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  1. I can’t stop obsess about Alex because I crush on him for many years about 7 years ago by moonlight now I watch Hawaii Five-0 and other many movie of him!!!! I feel like he stay close me and spirit. When i upset then my mind said, ” alex said not worried i will always be there where u going please don’t cry” then i stop upset its odd feeling to me i not understand why. while teacher try talking about other thing but my mind not focus i keep dream about Alex O’Loughlin but i try stop but its not working how can stop thinking about him sigh, :straight: I love him more than other man or boy in the world because I fell like he right for me not other man in the world. but in my bedroom i have lots of alex’s picture about 100 hehehe i can’t stop to print his pics and some order online!!!!!!! I :heart: Alex O’Loughlin in the world more than you thinking!!!!!!!! I really want meet him so badly sigh but he about 100,00000 mile away from me because I live in Pennsylvania.

    I really :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: ALEX O’LOUGHLIN!!!!!!!

  2. :heart: :angel: :kiss: :kiss: :love:

  3. I like the moonlight tv show and you look realy hott in it,but lol i like seeing you more human oh the hair looks good on you too…….

  4. Hey i was thinking i was your only #1 Fan lol lol! That movie was funny i love tv and movies too……who cares

  5. Aex, you’re gorgeous, talented and incredibly beautiful, you’re super D + in hawaii five 0, I love you, kisses Nel.


  7. i love backup plan funny i would crash my car too love the outtakes

  8. Alex is the BEST!!!! I agree with you all. He has it all. I will watch him in everything but I love MOONLIGHT. I am still blogging every where I can and I send cbs a line or two every day on their feedback site about Moonlight I really believe Moonlight was cancelled before its time and I also believe that if we the true fans don’t let it die then cbs will get the message and bring it back. I do wish Alex the best in all that he does and I will go see any movie he does and all the shows as well but let him keep on working and while he is doing that we can keep up telling cbs what we want and that is more Moonlight . I want more seasons and the movie.. So to all of you out there keep up the chatter, the more we talk and the more of us that talk the better our chances are. Everything is better in numbers. Here is to MORE MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I never thought any actor could replace Sean Connery as 007 and the actors who have tried haven’t done 007 justices. But with Alex he’s the man. The powers that be should really take a closer look at Alex. The studio wouldn’t need to use all the special effects to promote the movie, just Alex and his charisma. I love to watch this man.

  10. There are a lot of different movies in here. I see Black Jack Sweet Science, the one with a small tatto by his ear, and in the green black jacket. Michael in Feed are all the blonde hair ones. Will in Mary Bryant all the very curly hair and pony tail ones. Kevin Hiat ftom the Shield. Of couse Mick Moonlight. The car ad. The kissing couple from the opening scenei in The Holiday. Jack in Oyster farmer boat and looking out of the window. The only one I don;t know is the one with the blonde female.

    The scene of Beth kissing Miick is form ep 5 Arresteed Developemnt with the teen vamp and the hooker. Near the, Mick does one of his quick depature, Beth runs out to find him, he had dropped key under car, she tight next to him when he stands up, he;s just about to say goodbye when she drops the kiss on him. The first Mick;Beth kiss. The other holding hands is this his rooftop one after he;s been tuned back into a vampire by Jodef ep 13 Feted to Pretend. The teary eyed Beth is ep16 Sonata last scene, when she tells him he can;t coming back to her worle and she not rady to go to his.

  11. I especially like Alex in the white shirt on tvguidemagazine website, search by Alex O’Loughlin Photo Shoot, Alex Vamps It Up – it’s the photo by Rodolfo Martinez. You may have seen this photo in a lot of other places, but by far, my favorite photo.

  12. I have never understood the “actor centric” comment-I mean, come on guys (at CBS), your most popular new show is The Mentalist, which people ONLY watch for Simon Baker.Peroid. Full stop. Remove him, no show. What, only one aussie heart-throb per network….er, what? There seems to be no rhyme or reason to network TV…

  13. What role is Alex playing in that blue jacket? Please, let me know.

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    Hi Linda, everyone, including Aussie Di,

    I cannot believe I went all the way into town, on my trip to stop for hay for my 3 horses, to buy the TV GUide you spoke of…I went to 3 darn stores and cannot beieve that this damn town, which is a metropolis now, did not have the April 20th-May 3rd, 2009 edition of TV Guide in yet… I live in the rural outskirts of Tucson, so went into the city, itself…no TV Guide… I had Circle K tell me they do not carry it anymore because so many people get the guides from the cabel and satellite companies subscribed to; well I for one do not have monies to waste an such a luxury and watch basic channeling… WalMart Stores & Safeway supermarkets carry the TV Guide, but still had the edition that ends on April 19th in stock…

    What a bummer trip!!!!!

    Aussie Di, I am sorry I have yet to find the Australian Alex site yet, but will try to sit down and carefully check for you asap…

    Well, there is barking outside so my dogs are letting me know that someone is at my locked gate… Later…

  15. Hi Tish and Aussie Di – I would imagine that you could view TV Guide on line just like any other entertainment magazine, but I must say seeing Alex’s pic in the actual TV Guide is quite nice – Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

  16. It looks like I will have to do the same as you Tish – look online cause sadly us Aussies will not be the lucky ones to see it in paper print!
    I can see you all now drooling over those pages
    Totally jealous.
    BTW – I have lent my Moonlight DVD to a young girl I work with, looks like we have another Alex fan in our midst.
    Aussie Di

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    Wow, thanks for the info, Linda…will do tomorrow…can’t wait until I see it…

    BTW, would the same also be online at the TV Guide site? I think giving it a try is well worth it…

  18. Hi Everyone, hope all of you are well. I got so excited when I went to my mailbox today, the new issue of TV Guide was in it (Nicollette Sheridan on the cover) and noticed words that said HUNK WATCH – and Alex’s name is there. But that’s not the best part – – He has been given a 2-page spread and the picture next to the article is to die for. It is a great article, very complimentary to Alex. The first line of the article is funny because it mentions Alex’s MySpace page with the clock countdown until “Criminal Minds” on the 29th. It said “not every actor’s return to TV merits a countdown clock, but check out Alex’s MySpace page” then it goes on to say “a little over the top for a one-week gig -not to the millions of obsessed, feverish female fans who hunger for the mere site of him”. Definitely go out and get this issue of TV Guide if for nothing else, the newest and hottest picture of Alex – WOW !!!!! 🙂 🙂

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    First of: Happy Easter or Have a Wonderful Passover, Everyone!

    Linda and all, Hi,

    I am certain that the demise of Moonlight will also. eventually, if not sooner, be tha downfall of Nina, unless her antics bring about the demise of CBS…

    Yes, we all want to see Alex in a weekly TV show and movies, movies, movies!!! Let one of those movies please be “Moonlight, the movie”… But, even though we all wish Alex God speed in his future acting success and his proposed new TV series-to-be, (We hope), nothing will appease the demise of Moonlight for it was not just one actor or one of anything that made us want more…it was the whole kit and kaboodle… And no remake of Moonlight with a different cast will ever fill the void…As Joel Silver put it in a nutshell, “Without Alex, there will be no Moonlight”; I second that and add, Without the TV Moonlight cast in its entirety, there can never be Moonlight”…

  20. Hi Moonlight Lovers. THe record “Your The Best” is perfect, I loved it. Does anyone have a tape of Alex thanking people for the Peoples Choice Award. If you do download it here.I saw it the night It aired. Thank You. signed hopeful

  21. H Moonlight Lovers, The box office movies and TV rating that are so great is because people want to see actors that they love.Hollywood and Tv producers pay these actors lots of money because of the demand for them. I’m sticking to my idea about letting everybody know how much we want Alex back on TV because we all love him. I also respect everyone’s view on this. I am watching Moonlight reruns on Sci Fi it missed 2 weeks but showed three shows on Thursday and one on this Friday even if it was not in order. signed hopeful

  22. Hi Everyone – found something amusing that all of you might like – go to “The Hollywood Reporter, Live Feed” section – Guess the newest entry for CBS tanked in the ratings and one viewer comment made reference to the fact that many people were watching the MOONLIGHT MARATHON on the Sci-Fi channel instead of tuning into CBS, the network that let MOONLIGHT go. Once again, the power of Moonlight and it’s early demise will continue to haunt Nina Tassler until she makes it right by all of us who want to see Alex back on a weekly basis.

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    Alright Folks and Hope,
    My reasoning for not making our obvious love for Alex an issue when writing to CBS is just that because it is exactly why Ms Nasty Nina tagged us as being actor-centric… She definitely has a very obvious problem but we should not add to it by going all squishy in terms like “I love you, Alex”, “you are so sexy”, etc. because this, in my opinion, from past history apparently, WILL NOT HELP ALEX, this will only hinder him, when it comes to Nina’s HOLD on his career… She could squash this new Three Rivers pilot like a balsa wood airplane before it ever leaves the editing department; she holds this power…Why, I do not know but SHE is the reason we no longer have Moonlight no matter the false excuses we were dribbled after the cancellation. Nina Tassler only sees us all, no matter our varied ages (& I am no spring bunny at 63), as a Moonlight cult sick in love with a film star and his character… She does not see Alex, either, for the fine actor he really is and I think that CBS should roll up the carpeting in her office, in Studio City, CA, with her inside of it and leave it at a dump site in the La Brea Tarpits…

    When we write to CBS we should not be overly exhuberant about Alex as a sex symbol, but note, indirectly, that we feel that CBS made a fine choice in casting the roles for Three Rivers, especially in not overlooking the obvious talents of a young Australian actor…dada dada dada, etc… And then continue on with a little more butter lavishly smeared indicating that:
    ” CBS has had great insight in selecting a project that will reach its audiences who were diehard viewers of ER, which will be sadly missed…And that CBS is looking at a great opportunity to swing their ratings very high by presenting the viewing audiences with a much needed new medical drama…”

    Capieche? So much butter Ms Nasty may just fall off her pedestal…

  24. Hi Moonlight Lovers, I still think letting everyone know how much we love Alex, can only help him. Our fan base has been so good for him. The Three Rivers pilot and a possible lead role with JO in a CBS movie, thats because our cry for Alex was constant. signed Hopeful

  25. Hi Hope – if there was anyone in charge other than Nina Tassler, the idea of contacting CBS might not be a bad idea, however, knowing how she has insulted the Moonlight fan base for being “actor-centric” and supporting the actor, Alex, instead of the show, we may do more harm than good. I think right now, this is out of our hands until we know for sure if the pilot gets picked up for next season. When it does, then we can show support by watching every week. Maybe, somehow, Tiffany can get in touch with Alex and get his thoughts on how HE would want his fans to handle this. We do not want to give NT any reasons to shelf this before it even begins. Tiffany, if you’re reading this, work your magic girlfriend and see what you can find out. 🙂

  26. Hi Moonlight Lovers,I don’t see any thing wrong with leting CBS know that we love Alex.There are other actors that make lots of money for the TV and movies, because people love them and want to see them and buy their movies and TV shows. What wrong with loving Alex? I think we should let CBS and Nina know that we want Alex back on TV, and let our E-mail say that. signed hopeful

  27. yessss you are the best be cause u are the best actor in the world alex i love u…………sorry i dont have nathing to say enemore i like everything about u . your movie and your smil your face your sxsy bady and yourrrr lips u are soooooo hooot( you are the best man)
    good bless u alex loughlin.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  28. i must say that if i had to choose four words to say in a comment they would be “alex is the best!”

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    I think Alex said in an interview, one time, that he did many of his own stunts & I do not see that jump down the stairs in the beginning of this video as being done by a stunt-double… Afterall our Alex is still young and healthy, thank goodness… One of his off screen pursuits is rock climbing, a sport/hobby not for someone out of shape or someone faint of heart…

    As we are all learning from watching the extras on the Twilight DVD, that sometimes a cable harness (& Alex 1 time talked abot being given his own harness for Moonlight) is used to make the actor look like he is flying, jumping great distances or climbinb with such ease, as Alex’s Mick St John was doing in one scene on this video… All I can say, no one, can ever replace Alex as Mick St John if we ever do get a Moonlight movie…He is the one and only and yes, THE BEST in all he does and will do in the future…

    The scene of him taking his shirt off but has on an atheletic undershirt but has his back to camera is from his co-produced Aussie film “FEED”, so is the sripping scene behind the lacy curtain… The one with him in a wide brim white hat, is from Mary Bryant, I think toward the end of the 3 hour Aussie TV mini-series that can be purchased on Amazon.com… The one with that famous sexy smile of his in the black car is his Toyota commercial; he also had one with Mitshibishi..

    OH My, the kiss with Beth, was this the first kiss between the two? If so, then she is the one who kissed Mick first…Good girl, wouldn’t we all?

    I do not know who edited this video, but whomever you are…THANK YOU!!!!

    Being a senior aged film viewer, I can honestly say that Alex O’Loughlin has every lead actor, who had made women’s swoon in years gone by, beat… He has the face,the smile, the charm, the genuine sincerity (many of the former leads were inaccessable by their public)of caring for his public/fans,the honesty, and talent beyond belief, some of which we have yet to been given the pleasur of seeing… YES, ALEX, YOU NOT ONLY GIVE US YOUR BEST, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!

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