème irrégulier;ça pourrait mettre du piquant dans la série,car sophia a beaucoup de fans qui ne l’on pas oubliée puisque cette fille est tout simpleent géniale!!!!!!!!qu’on se le dise!!!!!

  3. i just seen a video of steve parachuting from a plane–Really– he looks like a super hero– like underdog or superman. Really. CBS quit making it look like steve is able to do anything even when it is so unbeliable!!! 😉

  4. I had a few issues with this episode as well. I wondered if they had a different director or something. One, Lori is not a credible FBI agent IMHO. Two, the “how long have you two been married” line was so contrived. It didn’t seem spontaneous at all. Third, I also couldn’t believe that Steve would read Woman’s Day magazine–I don’t care how bored he got. Fourth, (is this too much?) Tom Sizemore is not a credible IA agent for the Honolulu PD. Bring back the other guy from the first season. Too many haoles and not enough locals in this episode.

  5. Hey just noticed that Alex was voted #1. Muffie must have broke a finger or two since she voted constantly! LOL. Of course, all of us realize he is not just eye candy. But nice that he won anway. Here’s the link: http://www.tvguide.com/special/fall-preview/PhotoGallery/Fall-TV-Eye-1037930

    1. Hey, I was just supporting our guy even though I realize this is only one of his many attributes. One of his other fans asked that we get behind Alex, so I did. I was surprised to hear he had won because when I was voting, he kept ending up in third place. Re: your link – there are some interesting comments below his picture.

      1. Muffie: I did the same thing you did–I voted–a lot. I figured I couldn’t let some kid win (R. Pattinson ring a bell?). I, too, was surprised because I kept seeing him in 3rd place as well. I figured it was in fun, so why not vote?

        Yes, some of those comments frosted me–wooden, etc. That’s why I came to his defense.

      2. Muffie, you really need to get a life. How pathetic.

    2. Hey, Shirley. We could always suggest those “ladies” meet us in a dark alley sometime. We could help them “see the errors of their ways” 😉 lol I remember R. Pattinson and the fact he kept coming in second. Didn’t notice where he finally ended up. Obviously us “mature” ladies ruled!! :whistle:

      1. Muffie–You are too funny! Yes, we could easily help them see the light, although why anyone would need help in this area is beyond me!

  6. I read on many sites that Alex and Lauren have a perfect chemistry, Ok , Alex just had a perfect chemistry with all his other co-stars JLO, Amber and Sophia! it’s not only with Lauren German, please. Alex is an extraordinary actor, his acting is amazing.

  7. I’m hoping that Mondays eppy was just a bump in the rode. Otherwise 5-0 will lose out to more reality shows and that is something I am so tired of! Lets keep our fingers crossed and watch the future episodes! There may be a surprise ending that will blow us all away! 🙂

  8. Wow ! Tiffany can’t get over the response for Monday’s show-amazing!! We all have our own opinions of what we would like to see. Personally, I’d like to see Steve with a sassy lawyer who comes to Kono’s defense. Who knows maybe Kono is going undercover for a special assignment to flush out a bad cop or agent. Guess we’ll have to wait and see. Only future episodes will give the full story. In the meantime, everyone just enjoy


  10. Not to change the subject, because this has been an interesting exchange, but I just read that James Caan will be guest starring on H50. Should be fun.

    1. I agree, Shirley, we have had a spirited exchange and it shows just how seriously we take Alex and this show!

      But to hear that James Caan would grace the set thrills me. He and Scott have a fabulous relationship, James basically putting his career on hold to raise his boys, and seeing them together will be fantastic! Talk about chemistry and snappy dialogue, they will burn up the screen. Can not wait!

  11. Last year all the episodes seemed to tie in, so far this year the story line seems to end with the ep. I hope they tie them together, don’t see how they can with new guest stars each week. Its like the McGarret = Wo Fat has taken a back seat. I seem to be a bit disappointed in alot of CBS 2nd season shows, like The Good Wife, and some of the new shows that looked good, so far have not. Maybe CBS got to sure of themselfs after a good last year.

  12. Excellent recap, Tiffany! I thoroughly enjoyed the eppy, with the exception of the waiting room. Thanks Tiffany! :love: :heart:

  13. Sorry ladies I totally disagree with most of you. Tiffany , I’m with you. I am wondering why all of you ladies don’t have a job writing for a tv show. I loved the episode..never drifted off and am waiting to see future episodes to tie things together…give it a chance, why don’t you. They have their reasons for each episode that will have meaning in the future. I have faith in Peter and his gang that Hawaii Five 0 will continue to wow us. And, thru it all so will Alex.

    1. Barbara Lebkuecher wrote: “I am wondering why all of you ladies don’t have a job writing for a tv show.”

      I can’t speak for the others, but my field of expertise is fact checking for written projects and I write fiction. I don’t feel any of our opinions matter more than any others, or any less, but we can state them here. Quality control is of importance in any field, not just television and computers. And too many inaccuracies or bouts of stupid writing have felled many a project. Some of the things mentioned here are very valid and can derail a good show. I believe all of us are ardent fans of Alex and want him to stay employed because he is worthy of having his talents and skills seen. That is all I was saying. He is deserving of a well-written, grounded project. I agree with Tiffany that we will have to let this play out, but we certainly can and should voice our concerns and voice them with CBS if need be to keep this show on the air.

      1. Well said. I’m just an average run of the mill gal with no expertise in writing or much of anything else but I do know what I like. I had high expectations for this season given the quality of last years shows and the amazing cliffhanger. So far, and yes, I realize there have only been two shows, I’m not connecting with the characters. Last year I was blown away by Steve & Danno’s banter; Chin’s loyalty to family and Kono’s kick-ass attitude. Oh, and throw in Danny’s devotion to his daughter. Of course I fell madly in love with Alex and came to see what a talented and versatile an actor he is. Being incredibly handsome and humble doesn’t hurt either. I don’t want to see him get shafted like he did on his other two series. I don’t know if it will help, but I’ve already tweeted Peter Lenkov and asked him to visit this website and read about our concerns. Hopefully he will and take them to heart.

      2. Here, here, ML! I agree with you. You don’t have to be a writer (although I have written, albeit non fiction) to know what you like, what make sense, what keeps your interest. If so many of us feel this way, can we be all wrong? We all visit this site because we enjoy Alex–some of us for his looks, some for his acting talent, some for both. To just blindly say, “Alex is great in everything” is a disservice to him, I believe. He’s not. If he’s given lousey writing, how much can he do with it? Not his fault.

        We want him to have quality writers in whatever project with which he is involved. It will give him a chance to grow and show everyone how versatile he can be. I think some of the critics’ reviews of him are harsh, but I do agree that, a lot of the times, the H50 showcases him as a hard ass and doesn’t give him more meatier scripts so he can utilize his broad acting skills. I mean, take a look at any episode. How many times do we see him with that grim look on his face? He needs more depth to his character in order to play all emotions. That’s why a love interest would be nice for him, to show his softter side. That’s why the carguments are such fun–he jokes and is looser. I’m probably not conveying this as well as I could, but hopefully you’ll understand where I’m going with this. Give him a chance to show us more.

        If the writing doesn’t improve, it might be cancelled (shades of 3 Rivers). Moonlight was unfortunate because of the strike–just bad timing, not bad writing. That’s why Moonlight fans are so adament about the show–it was well written, casted and acted. We know it’s not coming back–we get that. We just bemoan the loss of a show that allowed Alex to shine in a lot of ways. We’re hoping that H50 will start to live up to that legacy, so it will have a long and successful run.

    2. Shirley, you expressed yourself beautifully!

      In the computer world, garbage in, garbage out and this holds true to the acting business. Of course, Alex is a very talented actor, not just the Hunk de Jour. That is what hurts me for him that he is being shoved into that category. This man has so much more depth to him. Do you all remember the episode where the old junkyard man’s son got killed and because Steve helped him, he gave Steve a much-needed part for the rstoration of that car? Steve was so choked up, we the viewers could see the extent to his goodness. I cherished that moment.

      Steve, by nature of the confusion of his past with his mother’s death, his father sending the kids away and the fact he is a SEAL, he is one who holds his cards close to his vest. Softness and vulnerability don’t come easily to him. I could see him mentoring a child in need. There is so much he could be doing to show us who he is. Watching his love for the rest of his team evolve has been perfect and spot on for his type of character. A man who would go to the mat and move a mountain for someone he cares about. Therefore, not holding water that he wasn’t there for Kono. Discrepancies like that shoot down even the best of intentions with a project.

      Shirley is completely right. Alex can’t give us what he is made of if the writers don’t give him something to sink his teeth into. And Shirley is also on the money regarding the writing on Moonlight and one of the reasons we who were fans can not seem to let go even if we know it is dead and buried. That was an exceptionally well-crafted television show with writing comprable to a film. Bad luck with that, but why we mourn its loss.

      I sense greatness to this actor’s talent and depth but he needs the words to sink his chops into. He has had really bad luck with his television series and was second in line as the new James Bond to lose out to Daniel Craig. All of this has had to be very hard for him. Let us encourage CBS to keep their eye on the sparrow and continue with the writing which made this version of HFO catch on like wild wire. We are savvy viewers and there are a number of choices on how one spends one’s time on Monday night. CBS, give the cast credible scripts, stay true to established character traits established last season and ROCK the ratings. All of the cast deserves this and we, the viewers deserve quality, as well.

      1. Well said ladies. Wish I could express myself as well as the two of you. Outside of the obvious sex appeal of this gorgeous hunk – there is an extremely talented actor. I too loved the scene with the junkyard man’s grandson, and remember when Danny was hospitalized and Steve picked Grace up at school – what a tender moment that was. The other scene I loved was when Steve confronted Gov. Jamieson about who gave the order to kill his father. The look on Steve’s face and the tears in his eyes WOW I’m sure we all felt his pain. Love seeing the soft side once in a while from such a hardass. I agree – there is sooo much more to Alex besides his hunky body. I only hope that Peter Lenkov and CBS give him the chance he so richly deserves.

      2. M L Staats – Thanks for your post. I agree completely, particularly about Moonlight. Yes we know it is dead and buried but it was an exceptionally well-crafted tv show and the chemistry between the cast was amazing. I still miss it although I realize it isn’t coming back.

        The whole business with Kono just doesn’t ring true at all and even though there have been posts that this is only temporary, I don’t get it and I think it is wrong to have it this way so early in the season. Castle is a big part of 5-0s competition in my opinion and while I DVR Castle and watch 5-0 live, because of loyalty to Alex and Mick, the writers of Castle are allowing more of something to come through. You can really feel more for some of the characters there. Sorry but just my opinion.

  14. i liked Rachael and Danny together, as a matter a fact I think she and Alex would make a nice couple in real life. I also like Steve and Danno together, which we didn’t get much of last night. Your right about Germans shoes, give me a break, the way Kono dresses makes it more beliveable, and how about when she punshed the bad guy. She not only knocked him off his feet but blooded his face, really? I agree, they need to mix the guest into the episoid and not wrap the episoid around them. Our team should not take second place for any stars, no matter how big they are. Hay wouldn’t it be great if Scott’s dad had a cameo!

  15. Awesome show last night. As always Alex O’Loughlin is the best. I wish that Alex and Jennifer Lopez have coming show and new movies coming up soon. That’s all I am interested to looking forward. Anyways, I still enjoy watching Hawaii Five O. Keep up the good works :heart:

  16. I think you all have to get over Moonlight. It is dead and buried. I thought the flirting on last night’s show was great. I love seeing Alex in that kind of a role. Remember this is a TV show , not real life. Alex is always attracted to blondes in real life too. Remember Holly and Amber. I liked the show last night I thought it was very entertaining, and I think that is what the show is supposed to be, entertainment. Alex , is great in anything he does.

  17. If we all see the same, then why doesn’t CBS? I agree with you all about the waiting room. Alex is imatience and kind of a hard ass, I’m sure he was so impressed at first sight for someone like her( forgot her name already), and what’s up with the stupied stares, are they in high school? So much not Steves personility. Get rid of the new characters (except for Max, he fits in fine, and like his humor) and all the guest stars, PLEASE! xD

  18. Last nights show – hmmm! I agree that Kono should not have been alone, but I was wondering if she is maybe going to do undercover against Billy Baldwins character??
    As for Lori – not fussed either way. will wait and see, although I do agree there should not be a romance with colleagues – just poor form.
    I expect a great twist with Jenna – looking forward to that.
    I liked Catherine and whether her or not I feel they do need to show a softer side of McGarratt with a love interest – just not a colleague on 5-O, also glad Danny and Rachel are a no go – thank goodness as that would seem counter to his ethics/morals and I like the interaction better when they are sniping at each other
    I also did think this was a weaker episode, maybe because introducing a new character/s and trying to fit her/them into the framework, just hope Kono is not bowing out, would be very disappointed..
    So – let’s see what next week brings!

  19. wow! I thought I was the only one who thought 5-0 has shifted some! It seems like there was a different writer involved. The “spark” or banter that Steve and Dano usually have was not there. The focus on the new arrival over-shined everyone else and to me that was not cool! This season started out so AWESOME too! Not impressed but hopefully Mr O’Quin will put that spark back in for next weeks airing. Can’t comment on the horseback riding 🙁 I fell asleep for 20 min. And that was a sad “thought”. The show couldnt keep my attention, not even Alex (sorry!) I hope 5-0 doesn’t become like the other cop shows and go for a safe story line. I miss last season already…..

  20. I know this is a television show, I get that, and writers are allowed some poetic license. But one thing is for sure, and this comes from some friends I have who are Human Resources people who love this show. It is not just bad form to be involved with someone whom you work with, in the situation where Steve is the supervisor, it is illegal. Nobody in the position of evaluating an employee or responsible for an employee’s future is in a position to become involved with a person directly below. They handled that well on The Mentalist when the couple was told one of them would have to resign if they were to continue the romance. This is a hard fact in the working world and while some poetic license is allowed in a television show, this flies in the face of reality to the point of detracting from the show’s integrity.

    I honestly don’t mind the character other than I do not believe someone who has made it through Quantico training to the level of Homeland Security is a giggling girl who would lose her smarts over any man. Yes, even Alex. I find it condescending to all of us who have worked so darned hard to be taken seriously in positions formally held by men exclusively. Now, IF they plan to have Steve and Lori fall head over ass for each other, one of them has to resign and it obviously cannot be Steve.

    I really want this show to succeed because I adored the original and I am a big fan of Alex. But I can’t abide these kinds of inconsistencies which impugn the validity of what could be a superb show that would run for years. I’ll even overlook her ridiculous shoes which are impossible to work in out in the field, especailly when out in the field involves a bunch of sand everywhere. LOL

    Now, did I like seeing Alex on horseback, oh YEAH! I could so see him as Matt Dillon doing Gunsmoke. He has such a presence on film and on the screen. Come on, CBS, you haven’t done right by this guy so far. Cancelling Moonlight was so shortsighted given the Vampire craze and Three Rivers . . . well, come on, guys, don’t do this to Alex again. The chemistry between the characters was tasty, don’t try to fix what is not in need of being fixed.

  21. i think the whole problem so far is that the shows are written around the guest, with the regulars as side kicks. why can’t the guest stars have guest apperances like a bartender at a bar or a tourist on a ship. fans will still say “oh theres so and so” instead of the guest being the STAR..why can’t alex get any of the regulars from three rivers or moonlight as guest stars? I was not impressed wit tom siezmore or that german ladys acting and don’t think they brought anything to the show… wake up CBS or this might end up like three rivers!

  22. I loved it. My dream of Alex being a cowboy was almost a reality. Riding a horse and shooting the gun. All he needed was a cowboy hat and a holster. I could see the chemistry between the two. The little looks each other were giving while waiting for the governor. A look here and a look there and trying not to let the other one know they were looking. Could lead to something! I do agree that someone should have been with Kono at her hearing or whatever it was. She looked so distraught and sad. Someone should have been with her, if not Steve or Danno, at least Chin. Bought my copy of the first season today and am so looking forward to watching. Can’t wait until next week.

  23. I never watched Moonlight, so I don’t care about Mick/Beth. However I really do hope that the show doesn’t go with a romance between co-workers. It doesn’t feel right and doesn’t fit with Steve. I agree that if Steve is to be involved with someone then it should be someone that isn’t a part of 5-0. Even if he did have chemistry with Lori, I would still not want them together if she is working with 5-0, because it has been stated before, it upsets the balance of things in the office. In fact it kind of already is upsetting the balance. I think they should have waited one more season, before bringing in someone like this. I don’t know if this is true or not, but rumour is that Lauren is only signed for 12 episodes, so we will see what happens.

    1. I see what many are saying about Lori and Steve working together but the man is all about work it seems. This would make romance next to impossible. He got together with Catherine but the reason why it didn’t work for me is because their scenes were an afterthought and didn’t further the story… it was just fluff. The best way to keep the story flowing is to make his romantic interest someone that is along for the whole ride or at least in a position to see him more than once in a great while. This also sets them up for angst. Think Bones and Brennan… one of my fave TV couples.. who also happen to be partners in crime fighting.

      I can’t say if this will work well or not but it is to early to tell IMO.

      1. The new member was described as being a “female” McGarrett. To me that meant that she would be able to hold her own when up against Steve (and the bad guys). I think the casting of Lauren in this role was a big mistake. I just can’t see her standing her own ground up against such a dynamic personality as McGarrett. If they had the right actress, I think it would be a great storyline and she would be a perfect mix for McG. Someone who would truly be his equal. Lauren does not present herself as this person. I love this show and especially Alex. I would hate to see it go the way of Moonlight &/Three Rivers. That would be a tremendous shame for Alex AND for his fans.

  24. Well Tiffany, I’m w/you. I enjoyed the show alot and yes, they do need to change a few things.
    Love Steve on horseback! We give to give the new girl a chance; if it doesn’t work then it doesn’t work out.. Danno and Steve do have great chemistry-esp. the bantering. , I’m 57 and remember the original 5-0 :woot: GREAT show! As for Kono, I too was very upset no one from 5-0 was there to give her moral support. That really frosted me. All in all, let’s hope it all improves. Stll LOVE Alex!! :heart:

    1. I too, remember the original show and fell in love with Jack Lord’s Steve McGarrett. His love interests never interfered with his job or his relationships with his team. The two need to be kept separate. Love Terry. I think his authority and calmness will balance McGarrett’s take charge, get the job done no matter what attitude (which we love). Otherwise, if it ain’t broke – DON’T fix it!! We want H50 to be on the air for a long time.

  25. I realize Sophia isn’t going to be on the show. I also realize that the kind of chemistry Mick/Beth had is not going to happen in a procedural. However, I was perfectly fine with Catherine, because there was some chemistry there, and they weren’t working on the same team. I just wanted to see her around more often and also to feel that they were a little more than “friends with benefits.” I realize the actress had another commitment but if it is done, I suggest the writers bring her back and have her on more than 3 times. Again not expecting a Mick/Beth romance, but want something with a little electricity. Alex deserves it and so do his long time fans.

  26. Tiffany, I do not think the character is in the right place, is all I meant. The women I know who have risen to her level in agent positions would not risk their integrity by getting involved with a co-worker. We women have worked so hard to be hitting our heads against that glass ceiling and I can’t see someone as qualified as that character risking anything for that. Just my opinion.

    And if Steve were to have a love interest, which is fine, I would think the person would not be involved in what he does on a professional level. She would be someone he could escape to and drop his guard around.

    My main complaint is that it has upset the balance. The chemistry between Danny and Steve is so spot on. And I simply cannot believe the team would not be with Kono in her hour of need. She is essentially being hung out to dry as the proverbial scape goat and I can’t see them leaving her to stew in her own juices that way.

    And the waiting room scene, please. I don’t care how long he had to wait, I find it unbelievable that he would pick up a copy of Woman’s Day. I could see him checking his cell phone a hundred times, pacing, looking out the window, even meditating or stewing in his tall, dark and uptight juices impatiently, but the magazine was lousy writing.

    And yes, I want more for Alex who is such a good actor.

  27. well it looks like we all fell like I did last night. that lori character really got to much attention, don’t like her on the show at all. agree with all, why would the team not be behind kono? it’s like this season is tryin to hard to be a hit, they need to calm it down. the four were a nice family, got a little worried when they added jenna to the show, now the guest are taking over the show, come on keep it on track. this season is going to be all about guest roles. this makes the second ep i didn’t care for. how ever i did like seeing steve chill out a bit, liked him in moonlight when he was more sweet and gentle, don’t care for the bad ass attitude. :sleep:

  28. I saw the episode and could not believe when I saw Kono all alone when she was called in by IA. I was so disappointed that there was no one from Five 0 there for support. I love the chemistry between Steve and Danny and somehow it was missing from the episode. Hopefully, they will do better next week, such a let down. I have no feelings one way or the other for the new girl.

  29. I don’t think we have seen nearly enough of Lori to call her cold and calculating but hey to each his own. Can’t help but think that some are not going to be happy with anyone except Sophia.

  30. I too was not impressed with this episode. The reason this show was such a hit last year was the chemistry between the four main characters. Everyone worked as a team and had each others backs. Now, all of a sudden, it’s like Kono who? McGarrett is a “go get them – do anything to get the job done” kind of guy. Why isn’t he (and Danno) moving hell & high water to get her out of the mess that they created???

    I loved the show’s action especially Alex on horseback YUM. But they said “Lori” would be a female McGarrett. Don’t see it. I expected to see tension between Steve & Lori as they butt heads on procedural issues instead we got this wishy washy love-sick cows act. Get rid of her and write better scripts before the ratings drop. Alex was made to play McGarrett and deserves much better. An inter-office love affair will not work. Think about it – this team is always in precarious situations. How can they function properly if one of them is in love with another. Why do you think they discourage relationships within the police forces and military. The efficiency of the team will be threatened. By all means, give Steve a love interest but make someone who, first of all, has chemistry with him and secondly, is not a part of the team.

    PLEASE!! Peter Lenkov – listen to the public and make the necessary changes to keep H50 at the top of the ratings where it deserves to be.

  31. Sorry ladies. I enjoyed it. Not sure of the relationship with Steve and the new girl either though. She is not a s soft and feminine as she seems though. Certainly no Mick/Beth chemistry. But Steve neeeds someone in his lonely life style. Not quite sure it is Lori, we will see. Steve and Danno had a horgument instead of a car.
    So Jenna is leaving. We still do not know if she is a spy or not, working for Wo Fat it cetainly seemed like it the end of eppy 1.
    Love Alex on a horse, he rides well.

  32. This was my least favorite episode of Hawaii 5-0. I am not seeing the chemistry you are speaking of Tiffany. In fact, she is quite boring and interrupting the CHEMISTRY between Steve and Danny which definitely is needed to make the show work. If they want to bring in a love interest for Steve they need to do it in a more subtle way. Lori had zero chemistry with everyone. She had way too much screen time which diminished the time we got to see Kono and Chin. Why do the producers have to mess with a formula that was already working. Not happy and if it continues I am not sure I will continue watching even though I am a huge Alex fan.

    Hated the waiting room scene.

  33. I wouldn’t mind if they found a romantic interest for Steve–actually, I think it would be great for Alex as an actor to show how versatile he is. Plus I feel badly for Steve–he seems so alone in this world and keeps everyone at arm’s length due to his past. He needs a little lovin’. But not this chick; sorry. You’re right, Faye, Mick and Beth = chemistry. But I’m sure that’s not going to happen (having Sophia on the show). Let’s find someone more down to earth. Smart, funny, attractive and not cold. And let’s quit it with the scenarios that have been done ad naseum on other shows.

  34. I agree with Shirley 100%. Whoever cast Lauren German made a serious mistake. She should have tried out for Charlie’s Angels or some other fluff show. I am a senior person and I never missed the original Hawaii Five 0. It went on forever with the emphasis on the main characters in almost every show. Sometimes Jack Lord would have a love interest. I fell in love with the new Hawaii Five 0 and their top four characters, especially Alex [yes, seniors can love him too!]

    I also want the old team back. I liked Catherine as the love interest for Steve because she seemed real, not a ball of fluff. I also liked Danno and the family getting together that seemed to be happening. I want to see Grace Park back in action now. I enjoy Max in whatever he does. Kaye made an interesting addition and I really ended up liking her.

    I was truly let down after the show finished because I had so eagerly awaited season 2.
    If a new female was needed which I feel wasn’t, perhaps someone like Kelli Giddish(Chase) or Lindsay Pulsiper(The Beast) would have been able to come across as a believable addition to the team.

    I am curious who the other two ladies were who read for the part of Lori were.

    Here is hoping that the high ups step back and think if they want this great show to continue.

  35. Shirley, we are so on the same page. My husband, a native from Hawaii, got bored and left the room a few times. As he pointed out, he is not interested in a romance because there are plenty of other shows that do that better. Steve has not been swayed by pretty faces in the past when on business and the waiting room scene was completely stupid. Yes, I said it, stupid.

    Part of the charm in that show is the chemistry between Danny and Steve, their carguments are fast-paced and very funny. This episode was boring. If they think CBS can toss a few lines of Danny whining about being on horseback and then the new agent asking how long they have been married when that has been done before far more effectively, they are wrong. The special dynamics of the show are now upset and I am very disappointed.

    I would argue that Steve is far too professional to get involved romantically with someone he had to work so closely with. And, to be fair, no woman who has had to work as hard as that agent has to get to where she is would be that unprofessional either. CBS, get real, this is not a good turn in the least.

    And, Kono, we love Our Kono, she’s our girl. I do NOT want to see her sidelined even for one episode. All in all, I was REALLY not impressed. 🙁

  36. Sorry I just don’t see the chemistry between Steve and Lori. I saw it much more with Catherine. However, when I go back and think of the immediate super chemistry between Mick and Beth, well nothing can compare to that. I am not expecting that kind of chemistry in a procedural but I really think they can do better. And leaving Kono “out to dry” for something she didn’t initiate well that doesn’t make any sense at all.

  37. I too am not a fan of Lori. I don’t hate her, but I am not sure I like her either. I am also not a fan of Catherine either. I don’t sense any chemistry between those two and Steve, which is really sad, because I would really like to see Steve with someone. I hope they don’t go the route of I don’t really like and now I love you either. This show doesn’t need it. I agree with Shirley, I like my team with Joe and Max added in as well as that lab tech guy.

    Jenna will be back that much is confirmed. Tom Sizemore will also be back. I am hoping that the guys will be there for Kono as well. It didn’t seem right that they were standing watching the TV, with Lori, while she was at home by herself. I don’t like that she is taking the fall for something they did as a team.

  38. I really didn’t care for this episode at all, except for the fact that they apparently did film in Lanai–which is ‘home’ for me when in Hawaii. The whole plot seemed so far fetched, no contact with Kono except for Chin–which seems highly unlikely, no Joe White–what, did he take the week off to surf?

    I didn’t like the whole waiting room scene–seemed forced and unrealistic. And this, “I’m attracted to you; I’m mad that you’re stepping on my toes, and (probably to come) I’m in love with you” story that’s been done to death on a hundred of other shows is so tired. Sorry, Tiffany, but I really don’t like the Lori character–there is a cold and calculating vibe given off by this actress. I see Steve with someone warmer and down to earth.

    I read elsewhere that Jenna may be acting this way because Wo Fat has her finance–makes sense to me as she continues to help the team time and again in other ways (like with this kidnapping).

    I had high hopes that the writing would improve this year, and the season premier seemed promising for this wish to come true. This episode, however, was a let down in a big way. Nice ‘horsegument’ but just not long enough. I want the old team back but with Joe and Max added in every now and then. And the Sizemore character? I’m sure he’ll be back, but he seemed totally wasted in this episode. I actually caught myself starting to drift off. I guess as long as the show is a hit, producers won’t look for better writing. Truly wish they would. Alex deserves so much better.

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