Alex O’Loughlin’s Hair

Saw this video this morning. A fan made it to lament Alex’s hair. I personally like his “new” short hair but thought the video was pretty funny nonetheless.

Not sure how anyone could feel sad over this…

But it was nice to see all those Moonlight era flashbacks.

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  1. I love love love Alex to pieces, but the buzz cut doesnt do it for me. I too fell for the Mick curls. But like most of us it wont change my love for him. Its up to him I guess how he wears his hair. Here in England we still have quite a few weeks left still to see. Hope they show season two. :love:

  2. I miss the Mick hair 😆 😆 …anyway…..i’m a fan so i must accept the change. He look nice….it’s still O’Loughlin whith long or short hair. I dont know why we make a “problem” for a haircut……it will grow back. We love him anyway no??????? 😀

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      Love Alex, no matter what, but I need hair! Think with him it was the long lashes, lovely eyes, and long hair. I just have a thing for longer, clean, hair on guys. He is one of the sexiest guys alive. Keep your hair, Love.

  3. just watched Tiffany’s wonderful video. Perfect song for it. Nobody should look as good as Alex does. Mama Mia!!

  4. I miss alex’s hair from 3 years ago. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one. The buzz cut’s going to take a little while to get used to. He still the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen. He has amazing eyes, a sexy bedroom voice, and long eyelashes. It’s nice to know that despite his looks, he’s a really wonderful man, extremely talented, sexy, and a real sweetie. :love:


  6. I love Alex’s haircut!!!!! Alex looks awesome no matter what he does to himself or his hair. Just like when he played Marcus Bohem in The Invisible, that look just shows off his big, beautiful face even more. I LOVE IT! And I am sure it feels so good. He doesn’t have to work right now, he can enjoy the coolness and the freedom of it – and still be the most gorgeous man on earth – no, in the universe! LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT – and love Alex no matter what he does. The man is perfect – the only perfect person I have ever met.

  7. What a cool video. It so takes me back to Moonlight which is the first time I saw Alex and loved him the best. I love the longer hair but he’s still awesome. I am sure the short hair is better for Hawaii. Thanks for sharing Tiffany.

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    :love: :love: :love: I am probably one of the most die hard Moonlight fans and Mick St John HAIR is where it’s at. I love Alex, hate the buzz, and would love to see him with that look again, or at least a bit longer than Steve Mc has is not.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS AWESOME VIDEO !!!!!!!!!!! :love: :love: :love: :love:

  9. Very cute video, loved it. The “5-0” hair was short enough but acceptable for me. This new buzz is way too short. But, maybe it’s just a summer thing to make it through the hot summer days in Hawaii. But, I still love seeing him in anything he’s in so we just have to deal with the short hair if that’s how he chooses to wear it. Let’s just hope we get a second season of “5-0” to enjoy him in.

  10. I never liked so short hair on men, and I won’t start now. I definately prefer him with his lovely curly hair, but like everybody said before me, he’s still Alex! Besides, a new haircut could probably mean a transform needed for some new movie? I’d like that!

  11. i think alex looks beautiful whatever but i prefer him with longer hair , as mick st john. :love:

    1. I also prefer the Mick St. John hair, but will take Alex any way I can get him. :heart:

  12. I am as Cheri is, a child of the 60’s, so the “Moonlight” hair does it for me. Don’t like the buzz cut. However, looking at his eyes and his smile hypnotizes you into not looking any further! Handsome, Beautifully built man and by what I can tell from the comments of people who have met him, he is humble, grateful and nice. Doesn’t get any better than that! :love:

  13. Sorry girls, but I agree with the author of this video! He’s still hot, but I don’t like the buzz cut!

  14. He is gorgeous ALL ways! But I have to admit, after seeing this video, I do miss the henley’s and hair! Moonlight was my first introduction into Alex. I do prefer the long curly locks! But he’s such a beautiful person no matter what. I think the buzzed look has more to do with showing his fun rebel personality than it does the Hawaiian weather.

    1. Elle–
      OH, THE HENLEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the reminder!
      Beth :love: :heart: :love: :heart:

  15. Alex looks great no matter how he wears his hair. He is gorgeous, handsome, sexy and the hair style does not change that. It will be a long summer without H5O. Hope CBS will show the reruns for the summer. Love ya Alex, you roc.

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    Well, it’s very clear, the consensus of opinion on Alex is we love him so much no matter what the look or the haircut or the role he’s playing!!! But on the other hand this was one hilarious and enjoyable video….thanks so much for sharing it. The song was great and every view of Alex unforgettable.

  17. It really doesn’t get balmy in Hawaii–there’s not the humidity of, say, Florida. If it’s for temp reasons, then why the facial hair? I think it’s just an Alex statement. He likes to look like the rebel he is. Ditto his fashion choices. He’s stated numerous times that he’s very unlike the Steve character who is basically law and order and conservative in the Navy Seals kind of way. Plus it might help him get around without being noticed (although that obviously did not prevent Tiffany from recognizing him!). Thanks for the posts. We’ll need many of these fixes during the summer months.

  18. The video is hilarious!! I haven’t watched Moonlight in so long I had forgotten the MAJOR SEX APPEAL HE HAS WITH HAIR!! But I did notice with or without that hair, it’s Alex’s gorgeous eyes that are the most attractive thing about him. So, with or without his mane he’s a beautiful sight! Thanks Tiffany for adding the video! :p

  19. hahahahahahahaha!!! It’s his HEART not his hair that makes him so singularly spectacular. LOVE THIS MAN….:love:

  20. Don’t get me wrong I Luv his hair but I’d luv him bald! 😉

  21. Alex is fantastic no matter what but as Mick St. John wow….he just had some jaw dropping, time stopping looks….love that wavy hair….but hopefully it will grow out again for some movie at a later date…I am sooooo glad Five-O was picked up for another season, I was crushed when his other series were cancelled….I love the comaraderie on the show with Scott and the others…and would also like to see Jason appear in a recurring role….YOU ROCK ALEX!!!! :heart:

  22. Hi Tiffany, Thanks for posting the great hair video. It was comical and to tell you the truth, long or short of it, excuse the pun, is that Alex looks great not matter how he chooses to style his hair. He is one gorgeous man and it’s so great that we have this wonderful cite you bring us to keep us all in the loop and to enjoy more of these moments. It’s going to be such a long summer, now with the finale coming up tomorrow. Have a great week and look forward to more from you. Lisa

  23. OMG! he is awesome no matter what the hair ,it’s his eyes, smile, chin, cheeks, voice and of course that BODY!!!!!!

  24. Great video Tiffany. Thanks for posting! Love the pics with all the hair and beard–but then I’m a child of the 60’s. Buzz cut does’t do much for me. Lucky he’s so gorgeous anyway no matter how he wears his hair :love:

    1. Wonder if Alex will see the video–he’s so amazed at his fame he’d probably get a kick out of it!

  25. hi love the hair he looks good but any way he allways looks good i was watching moonlight the other i have the dvds and i cant how much he looks then and now he has gotten a little older but he still looks great

  26. I absolutely understand why he cut it short like that. Living in a balmy 100+ degree weather makes it very difficult to have the longer, thick hair that he’s sported in the past. I like it, though. He looks more militant in it. lol 🙂

    1. Hawaii isn’t 100 degrees–usually only about 85. But it gets pretty humid and that wreaks havoc withy curly hair. No wonder he buzzed it.

  27. I think the video was really fun. Made me smile. It was a great job – tons of great pictures, etc.
    Yeah, I love the long hair too, but we girls we’ll take him anyway we can get him, right??

  28. It’s funny how he looks completely like a different person with different haircuts. But he still has that very kind look in his eye that makes him him and look like someone quite trustworthy for some reason.

  29. I personally prefer the longer hair, but in the end, I’ll take that hunky man no matter what he looks like! Loved the video! It was quite hilarious!

  30. There is nothing this man could do to his hair or anything else that could make him anything other than what he is: one of the most handsome men there is. 😉

  31. Alex is sexy no matter what he does with his hair ….I am a true fan of his…I think he is an amazing actor. :kiss:

  32. I love it either way, it’s still Alex. Just think by the time they start filming H50 in June, it will probably be a little longer anyway. That’s what I love about Alex he likes to change his appearance to suit his moods 👿 , like the shorts and crazy socks =] , then you see him in a suit and it takes your breath away. :love:

  33. I personally :heart: the buzzed look!!!

  34. I miss his curly hair but ,anyway, Alex looks gorgeous with or without it. How I wish to see him working with Jason Dohring again, that interview was a blast, both have an excellent sense of humor and they are very good together.

  35. I am getting used to seeing Alex in short hair. I don’t care if it’s buzzed or long, he looks handsome either way. =] :love:

  36. Thanks tiffany for posting this great video. I like Alex’s hair longer,but he of course he is still handsome.

  37. I LOVE LOVE the buzz cut – makes Alex look like a kid! Do I miss the Mick hair? Oh yes I do! Why? Because I fell in love with Mick St. John and you know what they say about “first loves”? You NEVER get them out of your heart. Cute video!

  38. It ‘s just hair, give him a break. He always looks good, I like the short hair.

  39. Cute video. Have to admit I prefer Alex with the Mick or Will hair. The current buzz look doesn’t do it for me.

  40. he looks good anyway he is

  41. I Love his short hair .He’s just very handsome either way his hair is i look at his face and eyes n melt :love: :heart:

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