Video Footage of the Taxi Scene on The Backup Plan

This video is an exclusive from OnlineJloFan. They had a staff member on set video taping this and you can see the entire Taxi scene acted out. I found it rather hilarious and LOVED seeing once again, some of Alex’s mannerisms we became familiar with in Moonlight. I love watching him! Enjoy!

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  1. Did I miss something in Moonlight? I do not ever recall Mick using the wheelbarrow technique of helping Beth into a car?

    Take note fans, Alex’s makeup artist is a woman & JLo’s is a man… But someone I know went to almost everyone of these shoots (could not too close because of JLo’s security), but she did get to catch a good glimpse of Alex’s face cause he stands taller than majority, but she said his eyes are a penetrating blue & he is more beautiful (yes, she actually used the word beautiful & not just handsome) in person than on screen or in pictures…

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