Hawaii Five-O Set Photo

Check out a photo posted by a Facebook member who lives where a scene from H5O is being filmed. I do not want to post their photo without permission so head on over to facebook to check it out and enjoy a little sneak peak this lovely Saturday morning. Enjoy!

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  1. I remember the original series. This is as good. Well done guys.

  2. hey by the way its my first time here so i come i already said that hmmm
    i think the new hawaii five o is cool i like the new steve good show

  3. my new show is the new hawaii five o the reason why i watch it is because of alex the new
    steve mcgarrett js awesome so cool forever fan Heather :heart: :heart: :heart:

  4. watched ALEX on five-o tonight. hot as ever. one question, anyone know where i can get a wallpaper of Alex for the computer?

  5. Alex looks good no matter what color his hair is. I guess if he has been doing a lot of the stunts himself, that would explain why he looks a little tired and thinner. Yes I hope CBS lets H5O run for a long time. I know Alex will be good in the part as he always is no matter who he is portraying. Lets just hope CBS puts the show on at a good time and a good day (not Sunday).

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  6. i saw the photos of alex on face book and they where great i cant wait to see it i hpoe this works i love tose alex on tv there is noting good to watch and alex allways made tv worth watching i cant wait

  7. I sure hope CBS gives the new show a chance and not take it off after a few weeks. I think Alex will really shine in this show. Can’t wait to see the show..

  8. Alex is all good, I’m rooting for him in this new show, and surely will not work with that talent and charisma can, and that wonderful body, which look stunning and beautiful smile, really super team with this cat should be difficult After moonlight do not miss anything he does

  9. Whoo Hoo! This is great!!!!!

  10. Guys – if you go through the “album” pics from “facebook”, there are a lot of different pics – there are a few more of Alex – with the darker hair, so it was sunlight – – must be filmig a serious scene too.

  11. Tiffany, thank your “facebook” friend for sharing that pic with us. It’s always nice to see Alex in any forum. Looked like a serious moment in that pic. He looks good just the same.

  12. Comentário Amo o Alex . quero muito ver aquele sorriso maravilhoso novamente. tenho achado ele meio tristinho nas fotos recentes . sei que deve ser preocupaçao mas estaremos com ele onde for .

  13. Alex does not look all that happy. It also looks like his hair is much lighter. Who is the oither guy anyone know?

    1. Yeah I noticed the hair. I hope it is just lighting. The other guy is Scott Caan, he plays Danno.

  14. It is so good to see our boy working…even if he doesn’t appear to be smiling much. thank you thank you…its so nice to be a part of his life even if he is so far away Forever Fan Suzanne

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