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  1. This was an awesome interview video! He is so sexy when he talks in his aussie accent..it drives insane he is so sexy! :kiss: I love when he says ‘I’m more dangerous when I’m naked.” in his aussie accent!!!! I love you ALexxxx(;

  2. Ladies–too funny. After viewing the video last night, all I can say is I hope Alex finds some project to do where he plays an Australian–I just love his accent, although his U.S. accent isn’t too bad either-you can hear the Aussie in some syllables. He had hoped he could do so on 3 Rivers, but let’s find him a wonderful project (movie?) as an Aussie.

  3. it sounds crazzzzyyy…. but i think i’m IN LOVE with you Alex :heart: even only in my dreams!

    1. Only you :love: and every other lady (that’s still breathing). Welcome to the club ladies. 😉

  4. it sounds crassssyyy…. but i think i’m IN LOVE with you Alex :heart: even only in my dreams!

    1. Only you :love: and every other woman :heart: (that’s still breathing). Welcome to the club ladies

      1. Sorry. It looks like I’ve repeated myself but it was worth saying twice :whistle: =]

  5. More dangerous when he’s naked??? I’M UP FOR THAT ANYTIME!!! :woot: By the way–Alex WAS naked in “White Out.” He was one of the guys who took a romp in the snow at the beginning of the movie–you can pick him out by his tats!

  6. This interview is such a hoot !!! Alex is so adorable. :love: :heart: :love: I think he tends to open up more with the flirty women. I don’t think her outfit is any worse than what you see with tv interviewers. She is so lucky to have the opportunity of speaking to the hottest man on the planet. Scott seemed to like her too, in his interview.

  7. OMG…Alex in a live interview…could he be any hotter. Thanks so much for this. I always enjoy him in his natural state (!) and hearing his natural accent!!! Love it so muxh.


  9. That lady sure thought ALex was no.1 eye candy. Professional or not she did the interview. Yes, Alex at his cheeky best, the aussie larrikin he sure is. No boring interviews when he is around. I am sure he knows he charms all the ladies. That guy he’s got to fight sure is big.

  10. Mary Ann, he is so very cheeky and that is always so much fun to see. I lived in New Zealand as a child and have many Aussie friends an nobody does cheeky as they do. I think Alex would be a superb friend to have. He is intelligent, funny and that self-deprecating humor goes a long, long way toward being adorable. Clearly, this is an intelligent, thoughtful man with a great sense of humor.

    As for the gal interviewing him, well, settle down, Dear, and wipe the drool off your chin. LOL

    Muffie, hello up there my Canadian neighbor. I am in WA state and frequently share your weather as well as your interest in this charming actor who just happens to be a beautiful man, too.

    1. Hello there yourself. I live in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island so that almost makes us “kissing cousins”. :kiss: I agree whole-heartedly regarding our adoration for Alex. He reminds me of the old-style actors who were truly talented. They had to be because they couldn’t rely on special effects to carry them. Alex is multi-talented and I have a feeling we’ve only just begun to see what he has to offer. I wish him all the success he so richly deserves. :heart:

      1. Muffie: You know I agree with you, girl. I liken Alex to Cary Grant–funny, smart, handsome, talented–he’s got it all. Can’t wait to see what else he has in store for us in the future, with and beyond H50.

  11. In my opinion, this is Alex at his best. There is no one more charming than Alex when he get cheeky with the women.

  12. The girl was obviously smitten. But really, is that attire considered professional in Canada?

    1. I’m Canadian and NO that attire is not considered professional. At least she wasn’t all over him like she was during last year’s interview. But you’ll notice that she manages to paw him a couple of times. Can’t say as I blame her – but, she is suppose to be a professional and I don’t believe that behavior was called for. It is great to see Alex so relaxed and flirty though. :love: By the way, Alex has just been named TV Guide’s #1 Fall Piece of Eye-candy. Was there ever any doubt? We’ve always known it. Way to go Alex!! :heart:

  13. Well, she flirted shamelessly with Alex! (and who can blame her?) 😆 :love:

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