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  1. This video is so good! It has humor and it shows HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His beautiful selfff! If he kissed me, I wouldn’t wash my face ever either!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU ALEX!!!! :heart:

  2. Comment :heart: I LOVE ALEX. He is such a GREAT ACTOR. I can not wait until Sept. 19 for Season 2 of Hawaii 5-0 to begin! Devoted FAN ALWAYS. SHARON

  3. wow oh wow such a super nice guy, can’t get enough of that Australian accent and I fit into his demographic!!!

  4. :heart: amaaaaaaaaaaaazin as usual

  5. Funny Guy *lol* 😀 I have nice teeth too and love Dogs 😉 and my age was between 18 -65 *hahaha* 😆

    thx Tiffany

  6. thanks a lot just got done watching it loved it i might watch it again love to see alex

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    Well, even tho I’m 75 and I know Alex would never dis me!!! He’s just too sweet to do that. This interview like all his live interviews is awesome. Thanks once again Tiffany for a very much appreciated gem. Love you. Love Alex. Love this day.

  8. I am very sad if Alex ‘s relationship with Amber is really over and wish them both all the best and happiness as they move on. I thought they were beautiful together

  9. Alex is such a down-to-earth man, and that is incredibly appealing in one who is so astoundingly good looking. And he is a dog lover! That makes him even more dear to my heart. And may I add, I have fantastic teeth and while I’m almost on the high-end of his demographic, I can take heart. LOL

  10. Thanks again Tiffany for this wonderful interview with Alex,I love,love it. Alex is so sweet and hot!. :love: :heart:

  11. Thanks Tiffany for posting this interview with Alex and I could hear
    Alex’s ULTRA hot and sexy Aussie accent for eturnity and I look forward to seeing
    new episodes starting this September!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kelly Ann Scovell :heart: :heart: :kiss:

  12. Thanks Tiffany for all you do.Im 67 and i love that man to keeps the old :heart: beating .I read all your updates again thanks.and keep up the good work Alex :love:

  13. Tiffany, thank you so much for this terrific interview with Alex! My best for you and the new season of H5O, Alex!

  14. Thank you Tiffany for coming through for us yet once again. Loved the interview – so great so see Alex relaxed and gorgeous as always. I’m sure he made a lot of ladies thrilled when he gave his demographic as 18-65yrs. :heart: :love: Be still my :heart: Can’t wait for Season 2 to begin and see him in action. Was disappointed that there were NO nominations for the Prime-time Emmys!!

  15. HOT DOG!!! I fall in his demographics :woot: (I feel like such a cougar! LOL). Love that man!

  16. Oh NOOOOOOOO!!! His demographic is 18 to 65??? MARY ANN!!!! What are you going to do?????? LOLOLOLOL…. Just kidding Mom #2.. I know he’s already your boyfriend…HAH! Miss you and hope to see you soon.. XOXO

  17. Awesome interview. I am so proud of you Alex. Wishing you more as best actor ever. Looking forward to watching Hawaii Five 0. :heart: Job well done :love:

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