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  1. Also Moonlight ranks:

    Amazon.com Sales Rank: #62 in Movies & TV (See Bestsellers in Movies & TV)

    Popular in these categories: (What’s this?)
    #3 in Movies & TV > Horror > Things That Go Bump > Vampires
    #4 in Movies & TV > Boxed Sets > Drama
    #16 in Movies & TV > Boxed Sets > Television

  2. As of today, 7/8/09, Amazon has Moonlight DVD at #22 for the Best of 2009… So Far in Movies & TV. Pretty terrific!

  3. I do hope slowly coming back… We ML fans cannot be hoggish and take awy from other DVD sales… It is a bad economy and some people may not be able to afford the cost….

    I am hping that all of the video rental places have their stock of Moonlight & that rentals will also be added to the counting…

    There are some who TVOed it, so they watch whenever…

    And let us not forget to watch on Sci-Fi weekly on Fridays at the same time it was originally on CBS when the show was up and running in new episodes…

  4. This week its not even in the top 10. Where have all the Moonlight fans gone?

  5. It would not have been cancelled if it were not for the stupidity and lack of entertainment knowledge (just b/c 1 is in a high office, does not make them an expert of the position they hold…this goes for any field)of Nina Tassler Moonlight would still be gracing our TV screens with new episodes and approaching its 3rd season debut…

  6. It does not surprise me that Moonlight was No 1 on the billboard. It was the best new show and would still be if it had not been cancelled. signed hopeful

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