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  1. Look amazing to seeing Alex and Jennifer photos. I love them both. :love: Seeing them happy making me feel happy too. Looking forward to have their new movie together soon :heart:

  2. Given that Alex can have chemistry with a fat suit, I don’t think JLo will be a problem. She breathes, can stand upright on her own and faces in the right direction when she delivers lines, which is all she needs to do to satisfy my requirements for this movie.

  3. I can see the chemistry… but then I also think judging it by just pictures alone isn’t fair. But I won’t be surprised if what I see in the pictures is shown on the big screen. They both enjoyed working with each other. That has to mean something…

  4. I sure hope they are dolls in that stroller because they are not strapped into the thing!!!

    I do have to agree with Bonniw, no chemistry…JLo is much too showy & scene stealing personality… As far as Ben Affleck , her former beau before Marc Anthony, I saw somewhere he has stated that JLo ruined his career… RUN, ALEX, RUN PLEASE!!!!!

    1. Ben Affleck said that getting involved with her romantically ruined his career. He let himself become a boy toy, it is no wonder ,but that has nothing to do with acting alongside JLo.

  5. Just by the pictures you can tell what a great chemistry they have !

  6. There is no chemistry between Jlo and Alex, not like with him and Sophhia Myles in ” Moonlight”. This will test Alex’s acting skills!

  7. the dogs name is Nuts. found him at the facebook site. he really is “handicapped”

  8. So sweet and cute. Does seem that Alex is looking at the Rock from her hubby.

  9. No they are the prerend twins form the movie. JLo ‘s are 18mths old and toddling about now.
    The MAN

  10. I have to add that the more at look at pics the more I think those two have good chemistry.

  11. Is this part of the movie, or are they JLo’s twins??
    Yeah, they seem to be inspecting the rock Mark Anthony got for JLo.

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