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  1. I’m anxious to see the movie The Black Up Plan, Alex is all good. Hawaii 5.0 and surely will be too, because Alex is in the cast, he’s beautiful

  2. Thank you for the great photos of Alex..He is so HOT! HOT!HOT!!!!Looks fantastic in the military uniform and walking carefree on the beach..Please send more!!

  3. It’s okay Kimba, I have made a few friends (Mooinlight sisters of course in the USA..0 The one lady kindly recorded the eps for me an dmailed them over. I actually wencam every week-end a lovely lady in New York. So all is good. I liked the programme as well.

  4. Alex and Co. look like a great match – Alex looks like he belongs in the military, he looks like a Navy Seal and those guys are always in awesome shape. Thanks Tiffany for the pics. Keep us posted, as always.

  5. sandra I hate to tell you this but I have 9 episodes of three rivers and it really was great it is a shame channel 10 didn’t show the entire series

  6. I am so happy that we get to see Alex on our screens again! I too hope that they will have the show on in Australia, I am crossing my fingers from now!!

  7. Know what you mean kimba. I too live in Australia (remtre QLD) so even if the big cities show it we might not get it. Only get SBS,ABC regions version of 7 (Sountern Cross) and channel 9. Didn’t even get the one episode of Three Rivers no channel 10.

  8. I can’t wait for H50, but of course I live in Australia, so we might not even be able to get it down here. I do hope it is third time the charm for this gorgeous Australian man, I cannot wait for the Back Up Plan either, all the best luck to you Alex, you deserve to do well with these two. The man is quite simply the best.

  9. Looks like a great team for the program. Hope this one lasts for a very long time. Alex, you sexy man. Can hardly wait for H5O. Also the Back up Plan.

  10. Alex is super cat in this picture, do not wait to get Hawaii 5.0 and hope it lasts a lot, this beautiful man is everything and a little more, talented, beautiful, charming and anything else I can not say because I am married heheheheheheh

  11. hi thanks for the photos of alex i cant wait to see the new movie

  12. WHAT A FANTASTIC CAST!!!!!This show is going to blow all the competion out of the water You go guys! Alex I am so thrilled to see you back!!!!!!

  13. Alex certainly looks nothing like the first McGarrett. I still prefere his longer locks.
    So who is playing Danny? the blonde guy I presume?

  14. Let’s not rule out Daniel Dae Kim he is also very sexy in this photo shoot and real life. Don’t want to foget this is a great looking cast and I think it has been cast very well. I hope this one hangs around for a very long time.

  15. He looks so good! Third time’s a charm, Alex! Can’t wait!!!!!

  16. He definitely looks like the man in charge and a man to take charge. Gorgeous pics!

  17. the more I see of the coming Back Up Plan promotion and the work and terrific cast they are putting into motion in Hawaii (get out that sun protection cream!) The more I’m convinced this is gonna be SO BIG for anyone connected with these projects. GOOD LUCK GOOD HEALTH GOD BLESS YOU ALL….especially you Tiffany. Fans, keep up the buzz about this…exciting! If CBS doesn’t pass on this as a drama for the Fall season they are unforgivably, seriously stupid.. Forever Fan Suzanne

  18. Thanks for sharing these ‘Mean Lean Driving Machine” pics of Alex. You’ve really done it this time. I also can’t wait for the Back Up Plan and Hawaii Five-O too. Tif have an awesome week.

  19. Alex looks lean, and mean, and totally buff. I am going to love this show. What a cast!!! They are all beautiful people. Alex of course being the most beautiful . Between this show and the Back Up Plan, I am so excited . You never can get too much Alex. He also looks tan. Thanks Tiffany for the great way to start a Monday morning.

    1. Love the pics!! Except the chick we just want to ogle over the men. LOL!! I always liked Scott Caan and he has proven himself in his own right as a great actor. I do wish Alex’s hair was just a little longer. He’s so hot and sexy with the longer hair (Moonlight). I agree if you think the the Hawaii sun is hot you’re righ, but Alex is sizzling hot.

  20. Do I see tats????? YIPPEEEEEEE! Can’t wait for a shirtless pic to see if we get them ALL! Thanks for the pics!

  21. thanks for the photos… and well.. to say that it may be sunny most of the time in Hawaii.. and yet well w/ the sun and all.. it is wise sunburniss of well to as like the old saying goes something like “out too much in the noon-day sun” of for which maybe it should be in the the Hawian sun…just a thought.

    o’ and of as to Alex’s haircut… looks real good indeed. um, yet of well of anyone of who might of well too short.. let’s just say let us be very glad it wasn’t a Harverd haircut/ buzz-cut.. or that would be toooooo short haircut for sure.

    thanks again.

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