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  4. I don’t think its fair to judge it until we see the finished product. The angle and lighting has a lot to do with how this sort of thing comes out. Now, admittedly, I’ve only been in one movie, and I was supposed to be dead, but I looked a lot *more* dead from certain angles than others! In the stills I just look like a passed out drunk… I’m think kissing would be the same. Getting this scene with the build up, dialogue and from the right perspective may help a lot.

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    Girls, get a grip. This is called acting. One can’t judge a few seconds of a kissing scene when we havn’t even seen what led up to the kiss…and how about the director’s input. I’m sure he has some. All this aside it’s great to see Alex whatever he’s doing. Most of us know how versatile an actor he is. .,…and how hot. Let’s give the movie a chance and judge it when it’s finished. In the meantime, hope to see lots more of these great Alex photos..

  6. Lucky girl…

  7. Re Sass’s comment

    A stage kiss is EXTREMELY choreographed. Every hand movement, stance, breath, twitch of a finger is planned out to present what the director (ie camera) wants to see. I’m not sure what’s with the face holding thing, but it seems to be very popular in alot of kissing scenes.

    I know that alot of actors “count” a kiss scene to make it more believable. Much like a dance it’s a silent 1 and 2 and 3, then change, position, then count again. They also do sex scenes the same way. A well (or sometimes not so well), timed progression of movement. Not too much fun to be in, but when done really well………VERY HOT to watch.

  8. Lucky JLo. Sure would love to be in her shoes! Thanks Tiffany.

  9. i find alex mesmerizing and Jlo looks sweet,sassy and fun BUT she can’t kiss him properly cause he’s got his hands holding her head controlling her movements…i have to say a very virgo trait. not that i would mind him doing that to me mind you: tho not too often(gotta move with the groove) but she’s having to deal with that in the kiss. he needs to embrace her while kissing after the head lock thing. I have noticed he does this to other actresses so it begs the ? does he do this in real life or is it cause he’s nervous about getting the scene right?

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      see………that is what I like about the scene. The way he holds her head in his hands. The gentle way he kisses her back and forth. I thought it was VERYU ROMANTIC. SIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

      I think he is the greatest actor ever and I tell everyone I know about him. Counting the days for the movie to come out.


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        : )

  10. JLO has never been known to have chemistry with her male co-stars (except for Ben Affleck because she was having a REAL affair with him) and from that kiss there is NO chemistry. Alex is trying to do the best he can as a talented actor, but JLO’s kissing is frigid and fake as usual. .

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  11. What I would give to be JLo for that one scene. LOL

  12. I am really looking forward to this movie. I enjoy JLO in all her movies. If anyone has missed her movie ‘ENOUGH” or “ANGEL EYES” (less known) should be seen. Keep hoping for a new MOONLIGHT movie or epidsode …

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      Thanks for the info on her movies. I had never heard of them.


  13. wow that was Hot ! they have so much chemistry ! that was a great kiss, and i love it, at the end Alex said ‘One more take’.

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    I LOVE IT!!! HE IS SUCH A YUMMY DREAM IT IS UNBELIEVABLE!!! I just cannot wait for this movie to come out.
    I LOVE JLo’s movies………………………never heard her music but always watch her movies and now with Alex in it. He is the main reason I would go see it………………maybe once, twice, 3 times a charm.
    He is such a gentleman…………….can you tell when he walks away from her immediately after kissing her. A GENTLEMAN ALL THE WAY!!!

    YOU GO ALEX!!!!!

  15. You know I am not sure I will be able to watch that movie. I got the strangest reaction when I watched that video…Like I was going to gag. Geez, I wasnt expecting that. I just cant stand to see him with her but I was trying to suck it up and be objective…..Sorry but objectivity just flew out of the window!!!Sheesh, I gotta work on that because I am determined to see him in this movie. I don’t get that reaction when he is intimate with other characters so I guess I have to chalk it up to JLO, she is the cause so I have got to fight harder to get past my negative reaction to her for Alex’s sake.

    1. Barbara, I’d have to say I’m with you. Very disappointing kiss. Has to be because of JLO. Not a fan. Find him hot, hot hot with his other romantic characters. Sorry to all the JLO fans.

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